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Guitar4hire posted on Jul 20, 2009 at 12:57AM
I need help to do some research. I have a friend whos dad collects motorcycles and I ran into him the other day while he was riding a crotch rocket motorcycle. It was awkward to me considering the fact that he usually rides some type of chopper or cruiser. So I start asking him about the bike and supposedly he had won this bike at an auction in Orlando. It was previously being used a Batmans motorcycle at the Batman stunt show in Seaworld.
He was currently working on getting it back up to shape has it has been in his garage since 1989. Can anyone verify if there was such a thing in any park in the Orlando area. He said he was looking to sell it after he is done fixing it up. I want to buy it especially a bike with that history. Does anyone have any idea about the truthiness to this?

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Больше года MoniBolis said…
Sorry, no.

Больше года MoniBolis said…
Hey you ask this guys at the BAT BLOG