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This is how most of us discovered this adorable bear.
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Okay, so the Bimbo медведь is an adorable медведь who Спонсоры the Bimbo хлеб Company (and PLEASE say BEEMBO, not Bimbo, ok??). Many say that he's just a knock-off from the Pilsbury Dough Boy. He kind of is, but Bimbo is a BEAR, not a boy made of dough!
Anyways, the Bimbo хлеб Company makes еще than just the Bimbo хлеб that Ты see on TV. They have all kinds of international brands that are as Популярное as Bimbo is here in America. The commercial has really nothing to do with bread, which makes no sense, but who cares! The Bimbo медведь is a fantastic little медведь who is ADORABLE!!!!! If Ты have Вопросы about him, then go on "answers" and ask us!