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All I can ever think about is how badly I want to Kiss Ты (season 1 Angel)
A vampire in Любовь with a Slayer. It's rather poetic, in a maudlin sort of way
When Ты Kiss me I wanna die (season 2 Reptile Boy)
Ты can send assassins after me, that's fine. But nobody messes with my boyfriend
Angel, when I look into the future, all I see is you! All I want is Ты Bad Eggs
I Любовь you. I try not to, but I can't stop (season 2 Surprise)
You're still the only thing he thinks about (season 2 Passion)
A person doesn't just wake up and stop loving somebody! Любовь is forever season 2
Forever. That's the whole point. I'll never leave you. Not even if Ты kill me
the whole scene from 'Angel, please' to 'mourn for you, because' season 3 Amends
I could see your heart.. еще than anything in my life I wanted to keep it безопасно, сейф
I Любовь you. Nothing can change that. Not even death (season 3 The Zeppo)
Ты still my girl?... Always (season 3 Enemies)
In 243 years, I've loved exactly one person (season 3 Earshot)
the whole scene from 'I'm guessing that expression' to 'I'll never forget'
How's forever? Does forever work for you? (season 5 Forever)
I loved Ты with my last breath (season 2)
I loved him еще than I will ever Любовь anything in this life
I sacrificed Энджел to save the world. loved him so much
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