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Now, write here your character's information.

Full Name Of The Character:
Personal Characteristic:
Bakugan's Name:
Bakugan's Appearance:
Bakugan's Abilities:


Full Name Of The Character: Ayleyda Laura Wilson.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has got middle-length оранжевый hair with green eyes. She has got a little bit freckles. She wears a blue куртка with black tight shorts. She also wears long black boots. She makes her hair in 'ponytail' model. But she leaves some hair on her face as a curl.
Age: 16
Personal Characteristic: She is so adventurer and brave. She is kind(can't challange Alice about it). But she believes that working alone is better.
Element: Darkus.
Bakugan's Name: Aquanoid.
Bakugan's Appearance: Looks like a dragon but it's blue and black. It's body is coloured black but his back is full of blue stripes.
Bakugan's Abilities: He can send dark lightnings.

Now, write your own, it's fun!
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"Dan?" runo knew it was now или never! "yea runo?" "why were Ты beating shun up this morning?" runo didn't know who или what they had been fighting about all week. "um..." dan wasn't sure if now was the right time, but he knew he couldn't let her think that he didn't Любовь her. after all, he knew joe loved her as well. and joe would wait for any opportunity to get her. "the truth?" he didn't know why she wouldn't mean the truth but he was still studying runo to see why she had brought this up. "Yes the truth" runo wanted to know why dan wouldn't tell her. /why won't he tell me?... is it because......
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