Беллатриса Лестрейндж Bella slept with the dark lord

helena-gal posted on Oct 08, 2008 at 07:50PM
go onto link do u think this is true???????
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Больше года Rainbeau said…
does it matter?

The way I picture Riddle is as a guy who doesn't want to share anything like feelings or love. Sleeping with Bella would be sharing. Riddle also doesn't really trust somebody as an equal, so if he'd have sex with Bella, it would mean she's worthy enough. Which (to be honest) I don't think he considered her.
For example; Riddle hated Dumblebore but does admire/appreciate his strength and power in some way. The same for Neville as he stands up to him in book seven. I fear he despises people "who are to weak to find power" and don't get me wrong, but Bellatrix doesn't really seek power now does she?
She makes her life totally subordinate to him, which he does like since she's very loyal and skilled but he won't admire her, and I guess he never ever loved her.
Of course we won't know for sure, but the way he punishes her when something goes wrong, is not the way I'd treat my girlfriend/lover. I'm not even sure if his cry of anger when she dies, is because of Bellatrix, or just because his strongest soldier dies (and he mainly fears for himself).
But let's say he did love Bella, than he'd probably never tell, Riddle was a man who lived alone, never let somebody close. He placed himself above such a disgusting mortal feeling as love. Love for someone makes you weak (in his eyes). So if he had any feelings of love, there's a big chance he'd only act as if it were an irritating fly he'd have to splash or ignore.

At the other side (the side I personally consider less likely) he is a man, so he'd have some needs, Bella is (certainly was) a pretty attractive woman who's madly in love with him. Do your counting ;)

So what if they slept together? So what if they didn't? If they did, it wasn't really helpful to Bella was it? He never treated her better, so in this case I hope they didn't. She might have enjoyed it, but she'd probably feel abused later. Which I would understand.
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Больше года BellatrixCissy said…
he is unable to love her and he wouldn't and bellatrix would use the little common sense she had if any to know she couldn't trick him into drinking love potion
Больше года haropuff95 said…
disgusting.Voldemort won't lower his "almighty"-ness standard by doing a usual human attitude which he views as..hem...weak,unnecessary & make him non-special.Even I like some fans' ideas about the non-canon Voldy-Bella relationship,but to accept it as true is far from someone sane's offences.
Больше года helena-gal said…
non taken
Больше года Bellarocks01 said…
Um, no. She's probobly been dreaming about it her whole life but, sadly, that would and did never happen.
Больше года xxLovettxx said…
Poor Bellatrix, she would do anything for Voldy but I dont think he even recognizes her past being one of his many Death Eaters! It's a pity but imagine the scandal! lol XP
Больше года Bellatrix_bb said…
poor bella wasting her life on 'im of all people. A heartless snake.
But dosn't any one else notice all of Helena's characters never get love in return. I mean Nellie Lovett and Bellatrix for example they both love a guy but get nothing in return.
Больше года MarlenaLovett said…
Although I would like it to be so (because I love the Bella Voldemort pair) I don't think its true. Voldemort can't love her. And, she wouldn't be stupid enough to give him a potion. Even if he did take them, the moment they wore off she would be Crucio'ed and killed.
Больше года Bellatrix_bb said…
Poor Bella it must have been horrible i hear that guy is still a virgin the way it is but i guess you've got to do what the dark lord waunts or else it's death but then again death would be an upside after seeing that no offense Master!! please take mercy!!!!!
Больше года Perfidia said…
Well I don't think that there was anything of a secret realtionship between Bella and Voldemort, neither physical nor emotional.
Больше года Ninja-Kitten said…
Well guys...I wrote a fic about Bella giving him Amortentia. It can be found here: link

If anyone wants to read it :)
Больше года zanhar1 said…
I'll check it out.

My favorite bellamort fanfic is blind faith
Больше года BellatrixL23 said…
Nah I don't think they ever did. Voldemort isn't the most loving character lol. Bellatrix is obsessed with proving that she is most loyal and stronger than the other death eaters, she might have some romantic feeling to him, but its mostly loyalty she has in my opinion.