I have only seen the first nine episodes but so far i Любовь this Показать and here is why.

The Story
It seems to be a continuing storyline and that is my Избранное kind of show, where all episodes are connected еще или less.

The Characters

Iron Man
Good Points:
The Armor looks very cool and Tony is modeled after Robert Downey Jr.

Bad Points:
The voice actor is doing a Robert Downey Jr. impression, but hopefully we will get used to it.

Good Points:
Thor is one of my all-time Избранное marvel Герои and this version is great, he has a few hilarious lines and his "confusion" about humanity is a great way to Показать personallity.

Bad Points:
There is something that i hope wil not happen and that is that they will do what they usually do with Superman, take away his powers.
Thor is so strong that they may have difficulty putting him into the story without him saving the day.

Good Points:
he isn´t the savage brute that he usually is, he can speak and form sentences like anyone and he can "read between the lines" and Banner is a separate personallity that he can talk with.

Bad Points:
He stays the Hulk, he don´t turn back into Banner and i personally don´t like that but maybe iam alone in that.

Good Points:
He is a character that i haven´t paid much attention to before this but even so he is great, he is both Ant-Man and Giant-Man at the same time which is cool since he can change ito whats needed.
He is also very sceptical about the team since he sees himself as a scientist not a superhero.

Bad Points:
The only bad point i can say right now is his шлем as Ant-man.

Good Points:
She is cute and have a personallity that seeks action, she wants to use her powers to help people and she really stands out among the Avengers since she is so energetic and has such a sense of humor.

Bad Points:
Sadly none so far, i know this sounds weird but it will surely change after a few еще episodes.

My Opinion
This Показать is the best Marvel superhero Показать i have seen so far, the art style is great, the story seems like it will be amazing and the characters are intresting.

Avengers Assemble