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leevan1207 posted on Mar 09, 2013 at 02:05PM
Hey! This is the a Caster Chronicle's role-play, feel free to create your character and roleplay with people! It doesn't have to be a caster, it can be a Seer, etc. No god mod! No killing other's characters...again, remember, your character is not a god, it can't be perfect nor invincible...

Character Template:
Rank: (Light or Dark? A siren,etc?)
Short Bio:

Types of Casters:

Natural - Known as the most powerful beings of Casters, they have plenty of different powers that they can awaken at any time. Their most predominant ability is the one to influence the elements and the weather easily, but Lena, a Natural, has also been able to stop time on a few occasions.

Cataclyst - The equivalent of a Natural who became Dark. It is unknown if they have the exact same potential as that of a Natural.

Siren - Seductresses, Sirens are mainly female Casters who are able to bend the will of mortals and make them do or say anything they want.

Thaumaturge - Casters who are usually aligned on Light and have the power to heal injuries and wounds.

Sybil - Casters who are able to reveal the truth hidden inside of people or secret intentions just by looking at the person's face.

Palimpsest - Able to see the past, the present, the future in the same time, these Casters can sometimes mix up what happened and what is happening, often being confused to the others.

Shifter - Casters who can morph objects into others, temporarily or permanently.
Illusionist - Casters who are able to create illusions, making things look like others, without it being real.

Empath - Those who can duplicate the powers of other Casters, this kind of Caster's ability however only last for a limited time.

Necromancer - Casters who are able to communicate with spirits and ghosts and to conjure them back to the world of the living.

Evanescent - The Caster equivalent of magicians and thieves; Casters with the ability to make objects disappear out of any location and make them reappear in their possession.

Evo - They are known to be incredibly powerful. They can influence people, like Ridley as a Siren can, but they can also Evolve, such as morphing into other people or into anyone.

Telepath - Able to read the minds of others.

Diviner - The Caster equivalent to a seer. Casters with the ability to see in the future.

Cypher - A Caster with the ability to decode anything and see invisible forcefields.

NOTE: If you want to create another type of Caster, inform me first, message me via fan pop or just post it...for example:
(OCC: Lee, I want to create another category:___, ---Explain)
If you don't want people to know, so that it'll be a surprise, pm me xD

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Больше года leevan1207 said…
Character Template:
Name: Lee Underwood
Rank: (Light or Dark? A siren,etc?) Dark Evo.
Gender: Male.
Age: (Date of birth as well) 16... May 14, 1996.
Short Bio:
Lee Underwood, the Dark Evo. As an Evo, he can influence people into doing things he wants & morph in anyone. At age 16, he was going to choose light, but an incident happened... Two dark casters kidnapped he's mom. They told him via email that if he didn't choose dark, they'll kill her AND his entire family. At the end, Lee became Dark. And a very powerful one. The one who kidnapped he's family all ended dead. He skills have grown stringer, you don't want to mess with him.
Больше года Patient13 said…
Character Template:
Name: Benjamin Daniel Gates
Rank: Siren-Illusionist-Shifter-Seer
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Energy Channeling
The Sight
Temporal Distortion
Mind Control Glamouring
Enhanced Strength
Energetic Vampirism
Reality Warping
Enhanced Senses
Short Bio: Borned from Duchannes siren and Lennox Gates , Daniel has a lot of powers : his mother has infusions , and father has Sight and TFPs , and he has brought them. New order of things+infusions=new powers. In his childhood , he was alone , confused "freak" .But now , he is more than that boy . Bette , actually : Darkness had changed him .Then , his eyes, actually , are red because of his "mutant" like mother. He want to find Silas and kill him beacuse his mother is very ill , and he needs to choose : give her net infusion , или an antidote .
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