If a Bleach character and a Наруто (not Shippuden) character had a fight, who would be the fighters and why would they be fighting?

Ты can pick any character but it must be related to the anime's Bleach and Naruto, for example: "I think Urahara and Какаси would be good in fighting eachother. They would fight over a book :D"
 girlwonderrobyn posted Больше года
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LunaShay said:
Pairs I think of:

Ichigo and Naruto.Why:To prove who's stronger.-shrug-It could happen,they both want to be strong..
Urahara and Kakashi.Why-The reason Ты put..XD
Youruichi and Rangiku vs.Jiraiya.Why-Pervertedness..Let's keep it there..:3
Haku vs Toshiro.Why-Well,they're both my Избранное characters out of both Наруто and Bleach,and also since they use ice,I think it would be a good match to watch..
Hinata vs Momo.Why-Momo could try to teach Hinata to be stronger and not too shy at fighting.

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posted Больше года 
C: I completely agree with everyone :P Especially the Haku Vs. Toshiro battle C:
girlwonderrobyn posted Больше года
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