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Ken's cousin Ben comes to town.
Set soar with the Музыка video from Barbie™ in Princess Power.
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First this is a gift from some of 3xZ Друзья to say Happy Birthday for our sweet Vitty.

She's very special for me, she standed by me from the first день I joint,we had had some very amazing moments together on BM spot and she presented me very amazing things which I'll remember till the end and I remember how difficult it was when she was gone and how much I missed her so so much. She's my angel.
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Vitty has always been my best friend ever since I joined Fanpop, she is very friendly,supportive, caring and a good friend who share the same favourites as mine, she is very helpful I...
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Hey BM Фаны I am back with another weird yet important article…I know I know Ты all gonna think “How the hell it’s important?” but it IS indeed important, as time is passing by there are things which are changing in BM some of them are good and some aren’t good so I will post my Просмотры in parts. Here is the first part where I would like to tell Ты my Просмотры on improvement of plots. In the Далее part will I will include improvements in characters, staring voices/songs and sequels.

 Modern Princess World
Modern Princess World

Improvements in Plot

Barbie Фильмы are getting modern as time is passing, and...
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