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Fan fiction by luckyPink posted Больше года
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This is a poem i wrote about Bellatrix Lestrange. We Любовь her to death and we know that. So i thought to share my first ever poem about her with you.

The fierce wave of her wand,
And a crackle of laugh,
Titled her evil but the Любовь of our heart

Dare not challenge her,
Faith might favor her,
Giving us another clue not to пересекать, крест her

Death eaters are the family,
Playing 'death' is the hobby,
Teasing Mudbloods is the reason to be merry

She's the one luckyPink is Письмо about,
Ready to hear the name out loud?
Bellatrix Lestrange! Better watch her out!

Thanks everyone who made time to read this.
List by KateKicksAss posted Больше года
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1. Isn't Voldemort ugly? I mean, he doesn't even have a nose!

2. I Любовь Mudbloods! And they're good kissers, *wink*

3. I need to go back to Azkaban immediately! I deserve еще time in there for my crimes.

4. I think Harry has the right idea about killing Voldemort.

5. Isn't Lucius hot? His long blond hair is such a turn on!

6. I think I'd look really good in pink.....Cissy, could I borrow some?

7. Purebloods suck....what makes us so great anyways?

8. Muggles are actually quite clever!

9. Loyalty really isn't my thing......

10. Yes, I agree, I DO need therapy, don't I?

11. Harry really just needs a hug.

12. Voldemort is just too evil for me!

13. Crucio is just too mean to use on people.

14. Dumbledore really is a great wizard Ты know! And sexy too!

15. I wish Andromeda and Ted the best. They really do make a nice couple, Ты know!
Opinion by LadyL68 posted Больше года
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1. Only talk to purebloods

2. Tell her Ты overheated Voldemort telling Lucius he should be "More like her"

3. Kill Andromida & Ted,

4. Bring her Neville & help her torture him until he's еще loopy than his parents

5. Get really really good at Crucio (not as good as her)

6. Throw a нож at every house elf in sight

7. Wear all black или Slytherin Цвета

8. Tell her how much better she is than anyone else

9. Reasure her she's Voldemort's favorite.

10. When Voldemort pushes her down, help her up & insist he's into S&M

READ THIS!!! I did write some of these, but others I am repeating. I have no idea who made them up
Article by KateKicksAss posted Больше года
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Credit: www.the-leaky-cauldron.org. I didn't write this.

"This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be among 400 other movie Фаны to attend a test screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in Chicago, Illinois.
Rumors had been circuiting around the internet about this screening, but confirmation that it was Harry Potter didn't come until just before the film started. Since this was a working cut of the film, many effects and scenes were not finished. At least 50% of the special effects were still in the CGI rendering stage, and green screens were visible throughout the film. Also, a number of specific shots were Название cards on the screen as placeholders for the full, finished shot или effect.

The film itself focuses on the battle to defeat Voldemort. Three quarters of the film takes place at Hogwarts during the final battle for the school. Hogwarts is torn down around us with the violence brought by the thousands of Death Eaters, army of spiders, giants, and dementors. Even without all of the special effects complete, Ты can already tell how grand and cinematic the final product will feel. The секунда half of the "Deathly...
Fan fiction by BellaLovett posted Больше года
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This pic is Bellatrixally awesome
This is a dictionary of new words of what is called Bellatongue или the Bellatrix language that should be used by those who are obsessed with Bella .. here we go :

Bellatrixing - To behave like Bellatrix

Bellatrixal - To Bellatrix a place или something

Bellatrixally - Describing things in Bellatrixal opinions

Bellatrixfy - To make something like Bellatrix

Bellatrixful - With Bellatrix

Bellatrixless - Without Bellatrix

Bellatrixly - Instead of saying "seriously"

Bellatrixish - To describe a thing that fits Bellatrix

Bellatrixology - The Bellatrix science

Bellatrixologist - A Bellatrix scientist

Bellatrixism - A religion of shipping Bellatrix

Bellatrixian - A Bellatrix shipper

Bellatrixness - The state of being Bellatrixal

Nonbellatrixness - The state of not being Bellatrixal

OMB - Oh My Bella
Article by NelenaBlack666 posted Больше года
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(Here's the first one.
I know. She's supposed to die before him, but let pretend she comes back to life или something and finds out that he is dead (and after a long time to admit it to herself...))

My Lord...
Come Главная again.
Ты have not battled in vain.
Don't leave me alone.
Without you, I cannot hold on,
My Lord...

But if it is the way Ты want it to be,
If there is nothing to make Ты stay,
Then, it seems that I have nothing еще to say.
Though, I'd want Ты to come back to me.
Too much, I miss Ты already,
My Lord...

I knew not Ты could be even colder than Ты were.
Without you, I have no will...
Except! Potter, I shall kill!
I have been your closest Death Eater!
Soon, shall I be your avenger!
My Lord...

My Lord!
Come Главная again!
Ты have not battled in vain!
Don't leave me alone...
Without you, I cannot hold on,
List by KateKicksAss posted Больше года
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I suspect I'm not the only one, am I? XD...... Anyways, Ты know you're obsessed with Bellatrix when....
Credit: Me Myself and I

1. Ты throw away all of your hairbrushes.

2. Ты wear at least some black every day.

3. Ты rip your clothes on purpose.

4. Ты call people Ты don't like "filthy mudbloods".

5. Ты yell "CRUCIO!" at people when Ты get mad.

6. Ты carry knives on your person

7. Your desktop background and screensaver are of Bellatrix.

8. Whenever you're typing a word that starts with a "B" или an "L", Ты accidentally type out a Bellatrix или a Lestrange instead.

9. Ты think her birthday should be declared a national holiday.

10. Whenever Ты mention her, your Друзья roll their eyes and shake their heads.

11. Ты call your Избранное teacher Voldemort.

12. Ты constantly discuss your theories as to why Bellatrix Lestrange isn't really dead.
Opinion by LifesGoodx3 posted Больше года
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Bellatrix Lestrange was killed on May 2nd, 1998, during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Bellatrix came from the Black family. They were notorious for believing in blood purity - Bellatrix was no different. She was the epitome of blood-purity and the Death Eaters. She was even labeled the most loyal Death Eater.

Even though her Просмотры on the world would not give this away, she was very loyal to her family and those she cared for. We know she cared for her sister, Narcissa, from the beginning of the Half Blood Prince. Narcissa wanted to tell Snape of Voldemorts plans, when it was сказал(-а) that it was not to be told to anyone else. Bellatrix argued with her, which I believe was in part her loyalty to Voldemort and her want to protect her sister.

If Ты can say anything about Bellatrix, it's that she's determined. She was in Azkaban for years, but when she escaped she was still ready to fight for Voldmort, to be the most loyal Death Eater.

Many Death Eaters can be labeled as cowards. A classic example is Wormtail. He only revived Voldemort in fear that if he was ever revived, he would be punished. Bellatrix was not a Death Eater because she was...
Fan fiction by 11Anime_Fool posted Больше года
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The mug in the corner of the cell was far from interesting.
.................It didn't move.
It didn't breathe.............It didn't live.
...........All that it did was smell.
It was some sort of coffee.
...................A stupid muggle drink.
...I snorted at the thought.
............The muggles would pay for this act.
It was, after all, their fault that I was even here.
I sank to the floor, pressing my ear against the looking glass propped against my wall.


Crazy they called me.
.....I was far from it.
..........My mind is beyond their understanding.
..............No good, they said.
...................I'd make them pay.
........................I'd make them all pay.
...................The no good aurors.
..............The worthless mudbloods.
..........The disgracefull bloodtraitors.
Opinion by KateKicksAss posted Больше года
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Me, Myself, and I

By Rita Skeeter

Exclusive interview with notorious Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange

Here I am, sitting in the private dungeon of the notorious Bellatrix Lestrange, most feared follower of the Dark Lord, and having a completely normal interview. Read on to see if there’s еще to Bellatrix than just madness and a nasty reputation!

RS: Hello!

BL: *growls*

RS: Do Ты mind if I use a quick-quotes quill?

BL: What’s that?

*fingers wand handle threateningly*

RS: Oh, nothing, erm, moving on…Can I call Ты Bella?

BL: No.

RS: How would Ты describe your relationship with the man known as Lord Voldemort

*Bellatrix turns pink, then regains composture*

BL: I am his most loyal follower! I, who spent years in Azkaban for him!

RS: Riiiiight, I’m sure that was a real big help, now-

*Bellatrix reaches for wand again*
Opinion by Luna--Lovegood posted Больше года
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How to annoy, agitate, или freak out Lord Voldemort.
WARNING: Attempt these at your own risk. Автор is not responsible for any deaths или torture from trying these.

1. Tell him that Bellatrix is waiting for him to propose.

2. Tell him that Harry is in Любовь with him.

3. Write an apology letter to the Daily Prophet that looks as though it's from him.

4. Turn his Dark Mark into a tatoo of a kitten.

5. Ask him just WHEN did he last take a shower?

6.Anonymously send him a wig.

7. Constantly wink at him, and tell him that his secret is безопасно, сейф with you.

8. Steal Nagini. When he demands her back, claim she likes living with Ты better.

9.Call him "Moldy Voldy the Baldy".

10. Make retching noises whenever Ты see his face.

11. Write, "I WISH I HAD A GIRLFRIEND" on the back of his cloak.

12. "Re-decorate" his headquarters. Make sure to use LOTS of розовый and glitter.
Article by Luna--Lovegood posted Больше года
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I saw an Answer that was asking for the story of Jason/IAmVoldy, and the issues that used to be on this spot, so I wrote this, which explains everything.

Some of Ты might remember IAmVoldy from his antics a few months назад on this spot.
Here is the Story:

Okay, so ages ago, BellaBlackL was the only Bellatrix RP on this site. After she'd been gone for a month, Lord-Voldemort and Bellatrix-Black showed up. Apparently, BellaBlackL wasn't gone, so they made an agreement that Bellatrix-Black and BellaBlackL would share RolePlaying as Bellatrix.

Then, BellatrixL and Lord_Voldemort showed up. Of course, the RP trio was unhappy. Around that time was also when IAmVoldy and BellaTheNutcase showed up.

Apparently, IAmVoldy and BellatrixL had been boyfriend and girlfriend, but IAmVoldy dumped her when he saw that she was RPing with
Lord_Voldemort, and accused her of cheating on him. They had a huge fight which is probably still there, on one of the articles.
Fan fiction by Lord-Voldemort posted Больше года
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Bellatrix timidly stepped into Voldemort's chambers. Her once beautiful face was gaunt and pale, her hair Рапунцель - Запутанная история and lustreless. Years in Azkaban had aged her beyond her years.

"My Lord," she whispered, her voice choking with emotion, "It has been far too long." She fell to her knees before him, tears dripping down her face.

"Yes Bella, it has been too long. I hear Ты were sentenced to life?" His cold voice sent shivers down her spine.

"Yes my Lord, but for you, I would be rotting there now," Bella smiled, "Thank Ты my Lord."

"I believe in rewarding good behaviour," replied Voldemort, "You have always been a loyal servant of the Dark Lord, Bellatrix."

Bella's breath caught in her throat, a compliment from the person who mattered most in her world! She blushed and lowered her gaze.

"My Lord knows I serve no one but you!" she whispered.

Voldemort smiled, manipulating this woman was too easy.
Article by deppsgurl posted Больше года
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(I am Письмо a book chapter by chapter let me know what Ты think=)
"Bellatrix get here now!" Narcissa and Andromeda sat behind her watching her as she wrapped her hair around the curling irons "you should go Bella или mum will throw a fit".Andromeda moaned "I'll go down when im ready!" Bellatrix scowled at her".
"BELLATRIX!"another muffled screech came from the kitchen."you should......" Andromeda started "just get out!" Bellatrix waved her away soon after narcissa followed . Bellatrix was grateful to be alone for once.she stared into the mirror in front of her resting on a Золото duchess the girl who looked back had pale skin heavily lidded eyes and black curly hair. Bellatrix lay on her постель, кровати annoyed by the future picked out for her the door slid open and her mother came in hurry up Bella the Lestrange's will be here any moment.There it goes Bella thought to herself my privacy there was no such thing in her house.Andromeda listens outside doors Cissy hovers and her mum checked on her every 5 minutes.she stared out her window looking down at the winding road a black car suddenly came into view it pulled in at the gates of the manor
Opinion by PaulInDaHood posted Больше года
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Эй, Guys. Here is A Список I came up with (Luna--Lovegood helped) of fun ways to annoy Bellatrix. Guaranteed to get Ты crucio-ed! Please Комментарий and let me know what Ты think. Thank Ты to Luna--Lovegood for helping me write this, Ты are quite creative for a non-deatheater, Luna!

1. Impersonate the dark Lord and convince her that he’s really into peace with Muggles.

2. Whenever she cackles evilly, roll your eyes in an obvious way and grumble, “That’s getting sooooo old, Bella”

3. Далее time she uses the Cruciatus Curse on someone, groan and say she has no imagination when it comes to torturing people

4. Suggest that the Dark Lord thinks that Snape is a еще loyal Death Eater than she is

5. Offer to take her shopping so that she doesn’t have to wear her old Хэллоуин costume anymore

6. Tell her how loudly and in great detail how much she reminds Ты of Тонкс

7. Surreptitiously tell her that the Dark Lord has been “Seeing Someone”, than add in a whisper, “He’s got good taste!”
Article by BellaTheNutcase posted Больше года
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Guys, I am really sorry.

I apologize for annoying, frustrating, offending, and insulting Ты guys, and i really mean it. I am DONE RP'ing as BellaTheNutcase.

I owe a really huge apology to everyone that i offended and angered.

I really shouldnt have insulted Ты all like that. I admit it all started as a joke, but I promise that I won't do it Anymore.

to the people I insulted, a am sorry, I only did it as a part of my character, but I admit i shouldnt have, and I realize that those rude, insulting, and offensive comments, were completely uncalled for.

I Admit that i made a huge mistake, commenting on your guyses appearance, personal hygiene, etc, and I really hope Ты will all accept My apology.

Also, I HUGE thing that i did was i pissed of everybody so badly that the original RP'ers have decided to leave. I disagree. I know that it is all my fault, and i believe that the original RP'ers should stay.
Article by Lord-Voldemort posted Больше года
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BellaTheNutcase said:
Actually, hre it says Ты ARE a Фан of be, but thats beside the point.

I came here to talk to Ты peafully and everything.

So, first, what do Ты think should happen??

lol, im not sure how to start a conversation w/ Ты guys but anyways yah we should talk.

Ты guys seem pretty pissed at me for some reason, so yeah why i guess?

Lord-Voldemort: We're pissed because Ты speak of inappriate, unrelated things and you're rude to EVERYONE on the Bella Lestrange Spot. We've asked Ты countless times to stop and Ты NEVER listen. I've approached Ты many times asking Ты to chose another character или leave but it's only now that Ты respond.

Nutcase: im sorry, kinda. I didnt notice, and i saw a few of the Ответы u guys did so i thought we should talk and i saw Ты were on line

Voldemort: The only way to resolve this is for Ты to stop roleplaying and leave us alone. Ты must have noticed because Ты spent a good deal of time insulting the original roleplayers and posting spam on our walls. I don't care what Ты say you'll do in the future, I...
Opinion by Lord-Voldemort posted Больше года
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My loyal Deatheaters,
Harry Potter is destroyed, and now we may focus our attention on the rest of England, and then the world!
I have sent my most faithful Deatheaters out to take control of areas surrounding London, The Lestranges, the Carrows, Mulciber and Yaxley, and soon my rule will span all of Europe!

But first, there is another piece of business to attend to. If I am to remain truly invincible we must take out all that threaten my throne, the pretenders, the blood traitors, the imposters. We will begin with the blood traitors. Bellatrix, Narcissa, we all know that Ты have some interesting growths on your family tree, cut them out, that it will be as though they have never existed.

As for the imposters and pretenders, as Ты who are well-informed will know, there are pretenders here as we speak, ones that are pretenders to the трон of me, the Dark Lord. It is your job to find them, and get rid of them. I don't care how, be creative. Normally I wouldn't be quite so harsh in the treatment of these, possibly pureblood, potential allies, but they seem to not recognize my leadership and will not even respect the opinions of the entire...
Article by BellaLovett posted Больше года
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This is all from moviesblog.mtv.com
On Saturday, some lucky test screeners in Chicago got the opportunity to see the first cut of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." The CGI wasn't completely finished, it had a stand-in score and its runtime was 150 minutes, but the response from the Фаны was overwhelmingly positive despite any issues they may have had with the first cut of the movie.

Hit the jump to see our заворачивать, обертывание up of responses to the film and how they resolve some misgivings that have been had with "Part 1." Be warned, spoilers are contained after the jump, so if Ты want to go into the final two installments of the "Harry Potter" saga unspoiled, Ты probably don't want to read the rest of this post.

In The Beginning...
The film opens with Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour holding a press conference informing the media of the dangers facing the wizarding world. It then cuts to the scene in Malfoy Manor where Snape tells...
Opinion by Lord-Voldemort posted Больше года
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To all the Bellatrixes and Voldemorts out there:
There are now 3 of each, in order of appearance, BellaBlackL, Bellatrix-Black, BellatrixL / Lord-Voldemort, Lord_Voldemort, IAmVoldy.

I am purely curious, now that the newcomers know that these roles are already filled, why do Ты keep trying to roleplay as them? It confuses people. We have all different, unique voices and it seems a shame that we're trying to mash them all together to be the same character. Why don't Ты try other characters? Lucius, Snape, Alecto, etc...?

Also, Ты ask why 2 is ok but 3 isn't? It's not the amount, it's the voice. Bellatrix-Black and BellaBlackL message each other, work together and build off each others' Комментарии to make the RP better and funnier, they have different roles (before Azkaban, after Azkaban.) The problem with adding another is that the balance is thrown off. From what I see of the comments, there is a war between the original Trio of me, BellaBlackL and Bellatrix-Black and the new Duo of BellatrixL and Lord_Voldemort, which makes it hard to RP properly and humourously. Especially with the arrival of a third Voldemort.
Opinion by Lord-Voldemort posted Больше года
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1 fan
As Ты well know, our goal was to murder Harry Potter and dispose of the Order of the Pheonix. With the approach of the final 2 movies, I fear that the majority of HP Фаны will believe us defeated and vanquished, HOWEVER, this movie is a fake. Rowling did not write a story, she wrote a history of Wizarding War and marketed it as a work of fiction. Rowling is a very clever woman and therefore she altered the end so that the "good guys" won the war, when in reality, I won the war. Harry Potter is dead. Please read the Alternate Ending Опубликовано by Dawnstalker to find out the truth about the end of the war. I now truly rule the wizarding world, Yaxley is Headmaster of Hogwarts, Karkaroff was killed for mutiny and most of my truly loyal Deatheaters are very much alive and having a wonderful time keeping mudbloods in their places. For the good of those who don't know the current status of my Deatheaters, I will tell you:
Regulus Black-dead, the traitor
Amycus-Alive, teaches at Hogwarts
Fan fiction by Dawnstalker posted Больше года
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”Avada Kedavra”
And Harry Potter, the boy who lived…died.

But just like Dumbledore had said, he returned to life, though he had to good sense to pretend he was still dead. Lord Voldemort stood at the head of his army of Deatheaters, he sent Narcissa Malfoy to see if Harry still breathed. Narcissa lied to protect her son because she really didn’t care who own anymore, she just wanted to be безопасно, сейф with her family. The Dark Lord knew that her allegiances no longer lay completely with him, so he sent his forever faithful servant, Bellatrix Lestrange, to Подтвердить her sister’s observation. Unfortunately for Narcissa, Bellatrix was еще loyal to her master than to her family, and immediately proclaimed that Harry was still alive. Upon that, Lord Voldemort killed him again, and this time, Harry did not return.

After disposing of all the other “good guys” who refused to surrender, the Deatheaters had a party to celebrate their victory. Bella and Voldemort got drunk and…well, that’s how they got Imperio and Crucia.
List by tsarina13 posted Больше года
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Make him Happy:

1. Tell him that James Potter was recently sent to Azkaban for a life sentence

2. Convince him that it would be possible for him to travel back in time and relive his school days as a Популярное member of a cool gang

3. Destroy all of the Shampoo and personal hygiene products within a ten-mile radius of him

4. Make him the Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts teacher and approve of Capitol Punishment

5. Give him a front row сиденье, место, сиденья at Sirius Blacks conviction, and permission to personally hand him over to the Dementors

Bellstrix Lestrange:

1. Convince her that Lord Voldemort is madly in Любовь with her

2. Destroy all Hairbrushes and combs within a ten-mile radius of her

3. Make Mudblood and Muggle hunting legal

4. Make sure that people tell her all their misfortunes, so she can have a good laugh

5. Have Voldemort send her on a top-secret, highly dangerous mission for him
Guide by tsarina13 posted Больше года
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1 fan

1. Tell him that Ты know he didn't really care about Sirius Black

2. Make out with Ginny Weasley right in front of him

3. Tell him he sucks at Quidditch and offer him pointers on how to stay on his broomstick

4. Loudly and in great detail, tell him how much he reminds Ты of Severus Snape

5. Convince him that it was Dumbledore who invented the Cruciatus Curse

6. Make him believe that he is closely related to Bellatrix Lestrange

7. Convince him that his parents used to be Death Eaters

8. Make him spend a week alone with Bellatrix Lestrange

9. Give him extra private Potions lessons with Professor Snape

10. Convince him that there's been a mistake, and that he really belongs in Slytherin

11. Tell him that if he hadn't been in Gryffindor, Dumbledore wouldn't have died

12. Make him sit through an interview by Rita Skeeter and then have to read the whole thing out loud in front of everybody
Opinion by 101bellatrix posted Больше года
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1.call people that hate bellatrix mudbloods
2.die your hair black
3.get a dark mark.
4.if someone threatens Ты put your finger to your dark mark.
5.ask Болталка people about voldermorts whereabouts
6.practise cackeling like her
ways to annoy her
1.you say Ты know where voldermort is and when she asks say some where in the world.
2.stick pics of muggles over her cell in azkaban
3.while she sleeps put potter approved on her forehead.
4.tell her youve been inside her valt in gringotts.
5.say to her voldermort has a еще loyal deatheater than her .
6.always bring up the subjuect about Тонкс marrieing lupin.