Аватар - Легенда об Аанге Your Избранное ''kissing scene'' ?

Pick one:
Katara and Aang-The день of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion
Katara and Aang-Nightmares and Daydreams
Katara nd Aang-The Ember Island Players
Katara and Aang-The Cave of two Влюбленные
Katara and Aang-Sozin's comet:Avatar Aang
Zuko and Mai-The Headband
Zuko and Mai-The Awakening
Zuko and Mai-The пляж, пляжный
Zuko and Jin-The Tales of Ba Sing Se
Azula and Chan-The пляж, пляжный
Sokka and Yue-The Waterbending Master
Sokka and Yue-The Siege of North:Part 2
Sokka and Suki-The Serpent's Pass
Sokka and Suki-The Boiling Rock: Part I
Sokka and Suki-Sozin's comet :Into the Inferno
 Gretsel posted Больше года
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