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Happy birthday
Happy birthday my dear friend let all your birthday wishes come true I wish Ты the best день ever I haven’t got a lot of money but I made up this for Ты hope Ты like it it’s the best I could do happy birthday my dear friend don’t worry about the haters they don’t today because this is your birthday happy birthday my dear I wish Ты the best on your день because Ты derive it I have got my shoulder for when Ты cry so worry it swill be fine happy birthday my dear friend Ты are the best I can’t think of anything easel so I will have to finish this song now happy birthday
I’m so in love
Whoa, whoa, whoa I saw Ты on YouTube and then I saw Ты at school I wanted to tell that Ты were so cute but I got shy and ran away I stared to cry in the bath room then I came Главная and said.

OMG I’m so in Любовь with Ты and all I can do is think of Ты (of you) because I’m so in Любовь I need Ты with me so plez don’t brake my сердце because I’m so in love.

When I went to the disco every one looked at me at me just like wow she is cute I Любовь her then Ты came to me I was just about to go Главная then Ты asked if Ты wanted to dance and I was just like yes.

OMG I’m so in...
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 merry Рождество well kindof i know it is not x-mas but it is close
merry christmas well kindof i know it is not x-mas but it is close
Haters never believe

When haters say Ты won’t be what Ты want to just turn around and shout never say never because I follow my dreams no matter what Ты say Ты won’t bring me down this time so beat it because I don’t give a dam what say.

Don’t let haters bring me down I follow my dreams and never give up I let haters do what they want because it don’t matter to me what they say.

So then I tell then I what I think of them, then I go back to doing what I do witch is following my dream and I mean it because I Любовь my to be a pop звезда with my songs and my voice so go on hate I don’t...
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American dream

When Ты tell me that Ты hate me I just walk away because you’re not worth time this is taking. I fell sorry for Ты because Ты are just so sad thinking that Ты know me when all Ты do is bring me down.

Do have to make me feel like a broken hearted girl with no one to love, why do Ты make me feel like I should just leave. I should know better then to let Ты break my heart. I will never be Ты friend again.

When Ты first meat me in America I was сказал(-а) we will be Друзья to the end then I had to Переместить to Devon then things got out of hand Ты were mean to me, yeah Ты were I...
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Boy I love
When I saw Ты boy I just couldn’t help but звезда because Ты were so cute then Ты walk by and I was like OMG I’m so in love.

Boy I love, boy I Любовь Ты and I hope Ты like me because Ты are so cute.

When Ты say hi my сердце goes fast and I freak out and run away but Ты follow me.

Boy I love, boy I Любовь Ты and I hope Ты like me because Ты are so cute.

When Ты asked me out I just smiled and сказал(-а) yes when we got there I could not find Ты my сердце stopped.

Boy I love, boy I Любовь Ты and I hope Ты like me because Ты are so cute

When I got Главная Ты were there and I was OMG why is...
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posted by bieberfever802
Most ppl get ill form swin flu and stuff like that but not me, not me I get some thing called Bieber fever and this is how Ты get it first of all Ты listen to all of Justin Bieber’s songs. Then Ты learn them, and then Ты learn. After that Ты learn all the facts Ты need to know witch is all off them, witch is all of them. Далее Ты have to get some wait I mean a lot of them and when Ты do this Ты will find Ты have Bieber fever. I know this because I got Bieber fever head to toe so all the haters leave him alone he has done nothing wrong to Ты and he is not gay his biggest crush is Beyoncey so leave me and Justin alone and one еще thing I think should know is that I don’t care what Ты say или think bout him because I got Bieber fever head to toe!
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anouth song
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my sister Пение she made her own dong up
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