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10. Rowena (12 Dancing Princesses)
I think Rowena is quite pretty. It kinda relates to the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. If Rowena had better hair and wardrobe, she'd be soo pretty.

9.Lydia (The Diamond Castle)

I Любовь Lydia's sharp angles. Her makeup is a little out there, but I Любовь her wardrobe also.

8. Miss бирючина, привилегия, привет (Princess Charm School)
 Miss Privet.
Miss Privet.

If she wasn't so plain, she'd be a lot prettier. Her wardrobe is very bland though.

7. Raquelle (Fairy Secret)

I cannot stand Raquelle, but she's kinda pretty. I think her lips are little too disproportionate...
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Princess Charm School:

1. Ты Can Tell She's a Princess [9:40]
2. Welcome to Princess Charm School [7:03]
3. Meet the New Roomies [8:05]
4. Specialness Is Like Cake [4:58]
5. On вверх of the World [1:50]
6. The Royal Spa Treatment [7:51]
7. Palace Secrets Discovered [4:49]
8. An Alarming Accusation [5:27]
9. Gardania's Magical Crown [5:35]
10. Coronation день [6:24]
11. True Princess of Gardania [5:54]
12. Celebration [5:48]

A Mermaid Tale 2:

1. Good Morning Oceana [8:54]
2. A Seashell of Memories [3:56]
3. Destination: Australia [4:47]
4. The Ambassadors' Arrival [7:01]
5. A Very Fishy Proposal [7:45]
6. A Nightmare...
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Wickellia is Delancy's princess assistant from the movie, Barbie: Princess Charm School. She is voiced by Kelly Metzger.


We see her for the very first time when Blair goes inside Princess Charm School, also in the библиотека when she's talking with Miss Privet. Delancy asks her to put in Blair's юбка the tablecloth, then Dame Devin also asks her to rip Blair, Hadley and Isla's uniforms while they're in the spa. Obviously, she's mean like the princess she assists.

Grace is Blair's personal princess assistant in Barbie: Princess Charm School. She's clumsy like her, but a lso very...
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