note: billy mandy are teens now candys the new girls name
__________________________________________________one день in endsvile billy was getting ready for the fair

billy: mommmm! i dont have any underware

billysmom: in the wardrobe billy

billy: ok

at mandys hoese

mandy: grim i hear theres a new girl around go see who she is

grim: what ever Ты say mandy

outside the street

candy: hmm wonder if anyone would like to meet me

grim: mandy why are u wereing that

candy: who??????

billy: сено, сена mandy

candy: whos mandy

mandy: me

candy: well im Конфеты

billy: im billy and this is grim

candy:nice to meet Ты сено, сена your all dressd up nice were Ты goin

billy: to the Любовь festival

candy: can i come

(both at the same time)

billy: yes

mandy: no

(end of that)

candy: сено, сена billy do Ты want to go with me

billy: what do Ты mean

candy: to the fair Ты must have a couple

billy: ok

mandy: ehh billy i was gonna ask you

billy: oh sorry mandy maybe Далее time

candy: wait there i have to tell mandy something

billy: ok cream is good for your brain

candy: mandy keep away from billy see ya

grim : that girl is harsh

candy: come on bily *thay walk off*

irwen: сено, сена ma-

mandy: ok come on then

irwen: did she just say yes

mandy : come on lets go *grabs him and runs to the fair*

at the fair

billy: so how many times have Ты moved

candy: alot im moveing again soon anyway but mom says i need a boyfriend

billy: boyfriend ??

candy: ya know like a girl loves a boy

billy: oh yeah i know

candy: so do Ты wanna be my friend

billy: well were all ready friends

candy: i know how long have Ты known mandy

billy: years shes my best friend

mandy: сено, сена billy Ты know theres a shout out who u Любовь contest

billy: yeah but i know who i Любовь

mandy and candy: who!

billy: i will tell when its my shot ok

to be continud