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 Katara ~ ♥
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Обои made by me^^
Аватар the last airbender
Аватар the last airbender
by Hyun's Dojo
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The еще days that passed, the wearier Azula grew. She was tired of long flights on Appa listening to the Water Tribe siblings bicker. She was tired of setting up camp on chilly nights. And of finding some Космос to sleep that provided enough distance from the gang. But that always left her a distance from the огонь and heaven forbid she tried to start her own.

She was tired of sleeping cold.

Most of all she was tired of trying to sleep with her mother talking so loudly in her ear.

Azula folded her arms over her chest, waiting for the Аватар and his Друзья to mount Appa. She huffed in disgust....
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Chapter one

It is dark out now.

Azula,Ty lee and Mai arrived to the cabin.

Azula look сказал(-а) Ty lee. Azula turned hers head up and saw a warewolf jump off the кабина roof at them. Azula fired hers blue огонь at it and sent it flying.

Ty lee saw another one and she punched it until it ran off. Mai saw another one and thew her knives it it and made it bleed. take that mai сказал(-а) as she turned around and saw a warewolfe right behind her. The warewolf is Показать teeth at Mai.

Mai screamed Ty lee and Azula. They ran to help Mai. Ty lee did a flip into the дерево hopeing to do a sneak atack. Azula ran towards...
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