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Lindsay Lohan gets into a fight with Avril Lavigne



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Magica said:
Wow... I love how in that picture Avril looks amazing while Lindsay looks like a zombie...

But yeah, obviously the writer is an anti-fan of both and I highly disagree on the "Avril being extremely dislikeable" and "it should be a badge of honor if Avril hates you" parts, and I doubt that Avril would say something like that unless Lindsay really made her mad. But yeah, I can see that happening. And it aggravates me when someone causes drama with Avril and everyone uses that as an excuse to call her bitchy or unlikeable or whatever poeple say these days...
posted Больше года.
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Oh God, Lindsey needs SERIUOS HELP. I totally agree with Av. She is SOOO right. I love it how she yells in her face. it's so badass. That's why I <3 Avvy. Go Avril! I love you no matter what!
posted Больше года.
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did u see Lindsay Lohan in that pic.?? WOW!

what the hell happened to that little innocent kid?

i really feel sorry for her!


Avril is a BADASS! GO AV. U ROCK!

and she looks so cute and lovely in that pic!
and i really disagree about Avril being "unlikeable"
it's horrible how people think these days


go Av.!!
posted Больше года.
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OMG!!! I did not no that but...
u rock al!!!
and I am so mad at lindsey
she sucks!
posted Больше года.