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it only took me 2 months... 1 месяц to fall inlove and 1 месяц to hurt Ты when i even diden't want this to happend. My name is omakuh osama, but my Друзья call me kaden, im only 17 years old, i grew up here in tokyo...or atleast thats what my adopted parents say... they told me that they just found me in the woods of tokyo's biggest park... and no one was around to see if they had left me there!!!. my story starts here, in my shool(orretomy) i've been going there ever sience i was 7..........
mr.katashi: ok now class sattle down... good, now then wee have a new student here in orretomy and wee would give a arm welcome to niko osami.
kaden*i look up and all i see was a new friend, cause i never wanted to have somebody right now to love...and no im not gay** she look as if she knew everyone there, she smiled,she hugged and she сказал(-а) hello!!
mr.katashi: well Ты can sit Далее to mr.omakuh.
kaden: my name...is not...omakuh.
niko*sits on a chair Далее to him*: then what is you're name?
kaden: huh? umm... kaden!
niko: well nice to meet Ты kaden my name is niko, but Ты can call me nikki.
kaden: oh well then hi nikki.
колокол, колокольчик, белл rings*
kaden: um nikki you're going the rong way! this way to lunch.
nikki: oh hahaha, silly me thanks x3.
kaden*at that moment the way she smiled at me, i felt something deep in my сердце that makes me wanna see her smile everyday!*: whats happening to me?
nikki: are Ты ok?
kaden: huh? oh sorry! just thinking out loud!
nikki: thinking about me?
kaden: O_O what?
nikki: im just joking...
kaden: oh haha verry funy, now go on to lunch!
nikki: wait arent Ты coming to eat?
kaden: i am but not here!
nikki: then, can i joing you...
kaden: im sorry but no...
nikki: oh 'mon pl...
kaden: i сказал(-а) NO.
nikki: v_v oh ok, well bye*runs away*
kaden: wait nikki,... im sorry!!! im such an idiot!
nikki: i wonder why he dident want to eat with me? was it something i said?-_-*
orehini: hey!
nikki: Эй, i havent seen Ты 4 a long time! how Ты been?
orehini: great! but first tell me how is my best friend doing?
nikki: good!
orehini: oh c'mon when Ты say it like that its gotta be something good! tell me
nikki: well theres this guy...
orehini: ha i knew it, and....?
nikki: its not that i like him its just that hes soo wierd!
kaden*that time in lunch i would leav the school and head to the woods, cause people like me dont belong there... sometimes i wonder... am i a real person? or... what im really am... im not so sure, i cant tell no one... MY SECRET.
nikki: kaden, where are you?
kaden: danm it! what is she doing here?
nikki: kaden,kaden,KADEN...
kaden: what?
nikki: oh there Ты are.
kaden: yeah here i am, now what do Ты want? i told Ты to stay there!
nikki: i know, but i shose not to listen >:)
kaden: Ты dont understan!
nikki: what?
kaden: nothing.
nikki: c'mon Ты can tell me!
kaden: no i cant cause its nothing.(in hes mind)*how can she not be hating me, after how mean i screamed at her!!! and this fealling of me not wanting her to no go away!*: listen i really dont want Ты to stay here!
nikki: fine,but... before i go i wanted to give Ты this.
kaden: a fruit?
nikki: well i saw how Ты went here without Еда that i wanted yuo to have it... well then ill go, bye.
kaden: "wait!"... u can stay here for a wile!
nikki: really? yay x3.
kaden* why dident i let her go?!... do i feal...something!?... nah i cant be im not a mortal, icant feal Любовь или eny emotions... then again my mothe was mortal!!! perhaps i feal... SOMETHING!!!
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