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List by AryaStark21 posted Больше года
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King Joffrey: ordered the execution of her father.
The Hound: killed her friend Mycah and laughed about it. (Later removed as they traveled together.)
Ser Amory: attacked her group, killed Yoren, and prevented her from reaching Winterfell.
Ser Gregor: his band's atrocities at Harrenhal.
The Tickler: Ser Gregor's torturer; killed many people before her eyes.
Polliver: one of Ser Gregor's company; украл, палантин her sword Needle.
Chiswyck: soldier guarding prisoners in Gregor's company; joked about their ordeal.
Weese: cruel understeward at Harrenhal who mistreated her when she worked for him as "weasel."
Ser Ilyn: beheaded her father, Eddard.
Ser Meryn: killed her "dancing" master, Syrio Forel.
Queen Cersei: behind the fall of her family.
Dunsen: soldier guarding prisoners in Gregor's company; украл, палантин Gendry's helm.
Raff the Sweetling: soldier guarding prisoners in Gregor's company; killed her comrade Lommy Greenhands.