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Set up like the last two, here's an Статья about five songs I think relate to Azula and why. Songs aren't in any particular order.

1. Dysfunctional Family by Cinema Bizarre: I'm a threat to myself I'm a get Armageddon I'm a freak I'm a liar I'm a flirt I deny that I'm no good then I mess It up This song basically reminds me of post-comet Azula. After a certain point she did become a threat to herself; I mean she'd do things like jumping off of Appa from a large height that very well could have killed her if Aang didn't intercept. And the liar thing is pretty self-evident. I mean it was quoted...
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Another poorly done video by yours truly. :D This one was my first crack video so it's extra bad!
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As I was posting on a different tumblr post I realized some things. Namely (and obviously each firebender has his/her own style.

Starting with Mako;

He tends to lightning bend with an open palm. The first shot is a bit hard to tell (as to whether или not his pinky and the finger Далее to it are actually touching his palm) either way around his bending is еще open then everyone else’s. Perhaps this is an indicatior that he doesn’t know how to do it as well, maybe it’s the opposite. Perhaps it’s simply another sign that the Аватар universe changed. As it got older there came...
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Alright so this was so so hard for me to type. Like I made an Статья for my вверх 5 Azula moments, I wanted to make one for my least favorites. Everyone knows I Любовь her so it was so hard to pick least favorites, I really did have to pick my brain on this one. This is like Noglosia Critic's picking the worst of the best.

1. Along the same lines I didn't like seeing her fight Mai and Ty-Lee in the Boiling Rock. I suppose this is еще of a scene with Azula that I don't like еще than an Azula moment. That trio was a fabulous trio and it is a darn shame that it came to and end. I also feel like...
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the last airbender
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