Аватар - Легенда об Аанге Create Your Own Bender (JOIN PLEASE)

ZeroSpark posted on Apr 14, 2012 at 02:19PM
This is my first Forum so I'm kind of new to this just be your self.
Type of Bender:
Background Story:

Just have fun and try not to kill each other. Show your skills off and dont be afraid and have fun dont let noobs get in your way of having fun. :D
You can only use bender powers.

ZeroSpark as Zaden(Avatar)
Nicolicious as Cara
1999jacko1 as Zack
horse22133454 as Bree
BitemelVampire as Era
Alvin2442 as Alvin
OAwkwardTurtleO as Snow
Ripcore as Ripcore

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Больше года Nicolicious said…
Ooh I'll join
17yrs old
Fire bender
My usual appearance Zerospark :D
Two swords
Raised in a volcano by a dragon
Oh can I turn into a dragon?
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Больше года 1999jacko1 said…
Name: Zack
Type of Bender:earth
Appearance:black hair and crazy eyes
Weapon: earth armour and earth sword
Background Story: taught by toph
Like:everything but evil
Dislikes: evil
Больше года horse22133454 said…
Type of Bender:Water and blood
Appearance:long brown hair and blue eyes
Weapon:two swords and water/bllod bending
Background Story:raised in water tribe taught by Katara
Like:water bending
Dislikes:people who think bending is stupid
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Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I'll join as long as the Korra seiries stays away.
Name: Era
Type: Water
Appearance: my usual
BS: My mum was killed when i was 4 years old and i was raised by my older sister, Seania, untill i was 11 and she died leaving me with my neice, Allana, and to live with the Southern Water Tribe.
Likes: Allana, reading, playing with my bending, other stuff,
Dislike: N/A
Fears: N/a'
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Type of Bender:Water and Fire
Appearance:Sea Green Eyes and Jet Black Messy Hair
Weapon:Sword,Bow And Arrow,And Daggers
Background Story:I was trained by Master Pakku and Katara for waterbending and Aang and Zuko firebending
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Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I am the Avatar!
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
.... -_-....
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
(Meet me on ny profile wall Zero gotta talk to u.....)
Больше года Alvin2442 said…

I walk across all snow and whistle for my polar bear dog Kevin
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I push myself in the air with air bending and thrust myself into a fire cannonball.
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I water bend the water out of the part where I'm gonna land and fill it with air and all. Of the water collapses on me and I earth bend my way out.
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
(currently confused)
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
(fine you can use any element but I can't be killed)
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
(ok. like i would kill you......i am gonna think of a name for what my character is....i keep thinking Anti-Avatar?) I am watching you and laughing.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I kick fire out my foot and water out my fist then switch the process.I freeze the water then turn it to steam.I waterwhip a pratice dummy
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I throw Water randomly!
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I stop water bending. I decide to prank Zaden.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I give a slight nod to my right.I control a rat using bloodbending
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I decide not to pull a prank on Zaden and i run up to a lake and cannonball in and yell " Woohooo!"
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Istop and rest my wrists for a second then I hop on Keven and ride o find Bree and Era
Больше года horse22133454 said…
I get on my flying bison named Dino and flies around in sky then finds Era and lands Dino by the lake
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Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
"HELLO! Hahaha!" i am swimming backwards.
Больше года horse22133454 said…
"Hey Era what ya doing?" Water bends water into a random form
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Kevin jumps and makes a big splash in the lake."Hey Bree and Era"I say and Kevin goes and plays with Dino.Water bends water into a sword then shleid then everything
Больше года OAwkwardTurtleO said…
big smile
Can I join?

Type of Bender:Air
Appearance:Pink hair and ice eyes
Weapon:Long black scythe
Background Story:Raised by non-bender parents until they were both destroyed by the fire nation wich drove me to revenge and to live on my own in an abandoned air temple with a big polarbear cat
Fears:Flames after almost being drove to insanity after watching both parents and sister burn to death.
 Can I join? Name:Snow Type of Bender:Air Appearance:Pink hair and ice eyes Weapon:Long black scythe
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I dive underwater and back up then I repeat the cycle and start swimming backwards and then goes up and down swimming
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
(cool pic) I water bend the water to shoot me up then i use Air to fly! " Weeeeeee!"
Больше года horse22133454 said…
"Hey Alvin" jumps into lake
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Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I use the water vapor and use it to shift my weigh so I can fly
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I land near my Ostrich-Horse named Jackimo. " Hahaha!"
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I fly up with all control then shoot fire towards Era then use fire to move faster
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I fly in the air with air backflip 1000 times then 360 and blast super fire ball into the lake covering myself with water and bits of earth I swing the water in and then fly back throw the rocks at the fire making chaos.
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I stop the Fire with Earth. " Hey! Watch Jackimo!"
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
"Era take this"I shout and rise the water over Era's head and it pulls her under
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I blast Era with water drowning her. I then use lightening and frizzy her hair and blood bend her into Alvin's wave.
Больше года horse22133454 said…
I hop on Dino and fly into the air
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
(hey guys i forgot to mention my character's dad was Fire Nation and her mum was Southern Water Tribe, so her sister was a Fire bender and so is her 3 year old neice.) I build a wall with Earth Bending.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I surround myself in a fire,ice,earth,and air shield
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I surround myself in ever element and ram towards Alvin
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
I stop all the Attacks and Water Bend, Fire Bend, Earth Bend, And Air Bend at the same time.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I do the same thing as Era and shoot what Zaden threw at me at Era then shoot a minor portion of every element at ERa
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I block Era attack with air blasting it into the air then tornade whipping her wrapping my arms around using fire bending to scorch her skin I then tame her in metal and all other elements.
Больше года horse22133454 said…
I block all the attacks and use air, water, fire, and ground bend a shield around me and Dino
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I run up to Zaden and kick him in his rib then I take off the elements on Era then shoot down in the lake and freeze the whole lake
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Kevin turns some of the ice to water jumps into the lake and finds me then freezes the part he came through.I get on him and he rides on the lake floor to where it takes us
Больше года BitemeIVampire said…
"Haha you forgot Zaden I am the Eratara"(hehe made that up) " What i am is only born every 2nd Era, hence my name." I Blast all ataks to me Away and send evry single bending hurtling to Zaden and Alvn.
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I recover from the hit and blast Alvin with air and send him flying I blood bend him towards me and punch him in the face knocking him out then kick him in the shin I the make a part frozen hallow ball and put earth in it and surround it with flicks of fire and air increasing it. I then blast him with it sending him into the lake.
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I did all that to Alvin under water.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
I still underwater.Kevin pounces up and I shoot Earth up and move that part then Kevin climbs out of it.I fall down
Больше года ZeroSpark said…
I stop fighting and meditate.