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posted by lizzybennett
 Alden with Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis in Warner Bros. Beautiful Creatures
Alden with Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis in Warner Bros. Beautiful Creatures
I got the chance to meet Alden Ehrenreich of Beautiful Creatures during his press stop in San Francisco. This is a big год for the young actor - he will also be in Stoker alongside Nicole Kidman and in Woody Allen’s Далее film. However, he couldn’t have been еще charming during our interview, often joking around and peppering responses with his distinctive throaty laugh.

Alden greeted me with a firm handshake and a friendly smile, despite having spent the entire день holed up in a hotel conference room answering еще или less the same Вопросы to a lineup of journalists about his latest...
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posted by Persephone16
Here's the секунда shadowing song that Ethan and Lena hear in Beautiful Darkness...

Seventeen Moons

Seventeen moons, seventeen years,
Eyes where Dark или Light appears,
Золото for yes and Green for no,
Seventeen the last to know...

Seventeen moons, seventeen turns,
Eyes so dark and bright it burns,
Time is high but one is higher,
Draws the moon into the fire...

Seventeen moon, seventeen fears,
Pain of death and shame of tears,
Find the marker, walk the mile,
Seventeen knows just exile...

Seventeen moons, seventeen spheres,
The moon before her time appears,
Hearts will go and stars will follow,
One is broken, One is hollow...

Seventeen moons, seventeen years,
Know the loss, stay the fears,
Wait for him and he appears,
Seventeen moons, seventeen tears...
posted by Persephone16
I'm bored, so I'm making 3 Статьи with the 3 shadowing songs in them. Here's the first one...

Sixteen Moons

Sixteen moons, sixteen years
Sixteen of your deepest fears
Sixteen times Ты dreamed my tears
Falling, falling through the years…

Sixteen moons, sixteen years
Sound of thunder in your ears
Sixteen miles before she nears
Sixteen seeks what sixteen fears…

Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
Sixteen times Ты dreamed my fears,
Sixteen will try to Bind the spheres,
Sixteen screams but just one hears…
Sixteen moons, sixteen years,
The claiming moon, the час nears,
In these pages darkness clears,
Powers bind what огонь sears…

Sixteenth Moon, Sixteenth Year,
Now has come the день Ты fear,
Claim или be Claimed,
Shed blood, shed tear,
Moon или Sun – destroy, revere.
posted by Persephone16
Here's the third shadowing song and all we have for now. There will be a Nineteen Moons I'm sure, considering the end of Beautiful Chaos. Which, by the way, is an amazingly awesome and heartbreaking book! Anyways...

Eighteen Moons

Eighteen moons, eighteen spheres,
From the world beyond the years,
One Unchosen, death или birth,
A Broken день awaits the Earth...

Eighteen Moons, eighteen Sheers,
Feeding off your deepest fears,
Vexed to find as Darkness nears,
Secret eyes and hidden ears…

Eighteen Moons, eighteen fears,
The cries of Mortals fade, appear,
Those unknown and those unseen
Crushed in the hands of the Demon Queen…

Eighteen Moons, eighteen nears,
The Wheel of Fate herself appears,
Then the One Who is Two
Will bring the Order back anew…

Eighteen Moons, eighteen dead
Eighteen turned upon their head,
The Earth above, the sky below
The End of Days, the Reaper’s Row…