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1.If u met Avril what would Ты do?
a.Wave to her
b.Ask her for an autograph
c.Scream on вверх of your lungs and ask her to sign your shirt

2.You see Avril in a Магазин but you're late to meet your mates.What do Ты do?
a.Ignore her,ur mates are important!
b.Hug her and tell her:"See u later!"
c.Forget the mates,Avril rox!

3.Are Ты mad about Abbey Dawn?
a.Nope,its not my style
c.Hell yes!!

4.Do Ты lyk the new или old Avril?

5.Why did Ты take this test?
a.To find out who this Avril person was.
b.To see if I'm an Avril lover или hater,duh!
c.To prove to myself that i luv Avril

Mostly a's: Avril Hater
Ты treat Avril as if she was an annoying younger sister!You hate her!

Mostly b's: Controlled
Ты lyk Avril but Ты treat her as if she's a mate. Well done,sista или brother!

Mostly c's: Avril-sessed
You're obsessed and Ты WILL meet Av one day!I'm the same as you!
posted by cuteemma
I’m tugging at my hair
I’m pulling at my clothes
I’m trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I’m staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I’m searching for the words inside my head

(Cause) I’m feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you’re worth it
You’re worth it

If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I wanna blow you... away
Be with Ты every night
Am I squeezing Ты too tight
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see Ты go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Guess, I’m wishing my life away
With these things I’ll never say

It don’t do me any...
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Here's my ideas for 31 Candles: Avril Lavigne's Unforgettable Moments.

1. She's from Canada
2. Late 90s/early 00s is full of nostalgia
3. 2002
4. Complicated, the one that started it all
5. The Matrix
6. Let Go, Avril's first album
7. Avril on TRL
8. He was a boy, she was a girl
9. I'm With You
10. Avril won a nomination on MTV VMAs
11. Avril received 8 Grammy nominations
12. Фаны loved the first two albums
13. So much for my happy ending
14. Avril's Музыка videos
15. He Wasn't should premiere on MTV
16. Keep Holding On
17. Эй, Эй, Ты you, I can be your Girlfriend
18. How The Best Damn Thing Остаться в живых Avril's fans...
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 old avril
old avril
Do Ты always do this to me?
Couldn’t Ты just see it through me?
How come……
You act like this like Ты just don’t care at all
Do Ты expect me to be-lieve?
I was the only one who fall

I could feel I could feel Ты need me
Even though you’re far away
I could feel I could feel Ты baby

It’s not supposed to feel this way
I need you, I need you
More and еще Ты stay
It’s not supposed to hurt this way
I need Ты I need Ты I need you

Tell me
Are Ты and me still together
Tell me
You think we could last forever
Tell me

Listen to what we’re...
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When it comes to a pop star’s image, let’s just say things can get very complicated. For some, it’s all about evolution, pushing boundaries and experimenting. For others, it’s about find what works and sticking to it. After all, there’s something to be сказал(-а) about consistency in the style department.

Just ask Avril Lavigne. The Napanee-raised Пение sensation first украл, палантин our hearts when she burst on the scene at 17 with an album that went four-times platinum in the U.S.

Her skater-girl style topped the trend charts for the pre-teen set and young teenagers, as she took neckties and tutus...
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posted by tdacrazy6
I always needed time ion my own
I never thought, Id need Ты there when i cry
And the days feel like years
When Ты walk away |I count the steps Ты take
Do Ты see how much I need Ты right now?
And when your gone the pieces of my сердце is missing too, and when your gone The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the день and make it ok
I miss you
Ive never felt this way before
Everything I do Reminds me you
And the clothes that Ты left, They lie on the floor
And they smell just like Ты
I Любовь the things Ты do
When Ты walk away...
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Hello! I guess Ты are excited about premiere of 'What The Hell' Музыка video, so to make Ты a little bit еще excited I wanna let Ты know about some interesting facts.

First of all, tomorrow, I mean January 20th we will be able to see ''Behind The Scenes: What The Hell'' on AvrilLavigne.com. Watching ''Behind The Scenes'' Ты will find out that ''What The Hell'' Музыка video was shooting for 3 days in different places and that Avril's mom will be present in the video! What's more... scenes like playing basketball, a robbery, chasing a thief and a car crash are a part of the video! Of course scenes like performance in the club and buying 'Abbey Dawn' cloths are also there but infromation about it was Опубликовано here a while ago.

Source: Фан Club Avril Lavigne 'Take It!' Poland (exclusive news)
What is going on between Avril Lavigne and former husband Deryck Whibley? The couple decided to get divorce last October, and each of them went on with his life.

Until Thursday night. The two of them have been photographed in the back of a limo. According to TMZ.com, that night, the couple left 'Alice in Wonderland' afterparty and carpooled to a Лондон hotel.

Just when we were thinking that Avril was sharing a romance with 'The Hills' звезда Brody Jenner! Life is just so complicated!

Avril Lavigne could be back together with her ex-husband Deryck Whibley. Four months after filing for divorce, the...
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 ♥♥Love her smile! ♥♥
♥♥Love her smile! ♥♥
Punk/pop rockstar Avril Lavigne reveals the secret that after her first fragrance 'Black Star', she is going to introduce her new fragrance named "Forbidden rose"

Many of Avril's fans, female especially, have anticipated her follow-up fragrance to last year's "Black Star". In a brand new interview with Kyle and Jackieo, she unveils the name of her секунда fragrance as well as explaining the process of creating a perfume. She says her секунда fragrance is titled "Forbidden Rose" which is an extension to Black Star's message, and says the advertising campaign is a Gothic-like garden with a black rose.

I'm sure this fragrance is going to be as good as Black star! Its a purple coloured perfume and she is holding a rose in her hand as do she hold a звезда in her hand at the advertisement of Black звезда perfume!

She is looking gorgeous and here's a picture for you!
 ♥♥♥She is looking gorgeous♥♥♥
♥♥♥She is looking gorgeous♥♥♥
posted by Avril_LRockz
Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario. Her father, Jean-Claude Lavigne, named her "Avril" after the French word for the месяц of April. At the age of two, she began Пение church songs along with her mother,[1] Judith-Rosanne "Judy" (née Loshaw). Judy recognized her two год old daughter's talents after hearing her sing "Jesus Loves Me" in church.[2] Lavigne has an older brother, Matthew, and a younger sister, Michelle,[3] both of whom teased her when she sang. "My brother used to knock on the Стена because I used to sing myself to sleep and he thought it was really annoying."[2]...
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posted by viju
 LaLa Lullaby..distract me with Ты eyes..
LaLa Lullaby..distract me with you eyes..
Goodbye, my love

I can't hide
Can't hide
Can't hide what has come
I have to go, I have to go, I have to go
And leave Ты alone

But always know, always know, always know
That I Любовь Ты so, I Любовь Ты so, I Любовь Ты so

Goodbye, brown eyes
Goodbye, for now
Goodbye, sunshine
Take care of yourself

I have to go, I have to go, I have to go
And leave Ты alone
But always know, always know, always know
That I Любовь Ты so, I Любовь Ты so, oh
I Любовь Ты so

LaLa lullaby, distract me with your eyes
LaLa lullaby
La lullaby, help me sleep tonight
LaLa lullaby (LaLa lullaby, LaLa lullaby)

I have to go
I have to go
I have to go
And leave Ты alone

But always know, always know, always know
That I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so
I Любовь Ты so

Goodbye, brown eyes
Goodbye, my love
 Goodbye brown eyes...
Goodbye brown eyes...
Avril is currently living the single life, after divorcing 3 год husband Deryck Whibley. She also just recently finished her fourth album due out late March или early April. We can accept her first single at the end of January.

In almost 14 months Avril got back on stage on December 5, 2009 in Mexico for a Teleton Charity Event. She performed Complicated and Girlfriend with guitarist Jim McGorman and ex-guitarist/music director Evan.

All though we do not have a complete track Список или a Название for the fourth album, we do have some songs and rumored titles. Black Star, Darlin, Everybody Hurts,...
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Sorry for the last Track Список , it wasn't official but this on is :)

The time has come to unveil the complete track-listing for Avril's forthcoming new album, Goodbye Lullaby, coming March 8, 2011!
1. Black Star
2. What The Hell
3. Push
4. Wish Ты Were Here
5. Smile
6. Stop Standing There
7. I Любовь You
8. Everybody Hurts
9. Not Enough
10. 4 Real
11. Darlin
12. Remember When
13. Goodbye
14. Alice (hidden track)

Yay! :D

I think its gonna be amazing!
Looking вперед to : I Любовь Ты , Darlin' , 4 Real , What The Hell , and Black Star!! :D
posted by check-it-out13
Avril Lavigne has сказал(-а) that her family mocked her Пение when she was growing up.

The singer сказал(-а) that her brother and sister used to mock her singing.

Avril said: 'My brother used to knock on the Стена because I used to sing myself to sleep and he thought it was really annoying.

'My brother and sister used to make fun of me and say when I sang, my nostrils would flare.'

However, Avril сказал(-а) that she had the support of her mother.

'My mother сказал(-а) when I was two I came back from church Пение 'Jesus Loves Me' and she сказал(-а) that she knew I was going to be a singer then, she called her little songbird. So yeah, I always wanted to be a singer.'
Part of Avril Lavigne's appeal — a large part of it, actually — is that she's a brat, Актёрское искусство younger than her 17 years on her 2002 debut, Let Go, and never seeming like she much cared about the past (she notoriously mispronounced David Bowie's name when Чтение Grammy nominations), или anything for that matter. She lived for the moment, she partied with sk8er bois, she didn't want anything complicated, and she sang in a flat, plain voice that illustrated her age as much as her silly, shallow lyrics. Those words got disproportionate attention because they were so silly and shallow, but most...
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Hello, LBS

I will all of Ты that I think MTV VMA wants Avril Lavigne appearing on MTV VMA back.

Last year, Avril Lavigne gives Благодарности to Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance and claims that she’s young & expressing herself. Let's not forget Miley Cyrus performing her awful We Can't Stop with Robin Thicke after he sings his overrated Blurred Lines. Stupid Blurred Lines and We Can't Stop. Let's continue.

It’s what everyone’s talking about since MTV aired its infamous Video Музыка Awards last год about Miley Cyrus‘s provocative and edgy performance with Robin Thicke. The same performance where...
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posted by Avril_LRockz
Only a few of Lavigne's Татуировки are unique to her; the rest are matching tattoos, shared with friends.[62] Lavigne had a звезда tattooed on the inside of her left wrist that matched the style of the one used for her first album artwork. It was created at the same time as friend and musical associate Ben Moody's identical tattoo.[134] In late 2004, she had a small розовый сердце around the letter "D" applied to her right wrist, which represented her boyfriend at the time, Deryck Whibley.[62][135] Lavigne and Whibley each received matching Татуировки again in March 2010, in celebration of his 30th birthday.[62]...
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 Avril Lavigne performs at IHeartRadio Музыка Village on September, 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV
Avril Lavigne performs at IHeartRadio Music Village on September, 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV
In the bratty voice that, for much of a decade, made her the defiant figurehead of an army of teens who preferred the pop that soundtracked their growing pains be tinged with a little punk-rock danger, Avril Lavigne declares that she still wears the crown. The lyric comes on “Rock N Roll,” the first track on her new album Avril Lavigne. It’s the Canadian songstress’s aggressively weird, epically catchy fifth album. It also might be her best yet.

Much has changed since 2002. Back then, the 17-year-old paired a necktie with a white tank вверх and sold nearly 17 million copies of her debut...
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posted by viju
I'm sorry
If this hurts you
But I tried to keep what we had once I was wrong
It wasn't keeping me awake
You didn't listen (you didn't listen)
You didn't hear me (you didn't hear me)
When I сказал(-а) I want more
I got no more
You were stealing me away

It's not enough, it's not enough to get me
What it is I want
It's not enough, it's not enough to get me
Everything I need
And I, I wish it was
I think it's time
To give this up

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh


All the memories
That we're losing
All the tine that I spent with Ты everyday
I think it's running down the drain

I'm feeling (feeling)
That we're fading
Don't make...
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* I found this on Bandands and it was translated on Google Translate from Spanish so it's not exact. But Ты get the picture of what the words mean :)

1. Black звезда

The first track on the disc as we all know is shorter than the rest, this is the song "Black Star". It's the same song as heard in the notice of the fragrance of Avril but with some improvements in sound and melody. "Nana" begins with a ringing, melody and Avril's voice Пение the "black star, black звезда You'll Always Be a black star." It also changes the sentence at the end of the topic by saying "You'll Always Be a rock star."...
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