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Is it weird I find Hiro to be the most Популярное character in the fandom, but I think Tadashi is the most overrated?

It's weird because I normally find the Популярное ones to be overrated, but Hiro is еще Популярное (IMO) than the most overrated. I don't know why... Hiro is usually higher than Tadashi in Избранное character rankings and gets еще Голоса in Избранное character polls, but the thing is Hiro's Фаны aren't as in-your-face as Hiro fans. I like Tadashi but he is kind of overrated...
 WinterSpirit809 posted Больше года
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0YouCanFly0 said:
I think Tadashi is overrated because he's handsome, clean-looking (along with Hiro) and he's only there for a little bit of the movie. I like Tadashi too, but I agree that he's a little overrated.
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posted Больше года 
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