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Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Wantadog, no, not yet... But, now I will. XD
Больше года silverexorcist said…
Exorcist: So, in a single night we have had an anatomy review about all the important parts of the body, plus 1. To bad its summer and this information has no relevence.

Lungs: WAAAAIIIIITTT!!!! You forgot me! You know, that pair of sponge-like lungs that help you breathe a little, spread oxygen, help you NOT DIE!!! And what thanks do I get? Less relevence than the colon?! Most people don't even know what that is!!!

Exorcist: (Doesn't hear his lungs do to them not having any vocal cords of any kind) Wonder what I'll have tonight for dinner...

Lungs: I will stop extracting oxygen! I swear, I WILL do it!

Exorcist: Hmm...maybe some ramen noodles?

Lungs: (Stops working altogether and begins to laugh before it begins suffocating and has to start working again) Damn it!!! Pay attention to me!! T.T
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Anyway, to get back to the post, thank you BP, really enjoyed writing this one. Took me quite a while to get it as I wanted. And thanks Exorcist for providing a bit of a boost to this with his last post and the conversation with Isaac, it was a definite help.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Heh, no problem dude, I certainly enjoyed it. XD
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Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Side Story - [An Unexpected Return]

(Aizen sat impatiently on his throne, waiting for the expected return of Ulquiorra and Hisagi. He could feel their prospective reiatsu and was mildly impressed - however, their strength was nothing compared to his, but he was not about go and fight a couple of worms. Ulquiorra and Hisagi get the job done, no doubt.)

Starrk: Lord Aizen, what did you wish me to do?

Aizen: Wait until Ulquiorra and Hisagi return, then I'll tell you.

Starrk: As you wish, Lord Aizen.

(Aizen suddenly turned his head, he could feel another reiatsu, one that was wrong... His eyes widened. Who could it be that would possess a reiatsu of such magnitude, especially fighting against someone like Shuuhei. It felt like the mysterious twinges of power he had been feeling lately, though he hadn't yet decided what they could be. Suddenly, Shuuhei's reiatsu increased as well, but not enough and after about two minutes it finally petered out and felt much lower than usual. Ulquiorra's however was enormous, even comparable to his own, great, power. After a few more minutes, the two sped back to the palace.)

Ulquiorra: The Rogue Shinigami won't be going anywhere...

Aizen: Very good, Ulquiorra. And what of your news, Shuuhei?

Hisagi: I'm afraid my opponent was far too strong, my Lord... His power was incredible. It felt like yours, except different.

Aizen: I see. I can't blame you... I felt that reiatsu, even from here, just like I could feel Ulquiorra's reiatsu.

Shuuhei: I apologise, Lord Aizen. I'll accept any punishment you choose to give me.

Aizen: There's no need. I'll deal with that power another time. The only thing I have to offer you is an upgrade to your Hollowfication... Is that acceptable?

Shuuhei: That seems more like a reward of power, than anything. I won't say no, if you upgrade my powers of Hollowfication, that way I will have the power to never fail you again.

Aizen: That seems acceptable. Very well, I'll see to that later. It appears that we also have another guest joining us.

(Suddenly, the Cero Espada appears, after a long absence in the World of the Living)

Shinjuku: Lord Aizen... I have returned!

Aizen: And what happened to you?

Shinjuku: A long story, which I won't bother to bore you with. I have sucessfully taken care of the former Cero Espada for you.

Aizen: Very good. It seems that you didn't fail me, this time.

Shinjuku: Indeed. I have a request, Lord Aizen...

Aizen: And that is...?

Shinjuku: I need more power. My speed is average and my Ceros just aren't quite powerful enough. I almost lost to Jyvan... That's why I was gone so long.

Aizen: I have to use the Hogyoku on Shuuhei and modify you to an extent...? Fine, so be it. I hope you use the powers well. Shuuhei, Shinjuku... come. Starrk, I want you to survey the area and make sure that strong guy has left. Ulquiorra, you will be Starrk's back-up.
Больше года wantadog said…
Hey, I have a question about the rp. While in manifestation, can they use god-step? I need to know for my post.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Yeah, I think that would make sense, actually - since they have God-like powers, it would seem logical for them to be able to use that as an ability instead of shunpo. Their God-step wouldn't be as proficient as those of the actual Gods, though.
Больше года wantadog said…
Ok, gotta get the kinks out and will post...tomorrow...noon or evening.(Also awesome post! Aizen, as much as I dislike him....still a badass)
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 Ok, gotta get the kinks out and will post...tomorrow...noon или evening.(Also awesome post! Aizen, as
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Heh, sounds good and thanks. XD. Nice pic, by the way.
Больше года wantadog said…
[Mishiranu’s idea; Battle Plan!]

Renee woke up from her inner world to find Toku standing over her with a paintbrush and a bottle of blue paint. Isamu and Mishiranu were in the background, heads cocked to the side.

Toku: “Oh…you’re done?”

Renee: “Yes, and if you did anything to my face, you will die.” *Walks over to where she sleeps* “Anyone know where a mirror is?”

Mishiranu: “So all went well?”

Renee: *doesn’t look up* “Oh, it went very well. I am now officially one of you guys.”

Toku: “You mean crazy psychopath who literally has godly powers?”

Renee: “Ya, but maybe we should just stick with Pseudo-Shinigami.”

Isamu: “I don’t know, Toku’s idea sounds kinda cool.”

Mishiranu: “Can we quit the jokes and get down to business?”

Renee: “Gladly, what is next?” *Takes sword out to use as a mirror. “Toku…you are dead…”

Toku: “Um…Isamu did it?”

Mishiranu: “Well, once Kowareta learns manifestation, we can move on to phase two.”

Bukimi: “Phase two? What’s phase two?”

Isamu: “Phase two is the way we will handle the god’s. We need to figure out where and how to fight them.”

Toku: “Can’t we just fight them here?”

Mishiranu: “Not a chance. Even against Aizen, they had to move the town to make a battlefield. To fight them here, we would have to empty all of Japan.”

Renee: “So where is our battlefield?”

Isamu: “We discussed this with Bluebell and Isaac at length. In the end, we decided on one of two places.”

Renee had a bad feeling about this. In her memory, there was only two places with enough empty space to be able to fight them. Hueco Mundo, and the god’s own territory.

Toku: “What two places?”

Isamu: “One of which is Hueco Mundo. It’s desert would make a good battleground, but there is also Aizen there. The other is-”

Mishiranu: “The other is the god’s realm. That is maybe our best bet, but is also very risky as they will have a home field advantage.”

Renee: “But with our powers, wouldn’t we be able to handle Aizen?”

Toku: “The god’s realm is definitely our best bet. Even with our powers, Aizen would be a difficult opponent, and he also has the espada. The god’s realm also has risks, but not nearly as much.”

Isamu looked at Toku. He had an air about him that put people at ease, but his eyes had a look that Isamu had only seen once, in the eyes of a carnivorous lion. Toku was hiding something, that was for sure.

Mishiranu: “What is your reasoning?” she said to Toku. She knew what Isamu was thinking. He was right, but everyone has something to hide.

Bukimi: “Is there even a point? How do we even get to the god’s realm anyway?”

Renee: “She does have a point.”

Anuket: Psh fools. You don’t even know what your powers are, yet you’re going up against gods?

Renee: And what do you mean by that?

Anuket: Listen to Mishiranu, she knows. Shiva probably read her a 200 page rulebook about her powers.

Mishiranu: “That is not a problem. The gods, and by extension, us, can use an ability known as ‘god-step’.”

Toku: “God-step?”

Mishiranu: “It’s like an extremely powerful shunpo. With it, we can go to the gods realm. But you are all newbies when it comes to using it. I mastered it by making several small jaunts to the gods realm. You can’t do that or they will kill you.”

Bukimi: “So…how?”

Isamu: “You come with us, obviously! Isaac and I know how to use it, and Mishiranu and Bluebell are masters.”

Mishiranu: “Here is the plan. As soon as Kowareta has mastered his manifestation, we will go to the god’s realm, taking the fight to them. Me and Bluebell will take two people with us, and Isaac and Isamu will take two each.”

Renee could see the plan. Each group would go to a different area to engage the god’s. But Mishiranu was leaving a lot of holes unanswered.

Renee: “So….the teams are?”

Isamu: “Bluebell, Mishiranu, Kowareta, and Lushi in one team, Toku and you will be with me, and Makoto and Bukimi will go with Isaac.”

Toku: “And we will navigate our way, how?”

Isamu: “Speak to your god’s, they will be giving us directions.”

Bukimi had fallen silent when she heard that she was going with Makoto. Of all the rotten luck, she had to be paired with him! “Um…how long is it going to take before we can leave?”

Mishiranu: “Kowareta is the type who’s power will come all at once. He’s close, all he needs is a little bit more of a push.”

Bukimi really hoped she was wrong, but then again, putting any of this off wouldn’t be a good thing. “I see…”

Mishiranu glanced over at her. Mishiranu knew exactly what her god had asked of her. Shiva told her. That’s why she had Bluebell pair them together, she readily agreed. Now all that was left was to see the outcome. It seemed cruel, but it was the only way. “That wraps it up. Everyone get ready, do whatever you need. Very soon, we attack!”

Isamu: “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

Toku: “I may need to have another chat with Loki, but that’s about it.”

Renee punched him in the head. “Don’t think I forgot!” She used her sword as a mirror again and examined her now sky blue hair. “First thing I need to do…take a shower.”

(Play Music)

(Finish music)
That’s it. This should get things rolling with the Pseudo-Shinigami. If anything needs to be changed, I will.
(Due to it not being as long as anticipated, mini skit!!!!)

Wantadog: Hahahah!

Brain: You do realize that these ended quite a long time ago, right?

Wantadog: "You're the brain, it's your job is to keep track of that stuff.

Brain: "I told you awhile ago!"

Lungs: "He did, I heard him."

Pancreas: Same here."

All organs(Except colon): "We heard him

Wantadog: Why you teaming up on me?

Liver: "Do you know what you did?"

Wantadog: "No, what?

BP: "I wanna hear this!

Exorcist: You can say that again!

Whiteflame: Why are we doing this?

Liver: Colon still isn't working! Do you know what happens when colon stops working! Things get backed up!

BP: What's so bad about being a little backed up?

Heart: Where is the colon and what does it do?

Wantadog: I know this one! It's located at the...O_O...and it...controls the....O_O....oh shit....

Brain: Right on the money with that last bit.

Colon: Hahahahaha! Now they'll never ignore me again!!!!!

Mr Popo: Hi

Colon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Begins working*

Wantadog: Huh? What happened?

Mr Popo: I scared the shit out of him.

Ba dum tss!
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
So I considering I'm likely going to be using my next post to continue the fight amongst the gods, I figure now's as good a time as any to post this. Been meaning to update everyone on what Cadence is about.

Cadence was lost. Hopelessly so.

She’d spent scant little time in the human world since passing through the academy (almost entirely based on performance – her grades were abysmal), and even if she had, her memory for places was decidedly lacking. She had lost count of the number of times she had gotten lost on the way back to her barracks, and those she asked had often lost patience with her.

Hence she had long since forgotten why she was in the human world, and who she was looking for. Not that knowing either of those would have been much help to her. Cadence had been an utter failure at sensing the reiatsu of others. The pseudoshinigami she was searching for could have been anywhere for all she knew.

It didn’t help that she hadn’t run into a single living soul in the area.

The area was an island, long-since stripped of resources. No one had lived here for an incredibly long time, though strange stone creatures dotted the landscape with gigantic heads. None of them would speak to her, though, no matter how much she asked.

No, she hadn’t heard another soul speak in quite some time. Not that she minded – people were often amazed at how long she could carry on a conversation with herself.

Cadence: I can’t stay here much longer… Or can I? This place is nice! I’ve always wanted to live close to the beach, though I’m not dressed for it. Still, a little sunbathing wouldn’t hurt, would it? Well, first I have to ask for directions, I’m here to find someone… or something… Excuse me sir, could you help me find what I’m looking for?

She posed her question to another of the statues. She still hadn’t asked them all, and one of them must be able to tell her something. They had been here for longer than she had. But this one was as tight-lipped as the rest. After 5 minutes of waiting, she frowned and stalked off.

Cadence: I wonder if there’s an outpost here. There has to be a shinigami watching over these… people! All I have to do is find them, and then they’ll be able to send me back! No one gave me a note for what to find this time. They always give me a note! I checked all the usual places- Oh!

She nearly walked into another of the statues. She quickly spouted an apology, patting it on the back of the head and watching with dread as the whole thing crumbled before her.

Cadence: No, no! I’ll help you Mr. Stone Man!

She tried putting the thing back together with little success. She knelt down into the grass beneath her feet, sniffling at the thought that she had killed one of these strange beings.

???: Don’t mourn them. They won’t mourn you.

She blinked tears out of her eyes, running a hand beneath her nose as she looked up into the face of her newfound companion. This one was even stranger looking! He had the head of some kind of dog, and a strong physique. He wore a white robe banded in blue and a blue headdress. He had pounded his staff, topped with a strange cross-like shape, in the ground to his right.

Cadence spoke angrily: Don’t you speak ill of the dead! It’s not right!

Anubis: That thing never lived, so it never died. You need not feel remorseful for its sake, only for yours.

Cadence wiped away a tear: So, they aren’t people?

Anubis narrowed his eyes: Of course not. They’re statues. But that should not conc-

Cadence stared at him, then smiled. She rose, launching herself at him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Cadence: STATUES! I’m so relieved! You have no idea how h-

Anubis flung her off of him in disgust. Cadence sprawled across the dirt as she landed, putting a hand to her head.

Cadence: Hey, that wasn’t very nice!

Anubis: Maybe now we understand one another. I am not here to bring you good tidings. I am here to make an end of you.

Cadence cocked her head: How do I know you’re real?

Anubis arched an eyebrow: What?

Cadence: I don’t know anyone with a dog’s head. Are you half puppy or something?

A vein stood out on Anubis’s head.

Anubis: Stop playing the fool and die.

Black bandages shot out of Anubis’s right hand towards his target. Cadence looked alarmed and dodged clumsily. They snapped down on her arms and legs with tremendous force, holding her still. Anubis raised his left hand, beginning to walk over to his foe.

Anubis: Now sit still, and I’ll make this painless.

Cadence glared at him, understanding at last dawning in her eyes.

Cadence: That’s a bad puppy. Bring anarchy… Shieipushifutokoiru.

Her reiatsu shot upward powerfully, more so than should have been possible for a shikai. Eris was a goddess of chaos, after all, and so her bankai had been activated instead. Her earrings became hilts for wicked daggers, the left a double, parallel blade that unified at a point and the right a thick blade with three red orbs spread through it. Each of those connected to a cord that ran through the holes in her ears and wound tightly around her neck and waist. She also wielded a solid metal, hollow cylinder. She snapped free of her bonds, surprising Anubis with her strength.

Cadence: I’ll have to teach you manners.
Больше года wantadog said…
big smile
*Reads post. Reaches zanpakuto name. Skips that word* XD

Cool post. I was wondering about her.
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Больше года whiteflame55 said…
*Thinks about what it would sound like when she tries to pronounce "Shape Shifting Coil" (Shieipushifutokoiru in English)"

Cadence: Sharp Sifting Coal!... Sherpa Shirting Caul!... Sure Sitting Calf!...

Shieipushifutokoiru: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REPEAT IT!?

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Больше года wantadog said…
XD awesome!
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Heh, nice posts guys. Wantadog, yours was epic and so was yours, Whiteflame. Also enjoyed the skits, too. So I guess I'll write one of my own, just for the hell of it. XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Brain: Hey, isn't that-?

Bp: Ewww, what's that? Wantadog, did you get the shit scared out of you literally-speaking, by Mr Popo?

Wantadog: Er, no...?


Exorcist: No! Lungs, stop trying to make it difficult for me to breath! I don't wana suffocate...

Lungs: That'll teach you not to ignore me!

Whiteflame: Hey, Exorcist, you okay?

Exorcist: C-can't b-b-reeaf!!!

Whiteflame: What's that?! Oh, he 's turning blue.

(Exorcist goes purple and croaks some words out)

Exorcist: I CAN'T BREATHE!!!

Whiteflame, talking to Exorcist's lungs: You know, if Exorcist carks it, then you'll go too, Lungs...

Lungs: Oh, crap. (Start working again)

Exorcist: Thanks, Whiteflame. (Massaging his throat and chest)
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Больше года silverexorcist said…
Exorcist: I am so confused...is it my turn for an actually post or not?!?!

Shenlong: (Smacks him on the back of the head) Silence! Whining will solve no problems!

Exorcist: Neither does violence, and yet you're hitting your creator.

Shenlong: Nonsense. That was merely a little tap to put you in order. Besides, creator? You flatter yourself--the lot of you. We're gods, you simply gave us a certain aspect to use within this forum. If we wanted, we could destroy you in a heartbeat.

Exorcist: Sure you could. I'm a monotheist, even though I find your story fascinating. But I digress, I feel like Wantadog and BP have posted so many times, but I don't know which one is their official post!! And Whiteflame posted out of turn to, so now I want to do the same T.T I'm so conflicted!

Shenlong: Cease your incessent blathering. You must wait for the post where my battle continues, of course. I am the only deity you currently have in combat. Without me, you have nothing to write.

Exorcist: I can sort of add in some things independently. You know, maybe have Johan crash in on Cadence and Anubis, act a little valiant as is his nature, then royally screw up. I can be quite inventive.

Shenlong: Is that why you made to sun based characters in succession?

Exorcist: ....Shut up! That was a special case! Once you're gone and my dear Tsubaki comes in, no one will remember your name!

Shenlong: And what of Johan? Do you plan to have them both in the same arc?

Exorcist: Agh! I'll cross that bridge after I get there, and god knows when that will be.

Shenlong: Actually, no I don't.

Exorcist: ....Dionysus?

Dionysus: Hmm?

Exorcist: Up until this moment, you have undoubtedly been my most obnoxious deity that I have made. It seems you have some competition. Come on, pick up the pace! I don't have enough energy to hate both of you!
Больше года wantadog said…
Brain: That post was my best idea ever!

Wantadog: I don't know...it wasn't all that long.

Exorcist: Nah, it was pretty good, you know that size doesn--......nevermind.....

Shenlong: Do try to keep it clean Wantadog.

Wantadog: He said it!

Shenlong: You typed it.

Exorcist: Ya! I can't do anything unless you type it first so you're at fault!

Wantadog: *Grin* Dance puppet dance!

Exorcist: I'm not your puppet!

Dionysus: You kinda are if you think about it...

Exorcist: *Tears* Why everybody always picking on me?

Raijin: Because you're weak! Like him! *Points to BP*

BP: Wait...wantadog.....wantadog....WANTADOG!!­!!

Wantadog: *Eating pizza* Yes....

BP: Write him out of it!!!!!

Wantadog: Sorry BP, but rules are rules.

BP: What rules!

Wantadog: The international rule of fictional character writification.

BP: You made that up!

Raijin: *Wearing badge for above stated rule* Oh, it exists. Wantadog there is the president. Now stay still. I want to get your liver first.

BP's liver: Wantadog, you bastard...

BP: Wantadog, you bastard....

Renee: Wantadog, you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was permanent paint!
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big smile
@Exorcist, to answer your unspoken question in your skit, but skits don't count on the Posting Order, only posts contributing to what's happening in the story do. The Posting Order also doesn't count for side-stories... Like the post with Ulquiorra and Raijin, and the Aizen and Espada one, they were both 'side story' posts. Anyone can write a side-story, or skit, at anytime they wish - but the posts that are directly linked with the story need to be in order, just so the forum doesn't get messy. Do ya get what I mean, dude?
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[Resolve: A Tale of Two Deities]

(Over to the left, Ajisukitakahikone, his brother, and the lightning and storm God, Shenlong, were battling and finding their battle somewhat even at this current point. Take dodged a strike from Themis's longsword, then struck back, with the bolt of lightning in his hand. When the lightning struck her sword and a thunderclap was let off, letting off a massive rumble in the skies above them. In order to fulfil her goal of an equal reaction, Themis glanced away from the bolt of lightning and struck with her longsword, slicing into Take's shoulder.)

Take: I understand that you consider yourself to be a being of balance... So, what happens when you cut another being?

Themis' eyes widen: What? Fool, I only see actions as part of the 'need for balance'; consequences have no bearing on that, whatsoever. You see, it is the actions themselves that require the balance - anything after that, well, they are of no 'consequence'.

Take: I see. So, if I attack you, you are required, by your belief in balance, to attack me back, until the balance has been righted?

Themis: Yes. I'm glad you understand.

Take: So, tell me more about your ideals... I believe that we two are more alike than one would think. You see, as I previously said, I require a certain level of balance between thunder and lightning themselves, but I also consider myself an idealistic person, too.

(Themis dodged the lightning bolt and struck with the longsword. Take avoided it himself and jumped backwards, landing perfectly. Themis opened her mouth to speak, but a massive explosion of lightning energy, lightning and storm blew outwards, heading straight for them. Take made a shield from lightning, that blocked the explosion from reaching the two of them.)

Themis: Why did you block it from me, too?

Take: I told you, I consider myself to be like you. This is our battle, a battle of balance and I cannot, nor can you, allow any outside forces to intervene. Am I correct?

Themis: Yes, I suppose you have a point there. So, you whish to know my ideals? They are complex, not something that just anybody can comprehend. Will you, I wonder, be able to comprehend such ideas yourself?

Take: I told you, I consider myself to be an idealist too. Understanding you, means understanding the driving forces behind our fight for balance.

Themis: I see. I believe that the pseudo-shinigami do not require the Gods to take care of the problem. I admit that they are a problem, but I believe that balance will work that out and an external force will undoubtedly take care of that problem. It is not a problem that needs to be 'righted' by a group of Gods, who proclaim themselves to be trying to fix that problem. Those are my ideals, do you comprehend what I mean?

Take: I believe so. I agree, but unfortunately, it is not my decision to make. I stand by my brother, even if his ideals prove to be 'wrong', or 'misleading'.

Themis: I admire your love for your brother, but do you really wish to be caught up in the consequences. You realise, don't you, that there will be consequences?

Take: Not really, but I will anyway. And, yes, I do understand that. I will gladly take the consequences for my actions, should it be required.

Themis: So, I can't change your mind?

Take: No, as I said, I will stand by my brother, no matter what happens. Family is family.

Themis: That is unfortunate. I have no choice but to continue to engage you then.

Take: Indeed. Shall we take over from where we left off, then?

Themis: Yes, we shall.

-To Be Continued-
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Lag: Trolololololol!

Horrible lag spike occurs followed by *Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working*.

Fazoodle: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why do you keep doing this to me!?

Lag: Trolololololololooooooooool!

Modem: Why don't you try reseting me? That may help you a little.

Fazoodle: I'll give it a try then.

Modem resets, yet lag continues to Troll Fazoodle.

Fazoodle: Egh, well at least it can't get any worse....

Blue Screen Of Death Appears: You're wrong.

Fazoodle: NO WAY! NOT YOU!

Blue Screen Of Death & Lag: Trololololololol

Makoto: I kind of feel sorry for him...

Bukimi: Of course you do, you're part of his imagination.

Makoto: So you do to?

Bukimi: I never said that, wait watch this.

Bukimi presses a button

*Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working*

Fazoodle: ......

Makoto: So.., you're the one doing this to him?

Bukimi: Yeah of course, after all, he's the one that made my god say those horrible things to me...

Makoto: Oooh so you're taking it out on him for that reason? Well in that case, let me push one!

He pushes a random button and the laptop explodes...

Fazoodle: Well, at least now I don't need to shave, wait a minute...

He turns around to see Bukimi and Makoto with evil grins.

Fazoodle: So it's you guys trolling me!?

Makoto: Hey she started it, I only did the last one...

Fazoodle: That's it, BAN-KAI

Bukimi: Oh Sh-

The house blows up sending the 3 of them in seperate directions.

Fazoodle coughed out smoke: Well...that was un expected...

Bukimi: That fool doesn't know how to use Bankai right! The idiot exploded himself!

Makoto: I think that's enough messing with him, let's go Bukimi.

Fazoodle watches them leave: ....Ima keel dem kids...


Hey sorry for being gone so long guys, I've been experiencing internet problems as of late, it takes forever to load pages now. xs
I'm already working on a post and I should have it ready sometime tomarrow, again, sorry for being gone so long. =s
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Lol, Fazoodle, nice skit. XD. No problem about being away, dude.
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[Final Manifestation Achieved!/The Dragon Rants About Common Error/Chivalric Knights Defy Death]

“Come on, dark eyes.” Bluebell teases as she danced out of reach of Kowareta’s angry slash. “Is that all and your brutish friend can do against my shikai?”

“Quit running away and face me, then!” Kowareta growled as she charged forward, swinging his sword out furiously again. Bluebell blocked with her saber but jumped back quickly to evade Kowareta’s demon as it attempted to smash her into a pancake, only flattening the bumping ground as a result.

“But it’s so ugly!” Bluebell pretended to whine as she slashed her sword out. Several reflected forms of the sword’s blade shot at Kowareta but was blocked by several undead skeletons that rose from the ground, the swords impaling their body uselessly. The glowing blue spheres within their rib cage suddenly flew from their bodies and merged into a single entity before flying at Bluebell.

“Whoops!” She giggled as she ducked behind her shield, crouching. The soul blast deflected off of the shield, slamming into the ground with a devastating crash. “You really tried to kill me that time! Good job!”

“Shut up!” Kowareta roared as a small undead armor rose around him with the demon standing at the spear point. Bluebell grinned as she stood slowly, eyeing them without much concern.

“If you keep tossing your power around like that, you’ll burn out real fast.” She warned. Kowareta responded with a Spartan-like yell, charging forward along with his demons and his army of undead souls. Bluebell sighed as she muttered to herself.

“Stage 4: Echo.”

The charging army trampled over where she was but was severely disappointed to find no corpse. Kowareta and his demon glared around in confusion.

“Over here, boys~” A voice sang out. Kowareta was surprised to see Bluebell exactly where they had been before charging toward her, crouching once again with her mirror pointed toward them.

“Stage 2: Reflection.”

Blinding light began to shine from her shield’s mirror-like surface and it surrounded Kowareta and his army. Bluebell sighed as she stood up, able to smell the scent of baking flesh in the air from the pure heat of the sunlight’s she’d reflected toward them.

“Maybe we should just use him as bait.” She muttered. “It’s the best use we can get out of him.”

She turned to walk away when suddenly she felt the spiritual pressure in the center of the light change, expanding incredibly quickly. Bluebell whirled around just in time to see something fly from the light toward her and she held her shield up in front of her.

“Stage 3: Cluster!”

Though the shield absorbed the attack, the force sent her flying back off her feet, unable to control herself. Before she even got the chance to land one the ground, a shadow loomed over her with three heads aiming for her chest and stomach, mouth open to rip out her guts. Bluebell was cloaked in the silvery light of her manifestation instantaneously and effortlessly and she slammed the side of her scepter into the massive dog’s body, sending it flying to the side in a burst of light, creating a crater in the ground. Bluebell landed lightly on the ground and began drawing hieroglyphs in the air quickly. At the same time, she saw a figure standing opposite her with a flaming skull face and a dark blue robe of a reaper around his body, holding one hand up in her direction. A dark blue energy was gathering at his finger tips and fired straight toward her, just like a cero. The moment Bluebell finished her hieroglyphs, she slammed the butt of her scepter in to ground. The blast of energy passed right through the air as she vanished and the man with the blazing skull swung around quickly, one arm nearly ramming into Bluebell, who had attempting to sneak up behind him. Bluebell blocked with her scepter and was forced back several yards from the blow.

“That’s how we’re going to play it, huh?” She smirked as she began drawing more silver hieroglyphs in the air. “I’ve been holding back against you too long, kid!”

Makoto went spinning out of the hieroglyph she drew like a tornado, flying straight toward the man with the blazing skull. But before the attack could connect, a massive three headed dog stood in front of the figure and slashed out with its claws, swatting the fake Makoto out of the air. The three heads ducked down and when they came back up, Makoto was no more than a bunch of scattered light particles stuck in the three headed mutt’s fangs.

“Damn it, Makoto!” Bluebell whined. “You’re too freaking weak in bankai!”

She glared at the two figures before her critically, weighing her options. She had a lot of spare power since the sun was bright out, but she didn’t want to have to waste it just putting this one guy in his place.

“You know, for you to be so weak and then suddenly gain this boost in power is really insulting.” Bluebell said a little scathingly, deciding to provoke Kowareta instead. “Especially since the dirty work is done by your oversized Rottweiler there. I would be scared, but the gods know you can’t even control your power properly. Maybe you really aren’t good for anything more than bait.”

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Kowareta’s flames roared around his collar. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble and undead soldiers sprouted like weeds all around Bluebell as Cerberus advanced toward her.

“Provoking person with god-like abilities = bad idea.” Bluebell muttered as she assessed the numbers. Roughly one hundred in addition to a three headed monster and a man who could fire cero-like blasts of soul essence. No big deal for a single girl who’s zanpakutou wasn’t entirely combat based. Sure.

“Alright then.” Bluebell sighed as she held her hands up above her head. “I swallow my pride.”

“Get her.” Kowareta said bitterly as the soldiers began to advance. Bluebell’s nervous smile widened.


In an instant, forceful energy swirled through the air and the undead soldiers were nearly annihilated from it as Kowareta was pinned down under the weight of both Lushi and Makoto. Tight metal cords wrapped around Cerberus and pinned him to the ground tightly as Isaac held a sword at the large dog’s neck. Bluebell whistled in surprise.

“Not bad, you guys. You’ve almost got it down, huh?”

“What did you do to him?” Lushi asked as she struggled to find a way to pet Kowareta’s head to calm him down since flames had enveloped his head.

“I just made him a little bad—nothing serious. Honestly, the guy’s to serious. I just wanted him to run out of energy and resort to his instinct to survive.”

“And then called to us for help when it got too hard alone.” Makoto finished. Bluebell narrowed her eyes at him.

“Are you calling me weak?”

“Wha-?! No, I-”

“I don’t have a zanpakutou that allows me to blow up things as I want, so what? I can still pwn all your butts in any RTS!”

“She’s mad…” Makoto whined fearfully.

“What’s an RTS?” Lushi asked as Isaac knelt beside her, poking Kowareta to see if he was conscious.

“A Real Time Strategy game.” Isaac said indifferently. “It’s a game people often play on computers and revolves around playing other people around the world in events that require planning and reasoning. She must have played some when she first came to the Human World and enjoyed it a lot.”

“What about you?”

Isaac shrugged. “Never played one. Just looked it up on Wikipedia.”

“What’s that?”

Isaac sighed. “If you’re going to be exiled into the real world, you’re going to need to understand their technology.”

“So, Isaac.” Bluebell nudged him with one boot to get his attention. Makoto looked dizzy from the lecture Bluebell gave him about how great she was despite not being the most diverse combatant. “How are they with god-step?”

“Pretty good, I guess. They still have a little bit to go, but they’re making progress. They can just about keep up with my fastest shunpo.”

Bluebell cocked her head. “So they suck?”

Isaac glared at her and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I’m kidding.” She said in exasperation. “I know you take pride in your master level shunpo, and I respect that, really. But you know that’s not fast enough. Should I help?”

“No thanks.”

Bluebell struggled to hide her grin. She’d been surprised to know that Isaac actually took pride in step techniques, as a former member of squad 2. He’d mastered his god-step even though he still had problems with his manifestation. He was fast, really fast. She had a positive outlook by this point. With people like Isaac, Isamu, and Mishiranu (even that ex-captain, Renee, had finally managed somehow. It was about time!) she was sure that she might have an actual shot at a good future past this war against the gods.

But she knew better than to be too optimistic, or else that would just be stupidity. Gods weren’t something to take so lightly. Konsu had given her a direct sensual link to the surrounding area where they were fighting, just too show her what they were up against. She shivered as she remembered the sensation…of nothingness. There was nothing to feel, actually. The powerful force of their energy was destroying their surroundings. She could feel the bloodlust in the air, however, and even hear lightning hailing from the sky. No matter how strong they were, the gods were stronger. This wasn’t going to be a battle that relied purely on strength. No, her wits and mounds of skill were necessary for all of them, and that would only work if the goddess of luck was on their side, which had a very real chance of being the opposite of the truth.

Isaac sighed to himself as he watched Bluebell’s conflicted expressions. He knew what she was thinking. He was worried for all of these people. From what he could tell, they didn’t deserve to go to war with immortal deities he could destroy all of Soul Society if the sneezed in the wrong direction. He knew that who it was wouldn’t matter to the gods, however. They wouldn’t care much about mortals unless they were loyal worshippers them or had a pretty face. Not all gods were so selfish, though. Up until a certain time ago, Isaac had been on friendly terms with his own goddess who constantly communicated with him throughout his years hiding in the Human World, giving him advice and helping him evade Soul Society’s shinigami until he could manage on his own. She’d been a great up, until she ceased speaking with him several days earlier. He had known the goddess was a busy deity, but the sudden cut in communication was too sudden to be normal. He’d worried at first, wondering what it was, until he ran into Bluebell, who told him about the shinigami like him who’d been banished. If gods were going to war, he knew his goddess wouldn’t stand aside. It all made sense after seeing Kowareta attempt to turn Bluebell to a modest pile of dust.

“You got your powers from Hades, didn’t you?” He asked Kowareta, who’d returned to normal. Kowareta sighed.

“He called himself all kinds of things.” He muttered. “Though he mostly demanded that I killed Bluebell so he could claim her soul and make her do all sorts of things in order to break her spirit and leave her groveling on the ground with the shattered remains of her ego.”

“That’s definitely Hades.” Isaac nodded. “No other Greek god is quite as bitter as him, even among the death personifications.”

Athena wouldn’t stand by if a member of the Greek Pantheon was causing unnecessary trouble. Was Hades part of the group of radicals? Or was it another one of them?

Isaac had made his decision already. He would help these people even though he knew it didn’t directly affect him. Why? He knew better than to blame his righteous spirit, and frankly, that would be lying. He knew it was because he didn’t have anywhere else to be. The human world had an infinite amount of things to amuse him, true enough, but he was used to a world where he had a duty. Helping people he could call allies was just what he needed to soothe his spirit. If the goddess to whom he owed so much to was opposing these gods, then all the more reason.
Which brought him to the question; ‘Where were the god’s who opposed the Radicals’?
Isaac’s eyes drifted in the direction he knew the fighting was happening, to it was too far away to notice by normal means.

“Impossible…” He shook his head in disbelief, dispelling the absurd thought. Lushi noticed the movement and looked at him questioningly.

“What’s impossible?”

“Teaching you guys a sufficient enough god-step by time our time runs out.” Isaac said, carefully covering his stupid thought. He was ashamed to have even considered the possibility. Why on earth would gods go out of their way to protect them? He must have been raving mad. “We’ll need to fight together, but you won’t be able to use it well enough before we need to fight. We may really have to take you ourselves.”

“Is it that bad?” Lushi asked curiously.

“Try using shunpo with a sac of flower in your hands.” Bluebell butted in suddenly, bending down to face Lushi as she pointed a finger at the girl’s face. “Slows you down, right? Now imagine doing it while running into enemy territory where you might be ambushed. Dangerous, right? Now imagine doing that, but instead of being ambushed, it’s a five thousand year old ancient deity hurling bolts of energy at you with the strength to zap you into dust.”

“So, dangerous.” Lushi summed up. Bluebell nodded.

“That’s just the worst-case scenario Isaac’s got in mind, mind you, but he’s got a point. I’ve got a little plan to help out if we really get into trouble on the way, but I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Bluebell’s tone was impossible to read, as always. The others couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

Shénlóng grimaced as he eyed Ajisukitakahikone darkly.

“I simply do not understand it.” He muttered bitterly. The lighting god raised an eyebrow.

“Get what?” He asked.

“Nowadays, the ignorant of the westernized civilizations occasionally mix up Chinese and Japanese culture. At first, I passed it off as a mistake the lesser informed made. But I have to ask now; is that really excusable? The difference is so black and white, I am almost insulted by those who made such a grevious mistake.”

“Are you saying that China is that different from Japan?”

“As different as a fox from a cow. Our dynasties express much more culture and extend further than your own periods. And, even if we were to ignore that, this display here is good enough proof. Acting on the whim of destruction in order to satisfy your selfish desires and forgetting just what makes us gods.”

“Don’t get so ahead of yourself, dragon.” Lightning began to crackle around Ajisukitakahikone fiercely. “I don’t give a damn about what you say about Japan, but if you even begin to suggest that I’m no better than a mortal, I will turn your entire body into enough sushi to feed all of Tokyo!”

“The best part about that,” Shénlóng went on with his lecture, unperturbed. “is that your capital isn’t even absolutely accepted as Tokyo, though that is what is widely accepted. Due to an imperial edict, there is an argument that it is Kyoto, while others argue that it is both Kyoto and Tokyo at the same time. Honestly! What sort of nation doesn’t even have a definitive capital?”

Ajisukitakahikone suddenly rammed into Shénlóng like a lightning bolt, grabbing the old man by the collar as they sailed throught he clouds.

“You talk way too much, you old geezer.” Ajisukitakahikone growled as lightning exploded around them. The two lightning deities shot through the air away from each other quickly, putting distance between one another. Shénlóng prepared to charge forward immediately when he paused and glanced below him absently. He watched as the two war deities lunged fiercely at each other, unsurprised by their sloppy natures. He’d have to remind them both that they should at least attempt to kill each other with some composure later. He glanced toward Themis and Take and frowned.

“Honestly…” he muttered. “Too much composure is just as bad. They won’t get anywhere as they are.”

Shénlóng quickly evaded as lightning bolts shot toward him like bullets, dancing fluidly through the energy with expert martial arts. He shot forward with a single snap of movement that was almost invisible, his entire body morphing into a serpentine form. Ajisukitakahikone was surprised as a dragon rammed into him full throttle and clamped its jaws into his side.

“Whoa!” Ajisukitakahikone as he morphed into lighting just in time to evade the damage, rematerializing nearby. Shénlóng reverted to his original form and turned to face him. “You got fired up real fast, didn’t you?”

“Nonsense, I always remain calm and vigilant.” Shénlóng disagreed. “However, we do have a goal. As such, I have no time to waste playing with you.”

Shénlóng raised a hand and curled his fingers toward him in three swift gestures.

“Come, child. I will show you how discipline works in my country.”

Ajisukitakahikone grinned heinously.

“Don’t get so full of yourself, you old geezer!”

Cadence whirled quickly with her blades extending from her earlobes slashing at the bandages attempting to wrap around her. Whatever the bandages landed on immediately crumbled to dust. Statues all around her became nothing but a pile of decayed material, almost as if they had died. She’d never seen something like that before. How could this puppy do such a powerful magic with bandages?!

“I’ll show you my own magic trick!” Cadence said as she raised her small metal cylinder in front of her. “Hado 58, Tenran!”

Whirlwinds sprouted from each side of her weapon, spreading in width as Cadence charged forward, swinging the cylinder around to crash the whirlwinds into Anubis. Anubis waved his hands and more bandages sprouted in front of him, blocking the shredding winds as they quickly began to wrap around Cadence’s forearm. Before they could tighten, however, the whirlwinds expanded to their maximum width and shredded the bandages as Cadence whirled quickly around, her blades flying up toward Anubis’ neck. Anubis swiftly ducked underneath it and swung his scepter up and they knocked into the cords around Cadence’s waist. Though she remained unharmed, the force of the blow sent her stumbling back.

An unexplainable chill went through Cadence as Anubis suddenly darted forward with incredible speed, one hand up to press against her forehead. She didn’t know what it was, but something about the motion rang with danger!, though that might have just been because she wasn’t used to dogs with such muscular bodies suddenly advancing on her. The thought made her sweat awkwardly.

Before Anubis could touch Cadence, a shadow loomed over the two and the god of mummification glanced up. He quickly evaded back as a small meteor smashed into the ground, sending a wave of heat through the air. Cadence shielded her eyes against the dirt in the air as she struggled to see who it was.

“Ah!” She gasped as she saw who it was. “It’s an actual person! On a horse!”

Johan smiled brightly at Cadence from atop Carmen, apparently unperturbed by her strange greeting. “Good noon, mija! At least, I assume it’s noon.”

“Did you fall from the sky?” Cadence asked in awe.

“Yeah, that jerk Inti told me to ride east along with the path of the sun to reach my destination. The time of day hasn’t changed for the past many hours.”

“On a horse?” Cadence stared at Carmen with wide eyes. The flaming horse neighed affectionately as it made the motion to nuzzle her, though it kept its distance due to its flames. “That’s so cool!”

“Her name’s Carmen.” Johan was apparently pleased to hear his horse be complimented. “I would offer you ride, but obviously that’s out of the question.”

“Really? Why?”

“Um, well, she’s on fire, so…”

Cadence cocked her head curiously. “So?”

Johan frowned as he struggled to find a way to explain, baffled by her feigning ignorance, when the sudden flare of powerful spiritual pressure caught both of their attention, and they both looked toward Anubis, who was glaring at them both coolly. Carmen shifted to face the god directly, Johan thrusting his chest out proudly.

“You there, dog!” He said boldly. “What’s the deal, attacking this girl? Don’t you have any manners?”

“Manners?” Anubis repeated, eyebrows connecting with his reaction to the word. “Who are you?”

“I am Johan Pesaro, chosen knight of Inti and former member of the Gotei 13!”

“In other words, another pseudo-shinigami.” Anubis said flatly. “In that case, you may parish along with the woman.”

He raised his hands and said in a firm voice, “Saisho Kaso.”

The ground beneath the two began to glow red and Johan’s eyes widened.

“Watch out!” He said as he abruptly leaned down and shoved Cadence away. Just as she stumbled back and fell onto her backside, the ground beneath Johan erupted into blackish-red fire that engulfed him and his horse abruptly. Cadence stared, dazed, at the inferno.

“Horsey-man.” She mumbled sorrowfully, unable to remember the man’s name. Before she could even try to, however, Carmen galloped out of the inferno suddenly with Johan on her back, charging toward Anubis.

“Eeeii-yah!!!!” He yelled a battle cry as he twirled his two sided spear is his hands. He swung at Anubis’ head as he passed; attempting to behead him, but Anubis blocked the strike with his staff. Johan continued to jab and slash at Anubis ferociously but each of his strikes was easily deflected. Black bandages shot from Anubis and wrapped around the flaming horse beneath Johan, crippling it to the ground and crushing it mercilessly with enormous pressure. Johan hopped to the ground quickly as Carmen went out like a smothered candle wick. Johan gritted his teeth as continued to swing his spear violently, only to be deflected by Anubis once more. The two of them became one locked in a battle of brute strength, trying to push the other back with the shaft of Johan’s spear and Anubis’ scepter pressed against one another. Anubis slowly raised one hand and touched it to Johan’s forehead. Johan’s eyes widened as he felt his fluids and reiatsu begin to flow toward the god’s fingers and Johan retreated back quickly.

Anubis, on the other hand, was surprised. Though they’d been in contact for nearly two seconds, he’d barely extracted the normal amount of water as one second.

“You have thick skin.” Anubis murmured. “I guess when you serve a sun deity, that’s to be expected.”

“Black bandages, a scepter, and an animal appearance…” Johan muttered, thinking for a moment. “Bah, I’m coming up with nothing. Hey, senorita, can you think of anything?”

Cadence looked at him blankly. “Think about what?”

“This guy’s identity, of course. If we kind figure it out, we might stand a better chance.”

“Against a dog? I mean, I get he looks kinda’ weird, but is it really such a big deal?”

“Well, I think so. Honestly, I’ve never fought a god before. At least, not one who didn’t have the same sort of powers as me. Hmm…Aw well.” Johan spun his spear nimbly between his fingers as he grinned. “I guess we’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way!”

[Play Music]

“Arrogance.” Anubis muttered. “If you think you can defeat me as you are now, you’re sorely mistaken.”

“We won’t know that for sure unless we try!” Johan charged forward and swung his spear around in wide arcs at Anubis, who deflected the strikes as he did before. But before he could counterattack, a large statue sailed toward him and he swung out with his scepter to shatter it into pieces. He was surprised to find that it weight more than it should have, making him stumble for a second. He continued to step back in order to evade a upward slash from Johan’s spear and his black bandages shot from around him once more to tie up Johan. But this time, a tree weighing twice it’s normal weight flew at Anubis and the bandages caught it, reducing it to decaying splinters.

“Kamibuki.” Cadence said as she swung the left side of her cylinder into another nearby statue and kicked it. It sailed toward Anubis like a weightless pebble, but as it flew, Cadence quickly slashed it twice with the right side of her cylinder, increasing its weight quickly. Anubis crushed this head easily with his bandages.

“Nice job, mija!” Johan praised as he rushed forward. “Now stand back!”

Anubis frowned as he prepared to block this strike as well, wondering what the shinigami was up to. As Johan swung, he scraped the bottom spear tip against the ground and it lit into flames like a lit candle as he swung up at Anubis.

So that’s it. Anubis thought as he shifted himself backward in a retreating position, without a second to spare. As he did, a violent explosion enveloped him and Johan, throwing back the latter with enormous force. His suit of armor had left him uninjured, though, and he was able to stand quickly as he grinned in satisfaction.

“Nothing like the good ol’ ‘distract than blow him to pieces’ trick.” Johan said proudly, winking at Cadence, who struggled to understand the joke. When she couldn’t figure it out, she pointed over Johan’s shoulder.

“Doggy’s not dead.” She told him, and Johan whirled around, swinging his flaming spear. He severed several bandages that tried to entangle him but wasn’t able to stop them all. One of the bandages caught his leg and threw him into the nearest oversized head, smashing it to pieces. Anubis emerged from the flames of the explosion that was beginning to envelope the underbrush quickly, almost completely unharmed.

“Do you think I wouldn’t be able to notice the stench of explosive gas in the air?” Anubis asked scathingly. “It’s a very common means for killing these days.”

“Impossible.” Johan gritted his teeth as he sat up. “It’s both odorless and colorless. How could you notice it?”

“It may be difficult for a mortal or shinigami, but I am a god.” Anubis raised his staff. “Saigo Kaso.”

Black flames spewed from his staff’s end toward the two with deadly velocity, burning up the grass and trees it passed by on its way. Cadence stepped in front of Johan and held her cylinder up.

“Bakudo 88, danku!”

Her cylinder began to spin rapidly and panels of kido energy formed around the two, forming a large box that shielded them as the flames engulfed everything in their vicinity, reducing it to ash. The danku began to crack as well, and Cadence helped Johan up so they could move out of the way before being burned by the strange flames.

“Your struggle is meaningless.” Anubis said as he watched the two standing before him, weapons at the ready. “Do you ‘knights’ intend to perish with your hearts on your sleeves? Why not run?”

“I’d sooner burn in my own flames along with yours before I run.” Johan said scathingly. “That’s cowardice that I would never be able to live with.”

“So be it, then. Use your god’s powers, or you will die a miserable death.”
Exorcist: I swear; my titles for my posts are steadily growing longer.

Johan: It's all that Tohou music you listen to. Zun has poisoned your mind with long titles.

Exorcist: Probably. So how does it feel? Not only are you the first of my characters to use bankai *mutters* despite not having used shikai at all yet *speaks normally* and you get to use one of my favorite Fire Emblem themes for your fight.

Johan: Oh yes, I'm honored! Because no one can see how my appearance may hav been influenced from Fire Emblem!

Exorcist: Okay, none of your sarcasm! Not only is it mean, it's completely out of character!

Johan: But crashing down on Easter Island just because I see a girl fighting a jackal headed god is so like me. I wonder if that woman is blonde...

Exorcist: Whoa, now! Sexist, much! That's five hours in the closet, mister!

Johan: I was just asking, though!
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O_O Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­oon­nnn­nnn­nnn­nnn­nnn­nnn­nnn­g
Cool post!
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Heh, nice post. XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Long, but awesome!
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Hey, Whiteflame, did you happen to read my comment on your RP? Post on my wall when you get a chance to. Also, I was wondering about when everyone else is going post for it. XD
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Read it and responded to it. Posted as well, but yeah, we'll chat on your wall.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Indeed, already written a response to it and commented on the wall-post. XD
Больше года silverexorcist said…
I had already finished the first part with Kowareta by time it was my turn and it was surprisingly quick to finish the end XD I guess this is what happens when I spread my characters thin. Although my long titles bother me more than the length of the post >.<
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Lol, yeah, I know what you mean about long titles... I used to have long titles. Did you see the first two proper posts I wrote on this RP? XD
Больше года Fazoodle said…
[Hands Of Destiny]

It had been a little while since Isaac, Bukimi and Makoto seperated from the rest of the group. They slowly approched a cavern.

Isaac: Hey Bukimi, quit dragging your feet and start walking already.

Bukimi: ....

Makoto: Is something wrong with her?

Isaac sighed: Come to think of it, she's been acting down after she spoke with her god, on top of that, i've never seen her use Manifestation once. They must not get along very well.

Makoto's thoughts: (Then again her god is Set, Horus told me that he is a vile snake that will do anything to get what he wants..., what could he of said to her that would bring her to this state though? I mean, this is Bukimi I'm talking about, normaly she keeps her cool...).

As they walked through the cavern Bukimi was a bit behind, she felt a bad feeling whenever she stayed near Makoto, she's decided to keep her distance due to this. They wondered for a little while in this cavern and then approched what appeared to be a big stone door.

Isaac stared at the door: This is it...

Makoto asks: Where does this door lead?

Isaac: How the heck should I know? I'm just following a huge spiritual pressure, It has to be one of the gods.

Bukimi walks up to the gate: ....

Isaac: What is it Bukimi?

Bukimi: Hado # 4, Byakurai...

A beam erupted from her fingertips and broke the door, though instead of blue, this Byakurai for some reason was black like a Cero. Isaac and Makoto jumped back because it caught them off guard.

Isaac runs up and grabs Bukimis head: Are you crazy!? That was really loud, and what if they heard us!?

Makoto's thoughts: (That's funny..., I don't remember Bukimi's Hado # 4 being so strong, let alone black.., has she been working on her Kido or something)?

Bukimi boringly says: Proceed...

She begins to walk through the now broken door, beyond the door looks like a Desert filled with pich black sand, and in the distance a Ebon-Pyramid can be seen.

Makoto asks: Bukimi?

Isaac: This is not good, I have a bad feeling about this place.

Makoto: Well you're the one that decided to follow that Spiritual Pressure! Huh..?

Bukimi walked into the Black Pyramid and now is out of their sight. As she entered the whole Desert seemed to vibrate, then wind started to blow. A sand-storm has been created from behind them.

Isaac shouts: What the heck!? Where did this come from!? We just came from over there how can It be blocked off like this!?

Makoto's eyes widened as he said: I think I know whos domain this is...., he knows we're here...

Isaac and Makoto head for the Pyramid, because everywhere outside of it will be engulfed by the black sandstorm.

Isaac running: Well, out with it who is it?

Makoto running: Set, the Egyptian god of the sand, and darkness.

Isaac asks: Wait isn't that the god that is inside..?

Makoto nodded and they both headed into the pyramid. Torches with purple flames can be seen down all of the halls, the pyramid had no floor, just black sand. They walk down the hall and search for Bukimi, but all they find are a bunch of dead ends.

Isaac: This is not right, that spiritual pressure is gone. The only person I sence now is Bukimi. But this place is so warped, I can't tell which way she is!

A horrible roar echoed from down the hall, followed by what sounds like a wild beast running towards them.

Makoto whispers: What do you suppose that is?

Isaac: I don't know, but we better get prepeared for it. If it's something Set has conjured, it maybe strong.

Makoto & Isaac: Ban-Kai!

--(Flashes Over To Bukimi)--

Bukimi opens her eyes and notices she is inside her inner world. The black sand has completley overun the place.

Konton no hakobi-te appears before her: Bu....Bukimi....

Bukimi asks: What's wrong Konton, what's going on here!?

Konton no hakobi-te replys: It's him..., he's taken you over...!

Bukimi yells: How is this possible!

Konton no hakobi-te: Think of it this way, you and him simply switched places, I imagine he's taken you over to carry out his ambition.

Bukimi falls to her knees: Oh no.....

Konton no hakobi-te: Hope is not lost, for if you manage....to defeat Set here, in your inner world, I'm sure you will regain control...

Bukimi: But how can I face him alone? He is a god...

Konton no hakobi-te looked at Bukimi: Tell me what a god is.

Bukimi: A divine being that rules over something?

Konton no hakobi-te: Correct, but I want to let you know something.

Bukimi looks up at Konton: What is it?

Konton no hakobi-te: Gods were not always gods, you see once they all use to be part of the same entity that created everything. Just like you, and me. We were created by the same all knowing being, they just were given a little more power though they are not imortal. They can die just like us. Also if you dig down deep enough, you can almost hear the voice of the true, Divine One. Once you aquire this connection, you will have the power to take control over your body again.

Bukimi gets serious: Does this mean, that everyone can talk to this being?

Konton no hakobi-te: Yes Bukimi. You have to focus if you want to gain the will to recover your body.

Bukimi sits and closes her eyes: Alright, I'll give it a shot.

Konton no hakobi-te's thoughts: (This will take some time, though I'm afraid that Set may do alot of damage before she is able to take back over).

--(Flashes Over To Isaac and Makoto)--

Makoto slashes at the Ebon-Sand Demon: Haaaaa!

It is hit but not effected at all, it lost a few grains of sand but that is all that happened.

Makoto: Crap! We've been chunking away at this thing for a little while, but it seems as though it's not even getting phased!

Isaac: Stand back, I have a theory.

A spiritual explosion occured around Isaac as he uses his manifestation powers, he now is wielding two Minoan axes. He waves his hand in the air and creates water out of nothing.

Isaac tosses the stream at the demon: I hope this works!

The water hits and seperates the demon and makes the sand all clumpy, revealing a black sword.

Makoto yelled: That sword, it's...

About that time the sword retreted and they followed it. They chased after it a good 10 minutes before they reached their destination. They approached a huge room and in the middle was Bukimi.

-(Play Music)-

Bukimi does a dramatic point at Makoto: So you've come, Horus....

Makoto in shock: Buk-k-k-kimi?

Isaac yells: Makoto, she's being possesed!

Bukimi (Set): Yes, in fact I knew all along, that you would end up here eventually. Horus, you and that body you reside in are trapped here!

Isaac runs at Set: You've forgot about me!

Set steps right out of Isaacs attack and glares at him.

Bukimi (Set): I have no interest in the war between the gods and the Pseudo-Shinigami, I only want to kill Horus! Now begone!

Set uses Bukimis body to punch Isaac in the gut, but the force of the punch pushed him out of the room, afterwards Set raised Bukimi's hand and a thick black sand covered the entryway.

Isaac grunted: That freak face just falcon punched me, grrr.... Piece of junk...

Isaac got to his feet and thought: (Makoto is going to have to battle Set, only problem is, none of us have seen Bukimi's manifestation, none of us know what hers is like, and I'm afraid he's going to find out, the hard way).

Bukimi (Set) pointed his right blade at Makoto: Now Horus, I will kill you, just as I killed Osiris!

The possesed Bukimi began to lunges herself towards Makoto, he quickley entered his manifestation and countered. Makoto was not fighting back, just parrying and evading. Bukimis body kept slashing at Makoto again and again and opened his defence up.

Bukimi (Set): Got you!

He got Bukimi to preform the Chimei-tekina kumiawase, and all 4 hits connected, sending Makoto to the ground.

Makoto spitting up blood: Bukimi, I know you're in there somewhere...

Bukimi (Set): I'm afraid that Bukimi is no more, this is my body now. Also I'll let you in on a little secret.

Bukimi (Set) stomped on Makoto's back: Horus decided to reside in you when you were born, because you and him are so alike, you see he knew this, and to be honest, the reason why I'm in this womans body, is because I needed to get close to you, because by getting close to you, I get close to Horus! All I want is to see Horus and you both dead, before my feet.

Makoto: Are you saying....that all this time...you knew that I'd...?

Bukimi (Set): Of course, you mortals are so predictable.

Makoto yells: Don't talk as if you cannot die yourself! *Picks up swords and kicks Set off of him* SET!

Will Makoto have to destroy Bukimi's body to face Set himself, or will Makoto fall victum to Sets blades, and what will Isaac do now that he's trapped in a single room with only the sound of battle echoing through the walls?

-(Stop Music)-
-To Be Continued-

I am back, Oh Yeah!
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big smile
Nice post dude, I can see what you mean by Bukimi being posessed and it certainly was an interesting idea... XD
Больше года wantadog said…
Ok now I'm a little confused.

Does this one count as the post for this time around or does Fazoodle have to do another?
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Больше года blackpanther666 said…
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Nope, because that was part of the story... Lol. Skits and side-stories aren't technically part of the story, so they can be put up whenever. This is simply Bukimi developing her powers as a pseudo-shinigami, so it contributes to the story. A side-story would be using any characters you don't normally use and adding a random part to the story, like what I did with that post where Raijin was fighting with Ulquiorra and then that post where Shinjuku returns to Aizen.
Больше года wantadog said…
I think I got it figured out....

Zord's turn, right?
Speaking of skits....

Kowareta: Toku...

Toku: What?

Kowareta: GET OFF MY HAIR!

Toku: NO! I wanna know!

Kowareta: Know what?

Toku: Why is it still there? They told me your head was on fire! Why is your hair untouched?!!

Kowareta: You really are a moron!

Toku: And your hair is immortal!
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Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Heh, that's always good. XD. Nice little skit there, Wantadog. And, yes, I believe it is Zord's turn now.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Wantadog, you are Vice-Commander, so I was hoping that you would tell me which of your characters was the Vice-Commander of the pseudo-shinigami... My guess is that it is Toku, but I'd rather not assume, as to not make an ass out of 'u' and 'me'... Anyway, let me know whenever you can.
Больше года wantadog said…
Hmm....let me see here.....

For one: I thought Mishiranu would seem more likely than Toku. Not really important, but what made you think it was him?

I suppose I am leaning towards Mishiranu being the Vice-Commander. She is older and more experienced. She has been doing most of the planning, along with Bluebell. And all in all, she sounds and looks more fitting than my badass jester.

Not to say that jokes are all he does. I have some plans for Toku. I hinted at them in the last post XD*Evil smirk*
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Wantadog, I thought it would be him, because he seems to be doing a good job of taking control of things and I thought he was your main character, so naturally I thought it could be him. Oh, well, I'll update the forum, so Mishiranu is known as Vice-Commander. XD
Больше года wantadog said…
I see, well he is my main character, but Mishiranu makes a more fitting Vice-Commander in my eyes. XD *Le goes back to watching Kimisama no Memochou*
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While you're at it, I already made a vice-captain for Azusa. It's Corwen, I put his profile right after Azusa on the New Characters forum. I'd post my vice-captain for Tsubaki, but I'm feeling lazy XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Heh, fair enough dude. XD. Okay, Corwen has been updated and is now the Vice-Captain of Squad Six. (Officially)
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Wantadog, what is this anime you're watching? I'm interested now, I may have to add it to my gradually growing list. XD
Больше года wantadog said…
It's a detective anime about a 13 year old girl who solves cases without leaving her bedroom, with help from her squad of NEET's.
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Больше года Zordaik said…
Anubis: There will be no turning back for you now, I fear.

The God of death raised his left hand, prompting five separate lengths of black bandage to appear in a pentagram-like formation around his hand. They shot out at Cadence, who instinctively flashed to the side. They passed by her, and began making an arc back while she closed the distance between herself and Anubis. She thrusted out her staff, attempting to catch him at the base of his rib cage. The God moved aside just in the nick of time, and the ebony bandages came around, grasping Cadence's ankle. As they wrapped themselves around her appendage, she flashed to the side, effectively freeing herself. Anubis merely grinned.

Anubis: It's all over.

Cadence: What-

A pillar of black and dark red flames enveloped both combatants from the ground below. Cadence executed a massive leap into the air, only just managing to stay above the inferno. Finally, it dispersed, with Cadence twenty five feet in the air. Anubis returned to her sight, completely unharmed by the sudden eruption of fire.

Cadence: Not quite! Hado sixty three-

A bone breaking force enveloped the shin of the captain, and Anubis' bandages brought her down, slamming her into the ground. The impact was enough to cause the ground to crack a fairly long way in several different directions.

Anubis: You seemed so willing to fall into my trap, Shinigami. I am glad that you would rather be destroyed than have to drag out this pathetic conflict.

The dust, still present in the air, began to fade as Anubis took several slow steps forward.

Anubis: Fear not... I will finish you off-

A sharp, resounding crack filled the air, and Anubis was sent sailing off to the side. The God jammed his staff into the ground, grinding himself to a stop before standing upright. The skin on his face was broken, and as the dust cleared, it revealed Cadence standing upright, holding her own staff on the end as though she had just swung a golf club. The bandages Anubis had conjured lay severed on the ground around her.

Anubis: I see.

A black, sickening reiatsu slowly rose in volume. Anubis' eyes faintly glowed red.

Anubis: You wish to live. Unfortunately... I shall not grant your wish. Perish.

He twirled his staff around his body once, then slowly approached Cadence. Cadence held the tip of her staff out in front of her now, like a spear. She too approached her opponent. Two separate reiatsu butted heads for a moment, then the cacophonous beat of metal clashing on metal overlapped all other sound.

Больше года Fazoodle said…
Hey, can you reserve Squad 5 Vice-Captain for me? I really want a char that works under Captain Hinamori in the future. xD

Woah, Anubis just got pwned! xD
Nice post Zord. =)
Anubis: I got pwned you say?

Fazoodle: ( ) . ( )

Anubis sends his bandages after Fazoodle in spite of the comment he made.

Fazoodle runs away at full speed screaming: Meeeeeeeeep!

Anubis: Hahahahahahahaha (Cough)....
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Больше года silverexorcist said…
I wanted to try a sidestory :D I completely made this up at the last second, but if I find the time I might end up finishing it for my self-gratification. It's like a filler arc! Only...it won't be nearly long enough to be an 'arc'.. Hmm...
[Conspiracy Thwarted by Another Conspiracy]

While the darkness of night usually suffices as a cover for assassins and thieves, tonight it acted as a cloak of stealth for an invisible battle that is rarely apparent even during the day. It was necessary, of course, as this one political clash had manifested in the form of violence—albeit in a more classy fashion. Several assassins of the Kasumiōji clan charged through the silence, holding aloft their unique swords. They were immediately plowed down from a rain of kido spells that knocked them to the ground, leaving them wounded. Regardless of this pain, they stood and continued to charge their sole target, who merely waved her hand, sending another rain of kido down that sent the assassins to the ground.

The caster of these spells grimaced in disgust as she observed this. Though her movements were lazy, her eyes were sharp and taking in every movement these men made. She wasn’t worried about the assassins—she was curious about their weapons, though grimly so.

“Absolutely disgusting.” She muttered darkly. “Simply knowing that such abhorrent things can exist in Soul Society is enough to send hives up my back. Don’t you people have any shame?”

The woman directed her dark eyes over at the man standing behind a group of assassins. Five elite, no doubt. The man wore expensive robes that symbolized him as the viceroy of the clan, standing below only the princess and matriarch. His eyes were wide with surprise and fear as he watched his assassins falling to this single woman. As the last of them fell, the woman strode slowly toward him with a gait to expressed an arrogance of sorts, layered underneath a haughty look and upturned nose. Regardless of this, she was beautiful—long dark hair cascading to her hip, sharp black eyes, and a slender black dress of a more western style that had no shoulders, exposing her pale white shoulders. She wore silk gloves that extended from her finger tips to her upper-arm that apparently had no effect on her kido as she shot them from her slender fingers. Though the assassins stood before the viceroy, standing several inches above her in height, the man shivered in terror. The look in her eyes that not inspire confidence.

“L-Look,” He stuttered quickly. The woman continued to glare at him, her cold beauty tying his stomach in knots. “I-I’m sure we can find a w-way to figure this all o-out! I-If we just sit down and discuss—”

“Silence, viceroy!” The woman snapped suddenly, and the man clammed up. “Who gave you permission to speak? The only people here who have the status to speak with me are the matriarch and her husband. That aside, you try to make peace after I did away with you trained killers. To request that we negotiate is absolutely above your position. Understand?”

Before the viceroy could think of anything to say in response (or even decide to respond), the assassins around him suddenly charged the woman, their evil Bakkōtō held aloft. The woman waved her hand and strings of kido energy appeared hanging in the air. The assassins ran right into them, getting caught up in the web and falling to the ground, completely tangled in the ropes of energy. The woman stepped over them easily and glared at the viceroy.

“I am Adelheid Von Einsberg.” She told him, her voice creeping with hostility. “Announce my arrival to your matriarch immediately.”

The viceroy, who had given a little yelp in surprise when she said her name, wheeled around and headed into the Kasumiōji Family Manor Compound, calling for any guards to deliver the message.

“I do apologize for all the trouble you went through.” Rurichiyo Kasumiōji apologized with a bow of her head. Rurichiyo, her husband Shu, and Adelheid sat within the Kasumiōji Dining Hall at a single table, the two heads of the family facing their guest. “If I had known—”

“I’m sure that your shameful viceroy did all that was within his power to make sure you would not notice that he was having these dangerous weapons forged once again.” Adelheid said with a dull undertone. “Although I cannot imagine for what—they lost their interesting aspects long ago.”

Rurichiyo sighed. “My family conspiracies aside, I’m sure you came here for a reason beyond this?”

“I’m sure you are aware, Rurichiyo Kasumiōji, that among the four great noble houses, only two families remember the goal we shared upon our creation. The Shihōin and Tokugawa families no longer retain interest in our wish to discover the root of all knowledge. The Kuchiki family continues to be the repository of Soul Society’s history and we, the Einsberg, continue to explore the oldest and most arcane magic and study the most advanced and intellectual philosophies, all for the sake of unlocking this mystery. And you, the Kasumiōji, continues to study weaponry and forging, being that you are the closest to being the ‘5th’ noble house.”

“Yes, I am aware.” Rurichiyo tapped one finger on the table absently as she waited for Adelheid to get to the point. “But that doesn’t explain why Adelheid Von Einsberg, Queen of the Einsberg family and next in line to become an elder, would come knocking at my doorstep and taking out my treasonous steward’s assassins. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate that. But your motives are still quite ambiguous to me.”

Adelheid sighed. “The Kyoraku family has recently found that the House of Kuchiki is hiding something, something very pertinent. My father insisted that I come and tell you, as it is only fair.”

“But all noble families have something that they keep in the shadows, where no one can see.” Shu reminded her skeptically. “We have the Bakkōtō and you have your kido. Why should we meddle with the Kuchiki?”

Who is this strange woman? What political strife is occurring among the Houses in Soul Society? Will the Shiba Clan be involved as well? Probably not! But find out next time, on Exorcist’s sidestory!

Disclaimer: All character concepts and names belong and are owned by the Bleach franchise, a.k.a. Tite Kubo, save two of the noble Houses and my dear Ada. These mentioned belong to Silverexorcist and only interact with Tite Kubo’s creations within this rp and within my imagination. While they may be used for other purposes within this same rp, permission must be granted by the creator. I grant it. Again, other than the mentioned, these names and references do not belong to me. The plot is original (probably) and is made for the sake of the sidestory I have written because I was extremely bored. Permission is not granted to steal this idea. Thank you and good night/morning/(after)noon/evening.
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*rouses* Wha-what? My turn to post already? Well, technically Kevy's, but he seems to be in about as much of a hurry as me. Sorry guys, it's been a busy few days (driving 12 hours to have a couple of meetings and choose an apartment to live in next year) and I haven't had much time to write, though I have started a post. Should have it done sometime tonight, though I'm having a bit of writer's block on one key aspect.

Interesting side story, exorcist. I'll be intrigued to see where it goes from here.