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It may seem like Ты crazy
When Ты see something
That no one else sees
But maybe what they think
Won't really matter too much
to me

You can make magic
Shake the trees and
Make the mountains move

So can Ты feel it all around
Hear the sound,got me up
And I don't think I'm coming
Its something in the air
Can't see it it but it is there
Its the boom-boom beat in my heart
I don't know where it is
But I know where it starts

There is no dream
That I can't reach
O-oh, oh, oh, o-oh, oh
Because everything
Is an opportunity
O-oh, oh, oh, o-oh, oh
To make something
From nothing
This feeling is everything...
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Well I've found the link to Барби in princess power in hindi on Youtube . The link link
to watch еще Барби Фильмы in hindi , there's a channel which posts Барби Фильмы in hindi .
Ты can Поиск 'Barbie Фильмы in hindi '
the Видео are edited so that Youtube won't block them . The speed of Видео are increased but don't worry Ты can go to the desktop site of Youtube and decrease the speed. I want to share this link as I'm an Indian and wanted other Indian Барби Фаны who are in this club . Plus I want to ask that how can I change my Профиль picture ? I can't find any option ....
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There's nothing that's еще tragic
Than a princess without magic
And so I must take what I need from you

It may seem an imposition
But, hello, I'm on a mission!
There's no one who can stop me
And there's nothing Ты can do!

I want it all!
I want it now!
Don't tell me no
Just tell me how!
Y'see this crown?
It means bow down!
What I want is really very small
I want it all! (spoken) That's all!

Getting еще magical every day
And totally taking my breath away (Ahh... Yeah.)
I know that you're gonna feel okay
Because it's better for me!

I want it all!
I want it now!
Don't make it small
Just make it wow!
Life has its games...
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Seeing the nice reception of the first part, I'm so uplifted to write the секунда part. I'm going to start and end this Статья with the Феи Elina and Mariposa, with three princesses in between: Annika, Genevieve, and Rosella. Enjoy!

6. Elina

Strength: good-hearted, helpful, forgiving, brave, self-sacrificing, clever

The wingless fairy Elina is mocked and laughed at by her fellow winged Феи every день of her life, and she helps them when they all have the flying sickness from Laverna! Elina is also very Храбрая сердцем -- though she's never out of the Magic Meadow, she goes on adventure...
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