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 Барби Фильмы DVD
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I just Любовь this DVD covers! It is used for the 50th Anniversary of Barbie! Любовь the borders! OMG, they didn't include Барби Diaries!
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When Ты don't know where to go
And you're feeling all alone
Look inside yourself
You're so much еще than Ты know
When you're stuck and out of time
You can пересекать, крест the finish line
You're a champion
You'll always be a winner

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, whoa

You can be anything Ты want
If Ты believe in who Ты are
You'll light up the whole world
You're shining so bright
Anything is possible
When Ты look into your heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You're a shooting star.

When I'm down and feeling scared
I know I should take a chance
The world is sitting right here
In the palm of my hand
I'm flying higher than before
And giving up is...
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