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rockwutiwear posted on Jan 19, 2008 at 02:07AM
-should harley quinn be in the movie?
a background, "implied" charactor or a decent action-cartweel role? should his carnival lair be there?

-batman begins did a good job of blending 3 different villains. ras, the scarecrow, and the mob. unlike batman and robin: here's ANOTHER 2 overdressed villains that find eachother and fight batman and loose.
but can they do it again?

and if so, will they resort to dipping back into some of the old plot? (i hope they don't have a lot of flashbacks)
ex. the 3 pirates didn't fit together kuzz only the 1st had an independant storyline.

-should they add the more fictional charactors like mr. freeze? poison ivy? or should they stick with the realism?

-the 1st movie's theme was fear.
-the 2nd movie's theme is wrong vs. right:
what makes him any different than the joker?
(but please don't do a huge crisis thing like in spiderman)

-could joker incorperate bain? he better look tight.

-how could the concept designers re-do robin? bain? poison ivy? mr. freeze?

-could ras al gul return in the 3rd movie with his daughter to bring back the whole "faintain of youth" serum thing?

will minor charactors like mad hatter, scarface appear?

so many ways to go ya know?

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Больше года misanthrope86 said…
Wow! Thats a lot to think about!

But I DEFINATELY think that Harley Quinn should be in the movie. She was great character.