1. Ты name a pet/ plushie after a Pokemon/ Character

2. You've tried throwing Pokeballs at Животные and plushes (and also people)

3. Ты claim to be a Pokemon master!!

4. You've played at least one game from each gen

5. You're a member of Pokemon Community ^^

6. Ты can spell the names of all the Pokemon

7. ...All of them

8. ...Even in Japanese

9. ...Even Regigigas

10. You've pretended Ты were a Pokemon

11. You've been pooped on by a bird and Ты were like "I never knew Pidgey could learn THAT."

12. Ты quit your job, thinking your cat can use Pay Day.

13. Ты tried to evolve your goldfish into Gyarados.

14. When asked what Ты wanna be when you're older Ты reply 'A POKEYMAHN MASTAHH!!'

15. when Ты tear apart Ты room to find a missing game

16. When Ты see mud and throw a ball and say "I CAUGHT A GRIMER!"

17. Randomly walking up to people when they "locked eyes" onto Ты then ask them to battle you.

18. When Ты ask for Nurse Joy at the vet's office.

19 Ты want to light a огонь but instead of asking for matches, Ты ask for Charmander.

20. When Ты try to teach your doberman Flamethrower.