Аватар - Легенда об Аанге COUNTDOWN FINAL ROUND 25 "Best Villain of Аватар Series", Pick Your LEAST Favorite.

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 FanNoOne111 posted Больше года
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FanNoOne111 picked Ozai:
3. Ming-Hua
4. Sozin
5. Amon
6. Kuvira
7. Vaatu
8. Zaheer
9. Tarrlok
10. Zhao
11. Unalaq
12. P'Li
13. Long Feng
14. Unavaatu
15. Combustion Man
16. Yakone
17. Ghazan
18. Azulon
19. Warden
20. Yon Rha
21. Wan Shi Tong
22. Xin Fu
23. Aiwei
24. Lieutenant
25. Hou-Ting
26. Yu
Armless Waterbender Ming-Hua has been Eliminated with Total 67% Votes (From Both ATLA & LoK Clubs)
posted Больше года.
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FanNoOne111 picked Ozai:
So Finally its Fire Lord vs Fire Lord. But I am supporting the Daughter, Reasons are very obvious. Even Though the Father is also superb.
posted Больше года.
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zanhar1 picked Ozai:
Tbh completely honest, I feel like Kuvira and Ming should have been before Ozai, but whatever, as long as my bae Azula gets first, I'm cool.
posted Больше года.
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LowBattery picked Ozai:
Azula deserves and she'll win
posted Больше года.