I grabbed my Banshee that I haven't seen for like 2 months. I flew off after Jake and Neytiri. I was ordered to cover Jake as we went in. We flew around south Neytiri and Tsu'ey going the other way. I shot all the on coming ships. Several men shot at me. I shot back hitting and destroying about 7 of the 12. None hit me. Up ahead, Jake was shooting others with bows and arrows. Neytiri was also taking lots of fire. I голубь down hitting еще men in ships. Ts'uey did the same in till he was hit. He went down and landed in the lake. Neytiri was soon hit as well. She didn't die but her Banshee did. I swooped down to catch her but missed. Jake started doing some awesome moves. Taking tiny helicopters and flinging them into the bigger ones. I fallowed after him and did the same. I shot the pilots and he lit up the helicopters. Trudy was also destroyed, This war was no longer fair. I was pissed and sad at the same time. I shot еще out. As I swooped down into the forest, I saw the rino things and the vamdogs attack the humans, Neytiri was safe. Jake went down not too far away. Then, the geneal in his big metal robot like thing came down