This is a project an Avril Фан base is doing. It was an announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The Фан base were going to announce it as soon as they hit 10000 followers on Twitter. So they announced it, and it’s an awesome project. The Статья explains it all :

#LittleBlackStars we did it! We have 10,000 followers! Firstly THANK Ты to every single follower for just following us and supporting us! A very special thank Ты to the amazing black stars who have been constantly giving us shout outs and have got us this far! Ты know who Ты are! We are so grateful! We promised something exciting at 10,000 followers so here to celebrate are some announcements we’ve been dying to make…… (Yes there is еще than one announcement!) Read it! Spread the word! Tweet us your thoughts!
1.    #LittleBlackStarsProject

Back in January we announced the #AvrilLavigneFanBook a project we created to give Avril on tour. We later then stopped promoting the project as there were no meet and greets on tour and no dates were scheduled in the UK. However now we are re opening the project but this time its bigger and better. We are not just creating a Фан book but so much more. Firstly its Digital for Avril to view anywhere and everywhere and will be presented in the most exciting and amazing way (we cannot reveal how yet) but its amazing and has never been done before. As its digital there is not for entries. We have already received over 100 entries for the project from Ты guys!
This is your chance to tell Avril what she means to you! We are making Avril something very special! We did previously say we were making a Фан book but this is so much еще and so much bigger in fact its not a book at all! CONCLUSION! We are gathering your letters for AVRIL and фото etc to give to Avril!
We will present its form once the project is complete! It will be downloadable for all #LittleBlackStars and it’s for everyone not just Avril! It’s up to Ты if Ты want to be featured in the one for everyone.
Within the book we will be doing a lot of pages Фаны all over the world can add too! We will be announcing 1 Фан page a week for everyone to add too!
The collective Фан pages we all work on start from September 2nd via twitter and facebook!
link will be doing a lot via Facebook so make sure Ты like our page

The letter can be AS LONG AS Ты WANT! There is no what so ever! There letter is addressed to Avril from you! Be sure to include your name, twitter name and country in the letter!
Once Ты have completed your personal letter/submission to Avril Ты can get involved in the collective pages which Фаны around the world contribute together to create big pages. Lots of pages will be announced along the way. We will announce lots of different way Ты can get involved and be a part of these pages. Starting Spetember 2nd STAY TUNED!!!!
If Ты have already Отправлено your entry we will include it in the project. If Ты want to update and change it let us know so we can make that happen!
Unlike other Фан Книги this is the LITTLE BLACK STARS Фан PROJECT we are involving little black stars with every detail! From picking the colours and designs all the way down to the font etc! We will be having Опросы where Ты can vote for your favourite designs and help us create the project!
Send us a picture of Ты in Abbey Dawn или something Avril related too! We need lots of pictures! Ты don’t have to send a picture of yourself but something Avril related! If Ты decide to send a picture of yourself send it with your letter so we can put them together!


We are also doing a special something for Avril’s birthday since we are seeing her 4 days before we are gathering a HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages and giving them to Avril in a birthday book/giant card from all the BLACK STARS!

email us your birthday message for Avril! Make it short and sweet! email it
We will be seeing Avril on the 23rd of September which is 4 days before Avril’s 27th Birthday! We are also planning to give Avril a birthday book with birthday messages from Фаны and a birthday DVD! So Ты can get your birthday message to Avril herself!!

2.    Little Black Stars DVD

Send us your video message to Avril! email us your video! или send us a Youtube link post it on our youtubelink Again make it short and sweet! The video message is from Ты to Avril say anything Ты want thats appropriate!
Also make another short video wishing Avril Happy Birthday! We are making a birthday video for Avril too!
As these projects require A LOT of work from us we need all submissions in by Friday 9th September!! At the very latest!
Good luck with your submissions!!
Tweet #LittleBlackStarsProject
We’re not done yet!

4th Announcement….
We have been thinking about it and we might be opening up a website in September!!! Not 100% sure but stay tuned!

5th Announcement
Ты don’t think we’d for get about Avril’s band did you?

The Best Damn Band
Avril’s band are the best damn band! The guys have been so kind to let us interview them and just taking time out on twitter to reply to Фаны and connect with all of us #LittleBlackStars and we are going to Показать that appreciation by creating a Фан project to give them! We are making something special just for them! If Ты want to get involved we will be announcing the details for that in September and messages will be collected via Facebook so make sure Ты like our page so Ты can get involved!

OK! So that might be all a lot to take in so here’s a summary!

•    We are making a Фан project for Avril called the #LittleBlackStarProject which consists of a Фан book, a digital Фан book, a birthday project, a dvd, something for the band. All the letters, pictures and Видео are to be sent to
•    the collective pages we will work on together will start September 2nd
•    We will announce a website in September if we still go ahead with that project
•    This is a once in a life time oppetunity to be involved in an amazing project and gift to AVRIL LAVIGNE herself! So get involved and spread the word #LittleBlackStarsProject
•    Deadline is September 9th there is no on letters just the birthday message has to be short
Thank Ты so much for getting us this far! Good luck with your submissions!!!
If Ты have any Вопросы just tweet us или DM us on twitter! или Ты can formspring us on
Make sure Ты like our Facebook page to get involved in collective pages and the band project link
Tell us what Ты think about our project with the tag #LittleBlackStarsProject
Avril Lavigne UK xoxo
Just one еще thing! …….
We are also working on something BIG! A MAJOR announcement but we cannot unfortunately reveal this as we haven’t finished discussing it with the record label but it’s looking good and as soon as we get a conformation with the label we will be announcing that too! As soon as we have finished that it will be up right away!

So, I wanted to invite Ты to Присоединиться this awesome project and just to spread it around.
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