10. Rowena (12 Dancing Princesses)
I think Rowena is quite pretty. It kinda relates to the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. If Rowena had better hair and wardrobe, she'd be soo pretty.

9.Lydia (The Diamond Castle)

I Любовь Lydia's sharp angles. Her makeup is a little out there, but I Любовь her wardrobe also.

8. Miss бирючина, привилегия, привет (Princess Charm School)
Miss Privet.

If she wasn't so plain, she'd be a lot prettier. Her wardrobe is very bland though.

7. Raquelle (Fairy Secret)

I cannot stand Raquelle, but she's kinda pretty. I think her lips are little too disproportionate for me, though.

6.Alexa (The Diamond Castle)

I'm disappointed she ended up here because in her movie she's stunning (: I think some scenes she lack that oomph.

5. Melody (The Diamond Castle)

Melody's personality radiates through the whole movie, and I absolutely Любовь her.♥ She's pretty, but not beautiful.

4. Kylie (Mermaid Tale)

Like Raquelle, I cannot stand Kylie. She's annoying as crap, but she is pretty.

3. Catania (Mariposa and the Fairy Princess)

Catania is pretty. Her wardrobe is perfect, but they kinda went back to the еще original Барби look. I wish I could see something a little еще unique.

2. Marie-Alecia 'Alice' (Fashion Fairytale)
Marie-Alecia 'Alice'.

I Любовь her. She's sweet, and uh, I just Любовь her! She beautiful as well, with her dorky personality and style.

1. Isla (Princess Charm School)

Yes, Isla is plain. But she is subtly beautiful! She's beautiful and I Любовь her. Her personality is awesome as well as her looks. ;D