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This Быть женщиной фото might contain шпатель, замороженный йогурт, and шоколадное мороженое.

The episode of Braceface where Sharon gets her first period while on her first dadt.
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-He stares at Ты a lot
- He hits Ты a lot(playfully)
- He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a converstaion with you
- He yelled, "HI"to your mom that день she picked Ты up from school
- He blew off his buds to go see "Brown Sugar" with Ты cuz Ты couldn't get another girl pal to go and didn't want to go alone
- He tries to make Ты laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process
- His voice gets softer when ever Ты two talk
-You hung up on him. He called Ты back
- Ты where invited by him to a group outin
- He called Ты to talk about nothing at all.
- He imitates your laugh...
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What do women want? We want weddings! And We've got them. On We, the channel that puts the "we" in "wedding."
sarah haskins
target women
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MOST Популярное GIRLS ON Youtube

Vevo, an account on Youtube for a lot of singers that always post their latest Музыка Видео and songs, made a Список for the most Популярное singers!

Who is most viewed? Beside Lady Gaga, Рианна & Шакира are секунда and third.

Britney, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez were in the вверх ten. Кеша and Miley Cyrus followed close behind them!

Here is the complete list:

1. Lady Gaga – 1.632.450.395
2. Рианна – 1.333.881.663
3. Шакира – 947.239.912
4. Britney Spears – 853.910.418
5. Beyoncé – 735.023.571
6. Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт – 493.208.814
7. Jennifer Lopez – 463.577.450
8. Katy Perry – 414.950.899
9. Selena Gomez – 354.322.114
10. Christina Aguilera – 217.634.971
11. Кеша – 191.642.959
12. Jessie J – 187.993.705
13. Nicki Minaj – 174.877.413
14. Miley Cyrus – 150.422.719
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