Аврил Лавин Why do u Любовь Avril???

FlowerChildAnna posted on Apr 19, 2011 at 01:02AM
I love her because she's remained the same from the start and never let the fame change her... Not to mention she always puts out a catchy tune! Love you, Avril!


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Больше года tigyrocks101 said…
same!! avril is amazing and when people say she changed i jus thought she grew up and became still awsum! i will always luv avril.
Больше года xenriquegrl said…
I love Avril because I think she's a great influence to girls who can't stand up for themselves. She expresses her point of view while makng a good song! She definitely knows how to make a good rock song!
Больше года k16tsubasa said…
I love Avril Lavigne! I think she is very cute. And I love her songs. It’s very catchy and easy to sing and remember. Some of her songs expresses my feelings too. I mean I think I love everything about Avril Lavigne.