Jojo Фаны around the world, Rejoice. Vento Aureo, the 5th part of the of the phenomenal saga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will be having an adaptation that will start airing this October. News that Ты can Подтвердить from link. Tweet that I translated (thanks Google translate) :
"◆ Special Feature !!!!!! ◆ Part 5 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind" TV Анимация Decision! ! Broadcast start in October 2018!
Main Staff & Character Visual Public! Cast announcement on July 5 (Thursday) and the first episode of the pre-screening event "Japan Premier" ☆ ☆"

David Production, which handled Анимация duties for the Назад four Аниме installments, is returning once again for the 5th part.

Here is the link for link.

By the way, I guess Ты all know what does this mean. MORE MEME MATERIAL yey. *claps*