After a much-anticipated wait, B.A.P has finally made their comeback after a год and nine months on “Music Bank.”

The members of B.A.P opened up in an interview, talking about their new album “MATRIX.” Bang Yong Guk said, “A lot has changed since the last time we had a comeback, even the waiting room. I’m so nervous for our first stage that I’m trembling. I have the same feeling now as I did when we were making comebacks as rookies. Also, it’s strange; we only debuted in 2012 but we already have a lot of juniors now. Originally we had еще seniors than juniors, so it’s unfamiliar.”

Himchan said, “Rather than Показ anything, we simply put our own stories [into the music]. I think it’ll be interesting because it’s something that we made ourselves. I like that we can deck out the stage with something that’s just B.A.P.”

Daehyun added, “Sincerely, thank Ты to all the Фаны who have дана us so much love. Since our younger members have wrapped up their school terms and Zelo helped with the choreography, I think our individuality came out more. еще than anything, I’m thankful to be able to stand on stage. Whether it’s the Музыка shows или on concerts, I always watched the year-end shows and thought, “It would be great if we could stand up there, too. We members will continue to practice so long as we are still breathing.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P came back with their fourth mini-album “MATRIX” and are currently promoting the Название track, “Young, Wild & Free.” Congratulations to the boys of B.A.P for making such a strong comeback!