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A kitten-Meow :-)
A goldfish-*Looks at the kitten in the рыба bowl*
A kitten:Meow (Hi there)
A goldfish:*Swims around happily*
A kitten:Meow (Do Ты want to be my friend?)
A goldfish:I would Любовь to. :-)
A kitten:Meow meow!!! (Yay!!!!)
A goldfish:What's your name?
A kitten:Meow meow meow meooow (My name is Scarlett)
A goldfish:Aww!!!It's very nice to mett Ты Scarlett.
A kitten:Meow meow meow (I Любовь you) :D
A goldfish:And I Любовь you.
A kitten:Meow meow meow meow meooow meow (I was thinking,maybe Ты want to be еще than Друзья with me)
A goldfish:You mean boyfriend and girlfriend?
A kitten:Meooooooow (Pleeeeeaaaasssee???!!!)
A goldfish:Oh ok :-)
A kitten-Meooow (Yay!!!!!!)
The End. :)
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2.Hang gliding
3.Watch your Избранное tv show/movie
4.Play video games
5.Play your Избранное computer game
6.Hang out at the beach
7.Have a пицца party
8.Celebrate your Избранное holiday
9.Go to Atlantis for vacation
10.Make a video for YouTube
11.Go to a баскетбол game
12.Have a pool party
13.Go to an amusement park
14.Go to the zoo или aquarium
15.Go to Build A медведь Workshop
16.Take a walk at the park
17.Go on a cruise ship
18.Visit your friend at their house
19.Play truth или dare with somebody
20.Have a sleepover
21.Go to a concert