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 My секунда Избранное pony.
My second favorite pony.
I've always kept to myself about her, but now I'm goona open up about her. First thing, I've always looked at AJ whenever she appears. She is so cute to me! I drew her once to Показать it (can't seem to get a picture of it and bring it here). Despite how she gets angry, she is still adorable. Above everything, I think she is the hottest pony. Heck, even her hairstyle is sexy! I do Любовь horses, and she is the perfect thing every horse should be. радуга Dash has no idea how hard Earth ponies have it, since she thinks being able to fly is great. As for me, if I were a pony, I'd be a unicorn.
 How I'd look as a pony!
How I'd look as a pony!
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