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 The Promise - Character Concept Art
Аватар the Last Airbender - The Promise part 01
Аватар the last airbender
the promise
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This Аватар - Легенда об Аанге фото might contain киртл, kirtle, сюрко, покрывать, surcoat, and полонез.

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A big topic of discussion around Azula is usually what kind of mental illness she has, I tend to discuss that еще and put less talk into the reasons for her losing it.

I've always seen it as a combination of things. She was raised in a broken Главная with a banished mother and a banished and burned brother. I’ve always imagined that her father was very verbally abusive and put a lot of pressure on her to be perfect. And for a while she was perfect, but the минута she Остаться в живых grip on that she started to slip. She was betrayed by both of her Друзья and then very shortly after that blow her father...
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Alright so this was so so hard for me to type. Like I made an Статья for my вверх 5 Azula moments, I wanted to make one for my least favorites. Everyone knows I Любовь her so it was so hard to pick least favorites, I really did have to pick my brain on this one. This is like Noglosia Critic's picking the worst of the best.

1. Along the same lines I didn't like seeing her fight Mai and Ty-Lee in the Boiling Rock. I suppose this is еще of a scene with Azula that I don't like еще than an Azula moment. That trio was a fabulous trio and it is a darn shame that it came to and end. I also feel like...
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the last airbender
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Аватар the last airbender