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 Korra and Asami
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The whole Korrasami Дебаты seems to be a hot topic amid the LoK fandom right now so I thought I'd give my input on it.

For starts, my major reason for liking Korrasami is that it is such a huge step in western animation. We finally have some LGTB representation in 'children's' media. And this isn't just some Показать with a small fanbase--the Аватар franchise is huge and widely popular--so for this Показать of all shows to have canon bisexuals is pretty cool in my opinion. I do understand that not everyone is comfortable with homosexuality but this is a pro-Korrasami Статья so I won't get into that....
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It smelled terribly of smoke. The eight год old didn’t quite know what was happening. She hated the smell of smoke.

She screamed out to her mother as the smoke twisted around her throat and filled her lungs. She was now coughing violently.

Her arms were numb, pinned beneath hot metal. It was funny and strange how it didn’t seem to hurt at all. Perhaps her mind was blocking the sensation?

She called out for her mother again and then her father. This time it was еще of a shriek.

Why wasn’t anyone helping her? Why wasn’t anyone answering?

Blood. So much of it. Pouring down her forehead...
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This guy apprently has a rap of Legend of Korra. Its really good, check it out
legend of korra
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They both stop kissing. They both let go of their lips.

"Mako I haven't kissed Ты since at the Pro Bending Match. I really miss Поцелуи you. But Ты were with Asami and I... but Mako cut her off.

"That's in the past. Asami is no longer the girl for me. I want Ты to forget Asami. Forget that I even dated her. I no longer have feelings for her. The only girl I have feelings for are you. Because I'm yours and your mine. So please be my girlfriend" Mako сказал(-а) with a smile on his face. Korra gasp to what he just said. She was very happy. She wanted to be his boyfriend for just a long time and it's...
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