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 Earth, Water, Fire, Air
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tell me that is not awesome??? :D
Аватар the last airbender
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A Test from ''Avatar the last airbender'' magazine(Winter 2006)

This a funny test so...Enjoy it XD

Think Ты might have what it takes to master an element?Choose the Иконки Далее to all the statements that apply to you.Then check the scoring key to learn if youy're a bender или a prethender


When people ask "Hot enough for you?"you raise the temperature 10 еще degrees.

♣ Sometimes your head is in the clouds-along with the rest of your body.

◘ When Ты shout"Let's rock the house!"everyone runs...
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Modern день TyZula Valentine AU.

Azula had never seen as much glitter and rose petals as she did when she opened her locker that morning. Open swinging it open the cutesy stuff fell upon her in a pink, red, and silver shower. She blew her hair out of her face creating another sparkly puff in the air.

That stuff probably wouldn’t leave her hair for another месяц или two.

From in the corner she saw Zuko snickering to himself as he waited for Mai to arrive, he planned on giving her the most ridiculously sized stuffed frog.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Azula!” Ty-Lee flung herself at the girl—once...
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the last airbender
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Clips from A:TLA to the Mortal Kombat Theme
Аватар the last airbender
Mortal Kombat (Смертельная битва)
last airbender
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