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I'm sure most of Ты know that Blue Exorcist is my Избранное Аниме and Манга of all time. I Любовь the story, the art, and most of all, I Любовь the characters.
Although number 1 will be glaringly obvious for everyone who knows me and has met me, I'd still like to share some other characters I Любовь and appreciate as well from this series. :3

10. Rin Okumara

Now, I know most Фаны would think it's blasphemy to put Rin this low on my list, but at least he's actually on my list, right? I had to write down my characters I liked and eliminate a few, sooo...
Anyways, Rin is cool. He's hot-headed, feisty, and...
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posted by Miyagi-chan
Assiah (or 'Asiyah, also known as Olam Asiyah, עולם עשיה in Hebrew, literally the World of Action) is the last of the four spiritual worlds of the Kabbalah—Atziluth, Beri'ah, Yetzirah, 'Asiyah—based on the passage in Isaiah 43:7. According to the Maseket Aẓilut, it is the region where the Ofanim rule and where they promote the hearing of prayers, support human endeavor, and combat evil. Their ruler is Sandalphon. According to the system of the later Palestinian Kabbalah, 'Asiyah is the lowest of the spiritual worlds containing the Ten Heavens and the whole system of mundane Creation....
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20 ways to annoy Rin Okamura 1
by ~BittersweetHorizon(from DA)

1. Grab Rin's tail and poke Yukio with it.

2. Tell him that it was Rin who did it.

3. Watch Rin and Yukio fighting, call all the others and tell them the story how Rin and Yukio were mentally abused by their father.

4. Grab Rin's Ears and shout loudly "yo devilboy! I think ya so stupid that Ты would get Остаться в живых in this school if I left Ты all alone for 5 секунды "

5. Write a Любовь letter and place it under his pillow

6. Hint at him that it was Shiemi who wrote it and he should confess his crush to her.

7. Laugh loudly so that Rin would hear...
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25 ways to annoy Rin Okamura 2
by ~BittersweetHorizon

1. Replace his hair clip with a розовый colour hair clip, when he is going to study. Call him a girl when he puts it on.

2. Sing "Im a Барби girl in a Барби world" If he is still wearing the розовый clip on his head.

3. Steal all his homework and bury them somewhere.

4. When he is searching for them tell him that Mephisto turned into a dog and ate all his homework.

5. During class when Yukio demands an explanation from Rin for why he didn't do his homework, suddenly stand up and say "the dog ate his homework" ;D

6. Break Yukio glasses and blame it...
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The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident is a one-shot Манга written by Katou Kazue that introduced the main concepts of Ao no Exorcist. Due to the positive reception it recived she began work on the latter.
* The main character was not Rin but a similar character named Night. He is demon similar to Blacky who has taken human form.
* The main villain is named Pazuzu, who shares some similarities to Satan.
* The secondary character, Monaka, is similar to Shiemi.
* Oribe who is possessed by Pazuzu, is similar to Shiro Fujimoto.
Yes, yes, I'm sure you've heard this from plenty of fangirls for genuinely antagonistic characters like, let's say, Light Yagami, Grimmjow, probably even Kars или DIO-
But this actually isn't one of those cases of "maybe they're like this because-" and actually will have some solid evidence backing up the argument that Arthur is, in fact, not actually evil nor even as antagonistic as a lot of Фаны make him out to be.

Reason One: His Hate Towards Rin is Justified

Okay, yes, I am aware that Rin being the son of Satan wasn't a big deal to the main group.
But Ты have to consider this; Arthur is an...
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posted by InvaderRaven
The world is such an unusual place that they live in.
It provides a Главная for all life. Each one has a life.
You only get one, but its precious and for that very reason
is why its so special, so Ты must cherish it hold on to it.
capture it in the moment and when its time,
let it be free.


"Why do they hate us?"I asked as I looked up to elder sister.
She said,"Don't ask such a stupid question. Ты already know
the answer." Tugging her arm I demanded an answer."But why
would they kill mother and father?!Why?" She grasped hold of
my arm,"I сказал(-а) don't ask...
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