Internet, a place people from all over the world stays connected. What would we do if internet never existed?

I want to share my story of friendships here on Fanpop with Ты all, I hope that one день if any of us stop coming around at least I get to Показать Ты all how I feel about our friendships. I'm really afraid of what lies in the future, things changes and different things happen all the time.
I will share my best Друзья from the past and the best Друзья I have now.

Here are my best Друзья that I had back when I was active here on Fanpop.

Her name is Nadia, her name is as beautiful as she is. She's very nice and a kind сердце girl. She was the first friend I had when I just started Fanpop, she thought me how to use Fanpop; how to Prop, how to earn Medals, let me know new Друзья and made me a person here on Fanpop. We would talk almost everyday, she was able to change my opinions on TV Shows, I would watch shows that I never thought I'd be a Фан of. She also loves Письмо stories, I enjoyed them a lot. Her words can put a smile on anyone's face. Her smile is beyond perfect, she's the one that I would die for; I would give myself up for her. She was the first person on Fanpop that сказал(-а) I was one of her best friends, I was so happy to know that. I regret everyday that I wasn't around when she was still active, I wish I could at least just have 1 еще день to talk her...

Brenda, she's crazy and funny. She was always there for me, every time we talk I keep getting the feeling that she was just right Далее to me. If I was in a bad-mood, she is the one that is able to cure it. She is a loyal friend and would be the one who catches Ты when Ты fall. The cutest message I had from her was when she wanted me to put my real name at my profile; she сказал(-а) "I want Ты to put it now! или I will cry!". Brenda was the only one that ever gave me a nickname, Mumbler. If I could turn back time; I would spend all my quality time on Fanpop for her, but time doesn't go backwards...

Her name is Maria, I never thought I would meet someone like her here on Fanpop. She is like my sister, and believe me; I treat her like one. I never thought that this день would come that I'm not receiving her messages anymore, I miss her and I wish her the best on accomplishing her dreams. I wish I could be there to see her dreams come true...

Tina, a soft сердце girl. She is very gentle and kind, we talk with private message, so everyone won't be able to see much of our conversation; sorry. Every time when something happens to her in life that would make her feel bad, she will talk to me about them. I would always be there for her, sometimes I wish I could be Далее to her when something bad happens; I wish I could always be there for her...

Ana, Nadia's real life best friend. She's a special girl; one of a kind and very talented. She loves to write article, stories and I would read each one of them every time she Опубликовать one. She's a very happy girl and will always be there in times her Друзья need someone, I miss her stories so much. She also recommend songs from Serbia as well, which made me very interested to visit Serbia one day. I wish I could read еще of her stories and have her to recommend еще songs for me...

Aya, she's beautiful, cheeky, funny and fun loving. Every time we talk I feel happy inside, I was so depressed that her account is closed; I didn't even had the chance to say goodbye. There were a few memories I'll will remember such as when she sent me a link of a game; which after a few секунды a scary face pops out, scared the hell out of me. After that whenever she sends me a link, I would say "Nope, I'm not clicking it." she would say "I'm sorry about last time, this time it's nothing." *Looks at me with щенок eyes*.
I miss those moments and every time I think about it, I can't help but to smile...

Poor Mark, always a shy boy. He doesn't talk much but he will pour his сердце out when he's talking to me, usually I would be the one that encourages him to be brave. I hope life goes well for him, hope he overcomes his shyness towards girls; and find a loving girl in life. Good luck my friend.

One of cutest and kindest girl I could possibly imagine, we talk everyday since the день we added each other; she's a really nice person, she kind to others. If I ever see her in real life; I swear I would hug her so hard, but it's my fault that I left Fanpop and left her there waiting for me to reply. I hope she's happy and living a life she wants.

Why are we buddies? Not because we live in the same country, because we share a lot of things in common. We can't really remember what it was but we know we do, I didn't know him as long as I knew the others but the time we talked together was enough to make us great friends. I would plan to visit his place one day, maybe I would bump into him.

I never thought I would met someone as crazy as the level I am, we share so much in common. There so many things I would never say to others but I will say it to him, we share so much of our life's features together. Our friendship has gone beyond just friends, we are brothers. He might still come around, but not like before. If I had a chance to see him in life, I would take it. Thanks bro; for making my Fanpop life interesting. Stay strong, real life is harder than we thought but I know Ты can prevail; Ты are the best, the best ever bro.

I've never thought I would encounter someone so forgiving, kind and sweet. We are best Друзья because we share our interests on Avril Lavigne, if there was anyone bigger of a Avril Lavigne Фан than I am; it's her. I wish I could turn back time to talk to her еще often.

This lady here has been there from the start! She is one of the вверх contributors in 2 of my clubs, and she is still contributing till this day! We don't talk much, but we sure make a great team; with her opinions and similar game interests, she's my first choice on forming a gaming squad.

There are a few еще great Друзья I haven't Список here, I miss them and wish them all the best in life. I really hope we can talk to each other again one day.

As time pass by, I came back to Fanpop hoping I could talk to them again; but to only find out that they have moved on. I didn't have the chance to apologize about something I did in the past, еще importantly I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye...

But while I was back here, I met some new friends. They remind me so much of my Назад best Друзья such as; 123Naki456, RealSunshine, AnnaSmiley.
Here they are.

She's a very funny and nice girl and we have been talking since I came back to Fanpop, we talk a lot about our life's and understand each other well. We can talk about almost anything. I would describe her with a word: Unique. Her message are one of the reasons why I smile.

The sweetest person I've met in my entire life, there is no wound in the world she cannot heal. Whenever I receive a message from her, I could already taste the sweetness of it.

She's kind and thoughtful, a very bright girl. I enjoy talking to her, she's like a book filled with chapters of interesting stories. Every time I read it, I don't want to stop reading; every page of her brings excitement. I'm so glad I met her.

What can I say? She's perfect, a friend worth making, she's loyal to her Друзья and I would let the world know that she's my friend. I mean, come on; who wouldn't want to be Друзья with her? I wish the best for her in life, stay safe.

She's amazing and we would talk a lot about huge events such as; going to the moon together to avoid the apocalypse. We have common sense on parenting and we would talk about it for a good laugh. It's has been a while since someone talk to me like that. I'm glad we met.

She's a girl on a mission, I can't say what her mission is but it's something I will never forget. She is funny and kind, I enjoy talking to her so much. She's like my sister and I would treat her like one. It's nice that I met her when I came back.

Aww, do Ты have to keep reminding me of Father Eugene? Ты making me feel old, hahahaha.
This girl message me quite a long time ago, I didn't respond because I thought I wouldn't come around anymore. Sorry for the ultimate late reply! xD
But she's been a really good friend, it's really nice that she would respond back to me. I hope she does well in her upcoming exams!

It's been a long time since I had a friend like this guy here, he's like a reflection of me. He's a good friend, so why not knock on his door and "Hi."
We have a lot of common Музыка interests, might be the reason why I enjoy to talk to him so much.

There are a few еще great people I met such as:
alovera, C8rissy, luckyPink, rosemina, IndieGerman, candylover246.
I never thought I would make such great Друзья again. I may not be able to let go of the past, but these Друзья are just able to help me pull through.

I'm glad I met Ты all, Ты all light the way for me. If I hadn't met Ты all, I think I would have just gave up on Fanpop and never plan to come back again. Thank you.

I wish this message could spread like a disease, maybe; just maybe one day, my Друзья from the past will be able to read it. I want many people to read this, I want many to know that; not only real life is everything, the world is a big place and there are so many great peoples out there.

Don't wait till it's too late, don't regret the same way I did.