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AvatarNick posted on Oct 15, 2010 at 05:07AM
i cant choose cuz hes hella funny.....i like wen hes in the desert and drinks the cactus juice " it'll quench ya"

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Больше года dpaisita97 said…
"OH NO! I knew it was only a matter of time!" "APPA ATE MOMO!"
"Momo! I'm coming for ya buddy!" LOLS it always cracks me up
Больше года therawreffect said…
"Aang, this is my friend Fu–Fu Cuddly Poops. Fu–Fu Cuddly Poops, Aang."

Or "It's a giant mushroom... MAYBE IT'S FRIEDLY!!!!"

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Больше года SJ_waddles said…
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Больше года dracomalfoy09 said…
"It's A Giant Mushroom...Maybe It's Friendly!!"

"I have a natural Curiosity."
Больше года wolfmaster3000 said…
Zukko : yeah I even had to leave my Girlfriend

Sakka : yeah well my first Girlfriend turned to the moon

second favouite


Sakka : I made sandsculpture of Yuki oh and Zuko's attacking Aang

third favourite

Zukko : clouds are both dark and white with silver lineing in the middle sometime's you have to take a bite of the silver sandwitch

Sakka : I GOT IT !

Zukko : I can't believe that worked

Sakka : no what you said made no sense at all
Больше года oodgal_129 said…
"Who lit Toph on fire?"
Больше года PJacksonHead said…
zuko:that was not good a good play

a couple complaints later

sokka:but the effects were decent
Больше года Gretsel said…
Aang: Sokka get up! I need to know what day it is! (Aang pulls on Sokka’s eyelids and lips in a comedic fashion.)
Sokka: What! (jumps up) Who’s talking! (Sokka thrust forward with his sword, but hits a rock head-on before he can complete his swing. He falls back on to his sleeping mat, his body stiff, frozen in the swinging position)
Toph: (cut to Toph sitting up, Katara visible in the background) Relax, it's still two days before the invasion.
Aang: (cut to Aang hopping around the sleepy Sokka, tugging on various limbs) Sokka, you've got to get up and drill your rock climbing exercises.
Sokka: What‌?
Aang: (cut to close shot of Aang, looking unfocused and tired. He makes overly large comedic gestures during his speech and often looks confused) In one of my dreams, you were running from fire nation soldiers, trying to climb this cliff, but you (cut to close shot of Sokka looking disgruntled) were too slow and they got you. (Sokka springs up to stand before Aang)
Sokka: But that was just a dream, (points at Aang) I'm a great climber.

(Cut to shot of Aang and Sokka standing at the bottom of a cliff.)

Aang: (points upward) Then climb that cliff. Climb it fast!

(The camera pans upward to reveal the cliff is quite large and steep. The camera pans back down to show Sokka looking up at the cliff summit, looking back at Aang and then pointing to himself. Aang nods and Sokka slinks off toward the cliff. Cut to close shot of Sokka beginning to climb.)

Sokka: (annoyed) Stupid Avatar. Stupid cliff. Stupid dream! I can climb fast!

(Aang looks pleased and relieved at Sokka’s climbing. Suddenly he turns around to Katara and Toph. Toph has just put her lips to a satchel of water.)

Aang: (Yells, causing Sokka to startle and slip down the cliff face) Don't drink that!

(Cut to shot of Toph and Katara sitting. Toph throws away the satchel and spits the water all over Katara, who is disgusted.)

Toph: (perturbed) Why, is it poisoned‌? (an annoyed Katara water bends the water off herself)

(Cut to Aang approaching the girls. His eyes are crossed.)

Aang: In my dream, we were right in the middle of the invasion, and you had to stop to use the bathroom. We died because of your tiny bladder. (Aang mimics holding his bladder) And you (addressing Katara) need to start wearing your hair up. (Aang gestures his hair and then starts pulling and stretching his forehead) In my dream, your hair got caught in a train, and ...
Katara: (cut to Katara holding Aang’s cheek) Aang, I know you're just trying to help. But you really need to get a grip. You're unraveling.

(The camera pans in on Aang who looks around unsettled. He looks extremely tired and has dark circles under his eyes. Aang lets out a sigh.)

Aang: You're right. I'm losing my mind.

(The camera pans over to Sokka, who is nearly to the top of the cliff. He suddenly slides down.)

Sokka: Ahhh!
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 Aang: Sokka get up! I need to know what день it is! (Aang pulls on Sokka’s eyelids and lips in a com