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It's a new день and they've finally arrived at the Northern Water Tribe.

"Azula look" сказал(-а) Jet

"What" asked Azula

"It's the northern water tribe" сказал(-а) Jet

"Oh, I didn't relize we were so close" сказал(-а) Azula

"Well I guess Ты be at the spirtual oasis today" сказал(-а) Jet

"well actually" started Azula

"Yeah" сказал(-а) Jet

"I can't go today I have to go tomorrow at sunset" сказал(-а) Azula

"Oh so we have a день to relax" сказал(-а) Jet

"Yeah we do" сказал(-а) Azula

They were welcomed by the chief they even were very kind to the members from the огонь nation.

"You in the green beggar outfit" сказал(-а) Arnook

"Yes your highness" сказал(-а) Azula

"No need...
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It's been a week Azula is really stressed because she hasn't got any visits from her mother. She's also very angry not just because of Suki being to suspisous but because of Jet, she decided to talk to Katara since she use to дата him.

"Hey Ты name is Katara right" asked Azula

"Yes it's Katara" сказал(-а) Katara

"You use to дата Jet right" asked Azula

"Well kinda. How did Ты know?" сказал(-а) Katara

"Sokka told me" сказал(-а) Azula

"Oh what a big mouth" сказал(-а) Katar

"Was Jet always this irritating" asked Azula

"Well, he did almost kill everyone in a village" сказал(-а) Katara

"Wow if he was огонь nation we probably would have...
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Okay, nobody's дана me any suggestions as to what I'm supposed to do. But that's okay. I've got some ideas of my own. If Ты like angst, this story is for you.

Tears stung Aang's eyes as blood trickled out of his body. He was dying. еще importantly, he was going to be taken away from his one true love.
"K-katara," he choked, "I'm scared."
"No, Aang...you'll be fine," she said, but her voice was full of worry.
Aang was crying full-force now. "I...I don't think I'm going to make it!" he cried.
"Yes, Ты will," Katara said.
"Katara, I Любовь you..." Aang сказал(-а) weakly. Then, his eyes closed, and...
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Kya played with her pet polar медведь dog while Sokka, Suki, Katara, and Aang sat in front Aang and Katara's tent watched. She and her pet rolled around in the snow laughing and growling playfully until her pet pinned her to the ground and licked her face. She laughed and pushed the polar медведь dog off of her.
"Ah, gross. Get off Avalanche!" Kya laughed as she gave Avalanche a big медведь hug.
"Good idea letting Kya keep that polar медведь dog as a pet, Sokka" сказал(-а) Katara.
"Well I figured that since there aren't any other kids here her age she could use a pet." сказал(-а) Sokka.
"Hopefully that will change when...
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posted by GreenLight24
Authors Note: Hello all! I haven't written an Azula piece in awhile. This is another imagining of her POV after her Agni Kai loss to Zuko and Katara. It's formatted as a letter to her mother from the mental facility. Enjoy!

Dear Mother,

I know Ты will burn this letter, and I know I've become an even larger disgrace to Ты than before, but I am lost. I know not what will become of me или my legacy. The legacy that was stolen from me. And the legacy I was weak enough to lose. "Such a spoiled princess.", the servants would say, "And such a lonely soul." I've caused many peolle so much pain and so...
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“I’m such an idiot, Momo!” the Аватар boy said
As he bitterly thumped his fist on his head.
Momo did not reply
But gazed hypnotically, wide-eyed at the boy….

“What would Katara say?” he mused;
“ ‘Don’t beat yourself up, Sweetie, you’re only confused’ ?“
“What would Sokka, her brother, advise?
‘Well, since I’m much smarter, you’re so right to surmise!’ ?
What would Toph say?” he thought of her too….
“ ‘Why beat yourself up before I’m through with you?’ ?
And I suppose Zuko would simply yell:
‘You idiot! Can’t Ты tell?
It’s as plain as distinguishing...
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posted by dpaisita97
before u read u have to know that this sign ¡ means its sarcastic.and that this ep is based on ep4 not 3

Sokka´s point of view:
(We got to the car and drive home. Katara was too busy texting somebody to annoy me, thank god.I put some of my Избранное селезень, дрейк and Эминем songs on my I-pod.We got Главная finally, and i was happy to be in my room again.I started playing Call of Duty when my sis came in my room

Katara: Sokka, can Ты take me to the park?
Sokka: Do I have to?
Katara: Dad сказал(-а) that the only way he would let Ты drive was if Ты drove me places.
Sokka: When did he say that!
Katara: After Ты failed...
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posted by Rida103
Ok this is after the war and Aang,Katara,Toph,Sokka,and Zuko, are all Друзья Zuko regained his трон as new огонь lord and Aang isn't treated as a god now got it ok good

In The огонь Nation

Katara:This ожерелье really belonged to your mother
Zuko:Yes she kept it with her until she......( switching supjects) Where's Aang and Sokka?
Katara:Sokka went to the market to get a new boomarang and I told Aang not to let him go alone.
Toph:They're in there again talking about feelings and crap I really don't care about.
Iroh:Good then maybe we can finish this combat training this time.
Toph:I guess
In The Market

Aang:She's with Zuko always with Zuko
Sokka:Relax your the avatar
Aang:That stoped sounding good right after the war
Sokka:Just look at me and Toph we're happy and she blind
Aang:Yea but she's not cheating on Ты with Zuko
Sokka Ты make it really hard to cheer Ты up.
Aang:I gotta go
Runs Toward Oppa
posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the first five parts of the story to fully understand it. Then, Комментарий on each article.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my clock сказал(-а) 2' AM. I don't know why I woke up but I did. Like if I didn't I would miss something important. I sat up in постель, кровати and rubbed my eyes. I groaned. I then heard a small rustle in the farrest corner from me. I don't really know what happened Далее my memories blurry, but, I think I went into some kind of adrenaline mode were I took the water out of the now moist air and I froze it into icicles pointing at that far corner. I then got out of постель, кровати without making...
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posted by EvanlovesAzula
Okay, so one of the things i Любовь best about this Показать was the way in which it had a subtle commentary on gender roles. I know, Ты may ask "so, what?" или "why is this important?" Well, I'll tell you.

Often, females are portrayed as supporting characters to the all-important male protagonist. Here, this is not the case. While i am indeed a guy, i like to see that screenwriters have progressive attitudes when it comes to gender roles. If Ты notice, Katara is the one who brings Aang along with her, not the other way around. Often, she plays the teacher and not the damsel in distress.

Toph is,...
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" Ok Lee, i want Ты to shift your body the way Ты want the water to go. Like this." Katara сказал(-а) as she wacked a branch of the дерево with her water whip.

"WOAH! That was so sweet Mom! How do Ты get so good?" сказал(-а) Lee.

"Lots and lots of practice my son. Now Ты try it. If i have good water bending powers then Ты should see if Ты are powerful too."

"ok..." Lee shifted his body, just as his mom told him to, and wacked a leaf off the tree, which patheticly fell to the ground. "What! That was retarded!" Lee сказал(-а) in frustration.

clap clap clap. "Well done Lee. Though,I could do better. Ты know...
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posted by Gretsel
Information by:wikia
"I used to think this scar marked me; the mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Аватар forever. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny, even if I'll never be free of my mark."
— Zuko talking to Katara in The Crossroads of Destiny

Fire Lord Zuko is a skilled and powerful Firebender, born as a prince in the огонь Nation royal family. His story often paralleled that of the Avatar, Aang. Initially the main antagonist, Zuko's life revolved...
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posted by Gretsel
Some informations about her :-)
Information by:wikia

"You're looking at the only Waterbender in the whole South Pole."
— Katara telling Aang why she's in need of a teacher in The Boy in the Iceberg

Katara is a powerful female Waterbender. She was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe by her grandmother, Kanna, alongside her older brother Sokka. Katara was the last Waterbender in her tribe and led a normal teenage life for a Southern Water Tribe girl, until she and her brother discovered...
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 The Four Elements; Water, Earth, Air and огонь
The Four Elements; Water, Earth, Air and Fire
As I can see they're not airing anymore on T.V. Аватар the last airbender, everyone is going to miss them so much. Besides that they're not going to do еще episodes of the Аватар gang and they're adventures, I was thinking and wanted to know who was your Избранное character from the original avatar?



Even if she was blind, she was very strong and mostly when she leaved her parents so she could teach Aang earthbending. Toph tried to be always tough, but sometimes her feelings came out out of her. The group were always there for her even if she always act like she didn't...
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Hey, everyone. Remember me? I'm back with еще Moments Ahead for Ты to enjoy.

Katara whirled around. “Toph!” she gasped. “H-how much did Ты see? Or, um . . . feel?”

“I heard ‘do one еще thing,’ and I felt pretty much everything after that,” Toph сказал(-а) honestly.

“You did?” Aang said.

“Yep.” Toph nodded. “Actually, Twinkletoes, I didn’t know Ты had the guts. Good for you.” She punched his shoulder playfully.

Aang winced and said, “Gee, thanks.”

Toph blew on her knuckle. “I try,” she said.

“Yeah, I know,” he replied, rubbing his shoulder gingerly.

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Ever thought that Аватар 2 could be possible? Well no doubt it will because Nickelodeon has just announced to have its released дата this November 2011. We will be back with the world of Аватар and Element Bending as we get to see a whole new generation of Benders. For those who would want to know еще about Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Ты can check out the trailer we have as well as some background and story plot that Ты might want to check out. What’s great about this is that it continues from the Назад Avatar, but this time the Аватар is no longer Aang but someone else with a meaner...
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posted by RegisterAgain
5. Dock/Xu/Bushi

I loved Dock/Xu/Bushi from the moment he appeared. He looked like he would have an awesome personality. I know he only appears in the episode "The Painted Lady", but he was still ranked 5 for me. He has an awkward, crazy personality as of having three in one. I loved it when his third personality, Bushi сказал(-а) this line: "Dock's a crazy!". And he's all three, so he is crazy.

4. Sokka

Sokka's friendly, upbeat, and funny with a clumsy streak. Sokka is just like Stella in Winx Club, they both always try to cheer up their friends. Sokka has an extreme interest in weapons, and...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
This story will contain spoilers! Ты will understand when Ты read it. If Ты have not finished the series and do not want it spoiled then stop Чтение here.

This story is about Azula when she's on the path to insanity. This is what I think her actions, and thoughts were in between scenes from the series. Let's begin. Keep in mind that none of this is fact, it's just fanfiction.

Following the events of The Boiling Rock Part 2:

Azula had just escaped the island.
I can't believe that Mai and Ty Lee betrayed me! she thought, maybe it was that I controlled them through fea- NO. Fear is the most reliable...
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I am under the impression that the writers of Аватар were Эрагон fans. (From the Inheritance Cycle) Here is why: (as Ты can guess, I like making lists)

Eragon and Saphira are the last free dragon and rider (besides Oromis and Glader). Eragons’ duty is to quote: “restore balance to the land” If you’re going to compare Oromis and Glader to someone, it would be Аватар Roku and his (surprise surprise) dragon.

In the Эрагон world, there are the Dwarves, the Elves, the humans, and the Dragons. The Драконы were all killed in the fall of the riders which was (not joking) 100 years before.

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i think that bryan konietzko is a great man so i decieded to wrire an Статья about him

Bryan Konietzko was born in June 1, 1975

he is an American Анимация directorbest known as the co-creator and executive producer of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Konietzko also has a band for which he has released several albums, including Our Ancestor's Intense Любовь Affair and At Night, Under Artificial Light.
and here is his musical website

konietzko website

and here is some of his great Аватар art