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Mcmadness posted on Mar 18, 2010 at 04:28PM
The good points first.
1. The acting
Apart from the guy who played Jake (who I though his performance was just meh at best) it was a good. I found it to be believable and the actors did a good job.
2. The visuals.
The visuals were fantastic! Definitively the best part about the film were its visuals. They were all well made and really helped make what you were looking at seem real.
And now for the bad parts
1. The plot.
The plot it self isn't bad but its not what I hoped it would be. Its basically just your average "humanity is bad for the environment and white man is evil" plot.
Its not the type of plot the movies hype gave me ideas of.
I wouldn't have minded if they actually gave an explanation as to what unobtainiom is and what its used for. If I found out that they needed it because its the resource they use to live and the plot is about them finding away to set aside there differences I would find that much more interesting.
2. The characters
The main protagonist Jake Sully is kinda bland to me.
Not much to say about him.
The navi whose name I cant remember. (the one jake falls in love with) Not much to her either just your aggressive environmentalist type.
The doctor who is in my opinion the most interesting of the group.
And the general whose name I also cant remember.
He was just the basic over the top bad guy who you swear is secretly snidely whiplash in disguise.
But yeah those are its faults.
All in all its not a bad movie.
Not what it was hyped up to be but not bad.
If I were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 6/10 which means slightly above average.
Note this is my opinion please don't get angry at it.

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Больше года SouthParkSmart said…
Yeah, my dad said that he thought the visuals were great, but the plot wasn't. He said it was too much like a "predictable happy ending". And it does seem like the plot is "humanity is bad for the environment", too. I loved the movie, but if you give it a 6/10, that is your opinion, which is fine. :-)
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
To each, their own... Fine then... But...

"humanity is bad for the environment"


Well, realistically... Deforestation and excessive mining is bad for the environment, isn't it? So, I don't see the bad in that plot's theme... Sure, it's been repeated quite many a times... But really what theme/plot hasn't been repeated?

"The doctor who is in my opinion the most interesting of the group."

Yeap, I thought so too.
Больше года Mcmadness said…
I know deforestation is bad for the environment but I just wish they would tell us why they were doing it.
I want to know what the heck unobtaniam does.
Why is it so important?
What purpose does it serve?
Why is it worth so much?
Больше года polanie said…
According to Avatar:
Unobtanium is a mineral that is used in most important things on earth. Without it there will be no "Energy Generators with antimatter" or whatever its called , travelling to other planets that are very far from earth (Unobtanium can resist heat of 1516°C) . Unobtanium can also repel or create magnetic field (Thats why Alleluja mountains fly etc. ). Its worth so much because its most rare mineral on pandora and it takes 5 years to transport it to earth.
Больше года Mcmadness said…
So basically by saving this one small tribe the rest of humanity is screwed then?
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
'Without Unobtanium, interstellar commerce on this scale would not be possible. Unobtanium is not only the key to Earth’s energy needs in the 22nd century, but it is the enabler of interstellar travel and the establishment of a truly spacefaring civilization. Making a feedback loop, the more Unobtanium is mined, the more ships can be built, and more mining equipment can be sent to Pandora.'

Taken from here:link
^I find this link a very reliable source for any information on Avatar. Read more if you want to find out more about unobtanium.

It's not a vital necessity for life. The rest of humanity is NOT screwed if they don't have unobtanium.
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Больше года Mcmadness said…
Considering how much money was invested in the pandora project odds are earths economy is now in the pits due to its failure. Plus what if earth doesn't have any resources left? Maybe the people mine other resources because earth just doesn't have enough stuff left to support them selves. If that was the case earth would probably bee screwed then. Or at least have some very difficult times ahead of them.
Больше года rachaelwsz said…

^Link for information on Earth in the 22nd century (according to Avatar of course)

Earth has already been decaying a long, long time ago. 'If that was the case earth would probably bee screwed then.' From what I believe, Earth is already 'screwed'. Most of us have been taking for granted that Earth's resources will never end. When we ran out of coal, we mine for oil. And when oil runs out, heck, idk what would be next. When we cut trees, we tear down the whole forest. When we destroy the forests, we destroy the habitats of millions of flora and fauna but we keep on doing so because we *wriggles fingers* need resources. It has always been about what we want and what we need. And it's the same cycle all over again.

"So basically by saving this one small tribe the rest of humanity is screwed then?"

Do you really think the RDA would just stop and mine at that 'one and only' spot? I think mining at the Hometree is just the beginning. The RDA would probably go around Pandora, mining here and mining there, looking for more unobtanium. I don't think it's just only about the Omaticaya clan. It's about the entire existence of their species.

Here... link

The RDA was not only planning to destroy their home but also the Tree of Souls.

"The Tree of Souls, besides being a connection to Eywa, also works as a way for her to directly interact with the world through the seeds of the tree. The tree has the capability to connect directly to the nervous system of all living things, and is not limited to the queue that Pandoran wildlife possesses. ... The destruction of the Tree of Souls would prove devestating to the Na'vi as a whole, creating a cultural and religious void that would decimate the race entirely. Miles Quaritch gathered this information from Sully's video logs, and based it around an attack strategy he formulated against the Na'vi. '

So, do you think it's right for humans to wipe out an entire species just for their own resources? I think it's downright selfish. The Na'vis have every right to defend themselves. Since they can, I think they should.

I'm not being anti-human here. I'm not saying that we shouldn't use paper because we cut down trees. I'm just saying that most of us do things without proper planning and analysis. These days, it's all about the $$$ most of the time. The same goes with the RDA. What they were really looking out for is $$$.
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Больше года Mcmadness said…
Well the way I see is like this:
Lets say that you are lost in the desert. You have been walking for days and you have nothing but a gun with one bullet because you have used up your water and food. You come across a small oasis and you want to take a drink but you cant because there is a man who lives there who wont let you. If you were to keep walking you know you dot have the strength to go on so you decide to kill the man with your gun and get some water anyway. (note you try to beg and plead with him first but he will not budge)
Больше года ponylover11 said…
i love it!
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
First thing, that guy doesn't own the oasis. And what makes you think that I would do that? Why not just threaten the guy with that gun and at the same time, get the water that I need?

Back to Avatar... Water is a need. Unobtanium isn't.

The way I see it:
An elderly man, a young woman and her 12 year old kid are stuck in a sinking boat right in the middle of the ocean. There are only two floats available and one float can only support one person. Who would probably be the one who has to give up the float? In my perspective, the elderly man would have to.
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Больше года Mcmadness said…
Again like I said no matter what you do he will not budge and (I forgot to put this down sorry) he will kill you if you were to try anything. Plus if earth is in the crappy state you say it is in then unobtainium is no longer a want but it is now a need because with earth being in the condition it is in.
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
So looks like the guy and I both have guns. *Imagines pointing the gun at man while the man also points his gun at me.* Sounds like both of us are in the same situation with the exception that I'm in thirst. This is a really subjective question. That man could also choose to put down his gun since his life is at stake as well.

Correction: Unobtanium is not only the key to Earth’s energy needs in the 22nd century.

Not only. So, I'm thinking there are other resources as well.

Do you really think that a perfectly balanced world should be destroyed for the sake of a dying one?
Больше года Mcmadness said…
Well it really comes down to what you think is right and wrong (which is something people will debate for years to come)but if I was apart of that dying world odds are I would want them to so I could survive. Now if it was just for profit then no I wouldn't want them to destroy an entire world to do that.
But when it comes to my own self preservation everythiny thing is expendable call me selfish if you will.
Больше года CRaftsman1459 said…
Consider that both the Na'vi and the humans have existed for an equal length of time. Existing in their respective places in space. It is the humans that destroyed their planet, not the Na'vi. So the humans go to Pandora to get more resources. Let's say hypothetically the humans destroy the Na'vi and the unobtanium and fuana solves all the Earth's problems. Humans are good on Earth for a few more hundred years. Then what? The find another resource rich planet and strip it of resources. Are not the Earth and the inhabitants the bad guy? They pose a threat to any planet within range. I am not anti-human either, but we need to cut back on all fronts of our desire for anything more than subsistence. Either that, or dramatically reduce the human population. I'm for both. As it is, I believe Earth has surpassed it's carrying capacity. I mean, currently there are an estimated 1.4 billion people without clean water. Something has got to change.
Больше года Mcmadness said…
Again this all comes down to what we think is right and what we think is wrong. But in my opinion I dont see the humans as evil if all they want to do is survive. However if they were doing it for profit only then yes I think that is bad. And earth isn't over crowded its just that humans are very poorly spread out.
Больше года CRaftsman1459 said…
Dude I can't even believe you'd say that. How dare you say that the survival of the planet is a matter of right and wrong. You are a fool to believe it as such. The Earth is essential for our survival, not the other way around. We need to dramatically change the way we live if we plan on being here for more than the next 100 years.
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
^I totally second CRaftsman1459.
Больше года Mcmadness said…
The right and wrong part only applys to your question about whether humans are evil or not because of what they are doing to other planets sorry about not being clear on that. I don't think humans are essential for earths survival. But the way I see it its not possible for us to go back to the way humans used to be before major technological achievements. the only way that could happen is that most of the people of earth die and the survivors make a small and simple life style.
Больше года rachaelwsz said…
"But the way I see it its not possible for us to go back to the way humans used to be before major technological achievements."

That still doesn't mean we should continue how we're using up resources at the rate we're going... Change in our lifestyle is needed and it's still not too late. Not: Oh, we need other resources!! We're running out of .... Let's just cut up these bunch of trees. Or explore other planets to and exploit them for our own use.

Больше года Mcmadness said…
Well yeah that's obvious I wasn't trying to deny that but because of how society works people are too dependent on technology. And because of that dependency its not possible to go back to old ways.
Rather then cutting down on resources I wish we could find some kind of non lethal source of energy to support humans.
Plus if the world ever becomes like avatars earth then either we would be forced to find more or just find some random lush planet to live on. (we can't live on pandora because the movie clearly shows humans are not compatible with it.)
Больше года CRaftsman1459 said…
We do have resouces that the government isn't utilizing. There's enough wind energy in Texas alone to power the United States. The sun gives off enough energy in one minute to power the Earth seven times over. We have what we need, but the oil companies have too much power and pull with the government for us to
change. It will take disaster before we do anything major.
Больше года Mcmadness said…
Unfortunately yes you are right.
The oil companies kept a lot of things that are good held back due to the control the gained when oil was the only resource people really used.