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Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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Больше года silverexorcist said…
You should take Bluebell and Isaac of the roster, BP. Due to many circumstances, they don't or can't return after the war with the gods.
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Больше года whiteflame55 said…
[A Shaken Faith, Renee’s Inner Turmoil]

Renee sat among a dense thicket of trees, cross-legged with her sheathed blade across her lap, as rain fell in a light drizzle. Her eyes were closed. She did not commune with Anuket – in fact, the god had had scant little to say to her in quite a while. Renee thought it was mostly the result of her having achieved a link with her, since now she viewed Renee’s path as indistinct from hers. They were both free flowing rivers now, and she didn’t want to try to change its direction.

But it wasn’t her only theory. Anuket had seemed somehow more distant since Isamu and Renee had met with Vishnu. Even without her manifestation, Renee always felt refreshed in the midst of a fight, as though a source of peace was nourishing her. Isamu had said he felt the same. Perhaps Anuket was feeling a sense of peace as well. Or was it disquiet?

When they had left the god realm, Renee had been approached by Ganesha. The strange looking god had given her an interesting glance, but said nothing. He merely nodded, showing what looked like respect as they left. It was very difficult for her to understand.

Everyone in the Rogue Squad thought she was doing meditation when she sat like this. She wanted it that way. In truth, she just needed the time alone to think.

She was, once again, a part of Soul Society. Not as a captain, though that didn’t matter. The rank felt… tainted. The whole place did. Strange to think that a place she had called home for so long was now as foreign and distressing to her as Hueco Mundo. She couldn’t bear to look the other captains in the eyes, nor could she even spend time with the rank and file. It didn’t matter how they treated her, or how much they distanced themselves from what had happened.

They’d been thrown out of Soul Society like so much trash when the war with the gods threatened. That was all that mattered. The others may be able to accept a return to some semblance of normalcy, but not her. She could hardly even bring herself to step within the gates of the Seireitei, let alone speak with the man who had cast her out.

Toshiro had asked invited her to a private meeting, and she had declined. How had he taken it?

Still, she would not abandon Soul Society in its time of need. Whatever she thought of the structure of the Gotei 13 and the people she used to know, she felt the strong need to defend it, even at the cost of her own life. Her convictions hadn’t changed, nor had her allegiances.

So she defended a place she could no longer call home. She didn’t even live in the barracks with the others, preferring instead to wander the Rukongai. The only reason she ever entered the Seireitei was for squad meetings and training. She hadn’t told the other members of her squad her feelings, but somehow she thought they knew.

???: Why are you sleeping out in the rain?

Renee raised a lazy lid. Cadence stood over her, obviously perplexed. The young woman was skilled well beyond her years, as Renee had come to know, yet she would have made a horrible vice captain. The girl just wasn’t at all used to military structure and discipline. She hadn’t come out here towards some purpose, only to wander aimlessly as usual, or perhaps because she got lost. Renee couldn’t tell which.

Renee: I’m not sleeping.

Cadence harrumphed: Could have fooled me. You’re getting all wet you know.

She also had a penchant for declaring the obvious as though it was some amazing revelation. Renee noted with displeasure that Cadence was also drenched, and that her white tank top was now little more than a white sheen leaving little to the imagination.

Renee: What do you want?

Cadence sat down next to her with a thump, pulling her knees up to her chest and hugging them close.

Cadence: Do you think we’re welcome here, Chev?

She’d taken to abbreviating Renee’s last name and using it as a nickname. Renee wasn’t fond of it.

Renee: Of course we’re welcome. This is an open forest, anyone may come and go as they please.

Cadence: No. I mean back in Soul Society.

Renee opened both eyes, staring over at the other woman, who had her gaze focused on the ground in front of her. It was one of the few moments Renee had seen a spark of intelligence in the other woman. Or perhaps it wasn’t intelligence. She was an empathetic woman, one who could sense emotions around her with surprising accuracy. It was all the more confusing to hear her talk like this, though, since she didn’t even know she’d been kicked out with the rest of them until she’d spent some time talking with Johan. It had been a shock to her.

Renee: Soul Society needs every able body it can get. We’re welcome.

Cadence: Is that enough?

Renee sighed: No, it’s not. Some of them, perhaps even the majority will learn to accept that we’ve returned, but even without our manifestations, I get the feeling that they will always wonder if we’re a nexus of disaster for them.

Cadence nodded, before turning a puzzled expression to Renee.

Cadence: What’s a nexus?

Renee smiled in spite of herself. Despite the incredible naiveté Cadence showed, there was a mind in there somewhere. Sometimes it showed itself, other times she asked ridiculous questions like this. She shook her head, rising.

Renee: Come on, let’s get to someplace warm.

Cadence smiled: Great! I was just starting to feel cold! But really, what’s a nexus?
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Exorcist. Done. XD

@Whiteflame. A nice post, dude.
Больше года ouchi said…
@BP - Can i join? by the way, im not sure if he remembers me but i was with whiteflame in the "make your own zanpakuto" i actually posted their my updated zanpakuto. and for you to know early.. my character is from zero division.
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
We could certainly use more people in the forum, ouchi, though at the moment we don't really have a zero division.
Больше года silverexorcist said…
[Cinders of War]

The sunlight was bright over Johan as he swung his zanpakutou out and a wave of heat pulsed through the air. Johan had shrugged out of his standard shingami uniform so that the sleeves rested around his waist, baring his tan body and the planes of his chest. His body was shining as the sunlight reflected against the beads of sweat rolling down from his forehead to shoulders as he held his zanpakutou back once more and swung it, sending another pulse of heat through the air.

Johan’s zanpakutou was not in its sealed form. It was in shikai—a large medieval jousting lance with wavy sun stripes extending from the tip to the handle. Johan knew that new bankai continued to evolve even after they are initially discovered by the user, but something unheard of happened to him. Somewhere between his exile from Soul Society and his return, his shikai had changed. The originally short close ranged lance had changed drastically in length, now extending for five meters ahead of him. With this change in length, El Sol was also thicker, more sturdy, and far heavier. Johan couldn’t explain the change; he only knew that Inti had something to do with it. The Incan sun god seemed to have mixed feelings about helping Johan in any way, though.

The change in his shikai aside, Johan also wore an eye-patch now. Johan had battled with Anubis, the jackal-headed god of funerals and mummification, and hadn’t managed to get through it without sacrificing his left eye. It was a scar of war that he didn’t wish to hide, but it was disconcerting to see the looks on people’s faces when they looked at it. Johan’s former superior on the first squad, a newly appointed captain who seemed to hold no reservations, had used her influence to get a fake eye made for Johan and an eye-patch for him to wear. Considering his personality and how he was used to getting in trouble in order to uphold his own ideals, his physical wounds were quite shallow.

However, he was still forever scarred by the betrayal he had seen. Just when the fighting had begun to cease and things were looking bright for the psuedo-shinigami’s futures against the radical gods, Bluebell Iliana Teach, a woman he’d just met on the battlefield, had been double-crossed by a god named Khonsu. Johan wasn’t clear on the matter, but when he had seen that he was losing some sort of bet, Khonsu had stepped in and dragged Bluebell into the ‘Duat’, whatever that was. The psuedo-shinigami who were present had been outraged, but powerless. Once Khonsu escaped beyond the entrance to the Duat, they could not find a way to pursue. Johan imagined that it had a heavy burden on Isaac Minene, the former member of the second squad. Johan’s old friend hadn’t spoken a word since then and disappeared right before the psuedo-shinigami returned to Soul Society, deciding to travel on his own as a rogue.

Johan thrust his lance forward with all his might and his zanpakutou sent another wave of pure heat through the air using El Sol’s primary ability, El Calor, which heated up everything around Johan rapidly, drying the air and making people sweat uncontrollably. In a battle of endurance, it was unlikely Johan would win. But against tricks, schemes, and sudden indirect combat, Johan struggled. He had been told that Bluebell was a master of those very elements of battle that Johan could not understand, and lacked in direct combat. Perhaps if she had survived the war, they could have taught each other.

“I see that you have a penchant for overworking yourself, as always.”

Johan glanced up at a nearby tree as he stopped swinging El Sol. Standing on a thick bough of the tree was a man wearing a normal shinigami outfit. Strangely, though, this man stood upside-down on the bough with his hands behind his back as he kept an erect posture, defying gravity. In this man’s belt was a small knife-like tanto and a lieutenant arm badge was wrapped around his thigh.

“Buenos dias, Aikido.” Johan replied with a grin as he faced the ninja-like vice-captain of squad 2. “It’s rare to see you not pretending to be your captain’s shadow. Did she order you away?”

Aikido frowned at Johan for a long moment before finally deciding to reply.

“…You’re still bitter about Isaac, aren’t you?”

“Quiet.” Johan sighed miserably. “He’s a strong man. He can handle losing the first woman he loved when given time. He won’t die before we get the chance to see him again, whenever that will be.”

“…I don’t believe that that is what he is thinking. I have no doubt that he intended to be the sacrifice in that war all along. When he survived and the person who convinced him dying would be worth it died instead, I’m sure he suffered from some trauma.”

Johan snorted. Aikido always looked at things from a harsher perspective. Normally, Johan was good-natured and didn’t mind people. But the way Aikido viewed killing and death really irritated Johan.

“At any rate, unlike the others, Isaac Minene deserted us on his own. I don’t believe that the agreement to accept those who were banished into the rogue squad would have applied to him anyway.”

Johan moved without thinking. Taking advantage of his zanpakutou’s extended reach, he thrust outward without moving with all his might. The tip of the lance pierced through Aikido’s body for only a moment before the afterimage faded away, revealing Aikido as he reappeared on the ground, unharmed.

“…It looks like you’ll need more time to either get over it or mature a bit…”

“Shut up.” Johan snarled as he swung his lance around. The round side of the long weapon aimed to slam into Aikido’s body with incredible force, but the vice-captain cleanly dodged it, using shunpo to retreat several yards away as a blistering wind ate away at the spot where Aikido was just a moment before. Johan’s grip on his zanpakutou’s handle tightened as he prepared to lunge, but then his hand relaxed as his shoulders dropped. His lance abruptly changed into a sword once more and he stuck the blade back in its sheath.

“Why did you come looking for me, Aikido?” Johan asked as he turned his gaze elsewhere, unable to look at Aikido’s apathetic face and remain calm. Johan knew that if Aikido hadn’t wanted to see Johan, Johan wouldn’t have noticed him on the tree earlier.

“I came to warn you, psuedo-shinigami.”

Johan unwillingly glanced back at Aikido once more with a raised eyebrow. The sudden distance and coldness in the words were a surprise.

“If you or any of you psuedo-shinigami shows any sign of betraying Soul Society, we will not hesitate and cut you down. No matter the excuse, we will not stand aside and let you people get away with treason. Keep that in mind.”

With those words, Aikido vanished abruptly, too quickly for Johan to track. Johan clicked his tongue in response. That Aikido was entirely duty bound. He didn’t care in the slightest what the circumstances behind the psuedo-shinigami were—to him, they were outsiders that he didn’t trust. The same could probably be send for the entire 2nd squad and much of the others in the Gotei 13. Rebuilding a chain of trust was going to be difficult, no doubt.
Больше года ouchi said…
@whiteflame - yea i know. i was just thinking, since the Soul king is involved (not physically..), maybe the royal guards(zero division) have to make their move... but then again, its just my idea. its fun reading the story.
last edited Больше года
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
True enough, though we're still uncertain what role the Soul King will play in this arc, let alone the Royal Guards. If you want to play a larger role in the story, I'd suggest adding to one of the active groups, though you can always keep your character in reserve and introduce him/her when we get to that point.
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
[Coming Apart, Part 1]

Demandred had returned to his office immediately after Toshiro’s decision. He’d sat at his desk for a long time, mostly staring at the desk before him. No one came or went – the decision wouldn’t have been made public, but they would mostly believe him to still be in the captain’s meeting. That was for the best. He didn’t want to see any of them.

Even sitting at his desk was too much in some ways. He had spent centuries in this seat, running the 13th division in such a way as he thought would make Ukitake proud. Now he wondered. Had he set the right example? He still believed that his strategy had been the right one. Toshiro would have seen that if he hadn’t recalled from the battlefield.

Death was to be expected in war. Renji and Acelin had died fighting to end this ridiculous war. Toshiro’s decision may cost the lives of countless others. He’d have to live with that.

Demandred looked around his office. He had already made peace with the fact that he would leave everything behind, but he couldn’t help but make furtive glances back at the picture frame every few seconds. What would she say if she knew what he was about to do? He knew he shouldn’t think about it, but the thought would not leave him be. Eventually, he rose out of his seat, pointedly ignoring the frame as he strode out into the hallways.

He betrayed nothing as he walked through the hallways of his squad’s barracks, resisting the urges he felt to speak with each of the squad members he passed. It was hardest to think of leaving behind Rukia Kuchiki, a woman who, despite her lower rank, had been a source of inspiration for him in his early years at the academy. She may not be as powerful as him, but she was anything but weak. He had only come to respect her more over the duration of their tenure in the 13th Squad. When he at last took his first step out of the barracks, out of what had been his home for so long, every muscle seemed to strain, as though his body was telling him to turn around. Still, he forced himself to turn away from every one, grim determination driving him ever onward.

What drove him forward? He was no longer certain. He hoped it was still duty. There were a string of desires he could hardly interpret anymore, desires he had once thought would be satisfied by Soul Society alone.

He had no other choice, not as far as he could see. Due to the fear of death – a queer thing among those already long dead – that his comrades had experienced in Hueco Mundo, and an unwillingness to sacrifice, he could no longer remain here in Soul Society. He would have preferred death over this path.

He told himself that that’s why each step he took was a trial, but he had a hard time believing it.

It was only after he’d long since left behind the Seireitei that he opened the gate. Though this particular gate was merely to send him to the Human World, it was likely the last time he would ever be on this plane of existence, a difficult thing to accept. Still, as he stepped into the white light of the gate, he refused to glance back at the world he was leaving behind, the only world he had truly ever known, a world that had once been the greatest source of his duty, and the one he had always believed he would die for.

The place he arrived in was suitably abandoned. It had once been a city of some note, a relatively large one in fact, though now it stood deserted. A human weapon had been loosed here that eliminated the population, and though its aftereffects were long-since diminished to nothing, the desire to return to such a place of death was minimal. It had only been like this for a decade, yet nature had reclaimed much of the city already, and several buildings had collapsed due to lack of attention.

He hadn’t come here to stay long. Demandred couldn’t risk opening a Garganta (created from one of the small devices Hideaki had made) in Soul Society. A Senkai Gate could go unnoticed, but not so for the arrancar’s method of travel.

Demandred quickly made for the location where he’d stashed it; it would have seemed all the more suspicious if he had left his barracks carrying such a device. He walked past one street and then another, looking for the sign that marked its location. It was odd to be in a place like that had seen such a confluence of life once and yet was now as abandoned as any desert. It made his eye twitch.

He passed another street, and then another. The next street he walked to the middle, stopping suddenly and standing in place.

Demandred muttered: Best laid plans…

He turned to face the man who had tracked him to that site, a man whom he had never truly understood nor wanted to. Perhaps it was fate.

Demandred: I had thought I’d covered my tracks pretty well.

Takuma: You needn’t have bothered. No one questions where you go, Demandred. You’ve never given us a reason to mistrust you.

Demandred: Then why did you?

Takuma: Trust in the wrong person is like to get a man killed on the battlefield. I make sure to know who I should trust.

Demandred: So you didn’t trust me?

Takuma: Affection for duty like yours is admirable, but I’ve known many a duteous soul reaper who made their share of mistakes. Tell me, what mistake are you making now?

Demandred: Mistakes… You know what was a mistake, Takuma? When we left Hueco Mundo alive.

Takuma: So you don’t subscribe to the “live to fight another day” motto?

Demandred: We forsook our duties that day, Takuma. Punishing someone like me who fights to right the balance in this war is a fool’s errand. Soul Society has become a place that is not capable of living up to the duties they’ve taken on.

Takuma: Oh, so now Soul Society is “they”? I remember when you used to treat yourself as a part of Soul Society.

Demandred: Do you condone that ineffectiveness, Takuma?

Takuma: I don’t see it the same way you do, but even if I did, it seems to me that the choice to head to Hueco Mundo is amazingly antithetical. Didn’t you just kill an Espada last time you were there?

Demandred: I have no love for them.

Takuma: Is it Aizen then, or Hisagi? I hear that the whole defecting from Soul Society thing has been pretty popular from time to time.

Demandred didn’t speak for a moment. He merely stared at the other man, meeting the unseeing gaze behind that purple band that covered his eyes.

Demandred: They left for desire. I leave for need.

Takuma: A need? Whose need? And towards what end?

Demandred was silent.

Takuma: Damnit Demandred, is there simply nothing you find sacred anymore?

This time, Takuma spoke with abhorrence. Before, the tone was the same as if they had been discussing what to eat for lunch that day. Now, his true feelings were slipping through. He wasn’t the easy-smiling captain anymore. Still, Demandred was silent.

Takuma: So that’s it then? You’re resigned, no, DRIVEN, to fighting on the side of one of our most repugnant foes, a man who would tear this world apart at the seams? You’re determined to fight on his behalf, killing your comrades in the Seireitei, all for this ambiguous “need?” That’s where your “duty” has led you?

Demandred broke his silence: Duty demands queer things of us at times. Necessity even more so.

Takuma: All you have for me is cryptic comments? Is this how you rationalize such a ridiculous move as this?

Demandred didn’t answer him. There was nothing more to say, nothing he could say.


Silence was his only answer.

Takuma: That’s all I needed to hear. Obstruct their worlds, Eclipse!

As energy exploded around him, kicking up layers of dirt from the street around him and rattling loose rafters on the buildings around him, Demandred, for the first time, felt that he was finally beginning to understand his fellow captain. Just in time to be forced to kill him. When Takuma spoke again, he was shouting over the roar of energy around him.

Takuma: I never wanted an opportunity to face you Demandred. Do you know why?

Demandred braced himself, removing his thick-bladed sword from its sheath.

Takuma: Because a man of duty is a dangerous man to fight. I couldn’t see myself winning against the type of person who would so doggedly pursue their goals. But against what you’ve become… I refuse to fail!
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Interesting happenings, Whiteflame. XD. I can see this becoming rather intriguing, indeed.

@Ouchi. Honestly, dude, I would be happy for you to join this forum, but I'd prefer that you have a Shinigami Captain... If you want to control the Zero Division, then we'll have to discuss it and how it may fit into the current Arc. If you would message me, I'll let you know what can happen. Even if you do so, it would be helpful if you could also control Momo and possibly another Captain, too. Thanks for the interest.
Больше года ouchi said…
@bp and whiteflame. i'll just wait when the time comes. for now, i'll just read the story. haha.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Well, better get cracking then... This newest Arc is just starting. Although, it seems that everyone is taking their sweet time to write posts, so I guess that'll give you a bit of time to get aquainted with the story. Because of the last Arc being mostly unrelated to this current one, I'd only bother reading pages 1-25... The rest essentially has nothing to do with what is happening now, although pages 49-51 are also related to one another. XD
Больше года wantadog said…
Half those unrelated pages are mostly skits XD

Anyway. I would post, but.....I.....have no idea what to write....my only character's are Pseudo-Shinigami and that 3rd seat. I was actually biding my time until the fighting got more underway XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
[Prelude to Fighting/ Disregarded Feelings!]

(Toshiro sighed. Despite his decision to allow the pseudo-shinigami back into the Soul Society, he was having doubts about its rationality. It was known to him that Renee was uncomfortable and some of the others were too. He also sensed a great deal of resent from Shinigami, even some of the Captains couldn't help but let these feelings slip.)

-What am I doing? Have I lost all sense of reality? I need to do something about this... The Soul Society is forming cracks... First this business with Demandred, who is currently missing... Secondly, Takuma, who must have gone after him... Thirdly, I can't seem to allow a good enough quality of living for the pseudo-shinigami, even after what they've been through and what they saved us from. I'm a hopeless Head-Captain... Genryusai Yamamoto would have known exactly what to do and would have done it straight away. I am at a loss-

Shunsui: Sir... what's wrong? You've been humming and harring for some time and sighing too... I know you pretty well and you always space out when you are thinking over a serious problem. What is it?

Toshiro: Shunsui... You know me too well, my old friend. I am worried. I don't know what to do about Demandred... He is gone, and there's little I can do about it. I'm also worried about the feelings of the pseudo-shinigami. They have been thrown into a complex situation once more... They endured much for us, even after I cruelly exiled them from here. How do I make it right? But, to make matters worse, Aizen is not far from attacking us and it will require every ounce of fighting strength we have to stay alive in the coming days... What should I do?

Shunsui: Exactly what you're doing, sir. There is nothing you can do about Demandred... He is a determined one, him. If Takuma doesn't manage to drag the man back here, then it is up to him to make the right choice regarding his path to follow. You can't do anything about the pseudo-shinigami, either. No matter how much you try to convince the Shinigami to accept them, there will always be those that are untrusting. Ignore them. The pseudo-shinigami will thrive under Raijin's leadership and they will prove themselves to us, when Aizen makes his move. I want to just reiterate how prepared we are, for Aizen. Your plans are almost perfect and everyone is more than capable of carrying them out. As long as Raijin can defeat Aizen himself, then we win.

Toshiro: Thanks, Shunsui... Your guidance is most welcome and extremely helpful, as always. I'll let you know of any changes to the plan. Go and meet up with Raijin and Kogase and keep a watch out for any suspicious activity. I'll be here if you need me.

Shunsui: Yes, sir. See you 'round! (Then he shunpos away, swiftly)

-He's right, as per usual. There is nothing I can do, but wait. When I get the chance, I'll take it and I'll make the best of it. I will not be brought down by depressing thoughts and mundane feelings anymore. I WILL DO THE BEST I CAN FOR THE SOUL SOCIETY!

-Days later, as Arrancars attack-

Toshiro: A surprise, to see you again, Espada. I suppose you want revenge?

????: Revenge? No. I want to show you that I have become stronger... I want you to know that my Fraccion have also become stronger and I want you to know taht I no longer retain the rank of Espada. I am a modified Arrancar... One of Aizen's brilliant inventions. I will defeat you, Toshiro Hitsugaya! (Charges forward, Zanpakuto erect)

Toshiro: I will not allow it! I will not be defeated by the likes of you. Die! (Surges forwards, dragging a cold, blue aura around Hyourinmaru and a massive wave of diamond-hard, blue/white ice, mingled with his massive reiatsu. Together, the powers collide, crashing into an explosion of cold-blue colours and dense reiatsu)

-To Be Continued-
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@Wantadog. Fair enough, dude. Well, you can choose an Arrancar you wanna fight, plus you can have a Captain, if you like. I believe that there are several that are not commanded by anyone else. Whatever happens, just let me know what ya wanna do, so I can make the arrangements and all that. XD
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@Everyone, namely Zord and Flame. I forgot to mention... We need a couple more Espada... I believe No.2 and No.9 need replacing, as well as No.8... XD. If someone could get onto that, it would be much appreciated.
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No immediate promises there, though I should be able to come up with 1 or 2 of them.
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[Coming Apart, Part 2]

A 30 story building toppled, the base on the south side cleaved through in an instant by Takuma’s strength. It hadn’t taken any extra strength – these buildings were made of strong metals, to be sure, but none was meant to hold up to the strike of a captain-class soul reaper, certainly not one with his strength. One with an active shikai like his could make rubble of this place all by himself, and he wasn’t the only captain in evidence.

An explosion of metal and glass followed its toppling as Demandred flared his iron from inside. Takuma emerged from the mess first, but a tremendous tug on his blade forced him back down towards his opponent. Takuma tried to turn it into an attack, but was caught around the throat by Demandred’s outstretched arm before he could manage it. Demandred’s muscles tensed, the strength of his pewter flare raging through him as he threw the other captain through what little remained of the building and down a side street. Takuma righted himself from the throw just in time to block a tremendous blue and white flame-fueled punch with his blade. Even so, he rocketed into the side of another building, shattering windows and bending girders. He coughed up blood.

Demandred: Hado #54: Haien!

Purple energy formed and fizzled in his hands. Surprise washed over his face for an instant before he snuffed it out. Takuma used that confusion, flash stepping behind him and slashing out with his blade. Demandred was faster with his flames, managing to dodge the strike and rush away, though Takuma was right on his tail, smell providing a better idea of his path than sight ever could. Takuma lashed out again, and this time Demandred tried to catch the blade. He hadn’t noticed that Takuma had been slowly pumping reishi into his arms, and the force of his blow caught the other man off guard. The blade bit deep into his thumb and palm, though it did eventually stop when it struck bone. Demandred was dogged, however, and grabbed hold of the blade in a stern fist. Takuma smiled, using the hold as leverage to vault over it and deliver a savage kick to Demandred’s temple, utilizing the small blind spot created on the edge of the other man’s vision with that cut. Demandred dropped the blade, falling back.

Takuma: If this is all you’ve got, then you can’t win this fight.

Demandred gazed at him evenly before extending his arms to his sides, pulling his arms back into his core as though against some monstrous weight. He flared his iron again, and this time, Takuma got a good look at the toll it was taking on the metal that lined his body. The metal along his arms was burning away at a rapid pace, though he couldn’t say from that alone how long he had left to use this ability. It was easier to tell with the metal in his hair, which burned away at about the same pace, though with less metal to start, it wouldn’t last long. Even with the pewter flaring, Demandred gritted his teeth in pain as he pulled the roofs of the two closest buildings to him together. Glass shattered and rained down on top of them, breaking harmlessly against reishi-hardened skin. The two steel structures groaned around him, wrapping them into a dome with Demandred at the center while managing to engulf Takuma as well.

A metal, twisted cage now surrounded them. Demandred reached into his pouch and withdrew a number of coins, throwing them up into the air over his head and pushing outward lightly. They fell in a splayed pattern that carpeted the floor, and he threw out another few to get a wide spread.

Takuma was confused to say the least. That was quite a show of strength, to be sure, but this cage would make all of their fighting close range, and reduce Demandred’s ability to push on Takuma’s weapon. It seemed more problematic than anything.

He learned the reason soon enough. Demandred pushed. And pulled. And pulled. And pushed. Again and again, ricocheting off the metal around them in a cacophony of sound and speed. As he didn’t hang onto any of the objects, instead of pushing them away from him or pulling them towards him, he pushed himself away and towards objects. His speed became so intense that Takuma’s energy detection was practically worthless after a few moments of this. Even his hypersensitive nose was barely keeping up with Demandred’s pace.

And then the world turned blue and white.

Flames filled the dome as Demandred flared his bismuth, and blows rained down on Takuma. A barrage of them, coming from every angle with only the slightest of lag times. It was nearly impossible to tell where they would come from, and Takuma could barely manage to prevent even a few. Attacking back was beyond him. Within a few seconds, Demandred had Takuma on his knees, and the pummeling didn’t stop.

Between gritted teeth, Takuma managed to mumble a few words.

Ice burst out from his blade in a single wave, wrapping around the cage and through the blue and white flames. The heat they gave off was not enough to stop it, and soon, Demandred himself had been caught in its icy grip. Takuma was on him in that moment, slicing a deep groove in his right shoulder before Demandred managed to break free, pulling himself to the top of the cage to avoid any other injury, he grabbed his bleeding shoulder, grimacing.

Takuma: Hyōga Seiran. I’m normally loathed to use kidō spells, never been all that good with them to begin with. I’ve seen people manage that spell with 5 times the strength without an incantation. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures.

They were more desperate than Demandred knew. Takuma had been hit as hard as his opponent by the ice and simply forced himself free faster, not to mention the high reishi cost of using such an ability.

Demandred: Nothing’s changed.

Demandred started to ricochet off the walls again, but this time, Takuma got out ahead of him. Demandred’s speed was such that he could easily dodge any attack by Takuma, even this early on in the process. The long blade missed him by inches, but the follow-up kick did not. Takuma sent Demandred plummeting to earth, and only a quick flare of iron saved him from crashing headlong into it.

Takuma: What’s wrong? I thought you said nothing had changed?

Demandred was nothing if not dogged. He started by flaring his bismuth this time, and began to send himself flying. Takuma met him again. Demandred dodged a leg, an arm, and another leg, using pulls and pushes to get himself out of the way. It must have seemed strange to him that Takuma managed to stop himself in mid-air as well, making corrections as though he was using the same abilities. He couldn’t know about Takuma’s platform creations, and so, he couldn’t know how to respond. He certainly couldn’t have expected the blade stabbing through his right side, forcing him to stagger away in agony.

That lack of knowledge could be deadly. He was right in one respect, Takuma couldn’t possibly keep up with him. If he wasn’t stopping his own strikes up short with those platforms, he never could have launched so many. Every strike Demandred made was faster, sure, but everything Takuma threw at him was stopped up short by a platform, allowing him less lag time between strikes. That was all he needed, and that element of surprise was enough. What’s more, with his gradually increasing strength in his arms, he could push himself into and out of danger almost as fast as he could move on the ground. Demandred had to pick a site to pull himself to or push away from. Takuma wasn’t hamstrung by such thoughts.

By now, Demandred’s vision would be highly obscured, and that would give Takuma more openings. Even in his bruised and battered state, he would always have the advantage as long as he could keep creating more blind spots. Of course, he couldn’t depend on that.

Demandred was quick to change tactics. He grabbed hold of the nearest girder, and pushed against Takuma’s sword. The normal push was not near enough to force the blade out of his hand, bending the girder first. Demandred furrowed his brow as he flared his push. Takuma was forced back into the girders behind him, holding the blade with both hands to keep it from flying out of his grasp, a feat he barely managed even with his improved strength. At first, Takuma thought this was merely an attempt to strip him of his blade. That proved false quickly enough.

Demandred: Bankai, Blacksmith’s Labyrinth!

The metal in his hair dispersed, and Demandred reached down his throat. 16 thick metal cylinders, each connected to the other by a small metal cord half their size came out in his grasp.

Demandred had never favored using his bankai this soon. Was he that desperate?

This was bad.

The attack came faster than he expected. Demandred charged in full throttle, those queer flames burning in a tremendous vortex around him. Takuma raised his sword with barely enough time to check back the chain of cylinders that lashed out at him like a whip, only to have Demandred immediately let up the pressure.

Too late, he noticed that only 13 cylinders were still on that line. Three sources of energy caught his attention, one to each side and one directly above him. With no time to engineer an escape, Takuma went into a crouch, flushing the majority of his reishi into his upper body in an instant of searing pain. Three gigantic red bars of light formed around him, all within range to cause serious burns.

Scarlet engulfed him, and his world became agony and flame.

Demandred watched as his opponent stood out from the flames, once dark and lustrous hair falling from his head in ashen heaps. Along with it came the purple band that he had never seen Takuma without, a band that covered what had been robbed from him. A great deal of his body was burnt red tissue covered sporadically with white blisters, and his shirt was completely torn to shreds, with only a few seared pieces hanging off at the bottom.

In this moment, when he had inflicted the most injury so far, he should have felt relieved. Takuma had proven more difficult with each passing moment, and this was a sign that he could turn it around.

However, there was something terrifying about him as he stood. Perhaps it was the scarred tissue he could now see covered empty eye sockets and ear holes. Perhaps it was the fact that, despite all of those burns, he showed no signs of pain or injury. Perhaps it was the way he raised his blade, in a gesture that the fight was far from over.

But none of that compared with the smile upon his face. It was the smile of a man prepared to face the flames of hell itself, a smile of someone who knew no turning back. It was only at that moment that Demandred realized he would have to kill this man. He had never had any love for the 11th captain, but he had hoped to escape this without having to kill those he once called comrades.

Takuma: Bankai, Eternal Eclipse!

His blade changed to a pole with four blades attached, each extending out like scythes. Two were grouped on each side facing opposite directions. Its color was still metallic silver, but blue sparks shot off the blades.

The flurry of activity that Takuma’s blade produced all around them had been intense enough beforehand. With his shikai, dust and mist had filled the air, and sparks rang out in every direction. Now, the wind become erratic as well, removed from any sort of pattern and massively changing with every step. It seemed that the real fight had only begun, and Demandred prayed he was ready.
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@Whiteflame. I'll tell Kevy and Zord to do some too, or you can communicate with them, if you like. I can't remember the last time I talked to Zord, or he answered a reply from me. I sent Kevy a message last night to tell him to talk to you guys. If he is going have some kind of involvement with Aizen, then I'll leave you to choose whatever part you plan to play in this Arc, unless you want to be Aizen and have Zord and Kevy to control the Espada, or vice-versa, etc, etc. XD. Anyway, this fight is epic... Lol. I can't wait to see the Bankai to Bankai clash. It was certainly a nice post, anyway.

(I'm going to work on another post now, plus I'll also think of something to write for the Ages of the Pirates RP... I have been planning a post for some time, but have been preoccupied with work and Kouka Mono/Clan War and a few other things, too.)
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[Explanation, the Truth of the Espada/Old Foes Emerge!/Toshiro's Revelation, Strength of Will] - Part One

-West Gate-

(Momo Hinamori waited, as the dense reiatsu approached; she recognised it, but only faintly - the perpertrator must have been close by while she was fighting Nero. Whatever the case, she was unsure as to how powerful this Arrancar, or Espada might be and wasn't sure if she had had enough preparation for this fight. Either way, she had grown stronger since Hueco Mundo and Shiatake's death. Her former 3rd Seat, Anike Nimatsu, had requested position of Vice-Captain, about a month ago. She granted him the position, provided he allowed her to train him to her liking. During this time, they had both grown much stronger and she hoped that it would enough to stem the flow of Arrancars.)

Momo: Steady, Anike... Those other, smaller, spiritual energy signatures are Fraccion, or numbered Arrancars in Aizen's army. Each of them will have a different, dangerous technique. Approach them with caution and fight carefully, until you gauge their weaknesses.

Anike: I know, Captain. I won't let you down.

(Finally, the reiatsu peaked and a woman approached, several other Arrancars in her wake. She was big-breasted and strangely reminded Momo of Rangiku.)

????: Hello there, little Soul Reaper woman... Oh, how I shall delight in making you cry with pain. Are you ready? (Without waiting for a reply, she instantly disappeared and charged at Momo with unsurprising speed, given her reiatsu-level. Momo was ready and avoided the attack by spinning gracefully, like a ballerina and pirouetting in mid-air, her Zanpakuto suddenly withdrawn from its sheath. Their blades clashed together, sparks flashing wildly) Oh, you're not stupid, huh...?

Momo: I'm a Captain! Don't underestimate me so readily, you silly Hollow. I'll wipe that painstakingly stupid grin off your face, mark my words! (And, with a burst of feistyness, flare and irritation, she flared her reiatsu, orangey-red, and pushed the Arrancar backwards. She was nothing compared to what it had been like to face Nero. How she had changed...)

????: Bitch! I'll show you true strength if you anger me...

Momo: (Snorts) You're nothing... Nothing compared to the Espada I fought in Hueco Mundo... Since then, I have become much stronger. I will not lose to petty, little brat, like you. Hado No.73, Rikorojoro! (A flash of reiatsu and a massive lightning strike hits the Arrancar directly. She leaps upwards, following the Arrancar-girl into the air, where her robes are smoking and is getting angrier and angrier, her face red and flushed.)

????: That's it! I'm going to- (Is suddenly cut off by a fist and a massive reiatsu, which came mostly undetected)

Nero Lanca: (A look of anger on his face) Don't take my opponent, bitch! You have orders from Aizen... Don't let me catch you disobeying. You were asked to oversee the process of gaining entry to the Seireitei... Instead I find you about release against the prey I didn't get to catch last time we fought. Run along, little girly...

????: My apologies, Lord Nero... I'll go now... (She disappears, a look of fright on her face, as well as a bruise from the fist implanted into her cheek by Espada right before Momo now)

Momo: A tad unwarranted, wouldn't you say?

Nero: Not at all... It's nothing compared to what's ahead for you, Shinigami Captain... I'm make sure to make the pain last, right until your eyes close in death... I'll make sure you bow to me, right before you die! That will be my revenge for the pain you left me in last time, you bitch! (Snarling, he immediately rushes through the air, much quicker than she remembered him to be... She only just managed to bring Tobiume up in time and was throughly knocked backwards through the air, her only chance of halting being the very air itself)

Nero: How's that for bringing back old memories, little girl?

-Seireitei; Raijin, Kogase and Shunsui-

Raijin: Don't even bother to speak... I have nothing to say to you.

Raiden: Whatever... Fool. (Correspondingly disappears, obliging Raijin with arrogant nonchalance)

Inner Thoughts: Damn. If he is that calm about fighting me again... Does that mean he has gotten stronger? Or will he pull out some kind of special move? I'd better not use my powers from Kaminari - at least, not until I know what secrets this bastard holds. I wonder where the Rogue Squad are...? Hopefully they are focusing on the biggest threat to the Seireitei... I did leave them to keep a look out, too.

(Raiden already appeared, right in front of him, the yellow-handled Zanpakuto screaming towards him. Raijin dodged it easily, throwing his counter-attack, which smashed into Raiden's blade, and causing a burst of reiatsu to clash and explode potently, engulfing them both in smoke. Raijin avoided the next few attacks, expertly sensing them, even among the smoke from the explosion. Then he had his turn. He came out of the smoke, appearing behind Raiden. The other turned, as the smoke finally dissipated, his eyes narrowing with determination and annoyance. Raijin fired a Hado at him. During his time of training, he had managed to learn some of the simple ones. He had also been trained to use Kurohitsugi, though it had taken him a very long time to do so and he hadn't mastered it - more like, just barely managed to pick it up.)

Raijin: (Shunpoing swiftly) Hado No.73, Soren Sokatsui! (The blue energy blast spirals at Raiden, knocking him sideways and leaving an ugly burn mark on the right side of his robes and face. Raiden snarls with anger and charges, throwing wild strikes at Raijin, who is momentarily surprised and takes a few seconds to parry, block and then mount a counter-attack, which misses, as Raiden leaps backwards several steps)

Raiden: I guess you have gotten stronger. It doesn't really matter, though. I will surprise you later, when you realise just how much stronger I have become.

Raijin: I guess I will, then. Honestly, I have no intention of under-estimating you, Espada. I just want to destroy that pathetic snarl for good. Honestly, you are so true to your 'Truth', that it makes me sick. Self-righteous, my ass. Selfish and stupid, more like.


Raijin: I told you not to talk to me. The only words I have for you are insults. Just hurry up and fight.

Raiden: Whatever, goddamn prick. Rush forwards, Extensioblas! (His Resurreccion suddenly activates, with a yellow flash of reiatsu and a massive upsurge in the heavy reiatsu feeling in the air) I'll show you how I have improved. Rabasoru No Ridairekushon! (He glowed with an eerie, yellow light, which began to flare outwards, then pulsate and visually throb around him. His feet suddenly became much larger, as they gained rubber-like protusions on the bottom, resembling the soles of shoes, or sandals. Raijin stared in disbelief) Heh, not so rude now, are you...?

Raijin: So what? My lightning-based attacks won't work on you, is that what you're trying to achieve?

Raiden: You'll see...

Raijin: Then watch this! (Raijin's reiatsu flares and he did something he had only ever done once before, he uses his mask, Kaminari's powers, and begins to focus his reishi into his arms, just like Takuma had mentioned in passing, once. With that complete, he focuses as much of the chaotic energy within that of his own reiatsu and concentrates it around the blade of his Zanpakuto. Then he disappears, his speed much faster than previous, and swings it directly at Raiden. Raiden laughs and lets the massive blast hit him. It engulfs him and he fades into the smoke, then rushes outwards, bringing a trail of smoke with him)

Raiden: Hahahaha! That was nowhere near enough to injure me. That reiatsu is incredible, though.

(Raijin immediately understood. Because he was only using his sealed Zanpakuto, even with Kaminari's powers, it was hard to damage to Raiden in his 50% released form, with the limited amount of reiatsu he could expend in one attack. Because of the rubber things on Raiden's feet, the lightning from his Shikai and Bankai would be completely ineffective, unless they were combined with Kaminari's powers... And that was unknown, as well. He really had no idea how useful Kaminari's powers would be against someone who would remain uneffected from his lightning. Raijin decided to save his reiatsu for the time being and revert back to original form, and use his Bankai instead, which would use up less spirit energy.)

Raijin: Bankai! (His reiatsu flares and his Bankai begins to emerge) Hageshii Raikouarashi!

-Seireitei; Toshiro and his opponent-

Toshiro: I can't believe you are actually alive... I thought Aizen killed you.

Halibel: No. Your comrade, a woman captain, healed me and my Fraccion from within inches of death... I wonder, if you would have done the same...

Toshiro: Unohana always did uphold the code of honour as a healer... I am not one, therefore not bound by the same rules as her, but if it had been within my capabilities as a Shinigami, I would have done so. I am not evil, not like Aizen... and not like many others within the ranks of the Espada. I was never out there to destroy you, Tia Halibel, only protect my home and keep Aizen from hurting my friends and loved ones.

Halibel: Then you must understand how I felt that day... That day we clashed and brought our powers into a collision.

Toshiro: Perhaps that is true. However, it hasn't changed. My objective, that is. I still wish to protect the Soul Society from Aizen and you Arrancars. The thing I wonder, though, is why you decided to work for Aizen again... After he sought to destroy you.

Halibel: I had a very good reason. That is all I wish to tell you. I will not falter... I will erase you from existence... That is what Lord Aizen wishes. And should I fail, well, my colleague here will simply lift his left finger and destroy you and your tainted, false words for good.

Toshiro: Most distasteful, really. Perhaps you don't understand my conviction. I am the Head-Captain of the Gotei 13... Not only is it my job to protect the Soul Society, but I also wish it, too. I wish to protect Momo and all of the others that work so hard for me. Don't tell me that my words are tainted... That means nothing coming from a fool who works for the man who killed her... I speak no false words, only a determination not to fail my friends. Once upon a time, you were the same, but now you are no longer that person. The time for words has come to an end. Defend yourself, if you can! (With that, Toshiro rushes towards her, wielding his Zanpakuto expertly - the kind of mastery that only a Head-Captain could possibly display)


Starrk: It really is a pleasure to encounter you again, Captain. Though we have to fight, it is still wonderful to cross swords with such a man as yourself. If I wasn't an Espada, I would greatly admire you, Shunsui Kyoraku, Captain of Squad Eight.

Shunsui: Choice words. Do you really mean them?

Starrk: Of course I do. I don't say that to many people. You are strong and principled... You show expert skill at fighting, but you show enough restraint not to fight simply for bloodshed and destruction. Just because I am an Espada, doesn't mean I share the same sentiments as many of the others.

Shunsui: You are an interesting man. If I was to be fighting any of the Espada, I'm actually glad it is you. At least I don't have to watch out foul play and murderous intent.

Starrk: I'm glad to hear it. That isn't my style. If I'm going to defeat you, I want it to be done only by managing to overpower with superior fighting skill. Anything else would be despicable. I hope that you can respect me as an opponent, as I do you.

Shunsui: Respect? Perhaps. Maybe even a grudging admiration. I don't know, but this is getting us nowhere. Show me what you have learned since we last met, Koyote Starrk.

Starrk: My pleasure. (Meets Shunsui head-on and their blades grind against each other... Both trying to get a feel of other's improved strength over 500 years)

Shunsui, Starrk: (Simultaneously) Impressive! You have gotten even stronger over the years!


Kogase: Going to at least tell me your name?

Grimmjow: I'm going to kill you anyway... There's no reason for me not to. Grimmjow Jaegerjacques, Espada No.4.

Kogase: Interesting. Captain of Squad 3, Kogase Sonoyuushi.

Grimmjow: Whatever. That was unneeded. Like I said, I'm going to be the one who kills you, Shinigami scum.

Kogase: Yeah? Try me, then! (Smashes his blade into the Espada's, sparks flashing and clashing sounds resound around the area, as each tries to overpower the other)

-To Be Continued-
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I'm working on a post right now, but I've been busy trying to fix my Minecraft (Which is being a bit of a jerk right now) so I'll be posting probably tomorrow or LAAAATE tonight.
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[New Tactics! The Samurai Against The Espada]

(1 week Prior to Aizen’s attack.)

Toku: “Phew. I think we got it this time.”

Raijin: “Yes. I think you finally mastered it. It’ll be interesting to see how you use it in our battle with Aizen.” They were talking while they walked down the streets of Soul Society. There were several stares, but neither paid much attention. Raijin enjoyed talking to Toku. He was fascinating. Every word out of his lips had meaning, though they often were incredibly hard to decipher. It seemed like Toku never did anything without careful thought. That was the perfect reason why he was so necessary for the Rogue Squad. When the others, and even Raijin himself, start to lose control and get angry, Toku was calm as can be. His slow to rise temper was a valuable asset.

Toku: “Well, I doubt it would be THAT effective, but it is an interesting combo, and cool as well.”

Raijin: “I KNOW!” He seemed ecstatic at the thought. “I must admit though, I’m a bit jealous. Your Akuma Bumo ability is so useful. To be able to transform into any animal you want with little to no loss of spiritual pressure…it must be exciting. There are so many combinations that can be used.”

Toku: “Indeed it is. But remember, I can’t gain the powers of any mythical creatures, like the phoenix’s ability to revive itself.”

Raijin: “Yes, but there are loopholes to that. As we’ve just seen.”

Toku: “What about yours? It’s also pretty incredible, especially your Bankai.”

Raijin laughed. “Yes, although both of us need a bit more work at them.”

(Aizen’s attack)

The Eastern parts of Soul Society were being protected by several Shinigami, one of which was Hageshii, but the western parts were having difficulty fighting off the numerous hollows. Them, coupled with several Arrancar’s and even the Espada. They were having trouble. One Shinigami blocked a blade from a relatively weak hollow and slashed through it’s mask. As it faded away, he looked at his sword, breathing heavy. He was having trouble killing even the weak hollows. This was bad. If things didn’t change, they would be overtaken, the casualties were enormous. He was shocked out of his thoughts by a hollow attacking him. This one had a snake-like body which was severed into pieces by the 4 remaining Shinigami. The hollows stopped attacking, a common occurrence with these weak ones. He looked at his comrades. “Any word?”
One shook his head. “no, we can’t get through. It must be more hectic towards the center than we thought.”
The Shinigami leader cursed. “We’re dying here! How can they not have anyone to help! Sheesh, how many of these things are there?” He looked down as the earth began to shake.
“Huh? Oh no. they’re coming…all at once.” He had expected this to happen, but also feared it. They were too tired to fight them off. The hollows charged. The 5 Shinigami looked at each other and nodded, all of them ready to die protecting their home.
“Bring it on, you bastards!” They shouted in unison, but it wasn’t heard over the other shout. A terrifying roar. The hollows all stopped and the Shinigami looked around to see a huge dragon, with pitch black scales, flying straight towards them.
“A d-d-d-dragon?!”
the dragon kept flying at an incredible pace, it’s wings were huge! The beast opened it’s maw and a raging inferno shot out, engulfing the group of hollows. Toku Mujaki, who was using his Akuma Bumo ability to transform himself into the dragon, used the technique that he and Raijin created. If he combined his
Unmeinoitazura with his Dragon form, he can use it to allow him to breath fire. It certainly was effective as the entire group of hollows burnt up after one short burst. The dragon landed and Toku reverted to his human form. The Shinigami sighed in relief and ran over to him. “Thank god you managed to get here-”

Toku: “Get all of the injured here, NOW!”

The Shinigami hurried to do as he said. Toku knelt down and, one by one, healed the wounds of each. The Shinigami gaped at him. “Wow, you’re amazing. Who are you?”

Toku: “Toku Mujaki. Kido specialist of the Rogue squad.”

The shinigami had heard of the Rogue squad. They weren’t sure at the time whether they could be trusted, but now they knew for sure. They bowed low and stood at attention, accepting him as leader. Toku shook his head. “Some more reinforcements should be here soon. I have to go. I need to make my way towards the center. Uh…you may wanna stand back.” The shinigami eyes widened as Toku transformed into the dragon and soared towards the middle of Seireitei. They looked on then looked at the Shinigami he healed and frowned.

“Why on earth is their skin polka dot?”


Hageshii continued his relentless assault on the hollows. A few Arrancar had challenged him, but were swiftly dealt with. He was growing bored. Everyone else was having the Espada all to themselves. The Espada were fascinating creatures. Hollows with that much power. They even had feelings and personalities. He would love to meet one, but it would have to be one of the smarter ones. He hated brutes. No skill used, they just beat down at their opponent. It did work, but it appalled both the scientist in him and the samurai in him. He wasn’t even paying attention to the hollows anymore. He was wrapped in thought about how well he would do if faced with an Espada. He was the only squad 12 member that so openly craved battle, not for scientific reasons, but for the thrill of facing a worthy opponent. He had yet to find anyone who could actually force his Bankai out of him. He made a vow that unless he found the perfect opponent, he would not use his Bankai in battle. His thoughts were interrupted by a powerful spirit energy. He sensed that the Espada were all battling. Even the head captain was actively fighting, but he sensed another power approaching him. Really? Someone that strong? Focusing on the outer edge? Hageshii returned the insects to him, creating an enormous boost in his spirit energy. He now had just as much power in Shikai than he did in Bankai. He wondered how much more powerful his Bankai was now, but decided it could wait. Finally the force arrived. Hageshii looked at the hollow before him. He was large, he looked like some kind of overgrown bear.

Aguantar: “Humph! I came here because they told me a super strong Shinigami was demolishing our forces and all I see is some tiny whelp? Bah!”

Hageshii: “And you are?”


Hageshii raised his eyebrows and sighed. “Oh, just my luck. I finally get a crack at an Espada and he turns out to be some mindless brute.”

Aguantar: “Grr, you may be small, but you have a big mouth! How about I teach you the difference between us?”

Hageshii: “Oh? Do inform me. I would love to know exactly how much effect your brute strength will have against an opponent of a much quality.”

Aguantar: “You have quite the cocky attitude. I’m gonna enjoy crushing you.”

Hageshii: “No no, I am not cocky at all. I merely am not interested in you or your powers. They both have little scientific significance and are appalling to my samurai instincts.”

Aquantar: “Well, samurai or not, you’re dead!” He charged at Hageshii, who flash-stepped away. Aguantar easily followed him with a Sonido of his own and aimed a punch at him, yet to draw his blade. Hageshii blocked the attack and kicked Aguantar in the chest, but it only served to push him back a little. “HA! You’ll have to do better than that if you want to-”

Hageshii: “Hado 33: Sokatsui!” The blast of blue energy hit Aguantar straight on, sending him blasting into the ground “you okay in there? Sounded like quite the nasty fall. If you are too worn out, maybe you should call for a few buddies. I’m sure if you teamed up on me, you would win.” His taunt worked perfectly as Aguantar’s reiatsu flared violently. He roared and attacked, now with even more strength and speed than before.

Aguantar: “I’LL KILL YOU, YOU WORM!!!”

Hageshii just grinned as he promptly used Aguantar’s own momentum to slam him into the ground violently, creating a huge crater. “Just as I thought. Superior skill always wins, but having a lot of strength helps too.”

(Sorry if I portrayed him wrong. I had no idea what his personality was XD)
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Espada #6, Idoya Onda

Represents disconnection as truth.

Her Zanpakuto is Hendido Fin (translated as “Split End”)

Her blade is built with a simple wooden handle without a guard. Upon release, her blade dissolves. Her appearance does not change. The sole ability she has after release is that any weapon or piece of armor she grabs, independent of its usual effectiveness, becomes her released weapon. It will take on characteristics of her choice, and no matter the size or source of the weapon, will come under her complete control. Should this be an opposing Zanpakuto, she would retain none of its abilities, though the normal capabilities of the blade would still be active, as well as any added by her ability. As soon as she drops the weapon, she no longer retains control over it to any extent. However, she can control a number of weapons at the same time, as long as they are all held by her at the same time. Modifications can increase weapon length and width, though the further away it gets from the body wielding it, the less effective her ability is on it, making longer weapons more brittle the further out they extend. This also allows her to modify weaponry and armor another person is carrying or wearing, often detrimentally. Any weapon modified in this way takes on a metallic, bluish appearance.

Appearance: A bulky woman who is often confused for a man due to her lack of feminine features, she has short, messy blonde hair and dirty blue eyes. Her arms and legs are thick as tree trunks, and her torso is a solid block of muscle.

Personality: Idoya is a stickler for honor, believing that her allegiance is more important than her life. Her allegiance takes precedence over everything else, and she often alienates herself from others in an effort to better serve her leader. She believes in honorable fighting, and views subversive tactics as shows of fear or cowardice. She is very serious the majority of the time, and is difficult to engage in any sort of conversation that doesn’t directly involve her duty.
Больше года Zordaik said…
Espada #8, Cyrus Sataros

Represents chaos as a truth

Appearance: Cyrus has medium length, dark red hair and electric blue eyes. His mask remnants form a cage of sorts around his mouth, taking the appearance of a toothy, devilish smile. Pale skinned, he has very long, lanky limbs and wears Espada robes. His robes, however, have a very large collar, loose pants as opposed to a single part encompassing both legs, and a short white cape at the back. He wears his weapon, a short wakizashi with a white blade, in a perfectly vertical position on his back.

Personality: Cyrus' mind has been completely overtaken by insanity. He loves nothing more than causing pain to his opponents, both physically and psychologically. Even his voice is insane, the manic sound of a completely deranged lunatic. Cyrus speaks often, saying very disturbing things, threatening others constantly, or making jokes of all varieties.

Fighting Style: Cyrus has a very unpredictable fighting style due to the instability of his mind. The only thing he keeps as a constant in his fighting is his fondness of acrobatics, putting his sonido and incredible leg muscles to good use.

Resureccion - Begin the Madness... Bromista! (Entertainer): Upon releasing his resureccion, Cyrus' appearance changes drastically. Most of his body is now paper-white, with black drops of mascara running from his eyes and intense crimson pain covering his lips. His body is now oddly proportioned. While released, his waist is incredibly skinny while his upper back and shoulders are much larger. His knees are also incredibly large now, though his legs have shortened drastically. His clothing also changes. Rather than his Espada robes, Cyrus now wears a purple jester suit complete with the two-belled hat. Rather than one Wakizashi, he now wields two large, jagged daggers. While in Resureccion, Cyrus gains several abilities in addition to becoming much faster and stronger...

Patazo a Locura (Blades of Madness) - The blades of Cyrus' daggers absorb his reiatsu passively, turning them bright blue in color. Cyrus can have this reiatsu be released from his daggers at any time, creating a cutting blast of energy very similar to a cero.

Asfixia Desfile (Suffocation Carnival) - Cyrus exhales a massive plume of thick, orange smoke. Though Cyrus can see through this smoke easily, it is usually too thick for anyone else to. In addition, the smoke is very toxic to anyone but Cyrus. It outright kills cells if ingested, slowly eating the victim from the inside out. Though the effect is quite painful, the immune system will usually destroy the toxins before lethal damage can occur, unless the victim inhales a particularly large amount. This smoke usually remains close to the ground due to its density, and clears out after about a minute.

Fiesta de Suplicio (Torment Party) - A portion of Cyrus' reiatsu manifests into an identical clone beside him. The clone, though perfectly resembling his appearance at the time of its creation, is only half as strong as him, half as quick, and has half as large a reiatsu. He controls it mentally. If killed, a clone will simply burst into a wispy mass of blue reiatsu before dissipating from existence.
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 Espada #8, Cyrus Sataros Represents chaos as a truth Appearance: Cyrus has medium length, dark
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The thrilling finale! In a first for me, I've provided music for this one. And not just one, but 2 pieces of music. There are two stages of heavy fighting, so I felt they warranted their own individual pieces. The one in this post is Music 1, the one in the next is Music 2.

[Coming Apart, Part 3]

[Play Music 1]

Time seemed to stand still. Demandred, anticipatory in his stance, waiting for the inevitable assault. Takuma, like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. They shared something in that instant. Despite the fact that Demandred had no eyes to meet, he felt as though he was looking into the soul of his opponent, seeing to his very core. To a man he’d never met before. Takuma was still trying to come to terms with what Demandred had done, and why he’d done it. Perhaps he saw an answer in that moment. Perhaps not.

Takuma charged, and disappeared. Blue and white flames filled the air as Demandred flared his bismuth, turning just in time to intercept a particularly powerful with a pair of linked cylinders. A cut rove through the ground beneath his feet. Demandred gritted his teeth and flared pewter, spinning another two cylinders like nun chucks toward Takuma. They got within an inch before Takuma’s sword cut the bond that held them together.

He kicked out toward Demandred with his right leg, slamming hard into the other man’s forearm, but he held firm. He propelled his other leg forward at the knee, pushing off of another invisible platform. It slammed into Demandred’s chest, and the elder man was propelled backward with a cough of blood into and through a building.

Takuma wasn’t even worrying about the pace of his energy transitions anymore. Energy ran through his body like rivers, focusing down in his legs and then up in his arms within seconds. It had all the fury of a raging river as well, making his skin burn and leaving him panting. Still, he would not let up. He kept forcing close quarters confrontations, not giving Demandred a moment to breathe.

He shot through the building, following his target. Demandred saw him coming, and flared his steel to push hard off of the girders of the building, sending him careening through at a faster pace. Takuma followed it by creating platforms beneath his hands and pushing off with all his might. Demandred changed tactics, anchoring his body between two buildings and coming to a full stop. Takuma slashed forward, and, still anchored to the two buildings, Demandred pushed against his blade. Despite the incredible weight behind him, Takuma’s blade still moved forward, though it’s pace was reduced. It was enough. Demandred’s fist arced out, colliding with Takuma’s cheek and sending him careening into the street below. Asphalt came up with him in huge black pieces. Demandred pursued, wielding a chain of 5 cylinders as if it were a sanjiegun with 2 extra sections. He crashed down into the broken earth in a whirl of flame. Takuma’s blade met it at one end, his right hand at the other. Demandred touched a finger to it, and the cylinder grew into a fiery red rod. Takuma’s smile never wavered.

The explosion scorched the street clean of blacktop, as well as several feet beneath it. The buildings to the left and right were so damaged that they leaned towards one another, a shower of glass falling up and down the destroyed avenue. Takuma stood at one end, and Demandred at the other.

Takuma suddenly appeared behind him. Demandred tisked, turning to meet the attack. With his flared pewter, he was able to meet each of Takuma’s attacks and push him back, even though the latter had most of his reishi localized in his arms. But each time he’d be pushed back, Takuma would create a new platform, pushing off of it and reengaging, never allowing a single step back. Ribs were broken, he was bleeding heavily internally, bruises began to cover his arms and torso, and yet he pressed on, not faltering a step as glass continued to rain down all around them.

Demandred quickly began to flag. Despite attempts to conceal it, a sickly cast overtook his face. He was burning his metals too fast, and they were beginning to poison his body. Even so, he held his ground for all he was worth, taking a number of fierce cuts into his shoulders and one that cleaved through his left side, ribs and all. His left lung had even been cut, and his breathing came in shallow huffs.

It was an unrelenting flurry of strikes. Demandred sought to crush him at every moment, each and kick an effort to break Takuma’s momentum. Even when a blow shattered Takuma’s left elbow, he didn’t waver, shifting his force from that arm to its corresponding leg. His blade continued to lick out like an arc of silver lightning. And eventually, his persistence won out. Demandred began to move back, and Takuma followed him every step of the way, shrugging off attempts to push him back. Another cylinder rose between them and a pillar of fiery death rose between them. Earth went with it, and a shower of smoldering brown clods fell all about them.

[Stop Music 1]

Takuma: Is this all you’re worth? You see what you’re doing as a necessity, and yet look at you now!

Demandred: I won’t fall to this, not to you!

Takuma: No, in the end, it’s only fitting. I’ve never considered myself a loyalist, Demandred. I’ve suffered for Soul Society, not as a captain, but as a force of nature! I only did my duty when it was required of me. It’s perfect that I should have the chance to slay someone who has forsaken their duty such as you, that the loss of my eyes and ears should lead me to this moment.

Demandred: Do you even understand that word? Duty!? Duty is a farce! One day you’ll learn that what it commands of you is more than you can ever hope to manage.

Takuma: I haven’t suffered enough for it!?

Demandred: Physical suffering… Come back to me when you have to deny everything you ever were for duty, everything you are and thought you would be! You who have lost your senses still have your sense of justice and self-worth. I have none of that, nothing to call my own!

Takuma: Betrayal for duty? Don’t be an idiot!

Demandred: Duty reaches us in ways we don’t understand, Takuma.

Takuma: I understand it well enough. I understand that you wish to side with our greatest foes. I know what that means. I know that duty has brought me here, brought me to the brink of death, and to your end. It has brought me to do one thing, something I thought I could never do. To Exceed the Impossible.

Demandred watched as all of the color drained from his foe’s body and clothing. They began to pool at his feet in a swirl of color, dancing about his feet like flames. Metallic flames. Demandred immediately tossed a cylinder at him. The flames leapt to meet it, dragging it away to a safe distance where the heat could not affect him.

Takuma: And I will exceed it!

Demandred sighed. He arranged eight of the cylinders around him as if they composed a large doorframe before him, where they floated. He stuck the remaining two within his coat. They would be little use at this stage without careful application. He didn’t even think to look for the used ones. He would put himself at incredible risk just to gather one.

Demandred: No one exceeds the impossible. If they break their limitations, that just means they weren’t truly limitations to begin with. There are some things that are truly impossible. And I’ll show you the way. Death’s Door.

[Play Music 2]

White light flooded the area between the eight cylinders. It was his last weapon, the one that had protected him and his comrades on so many occasions. It would be used now towards a different purpose.

Two waves of metallic flames raced towards him. Demandred sent the doorway flying along the ground towards Takuma, then escaped into the air. The flames followed. Takuma easily sensed the presence of such dense reishi, and dodged around the white frame. It rotated in place and tried to follow him, though Takuma simply dodged it at every turn. The flames themselves had begun to engulf nearby buildings, tearing through every bit of material and collapsing them on themselves. Demandred returned his Death Door to his position, then pushed it forward again, preparing a Hado behind it.

Demandred: “Falling tears, rising waters. Seek clemency! Fight the flood that fills your halls! Unite against the tide, and crash down upon them! Flash and blind, coil and strike! Fangs of fear, fill them with despair!” Hado #74: Isaku!

Blue lightning discharged from his hands in tremendous numbers, rocketing after the gate of white light. Flames rose to block it, but the door kept them at bay. Takuma propelled himself high into the air, but while the door had to pause to turn, the blue streams of light followed him.

Takuma pressed off of a platform created above him, and flew towards the streams of light, blade out in front of him.

Takuma: Bakudo #39: Enkōsen!

A yellow shield slammed into the lightning and he fought to press it back with every ounce of strength. He pushed forward, his momentum carrying him through the lightning. Takuma was so focused on it, that he didn’t notice the block of white coming from behind.

White met blue and yellow in a cascade of energy. Demandred looked on from afar, uncertain of his success. He sensed nothing. Suddenly, silver flames roared up in waves around him. He dug into his coat, withdrawing one of the remaining cylinders and throwing it above him. The explosion shattered the flames, and he barely escaped, sweat pouring down his face from the imminent heat.

Takuma appeared above him out of a stream of light. He had a third degree burn along his right hand from the Demandred’s Isaku.

Takuma: Bakudo #26: Kyokko. You’re making me use all sorts of kido spells, Demandred. You know what my squad would do to me if they found out?

He descended, lowering himself to the ground amidst his flames, and they roared to life around him. Streams of metal flowed out from him, each trying to collide with the other captain. None connected, each destroyed by the doorway he now kept close if he could, or dodged if he couldn’t. Demandred knew he couldn’t keep this pace up, not with the flames expanding every second. He’d need something that Takuma couldn’t respond to, something that he couldn’t sense.

Without another thought, Demandred stuck his hands directly into the flames with a wince, whispering the words of the Hado.

Demandred: Hado #11: Tsuzuri Raiden!

Lightning flowed through the flames towards his opponent. Takuma gritted his teeth, nearly screaming in agony as the lightning reached him. He smoked.

Takuma: Smart. But you’ll have to do better than that!

The flame along Demandred’s arm began to grow and expand like the rest. He reached in with his other hand a dug it out in a spray of blood, just seconds before Takuma’s own blade reached him. The blade narrowly missed his temple. Demandred lashed out in response, a fist taking Takuma in the left shoulder, though the man was hardly fazed; the strength of his blows had become too weak, even with pewter. Takuma raised his other arm, and metal flames came to greet him. He barely managed to escape by bringing his door through, vaporizing the flames and separating the two again.

Takuma: You’ve gotten weak! Like your ideals!

It would be the last he could manage. Demandred brought Death’s Door back to him, and rammed it forward at the waiting Takuma. It shot forward, the other waiting patiently for it to arrive. He jumped at the last second, allowing it pass harmlessly beneath him as he prepared to rush forward again.

Takuma: Is this all you’ve go-

A cylinder was stuck in the midst of the doorway, unable to be sensed with all of that energy. The door couldn’t vaporize the very cylinders that composed it, nor could it vaporize any of the others. But when red energy met white, the forces holding it together gave way. Red and white energy became a blur of chaos, cylinders and their shards of flame ricocheting out of the mess as through from an intense explosion. Takuma was caught in it, and so was Demandred. Their worlds became a mess of pain and burning.

[Stop Music 2]

When the smoke cleared, a square mile of the city was leveled. There was no rubble to bury everything in, no scattered earth. The explosion had cut and incinerated everything that could have managed it. Though the buildings around that square mile were still standing, many were riddled with holes and melting in many places.

Demandred rose, his body wracked with pain. He coughed and blood covered his entire front side. He quickly went down on one knee, supporting the upper half of his body with one arm as the other held a hand over his mouth. What little had remained of his destroyed lung was now a smoldering mess inside of him. He’d need medical attention soon if he was to survive. He dropped out of bankai, reaching into his coat and pulling out the sole remaining item. The Garganta would send him to Aizen, and it would be the end of this mess. He closed his eyes, thankful to have survived.

His eyes went wide as a roar of metal and metal surrounded him. Flames clinked and clanked together as they ran across each other in a 10 meter high wall around him in a circle. Takuma emerged from them, clutching his right abdomen, which looked to have been burned away completely. He was in dire straits as well.

Takuma shouted over the roar: That was a good one! Never would have thought you to be so innovative, Demandred. But it seems that, in the end, I’ve won!

The strange metallic flames closed in around him, Demandred feeling an incredible despair. He couldn’t even pass this barrier. In the end, he’d been stopped by a man he had never regarded highly, a man he had mistrusted the whole time he’d known him. A man who only held three senses to his five.

He closed his eyes, preparing for the inevitable, only to open them several seconds later. The flames were gone, and ripples had formed in the air around them. Takuma’s color had returned to him, but none of his other abilities were active. Demandred had never seen this ability before. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a garbled, incomprehensible noise.

Takuma: Don’t speak.

When he spoke, it was clear, though his mouth moved in ways that in no way matched the words Demandred heard.

Takuma: Someone is likely watching and listening in at this very moment. This zone changes the words we say to an incomprehensible dialect. I’ve managed to decipher it, and now I can use it to speak normally as you see. However, it doesn’t affect those outside this space. If you speak, they’ll be able to understand you. All they’re hearing from me now is a string of sounds that makes no sense.

Demandred narrowed his eyes. What was the point of all this? Takuma had him right where he’d wanted him. Why stop?

Takuma: I know you better than you think, Demandred. I know betrayal is not in your vocabulary. Whether you feel anger towards Hitsugaya or not for removing you from your seat and calling off the attack, you would sooner kill yourself than betray the Soul Society.

He paused. They stared at each other, Demandred not betraying a hint of emotion as he met that sightless gaze. Without his headband, Takuma could only see him in waves of sensing energy that he released constantly, revealing him completely every other second.

Takuma: I trust you, more completely than I trust any captain, even Hitsugaya. You’re a man of duty, and I know whatever you’re doing now is a part of that duty.

He looked at his blade briefly then tossed it over to Demandred. The other man looked down at the blade uncertainly.

Takuma smiled: I may have messed things up by coming here, but I can make them right. The left ventricle of my heart was cut back when I received these injuries. *he pointed to his eyes and ears* Unohana saved me then. It was replaced, but my heart was slightly displaced in the process. If you cut where it once was, it will look like you’ve hit my heart, and I will pretend to die.

Demandred reached down and grabbed the blade, hefting it. It was much lighter than his own. He looked back at Takuma, who had spread his arms wide. Strange, those scars had been so disturbing only a minute ago, now they looked almost peaceful. He was telling the truth. The ripples disappeared.

Takuma: I will not kill you, Demandred. Not even for all you’ve done. I know you’re not that person. It’s your choice. You can pick up that blade and end me, or you can hand it back and we can return home. The choice is your-

The blade plunged directly into his heart. Not to where it had been before, but where it had been displaced to. Takuma’s eyes widened, he sputtered, and fell. The blade began to disappear as blood spread out beneath his writhing corpse.

Takuma: …Why?

Demandred: Your trust was misplaced. My duty is no longer to Soul Society.

Takuma coughed, reached towards him, and fell silent, the blade disappearing from his chest completely. Demandred looked down on his former comrade, an indecipherable look on his face. Then agony shone again. He almost went to his knees once more, but grimaced and kept his stance. He pressed a series of buttons on the Garganta creator, opening a portal to a location right outside Las Noches. He disappeared into blackness, beyond the reach of the dead man he left behind. Beyond the reach of anyone he once called allies.
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Music 2!
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hella nice post
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Holy crap, that was awesome, Whiteflame. Epic fighting there. Also, the two Espada were interesting. Hopefully we can arrange some more epic fighting. XD

@Everyone. I'll have another post up, probably tomorrow night.

Raijin: So he says... The bastard'll probably keep youy waiting days. I don't know why you all put up with him.

Bp: Still slandering me, I see. One day, you'll pay.

Raijin: It wouldn't happen, if you weren't so easy to pick on. Harden up a bit.

Bp: No, thanks. I don't take advice from fictional characters.

Raijin: Screw your fictional! I'll make you eat those words.

Bp: Disappear... (Raijin disappears from post) Well, that was a handy trick.

Exorcist: Learned something new, I see. So, it appears you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Bp: Yet I believe that statement is reserved for old people, who shouldn't be learning new tricks in the first place, yet somehow still manage to.

Exorcist: Ah, I see you didn't understand what I mean... It's okay... I can use layman terms.

Bp: (Coughs) I think I'll be okay, thanks.

(Whiteflame interferes, while Cadence stands awkwardly next to him)

Whiteflame: Hey, guys, what's up?

Exorcist: The sky!

Bp: (Groans) How did I know he would say that! (Facepalms)

Cadence: Oh!!! (She says excitedly) I think I've heard of people like you... You're called mindreaders, right?

Bp: (Looks at Whiteflame, then Exorcist) Yeah... sure I am.

Whiteflame: Ahem. I think I was actually heading somewhere... Coming, Cadence?

Cadence: I want to hear about this mind-reading stuff. You can go and do your business, and maybe you'll randomly appear later and I'll see you then.

Whiteflame: (Shrugs) Okay, fine then. See y'all later. (Walks off)

Cadence: So, how do you do it?

Bp: Ahhhh... Well, you just look at someone's head and visualise their thoughts. It's pretty easy if you know how to do it. Hey-what are you doing?

Exorcist: (Laughs) What you just explained to her...

Cadence: Damn, it must be harder than I thought. Perhaps if I...

Bp: (Whispers to Exorcist) She's so gullible... I wonder if she actually thinks she's trying to mind-read?

Exorcist: (Whispers back) I think she is pretty focused on it right now, dude.

Cadence: I still can't do it. This blows. Hey, anywhere to get something to eat around here?

Bp: Huh? I never thought about it... (Coughs loudly) Best be going now.

Cadence: (Fishes around in her robes, pulling something out from under her bra) I have money, if you show me where to eat something...

Bp: (Inner thoughts: Whoa, did she just touch her own breasts and rummage around inside her bra? I wish I was in there, too... Maybe if I-is interrupted by Exorcist)

Exorcist: Dude, why are you just standing there, with a grin on your face? Don't tell me...

Bp: Never mind... I have places to be! (Runs away as fast as his legs can carry him)

Cadence: Why's he running away? (Exchanges look with Exorcist) HEY, WAIT, i HAVE A QUESTION! WHAT IS A NEXUS? SOMEONE ONCE USED THE WORD, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS??!!

Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Glad you guys enjoyed it! A difficult one to write, sad to see Takuma go, really. I'd intended for him to be deeply involved in a lot in Fallout, so I'd be damned if he died without a glorious end. Funny stuff by the way, BP, really captured Cadence well.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Flame. I was too, actually. Takuma was a cool character. However, it flowed quite well and made the current events very interesting. I can't till we get to the good stuff. Lol. And, yeah, I wasn't sure how funny it was going to term out. But, thanks.

@Wantadog. Your last post was cool, dude. I'll give you some pointers for Aguantar... Besides being immensely strong, he is also fairly intelligent for how much brute strength he wields. He is also excellent at working out battle tactics. Also, he holds a lot of respect for opponents that prove themselves to be strong. If you need to, try and find the Sajin - Aguantar fight that Flame wrote a while back (around pages 17-22), which captures the Espada quite well. XD
Больше года wantadog said…
@BP I figured he had that sorta personality....ish. I went under the assumption that Hageshii's simple appearance would disappoint him and he'd accidently overlook his spiritual pressure. Anyway....we need bio's for these guys on the new characters forum XD Either way, I'll try and get him better next post XD

@Flame awesome post! I usually suck at battle scene's cuz mine always end up lacking detail XD

Wantadog: "so that's what a nexus is."

Cadence: "Hi, who are you?"

Wantadog: "Batman."

BP: "You are not Batman."

Wantadog: "Quiet Alfred and go get the Batmobile ready!"

BP(Alfred) "HEY! Who said I have to be the-ah who am I kidding. Alfred's awesome. Okeedokee, one Batmobile coming up."

Whiteflame: "Wantadog, you shouldn't be doing that."

Wantadog: "..."

Whiteflame: "Wantadog?"

Wantadog: "..."

Whiteflame: *Facepalms* "Batman."

Wantadog: "Yes?"
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Больше года blackpanther666 said…
@Wantadog. Heh. Make the fight fairly long - we need this Arc to drag out a little. Evidently people aren't interested in writing for a filler-style Arc. XDDD. By the way, funny mini-skit.

Bp: Mini-skit? You call that a mini-skit?

Wantadog: I heard they call you 'mini-something-or-rather'...

Bp: (Face reddens and mumbles an excuse) Well... at least my skits always end up making sense somehow.

Wantadog: Sense? You call that sense?

Bp: I heard that they call you a 'sensual-something-or-rather'...

Wantadog: I heard that you sucked.

Bp: Comeback? You call that a comeback?

Wantadog: You don't even wanna know what I'm gonna say about your 'comebacks'.

Bp: Yet, you already did. I don't wanna know?

Wantadog: Question? You call that a question?

(Whiteflame bursts in!)

Whiteflame: WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?! Why must you always play around with this stuff?

Bp: Grand entrance? You call that a grand entrance?

(Whiteflame facepalms)

Wantadog: I'll give you a grand entrance... A grand entrance to hell.

Bp: Hell? I'll send you to where your shit don't shine...

Wantadog: Cussing? You call that cussing?

Whiteflame: NO! Guys, you're literally killing me!!! My head is going to explode.

(Exorcist comes in, clutching his head)

Exorcist: What are you weirdos doing? It's like you're ripping time, or something.

Bp: No, it's just a time-loop... See ya, guys.

(Bp disappears, Wantadog swiftly in pursuit)

Whiteflame: Am I missing something here?

Exorcist: Probably the same thing I'm missing...
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I was planning to write another post, but people seem to be paying little attention to this forum, so I think I'll wait until the activity on here becomes more pronounced. Be aware, everyone, that we are actually at the start of an important Arc, so I was hoping that we could a bit more activity going on here. Oh well, I guess this'll pick eventually (hopefully).
Больше года wantadog said…
*Starts to chuckle.* Well I was kinda waiting for someone else to post.

Toku: "Why?"

Wantadog: "Shush, Toku. This isn't a skit."

Toku: "Then stop writing a skit."

*4th wall shatters*

Bp: "Where on earth did my phone go?"

Wantadog: "It's old, but seeing that happen is still funny."
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I can write one over the next couple of days, then you can post after, if you want to. Just go with the flow, or whatever. XDDDD

Bp: Why does the Fourth Wall always affect me??!!

Wantadog: Because they only happen in my skits and I like to make sure that you lose things, because it's funny.

Bp: I hate you... I think I have a new idea for one of my skits... Whatever you think it;s going to be is exactly what it won't be.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
[Epic Fighting! Clash of the Powers/The Determinant Move/An Enemy Approaching]

-Raiden Vs. Raijin-

(Raijin pounced at Raiden, his anger reaching a boiling point; the Espada dodged his attack, mounting his own, the blades of Exstensioblas extending and retracting to and fro, to and fro, but at unimaginable speeds, at least, unimaginable for those in experienced at dealing with his attacks. Raijin had seen most of Raiden's attacks before, as such, his body had formed a minor defense against the unoriginality of these attacks and he seemed to have absolutely no trouble keeping up with Raiden. They clashed again, Raijin's Zanpakuto sideways in midair and holding back both of Raiden's blades. In his head, Raijin could almost visualise the two different spirit energies' trying to force the other back; he pressed forwards again, not even thinking of relinquishing a minor victory to the other man. Raiden's reiatsu/spirit energy was pushed back somewhat and his feet began to slide in the air, as the pressure against him built up. Raiden struggled, his spirit energy holding and he slowly used his determination and strength of will to counter the intense pressure from Raijin. Then, in synchronisation, both allowed their energies' to explode and the area was obscured by a large explosion, one that even seemed to rock the ground and shake the entire surrounding area. The Soul Reapers, down below, all scattered, as the intense and massive pressure sent the area awash with intense reiatsu and a large rush of air from the explosion. Raijin stood, panting, awaiting his foe. Raiden complied quite willingly, emerged in his 100% form. Raijin's eyes widened, as he realised that Raiden was quite unhurt and he seemed to still be as powerful as he was going to get. Hageshii Raikouarashi came flying through the air, then disappeared, as Raijin shunpoed with conviction. 'Haretsu!' The Zanpakuto smashed into Raiden and exploded vehemently, causing a shockwave and covering the area with more smoke. They separated, both panting slightly, Raiden bleeding on his cheek and shoulder.)

Raiden: (Seeming to grow more angry) Curse you, Rogue Shinigami. I promised Sosuke Aizen that I would defeat you and that is exactly what I'll do! Doblez Cero Staticio! (The air seems to ripple, as straight killing power fills it. Both hands fill with a yellow/black energy and pulsate for a moment, also appearing to grow larger)

Raijin: Uh-oh... This is pretty wild. I better get serious, otherwise it is playtime over for me. (Raijin creates a shield made from lightning and brings it up, in order to quell the power from the double Cero. It explodes around him and the shield, causing a massive amount of friction to hit the shield and pressure to build up against it. Eventually, it shatters and Raijin flees out of the energy around him, beginning to get burnt in the process. He emerges, snarling at Raiden) That's it! I've had it with you! Just you watch this, then! (Raijin jumps higher, bringing the mask out and causing the air around him to shimmer and crackle with all the energy surrounding it. Raiden drops to his knees, as he feels the difference in power between the two different forms that Raijin had used. Slowly, he stands and smiles at Raijin)

Raiden: It'll be my pleasure to kick your ass, Shinigami. Bye bye, now. (Smirks condescendingly at Raijin)

Raijin: (Roars in anger and brings his blade down, missing Raiden, who just managed to dodge, and cutting through the ground, smashing a massive crater out) STOP MOCKING ME, BASTARD! (Charges again, managing to graze Raiden's side, which started to trickle with blood. Raiden tried to attack Raijin, but was forced roughly backwards and sent flying into a heap. Raijin kept on coming, gaining a rhythm and slowly calming down, as he realises that Raiden is just trying to make him angry, so that he'll become only a Beast of Rage, a slave to anger. Raijin concentrates, his reiatsu climbing a little, as Kaminari's powers and some of his reiatsu become even more intertwined with Raijin. A slash cuts a path through the earth, narrowly missing Raiden's head and parting the ear from the side of his face. Raiden dodges again and Hageshii Raikouarashi follows, slicing into the armour on Raiden's back, causing a series of sparks, then a fountain of blood. Raiden lands, turns and faces Raijin)

Raiden: You're an idiot. Don't just assume that I won't be able to fight anymore, just from a weakling attack like that. I'll cause you a huge amount of pain for this. (Charges at Raijin, head-on, then Sonidoes, firing a massive barrage of Bala, an attack that he normally never uses. Raijin sighs and avoids each one precisely, his concentration only growing. Then he stops and looks Raiden directly in the eye)

Raijin: It's over... Raigou! (A massive dome automatically appears above them, which feels like it is comprised entirely of two different kinds of reiatsu and two different types of spirit energy. It is a heavy feeling, one that seems to clog the lungs and speed up the breathing rate of those that bear witness to its power. It is the feeling of thunder and the feeling of lightning... It is the feeling of a God, a power so great, that none even begin to compare. There it hung, apparently waiting for something, yet putting off massive amounts of energy. Raijin wasted no time; bulling straight into Raiden, he planted the other right into the ground and disappeared into the distance. Raijin stood near the epicentre of the dome and began to pump his reiatsu into, causing it to flash and lightning to randomly begin striking from within its depths. Raiden crawled out of the depression he left in the ground and looked upwards. Raijin was flaring wildly and the dome of energy was appearing even more sinister than first view. Raiden decides to try and stop it, speeding upwards. Raijin grins and shunpos away, leaving a massive ball of energy flying towards the dome. The dome, and energy, make contact and Raiden is wiped out of existence completely, his body disappearing in the blast. Raijin crash-lands, his energy depleted. Even though he is tired, he recognises the reiatsu of an old enemy, right next to the humongous reiatsu of his Head-Captain. Not hesitating, Raijin automatically starts flying in that direction.)

-Toshiro Vs. Halibel-

(Toshiro and Halibel slash at each other, both Zanpakutous feeling the mutual urge to destroy one another, all to protect their interests and goals. Halibel flips backwards, pirouetting her body to avoid another deadly attack from Hitsugaya. She wasted no time counter-attacking and almost cutting through his shoulder. Toshiro didn't falter and continued his own onslaught and pinning Halibel's blade to the ground.)

Toshiro: Is that the best you can do? How ridiculous... I expected a challenge.

Halibel: Don't get cocky. I haven't even warmed up yet.

Toshiro: Then fight! I'm not giving up. (Attacks her again, this time releasing his Shikai, a massive, dense feeling of icy anger. An aura seems to appear around him and even the air appears to freeze, as his reiatsu spreads and his anger grows) Reign over the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru!

Halibel: (Gasps, as the feeling strikes her head-on. Even Aizen hadn't expected Toshiro's power to be this great. Halibel collects herself, drawing a deep breath and then releases her Resurreccion. A massive flame-like aura surrounds her and then it parts, like an abrupt flame. Her power has grown, too, a contrast to the icy reiatsu attempting to swallow her up) Destroy, Tiburon!

(They met in mid-air again, disappearing and re-appearing, using their powers to hack away at one another. Toshiro snarled, bringing a massive wave of ice up and swinging it into Halibel's vicinity. She never stopped, using her Hirviendo to change the ice into a flow of water, which started to collapse onto Toshiro, while being held up by its creator. Halibel then flung the whole sheet of water at Toshiro, using her Cascada attack. Toshiro used Ryusenka, freezing the water again and then used his blade destroy the whole sheet of ice. He narrowed his eyes.)

Toshiro: Don't underestimate me! Hado number 73, Soren Sokatsui! (The blast of blue energy almost got the better of Halibel, but she just managed to avoid it and used another Cascada, which flooded more of the Seireitei's floor. Toshiro shunpoed away, hovering directly above the water, then used Ryusenka again and froze the water, leaving corridors of ice) Hado number 63, Rikorojoro! (A bolt of lightning erupted of nowhere, managing to bypass Halibel's speed and burned part of her face, side and right leg. She responded with a Cero, which halts Toshiro momentarily, dropping him into the ice and exploding. Literally seconds later, Toshiro blasted his way of the ice, a look of frustration on his face.)

Halibel: I won't give up either! Use your Bankai, little commander.

Toshiro: Don't mock me. It'll be your last mistake!

Halibel: Oh? And what was my first?

Toshiro: (A look of determination in his eyes) Coming to the Soul Society... I won't allow you to leave here alive. As for using my Bankai, I will not be told what to do, by my enemies. What a foolish remark...

Halibel: Then I'll just fight my way through you. Experience true pain, Head Captain. Segundo Resurreccion, Aqua Laguna Tiburon! (And that was it... A huge reiatsu filled the air, one that seemed to contain a comparitive weight to that of the ocean. It was huge. Toshiro sighs, his weariness and wariness growing)

Toshiro: This is just ridiculous! I'll crush you.

Больше года silverexorcist said…
[Titania: The Samurai who Supercedes a Knight]

The fifth seat of squad nine was having an off day.

It was pretty obvious from the moment he ran into a group of Adjuchas. He’d been running through the labyrinth of paths among the walls in Sereitei that appeared to lead nowhere, attacking one lesser hallow after another, one at a time. He had pretty much expected to slay some decently strong hallows at most and then let the captains handle to difficult guys, then take credit for having fought with all his might during the invasion of Soul Society. That was how he had risen to his current rank, after all.

But that plan didn’t work out too well if he died.

“Hey, hey! This guy’s all alone!” The bull-headed Adjuchas snarled as it eyed the fifth seat. “And he looks weak as hell!”

“If you’re going to complain, go find someone else.” The Adjuchas shaped like a mosquito snorted. “I’m going to suck this one’s soul dry.”

“As if! You just want him all to yourself! No way am I going to make that mistake again!”

The fifth seat’s hands trembled slightly as he struggled to keep from dropping his katana. The other Adjuchas didn’t seem interested in getting between the argument of the mosquito and bull, but they also showed no intention of just letting the shingami go. The fifth seat struggled to pluck up the courage to speak.

“I-I’ll have you know…I’m a fifth seat…a force to be reckoned w-with-”

“Hmm?” The bull-headed Adjuchas cocked an ear in the shinigami’s direction. “Is the fresh meat trying to say something?”

“Ignore it.” The mosquito advised with an irritated tone. “He’s going to be sucked dry in a moment.”

“Hey! I told you that I’m not letting you do that again!”

The fifth seat helplessly stood where he was as the two Adjuchas charged forward with a competitive aura surrounding them, completely ignoring the feelings of their prize. The cause of death would either be the long pointed beak of the mosquito or the two long horns of the bull. The fifth side’s hands stopped trembling as he turned his head toward the sky and yelled his final words.

“Dammmmnnnnn iiiiiiittt!”

What happened next was a blur. A figure appeared directly in front of the fifth seat and selected a single wakizashi among four different swords, drawing it smoothly. The short weapon cut through the mosquito’s beak and the bull’s horns as easily as water, preventing the fifth seat from being impaled. At the same time, the figure swung one foot up into the air and kicked out fiercely, smashing their foot into the bull’s face, breaking apart its mask. The mosquito looked surprised as it tried to draw back, but the wakizashi flew out like an arrow, impaling its skull. By time the fifth seat could keep up, it was over. The two adjuchas were falling to the ground as their bodies disintegrated like a normal hallow’s, the single woman who’d done away with them standing before the fifth seat as she drew the wakizashi out of the ground and sheathed it.

“C-Captain Tokugawa…” The fifth seat breathed aloud, though not in relief. He knew he’d be scolded. He’d risen to his rank solely because of his shameless strategy. The fifth seat was not an actual portrayal of his true skill. In fact, his abilities were below even a tenth seat. That much was obvious from the pitiful resistance he’d shown when he’d nearly been killed. A fighting expert like Tsubaki would be able to figure out that he was far weaker than he should be and send him away to hide until the fighting was over. Then she would strip him of his rank and he’d become a lowly shinigami who returned to cleaning the barracks. Of course, there was nothing he could do about that. It was what he deserved.

“Can you pick up your sword?” Tsubaki Tokugawa asked as she swiveled her head to look at the fifth seat, her long blonde hair swishing with the movement. The fifth seat glanced down and saw that he’d dropped his sword when he’d yelled earlier. He picked it up feedbly before looking back at Tsubaki’s face, wincing as he prepared for her scolding.

“Stay firm and watch my back. I’m counting on you.”

And that was that. The fifth seat stared at the woman in awe as he registered her words. The captain of the ninth squad was asking him, a lowly fake, to protect her. She was completely ignoring his fake rank and lack of ability and treating him as a fellow soldier. The fifth seat had been prepared for scolding, yelling, anger, disgust, or even disappointment. But to receive this absolute faith and trust in spite of his actions? He could feel his personal pride and defenses crumble away lack a house of cards with its bottom knocked over. Something else entirely took the place of those lost pretenses.

“Yes ma’am!” The fifth seat replied as he gripped his katana tightly and faced the hallows surrounding them in a loose circle. He was no longer afraid or trembling. It wasn’t because he was stronger or because a captain stood with him. It was because he was prepared to lay down his life for the woman who accepted a worthless person like him. He wanted to redeem himself as soon as possible before calling himself a high ranking member of this person’s squad.

Meanwhile, the adjuchas were in a state of uncertainty. They recognized those blonde locks, flawless technique, and voice. Aizen, the man who was the leader of Hueco Mundo, had warned them against the people who wore the Tokugawa family crest. This woman wore crimson armor and a samurai helmet that protected her head and neck, but it seemed as if the armor was simply superfluous. The woman nicknamed ‘titania’ was infamous for taking the heads of several Vasto Lorde throughout her career as a soul reaper. In a situation where they, who were a stage weaker than that, ran into such a woman, they should have run.

But with a weakling by her side, and their obvious advantage of numbers, they hesitated. Couldn’t they beat her by overwhelming her and force her to take blows in order to protect the boy? That way, they would be able to defeat her by targeting her obvious weak points.

“Don’t underestimate the captain.”

Several of the Adjuchas blinked in surprise as they glanced around a single figure in a black shinigami outfit stood with his back to them as he held his zanapakutou—sheathe and all—held up. A few of the hallows looked down at their bodies and saw deep gashes in their sides.

“Sheathed sword style: Cloven Canyon.”

The wounds on the hallows began to bleed profusely as the delayed pain finally hit them, but it wasn’t enough to defeat them. They attempted to charge the young lieutenant, but Kazuma Uesugi was surprisingly fast. A light smirk appeared on his face as he evaded the coming attacks and charged forward at the same time, swinging his sheathed sword out like a whip. The damage from his sheathed sword technique was difficult to deal with because it was so unorthodox, but not it was far from perfect. Several of the Adjuchas evaded the attacks narrowly and prepared to counter. But they were quickly caught by several threads of kido that spread from the hilt of Kazuma’s zanpakutou like wires, spreading out in seven wide direction.


With a swift jerk, Kazuma pulled the seven threads taught and they tightened like razor blades, cutting through the Adjuchas’ skin deeply and nearly severing some limbs. Forced to regroup, the hallows missed their chance to attack Kazuma’s temporary blind spot and Kazuma drew the seven wired back into the hilt as he prepared to use them again when convenient. Kazuma brushed his purple ponytail from over his shoulder as he continued to smile.

“Real battle really is the best way to get used to a fighting style. It’s a little awkward, but you guys can’t handle the timing, can you?”

As Kazuma put himself in a dangerous situation by taunting his opponents, Tsubaki was busy taking on nearly four times as many hallows as Kazuma. Tsubaki was a blur as the Adjuchas charged at her, drawing all four of her swords as she spun through the air, slashing through the hallows’ flesh with every movement, not a single moment wasted in her technique. Her blonde hair streamed behind her as he snaked through the crowd of hallows that attempted to overwhelm her with pure numbers. Apparently, just that much wouldn’t be enough.

“Chopping fangs! Double hatchet! Reverse rotation! Wing cutter! Zero ankle!”

Random sounding words spilled from Tsubaki’s lips as she moved like a hurricane, but in reality, each one was tied with the technique she was currently using. The techniques were not special themselves, but saying them aloud benefitted her on a psychological level. By saying them allowed, her body could instinctively perform the action without hesitating, making them all the more fierce. At the same time, the meaningless words served to confuse the enemy as well, forcing them to hesitate in some cases. They also were under the assumption that she had not released her shikai, when it fact she was making full use of the primary ability of her release as she cut them down. The fifth seat alone seemed to disregard the words she called out. He stood in the lone blind spot of the hurricane that was the ninth squad captain, swinging his katana out to keep the adjuchas trying to take advantage of the blind spot at bay. He was unsure of whether that blind spot was real or if it was set their purposely by Tsubaki so he had something to do, but he was determined to protect it no matter what. Just the fact that she was actually trusting her back to him was enough to solidify his resolve.

Before he knew it they were storming in Kazuma’s direction. Tsubaki made quick work of the Adjuchas who had been weakened from Kazuma’s attacks and soon the last hallow had its head severed from its shoulders by the fifth seat himself, who stared at his own sword in pure and utter shock as if unable to comprehend what had just happened. Kazuma simply grinned at the surprised shinigami before turning his attention to Tsubaki. Tsubaki had sheathed all her swords as she put her hands on her hips and turned her back to the other two shinigami, frowning slightly.

“Alright. We’re done here.”

“We’ve purged all the Adjuchas aiming to infiltrate Sereitei on the ground route. The rest of the squads are fending off the Menos Grande and I doubt there is another army of Adjuchas anywhere around her. It might be best to target the stronger opponents by this point.” Kazuma was saying after taking a moment to sense the surrounding spiritual pressures. Just then, the air began unnaturally moist and humid as a heavy spiritual pressure weighed on them like a tidal wave crashing down. The only reason why the fifth didn’t collapse was likely due to his proximity to Tsubaki, who steady increased her own spiritual pressure to shield him. Even so, he could feel the weight of the presence.

“What…what is that?” The fifth seat stuttered in awe as he stared at the sky, as if searching for the source in vain. Tsubaki didn’t reply but Kazuma smiled nervously as he wore the expression of someone watching a live performance while knowing that he was going up right after them in front of a huge crowd.

“One of the stronger opponents I was talking about; an arrancar. An espada, no doubt. Though I haven’t ever met on in person.”

“This is the release of an espada known as Tia Halibel who freely controls water.” Tsubaki said tonelessly. “She fought with the head-captain some years ago, so it seems they are having a rematch.”

“Against the head captain?” The fifth seat didn’t want to imagine anyone who would freely choose to fight the head captain of their own volition. The espada must have been monsters.

“C-Captain, where are you going?”

“To find an espada to confront.” Tsubaki replied simply as she strode forward without turning back. “Taking out the strongest foes is the best strategy in war such as this. The only thing that worries me is that Aizen has never pertained to the tradition strategies in war…”

Even hearing those significant sounding words, the fifth seat was flustered. The captain he’d just attained an admiration for was fully intending to face one of the monsters. A monster who charged at a monster was clearly a bigger monster. Or perhaps they were the knight that slayed that monster like in story books? Whichever it was, Kazuma didn’t hesitate to follow after the Tsubaki. The fifth seat who had cheated his way up to his position simply sighed in response and followed after them as well. He didn’t even realize how much he’d been changed by a single battle.
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
[2 days before the attack on Soul Society]

A Garganta opened and closed within a few meters of the gigantic Las Noches. Demandred fell to the ground, barely managing to move his body over the edge before it closed. His body was wracked with pain, and blood continued to pour out of him despite his efforts to cauterize the wounds. He couldn’t move another step.

A shadow washed over him, and he was hefted into the air. He would have been surprised if he could feel much of anything but a numbness spreading across his body.

???: Aizen has ordered me to deliver you to him personally. He told me you’d arrive here over an hour ago. You kept me waiting.

Demandred tried to make out the owner of the voice with unfocused eyes, but even with the little he could see, he was baffled. The voice was obviously female, but the person holding him was all hulking muscle. Whoever she was, she held his body without any care, and her fingers dug deeply into his side. It was plain that she did not like the duty she was assigned, if not from that than from the way she unceremoniously dumped him on the tiled floor.

Aizen: Oh? So he finally arrived. I had wondered what kept you so long.

Demandred managed to focus his eyes on the owner of the voice. Aizen sat with a smile on his face in a large throne. He gazed down at the traitor with a look of amusement.

Aizen: What, can’t speak?

Demandred forced himself to, despite every sound making his body feel unbelievable pain, speak in a weak voice.

Demandred: I have come, as promised.

Aizen: But you didn’t even make it through the door on your own! How can I trust you?

Demandred shot him an angry gaze, but Aizen raised a hand before he spoke.

Aizen: Save it. If you’re here, then Takuma is dead, correct? *He paused, not receiving any response* Good. As little a threat has he presented, he’s one more card removed from Toshiro’s deck. Now, I’d suppose you would like me to save your pitiful life?

???: Let him die, let him burn, or… even better…

A face was thrust in front of him. It was horrifying, like a deranged clown with a permanent smile. Its electric blue eyes seemed to bore into him.

???: Give him to me!

Aizen sighed: Cyrus, this one isn’t yours. Can’t you see that he’s become my new subordinate?

Cyrus turned to him quizzically: A shinigami!? A dying one!? No, he’d be much better suited with me, Lord Aizen. Just think of all the-

???: Quiet. You’re testing Lord Aizen’s patience.

Cyrus’s head snapped over to the hulking figure, snarling as he thrust his sheathed sword at her neck.

Aizen: Idoya is quite right, Cyrus. Leave the shinigami to me.

Cyrus spat: I never get to have any fun! You make me one of the Espada, and then show me so little trust? That’s so-

Idoya: Leave Cyrus.

Cyrus gave her a malicious glance, and then left in a huff.

Aizen: Sadly, we are short on Espada these days. He may be deranged, though I think he’s worthy of some trust. My…no, our…former allies will enjoy him far less than we do.

Demandred couldn’t even speak anymore. The world was turning hazy.

Aizen: Ah, but we’ve forgotten you, haven’t we? I could save your life by giving you Hollow powers…

Demandred mouthed no. Aizen noticed.

Aizen: Eh? You don’t wish to survive? This will bring you-

Demandred: NO!

This one came out as a ragged gasp, though it was easily heard. Aizen frowned, rising from the throne and moving towards Demandred. He knelt down next to him.

Aizen: Are you so wed to the idea of sacrificing yourself that you will die right here for it? What happened to joining my cause?

Demandred could hardly even register the words. He was fading quickly.

Aizen: Well, I suppose I can grant that one request. However, we will have to do something about those wounds of yours… Ah, I do have a new experiment I’ve been trying. Every Hollow who’s tried it has died quite spectacularly, but a shinigami should be much more stable. How does that sound? Would you like to be a demigod, Demandred?

Demandred didn’t hear those last words. Consciousness leeched from him. Aizen motioned to him, and Idoya hefted him again. He led the way to chambers at the back of Las Noches, to a new lab of Aizen’s own creation.

[The Present]

Idoya tossed aside the bloodstained sword she carried. It hadn’t been the first she’d taken, but it was the best. That wasn’t saying much; she had hoped that a Vice Captain’s blade would have properties worth keeping. That had been far from true.

She had long since released her Resurrección, not bothering to take it easy on any of her opponents. Though the release hadn’t been marked like many of those around her, most of the opponents she’d faced thusfar had been afraid of her. Not this one.

Tetsuzaemon Iba lay bleeding on the ground behind her, his sword having been the one she’d used. It seemed that she had to find a captain, though Lord Aizen had not specified whom. So she merely wandered, waiting for one to come to her. She figured it would take only a matter of minutes to find a worthy opponent. It had taken fifteen.

A blast of force came from her left. Idoya smacked it off course easily with her right arm, turning towards the source of the attack. A man with the head of a wolf stood several meters away, obviously angry, with a 7th division cloak fastened to his shoulders.

Sajin: What did you do to my Vice Captain!?

Idoya: He was yours? You should have selected better. He wasn’t even worth the effort.

The captain’s fury boiled over.

Sajin: Roar, Tenken!

He held his sword forward, and a tremendous phantom blade appeared atop it. Idoya’s eyes widened as the blade swung to the side in a tremendous deadly arc. She used sonido, appearing directly behind him with an outstretched hand. His eyes glinted as white energy focused at the tips of her index and middle fingers.

Idoya: Cero.

Sajin was pressed backward into a nearby building, and the wall around him erupted in an explosion of energy. He appeared from the ruins, looking only lightly damaged.

Idoya: You should be proud, shinigami. Your Vice Captain would have fallen to that alone.

Sajin roared in ferocity: Bankai!

A massive red energy formed around him, and a giant appeared nearby, gripping the remains of the building. Idoya looked on with a dispassionate expression, though her eyes gleamed at the sight of the gigantic blade it wielded.

Sajin: You will regret what you did to Tetsuzaemon!


All he wanted was someone to toy with, someone who wouldn’t die so quickly! Aizen had denied him access to the shinigami Demandred, but he now knew all too well about the resilience and power of a captain. And so he had searched a whole barracks. There had been many shinigami there. There were none now.

Cyrus was wearing a crazed smile similar to the one displayed by the cage of bone over his face, but he hardly felt that level of glee. Soul Society was supposed to be a playground, but it had been boring. Aizen had promised him so much, but he hadn’t delivered.

He felt an intense pressure to his right and immediately moved towards it. That would be Hallibel going all out, and whichever opponent had forced her to do that would make for a fun time indeed. He charged towards it, relishing the intensity of the clash as he neared the battlefield. It was strewn with wreckage, but not a single bit of water strayed from around the two combatants as they fought to gain control over every bit of moisture. A demented look of bliss covered his face as he lunged out with his sword, aiming to skewer the icy Captain Commander.

A book slammed hard into his cheek, and Cyrus went rocketing down to earth. He was on his feet nearly instantly, rubbing at his face.

Hideaki: The Captain Commander is busy. You’ll have to settle for me.

A short man stood before him, wiping off the cover of the book he carried. Such a strange thing to carry. Cyrus grinned.

Cyrus: I’d much rather have one of you to myself anyway.

Hideaki: And I’d rather not.

Ogodei: Is that why you brought me?

A taller man slunk from behind a building, looking more annoyed than anything. He was dressed in the strangest clothing Cyrus had seen on anyone besides himself – a lab coat draped over what appeared to be mountain-dwelling furs and leathers.

Hideaki: You’ve been cooped up for too long, Ogodei. It’s about time you did something useful.

Ogodei: And you don’t call cleaning up your messes useful?

Hideaki’s eye twitched: Just end this already. I don’t care if you have to tear him to pieces.

Cyrus’s head twitched to the left. He kept his gaze on Hideaki, who met it with a look of disgust. Cyrus disappeared in a flash, reappearing behind Hideaki. He struck out with his blade, but a volley of arrows forced him to retreat before he could land a blow.

Ogodei: My captain’s given me an order. Much as it’s a pain to follow, I will insist that you opponent must be me.

Cyrus: So, all I need to do is defeat you and I get to face the little one with the big book?

Ogodei frowned: If you can.

Cyrus: Then I’ll have to make sure to show him how I play with my opponents, won’t I? You’ll just love my games!

Ogodei took a defensive stance just in time to clash with the Espada as he attacked. He met Cyrus’s wild eyes with a bored expression. That only seemed to make him more insane.

Cyrus: Why don’t we Begin the Madness... Bromista!

Electric blue energy exploded outward as Hideaki stood watching the display, showing little concern for the man he may have sent to his death.

[To be continued]
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[The Talented Nobles Spit at the Talentless Pleibians]

[Sengoku, Spirit World- Several thousand years before the creation of Soul Society and the Gotei 13]

Archmage Futo Minoriko showed no expression in response to the arrogant grin of Justeaze Von Einsberg. The small spinning propellers hovering in the air around him looked solid, but they were indeed made of kido. By manipulating the reiryoku, Justeaze had recreated the same sort of demon magic that Futo had created. Of course, it was not perfect. It was still vastly incomplete and had been created using Futo’s own kido as a base, so it was just a copy. The only people who could wield the true form of kido were Futo and Hibiki. Even so, even managing this far was a feet. Futo suspected that the Einsberg family had only succeeded by observing countless others throughout Sengoku fail to create kido on their own. By piecing together their failures without putting themselves in danger, the Einsberg family had cleverly increased their 0% chance of success and elevated it high enough for them to create what now stood before Futo. And it would only evolve from there, growing into its own being similar but not exactly like the kido Futo had created. No doubt, it would take much longer than it took Futo to create kido, but it was progress all the same. The magic that Futo had created to put her on par with soul reapers was now in the hands of those very soul reapers. And of all people to have caught on to it, it was the Einsbergs. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that.

“As I thought, your abilities are hard to comprehend.” Justeaze said with a taunting tone seeping from his voice. “But not impossible. In the most basic of terms, by taking the reiryoku, which is practically life force for ourselves, you managed to manifest it into something beyond our own plane of existence. Of course, the reiryoku is like the lifeline for the balance of the world. By messing with it, you risk causing permanent spiritual harm and devastation. Finding the proper balance to avoid terrible consequences is quite the chore. This is truly a form of demonic magic. But for the Einsbergs, learning to use it properly is possible.”

“Kido was created to benefit those without the talent of using zanpakutou.” Futo spoke coldly, though it wasn’t out of anger or fury. She simply did not feel anything at all. “For a daimyo who leads a large portion of those who wield zanpakutou to summon kido, it is simply an abomination.”

“Does it make you mad? Are you indignant?” Justeaze’s smirk only grew. “Or are you going to tell me that it is unfair? This world is not fair. If there was a technique those without talent could use, would it not be an absurd assumption to think that those with talent could not use it as well? Granted; the others failed. It takes nothing short of unorthodox genius to create and use something like this.”

It may have sounded like he was praising Futo, but he wasn’t at all. The Einsberg took incredible pride in their own talent and knowledge. They were a talented feudal group that could solve any and every puzzle that was placed before them. Justeaze in particular was known for his incredible hubris. Both proud and a realist, it put him at odds with many of the other daimyo, such as Ieyasu Tokugawa or Takeda Shingen. When he had learned that a talentless soul with no special trait, no noble bloodline, and no ability to even wield a zanpakutou had created something like kido, it hurt his pride. He could not stand aside and let such a thing happen before his eyes without doing anything about it.

“…Why? If you can accomplish something so ingenious, then you must be a genius yourself.” Justeaze murmured quietly under his breath. Futo made no reaction as she kept her scarlet eyes focused on the man with dark hair. “And yet you repeatedly claim that kido is for those without talent. Just how many times do you wish to trample on our pride before you are satisfied?!”

“The daimyo of the Kuchiki said the same thing one time.” Futo responded calmly, ignoring Justeaze as he temporarily lost his composure. “You people trample over the pride of those lower than you and laugh about it, but through a tantrum when your pride is trampled in return. I suppose it is because of that fact that you have risen to the point you are at currently.”

“As if you can criticize…you hide away your secrets of kido and refuse to allow anyone else to learn of it. Even those other untalented people you train under Hideyoshi only know enough to use kido without knowing the laws behind it.”

“That is because they cannot comprehend. I do need a legacy, after all. The small clan called ‘Daidōji’, however, seems quite competent. As I will not live forever, I need a daughter to hand over my secrets to.”

“You…you’ve actually given away your secrets?”

“Do not waste your time looking for them. They do not live in Sengoku, where we war with one another constantly. They live in a more peaceful land.”

“To people not of this country?! You…you truly do not know any restraint when it comes to spitting in our direction!”

“Was it not you who said that this world is not fair…?” Futo murmured in exasperation as Justeaze swung his hands and the propellers whirled at Futo like a swarm of insects. She raised her hand and her diadem began to glow faintly. Small dust explosions began to erupt around her, the force of the explosions blowing away the propellers to prevent them from touching her. Justeaze rushed forward and drew his sword from his belt as a look of fury covered his face. Futo clapped her hands together and she vanished from the spot she stood in, narrowly avoiding the wide geometrical plane that spread out like a flat surface. She reappeared above Justeaze as she aiming one palm downward. Several laser-like beams fired from her palm and rained down at Justeaze, who raised his empty sword hilt and created a geometrical cube that surrounded him, blocking the lasers easily.

“Futo Minoriko, hear my words.” Justeaze spoke as another smirk appeared on his face, a dangerous glint appearing in his eyes. A single geometrical ray appeared from his hilt and shot right past Futo. In an instant, Justeaze was behind her, swinging his hilt out in a wide arc. A vertical circle spun around him like a blade and Futo erected a sphere of crackling electricity with a snap of her fingers in order to block the attack. “You will die the most gruesome of deaths. The Einsberg family will make sure that it happens. No matter if you’re a talented arch-mage or a woman without skill, you will never rest in peace! And once you have been disposed of, we will hunt down every piece you leave behind and bring together the puzzle of kido! We will discover the secret that you are so desperately hiding!”

“That tragedy at least won’t occur in your life time.” Futo murmured in response, though her voice was lost over the loud sounds of their attacks crashing. It was highly possibly that the warring states all over Sengoku (which would later be called Soul Society) could hear the sound of these two fighting. Many would assume that it was the sound two daimyo’s clashing, but the more experienced fighters recognized the sensation of the reiryoku, which flowed everywhere, being distorted slightly and knew at once that Futo Minoriko was fighting against one who both hated and envied her.
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Hageshii and Aguantar looked at each other. Hageshii was frowning, but Aguantar was feeling pretty good. He had found a good opponent. Hageshii looked at his blade. The DNA strand shaped whip had so many knicks and dings in it that it was starting to be as useless at throwing a stick at the brutish Espada. As if on que, the Espada stomped his foot on the ground, forcing Hageshii to leap backwards as the force created a huge fissure. Hageshii looked at the fissure. To think he was so on edge. This guy wasn’t just a brute, he was a brute that knew how to fight.

Aguantar: “So. You got any more tricks you’d like to try? Or you want to give up now?”

Hageshii scowled, then stopped, shocked. He scowled? He never reduced himself to using such tactics. Was this really such a difficult battle? He sidestepped another attack and swung his sword, swinging the damaged whip feebly at the Espada, who merely batted it aside and kicked him, sending him flying backwards. He struggled upright and leaped in the air to dodge Aguantar’s next barrage of attacks. He swung his sword, wrapping the whip around his wrist, mumbling under his breath. Aguantar grabbed the sword with his wrist, obviously not affected by the poison and yanked Hageshii towards him, and prepared to punch him when he was close enough. As Hageshii was yanked towards him, he finished the incantation and extended his hand towards Aguantar.

Hageshii: “Hado 33 Sokatsui!”

Aguantar: “Cero.”

Both blasts of energy collided. Agunatar’s cero was obviously stronger and pushed Hageshii’s kido aside. The weakened Kido faded away revealing hundreds of thousands of tiny insects which began to suck at the cero’s energy. Aguantar’s eyes widened as his Cero was absorbed and added to Hageshii, replenishing his spiritual pressure, his sword losing it’s knicks and dings and returning to it’s flawless form. Hageshii’s injuries faded and he yanked on his whip, which was still attached to his wrist, causing deep gashes and leaving three small green circles. Hageshii then swung around, slamming his knee into Aguantar’s face, sending him careening into a nearby building.

Hageshii grinned: “So then. It seems I still had one or two more tricks.”

Aguantar got up, rubbing his cheek. “Snarky bastard. You think this is over?”

Hageshii: “Far from it. Go on, brute, use your Resurreccion!”

Aguantar glared at the impudent Shinigami. He got one good strategy to work and he had the gall to think that made him worthy of his full power? Well he wasn’t going to tolerate such arrogance any longer. “Very well. I shall humor you. Bruto Fuerza!”

Hageshii had to cover his eyes with his arm at the drastic increase of the Espada’s spiritual pressure. He looked at the released form of his opponent. “So…this is it.” Aguantar now resembled a large bear. He carried a large metal club, like before, but now it seemed to be much more intimidating. Hageshii lifted his whip and narrowed his eyes, ready for anything. Suddenly, Aguantar disappeared. “What? A sonido?” He spun around, but not fast enough as the metal club slammed into his back, pounding him into the dirt. Hageshii wrapped his blade around Aguantar’s club just as Aguantar lifted his club for another strike, which yanked Hageshii back onto his feet. Hageshii pulled hard on the whip, yanking Aguantar closer to him and punched him straight in the face. His punch did absolutely nothing, except break his knuckles. Hageshii shouted out in pain and Aguantar kicked him hard in the chest. Hageshii spat out blood and was sent crashing through several buildings. Hageshii’s whip was yanked out of his hand when he was sent flying. Aguantar looked as the whip reverted to it’s sealed state and Hageshii’s spiritual pressure dropped drastically. He snorted and picked up the now useless weapon. The shinigami was below expectations. He would end it and restart his search for a strong opponent. He strode off in the direction that Hageshii had went in. When he got there, the Shinigami was lying in the dirt, he hadn’t lasted long. He prepared to strike the finishing blow when he noticed the soul reaper’s lips moving slightly.

Hageshii’s eyes snapped open. “Hado 73 Soren Sokatsui!” The powerful Kido blasted into Aguantar at point blank range, sending him crashing into a nearby building. Hageshii stood shakily, breathing heavy. He had barely managed to pull off that attack. If he could get to his weapon, he could use his Bankai and then…no…he couldn’t. Even if he died. He refused to use his Bankai in battle until he found that one opponent, the opponent who he could truly call. “The perfect opponent.” He took a deep breath as Aguantar lifted himself up and slowly walked out of the building. This was probably the end. He couldn’t beat this guy, that was a fact. He prepared for the worst as Aguantar came into view, and was shocked when his Zanpakuto went sailing into the air towards him. He caught it and looked at Aguantar, who had tossed the sword to him.

Aguantar: “Is that really your best? I can tell it isn’t. You have a Bankai. Show it to me. I showed you my Resurreccion, now you show me your Bankai. Prove your worth as a fighter!”

Hageshii: “I can’t show you my Bankai. NAZO O KAIMEI, IDEN-GAKU!” His zanpakuto once again took the form of a strand of DNA and he readied himself for another attack.

Aguantar snorted. “Fine. So be it.” He pointed his fist at Hageshii and charged a Cero. Hageshii just stared him down, a slight smile on his face. Aguantar was about to fire the Cero when he felt and intense amount of pain. The pain threw off his aim and the Cero flew by Hageshii harmlessly, creating an explosion behind him. Aguantar then noticed the green circles that were on his skin. The circles seemed to be connected by green markings shaped like DNA strands. He growled. “When?”

Hageshii: “When I cut you.”

Aguantar remembered that. When he had absorbed his Cero. He looked at the cut on his wrist and growled. “So I can’t use my Cero.”

Hageshii: “correction. You can’t use any spiritual pressure based attacks, not without feeling intense pain.”

Aguantar’s reaction was to fire a Cero at him again, but this time it’s aim was true. Hageshii barely avoided the blast. Aguantar fired Cero after Cero after Cero at him, ignoring the pain, not showing any sign that he felt it. Hageshii didn’t have time to counterattack as he dodged for his life. He knew he didn’t have enough stamina left to continue dodging. Aguantar sonido’d behind Hageshii, but Hageshii had prepared for that and swung his whip at him, but Aguantar sidestepped and fired the Cero. Hageshii quickly converted his sword into the bugs and they took the cero blast, absorbing as much spiritual pressure as they could before being overpowered. The blast broke through and hit the Sokatsui that Hageshii fired. It blasted past that as well and hit Hageshii in the midriff, but had been weakened enough that it didn’t do too much damage. Aguantar laughed.

Aguantar: “Face it, you’re playing for time, hoping someone will save you, but nobody will. That’s just how it is. You’ll never beat me, and you’re going to die here because you’re too stupid to use your Bankai.”

“But I’m not.”

Aguantar turned towards the voice. It belonged to a woman. She had a smirk on her face that really ticked him off. Her blade was still sheathed and she was in a very relaxed pose. “What do you want?”

Mishiranu: “Oh nothing, just for you to stop picking on the kid and fight someone with some real skill.”

Hageshii: “I take offense to that.”

Mishiranu: “And I really couldn’t care less whether you are offended or not. Now shut up. You should have used your Bankai. You do got a Bankai, right?”

Hageshii: “Ya, I do, but I won’t use it on “him” or anyone else for that matter. I won’t use my Bankai until I find the right opponent. A true opponent.”

Mishiranu: “Foolish. Now shush while I clean up your mess.” She turned to Aguantar, who was waiting rather impatiently. “You ready?”

Aguantar: “Been ready.”

Mishiranu: “Good. BANKAI! Sukuinushi!” A huge explosion of spiritual pressure blasted Hageshii backwards. When it faded, her appearance hadn’t changed at all except that there was now a snake wrapped around the first three inches of her blade. She smiled. Her Bankai was unique in the fact that on top of the normal increase one would get from using Bankai, she had her swords ability which multiplied her spiritual pressure by 10, tripled her speed, doubled her Kido, and quadrupled her strength. The only downside was it limited the time she could use her Bankai. She hadn’t fought like this in a long time, not since she had trained with Shiva. Thinking about the Hindu god still sent pangs of sadness through her, but she was adjusting to no longer having Shiva by her side. She had no doubt that Shiva was watching and had no intentions of failing. “Come at me, you filthy Hollow!”

Aguantar laughed and raised his club. “Alright, let’s fight. I hope you prove to be more fun than that other shinigami.”
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(Description edited, guys... All squads, that can be taken over, have been edited and the two vacant squads are there, so if anyone wants to create another Captain, be my guest.)
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[Water Versus Ice/Battle of the Elements/A Former Foe, ]

(Toshiro swung his blade again, the icicles sweeping outwards in a massive spray of diamond hard ice. Halibel avoided each one, even going to the extent of cutting through many of them with her Zanpakuto. Ice shattered and clattered to the ground. Toshiro stood in front of her, his Zanpakuto raised again and his reiatsu starting to rise again.)

Toshiro: It's not over yet... Your second Resurreccion may be powerful, but it isn't enough to guarantee victory.

Halibel: Victory was guaranteed the moment Sosuke Aizen revealed his plan to us. You daft Shinigami haven't even a hope of stopping him now. If you plan to rely on the Rogue Shinigami, then you must be more foolish than Aizen thought; he will not be your savior... A man who can reach a second level of Bankai is certainly powerful, but nothing compared to our master.

Toshiro: I see. Well, you're wrong... Unless Sosuke Aizen is more powerful than a God, I suggest you rethink your strategy.

Halibel: Keep blinding yourself to the truth, Shinigami, but it won't help you one bit. Sosuke Aizen isn't A God... He is God.

Toshiro: That's where you're wrong, Espada. Sosuke Aizen is merely a man with extraordinary power... Extraordinary power does not make one a God. You should know that... All of the Espada we met... They all had extraordinary power, yet none of them were proclaimed to be Gods. Why is that? Because Aizen has one thing that sets him apart from you... He is a con-artist... He seeks the help of Hollows, then betrays them, all to become more powerful. That is the difference between you and Aizen. Are you a God? No? So why does Aizen being a con artist allow him the title of a God? Because he gained loyal followers. Sosuke Aizen is no God and will be judged as such.

Halibel: A nice, long speech, Captain-Commander... Do you think that will make any difference? Do you think that making a speech will somehow change my mind? That I will just abandon all of my ideals to side with my opponent? Don't be foolish, Toshiro Hitsugaya... Your words, if anything, have made me more resolved to defeat you here.

Toshiro: Then do something about it. Strike me down, if you feel you have the skill.

(Halibel narrowed her eyes and disappeared swiftly. Toshiro felt her presence behind him and made a counter-attack, detecting where she was and parrying her blade, and freezing the water she moved with her. Halibel turned it all back to water and angrily flung it all back at him. Toshiro shunpoed adeptly, easily managing to dodge the massive flow of water and used Ryusenka again, freezing the water that didn't flood the ground underneath, then slashed at Halibel, in close range, and cut into her shoulder. Halibel raged and grabbed his Zanpakuto, forcing him closer to her, then she kicked him backwards, watching him flail for a moment; she hesitated momentarily, then she flew directly at him and allowed some water to encase her arm, then she punched him right in the chest, sending him crashing into the flood below. A moment of peace passed, then a massive pressure began to enclose the whole area. Halibel's chest seized with the feeling, and she looked down in alarm, as the whole area of water was frozen instantly. Toshiro appeared again, his face contorted with rage.)

Toshiro: I'm done playing with you. I'm going to make you pay, Espada... I'm going to make you regret that first moment where you saw Sosuke Aizen's face... I'm going to take out my rage on you, my rage at Sosuke Aizen. Shura Sensu: Tame Te Tame! (Toshiro's haori slips off and his body comes into view. When Halibel first fought him, he was short and not very muscular. Time had been generous to him; he was still only a little taller than what he had been the first time they fought, but he was much more muscular and this technique seemed to pronounce this even more.)#

Halibel: Now what? Going to try take me on with brute force?

Toshiro: (His eyes flash with resolve) No, I'm going to completely destroy you. Hado No. 31, Shakkaho! (The red blast crashed into Halibel, doing little damage, but distracting her for long enough that she missed his next move) Hado No. 63, Rikorojoro! (A yellow flash of lightning hit her and collided with the water around her, causing a massive explosion) Hado No. 73, Soren Sokatsui! (As Toshiro let the Hado go, he shunpoed and caught Halibel's foot, dragging downwards and slamming her brutally into the ground)

Halibel: (Puffing visibly) This doesn't change a thing... You haven't experienced my true power yet. Grande Cascada! (A massive surge of reiatsu seemed to occur, one that almost matched that of the Captain-Commander. The very bowels of the Earth seemed to move, twisting and turning, as the reiatsu falred around Halibel's body. Above her, the reiatsu seemed to be congregating and forming a massive wave, one that seemed to hold the properties of the ocean itself. It was as though her reiatsu had become a part of a sea and was as dense as water itself. Then it came, faster than expected, the wave of reiatsu flowed towards him, more like water than energy itself and he shunpoed away, trying to get out of its range, but it was difficult given the size of the energy. He made a last-ditch effort to protect himself, by using Sennen Hyoro as a shield around himself. The blast of energy/water finally struck his Sennen Hyoro and he desperately added more ice and energy, to try keep it from crumbling, but the pressure, density and power from Halibel's attack was simply too much for him to handle like that and the Sennen Hyoro finally crumpled under the blast, shattering and leaving him vulnerable)

Halibel: I wonder... Can the Shinigami still move, even after being hit by such a blast head-on? (She threw her head back and laughed sadistically, a move that made her appear to be a completely different Arrancar than the one that she used to be. All she was now, was a vicious fiend, a puppet to Aizen and a shadow of her former self)

Toshiro: (Stands with effort, blood pouring from many wounds and scratches all across his body) Even after all of that... It still isn't enough... You're just a puppet, a sad and empty being that has been changed by Sosuke Aizen. When I first met you, you were trying to save your sub-ordinates, now all you want is bloodshed. Someone like that... Cannot hope to destroy one whose intentions are purely for selfless reasons... I am not a great man... I have made mistakes, but I choose not to buckle under those constraints... I will not falter! I WILL PROTECT THIS LAND, UNTIL MY BLOOD FLOWS THROUGH THE STREETS OF THE SEIREITEI!!!

Halibel: (Eyes wide, shivering with sudden fear) Why can't I...? I should have been able to at least injure him in my second form. CERO! (The yellow blast heads straight for Toshiro, but he doesn't move, instead he cuts right through it, leaving the energy to split into two pieces and crash into the ground below him)

Toshiro: You can't hurt me now. Your selfish intentions leave you to be match for me... Just give up while you still can.

Halibel: Never! I won't give up.

(Halibel began to fire Bala after Bala at the Captain-Commander, trying to do as much damage as possible to him, then she fired another Cero, which he allowed to hit him head-on this time. After all of her attacks, he was still standing there with the exact same expression on his face. It was madness. He was now an immense power to be reckoned with. She had played her cards and lost. It was his turn now. Toshiro rose into the air and the frost dragons rose with him, extending from his Zanpakuto.)

Toshiro: I'm going to finish this now. I am not going to use my Bankai, that might cause irrepairable damage to the Seireitei. I'll show you how to destroy someone with one move. Tenso Jurin! (The weather abruptly began to change, dark clouds replacing the white, fluffy ones and soon thunder began to rumble above them. Then it began to snow) Hyoten Hyakkaso! (A massive hole opened in the dark clouds and a blizzard flew out of it, heading straight for Halibel. She attempted to dodge and avoid it, but she was too late and the ice swallowed her whole and left her frozen, her mouth wide with shock and eyes with a haunting revelation)

Toshiro: It's too bad... So, are you next? (This he addresses to Ulquiorra, who is beginning to eye him up as a target)

Ulquiorra: Gladly. It would be my honour to face such a strong foe. It will also be my honour to defeat such a high-level opponent as you.

Toshiro: Don't talk about defeating me, as though it is simply a task for you to achieve... I have heard about you. You are the empty one, the one with no emotion that Inoue used to talk about. The one that managed to defeat Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Shinigami, in battle, barely even lifting a finger to do so. Just remember, Espada, I am the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13... I will not allow you to destroy my home. Let's go!

Ulquiorra: Presumptious... I don't need to hear your words. I know your caliber... It won't make a difference... Just survive, Shinigami, otherwise you won't see Lord Aizen in his triumpth.

Toshiro: I'd rather die than see Aizen triumphant... Stop talking and fight.

(The two clash, an explosion of reiatsu forming in the evening sky)


Raijin: Damn. He has engaged the Captain-Commander... This is bad!
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Insane giggling erupted from Cyrus' unobstructed mouth as the blue energy dispersed to reveal him, grinning maniacally in his blue and yellow clothing. Ogodei's eyebrows slanted as he sighed.

Ogodei: A clown... You're a clown?

Cyrus: Don't be so confident, now... It's only fun if you're SCARED!


With that, Cyrus dashed forward while Ogodei slid one foot back in preparation for the assault. About five yards from his target, Cyrus brought both of his daggers forwards in a slashing motion, sending a cross of cutting energy rocketing towards Ogodei. The vice-captain flashed to a position several meters above his previous one, avoiding Cyrus' attack. The clown then tilted his head to the sky, licking his lips whilst Ogodei's finger pointed downwards like a God prepared to judge a victim.

Ogodei: Hado Four, Byakurai.

The flash of lightning jolted forth from his fingertips and collided with the ground within a split second. Cyrus was nowhere in sight, the the only trace of him remaining was the endless onslaught of laughter spilling from his throat. It was getting... Louder? Ogodei's head snapped upwards just in time to witness Cyrus zooming down from above him, knives extended while he barrel-rolled towards his victim. Wasting no time, Ogodei swung his Dao in a wide arc above him, clashing with the demented Espada. The force behind Cyrus' weapon was massive. Much more than Ogodei had anticipated. At a blistering speed, he was forced to the ground. Soon, he was lying flat on his back and using both hands on his sword to hold the madman's blades a distance from his throat.

Though he was pouring all of the strength he could spare into his defense, Ogodei wouldn't survive very much longer in this position. Quickly, he lifted his finger from his hilt and stretched it as far as it could go, resting it on the edge of the blade and drawing blood. In a flurry of movement, the vice captain disappeared from his place. He then stood, tall and confident, in front of the shorter man.

Cyrus: You're a fast one... That's GOOD! I LOVE CHASES!

The two combatants dashed forwards, clashing steel on steel in a flurry of sparks and silver.

Cyrus: Just wait... Until you see... What I have... IN STORE FOR YOU! AHAHAHA!

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Nice post, Zord. Good to see you still around. Haha. How are you, man?
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Cyrus barrelled forward, streams of blue light following his movements. Ogodei tossed aside his bow with a grimace – Cyrus was impossible to follow at range, his movements far too erratic to land a hit. Instead, he began slashing at the air with his dao, randomly slicing and hoping that Cyrus would keep his distance. Those hopes were in vain. The Espada closed the distance and forced Ogodei on the defensive. Each blocked strike sent him skidding backward, and watching two knives at once was getting to be near impossible. Before long, nicks and cuts started to show, and only the short term speed boosts kept them from being deadly wounds. Or, at least, that’s what he thought.

In reality, Cyrus was toying with him, enjoying every opportunity to draw blood. He would cackle at random intervals, and insanely enough, his speed seemed to rise with every passing second. Or maybe it wasn’t speed, but just pure adrenaline.

The only way he could win this was for order to win out over chaos. He slashed out, but Cyrus easily retreated, backflipping away. He stood at a distance, regarding his opponent.

Cyrus: Bright red flecks, so nice to add a little color to this beautiful scene!

Ogodei: Forgive me if I disagree.

Cyrus: Disagree!? Look at what you’ve accomplished! With your own body, you’ve made the show come to life! But don’t get nervous, I’ll bring on the grand finale!

Ogodei leveled his blade: Just try.

Cyrus: GLADLY!

As he spoke that last word, orange smoke began to pour out of his lips. Ogodei’s eyes widened as he instantly closed the distance and began revolving around him in a strange dance-like motion. He would disappear and reappear in contorted positions, making it nearly impossible to dodge. The cuts along his body multiplied and spread, and even the speed boosts proved to have little effect has he jumped into another storm of daggers one after another. What was worse, the orange gas was beginning to thicken around him, and despite efforts to hold his breath, he felt intense pain in his throat and nose. His eyes watered and reddened. He coughed horribly, and thrust himself once again outside of it, only to be faced with those blue eyes once again. He grimaced, slashing haphazardly at his target with little effectiveness. He began to slash completely without reason, only using the speed boosts to move small distances over which he would still continually slash. His body was becoming a mess of blood and exposed tissue, and before long he was kneeling, rasping through lungs that had drank too much of the gas.

Cyrus: Oh? Is the fun over already?

Ogodei glared at him, coughing up a glob of blood. Cyrus strode over slowly.

Cyrus: So fragile. Is all that bright red sapping your strength? No, no, no this won’t do at all. Get up, shinigami, get up and fight, fight until that red paints us all!

The Espada lashed out, the tip of his blade licking into Ogodei’s forehead. Ogodei disappeared once again, this time reappearing directly above Cyrus and doing a handstand.

Cyrus: Oh? Not running away anymore?

Ogodei: Conquerors don’t run. Seifuku-sha no Isan.

In an instant, lashes appeared all around Cyrus. All of the sword strikes Ogodei had taken came to life once again, biting into air and flesh, and leaving Ogodei completely unharmed. Cyrus spat blood between the cage-like bits of a mask that covered his mouth, dripping blood from innumerable wounds. He turned his head slowly upward, an insane grin splitting his face before vanishing in a puff of blue energy. Ogodei’s eyes widened as another Cyrus burst out of the orange cloud, a single cut on his shoulder being all he sustained from the attack. Ogodei readied to defend against it, unsteady on his feet and still reeling from the shock.

Hideaki: Gin no Jidai.

Silver lightning landed only an inch from Ogodei’s face, slicing through one of the two extensions on Cyrus’s hat as he dodged. He vanished, appearing before Hideaki.

Cyrus: Oooh, so now the little captain wants to play.

Hideaki’s eye twitched: I won’t be “playing” with you. I’ll bring an end to your games, as my Vice Captain could not do. Now that I’ve seen your fighting style and abilities, you will find me no simple game.

Cyrus cackled: OH REALLY!?

He charged in, slicing at Hideaki from behind. The captain didn’t even move, and a Ω symbol intercepted the strike, rising from a circle of ink that he had left around him.

Hideaki: You were finished the moment I entered this fight.

Cyrus smirked and began to sonido around him in short intervals, testing the shield. It held firm for the first five strikes, but then attacks began to penetrate. Hideaki looked annoyed, but never nervous.

Hideaki: Gin no Jidai.

Lightning flashed again, four bolts falling all around him and forcing Cyrus back. The bolts rose back into the air and Cyrus attacked again, this time easily penetrating the shield. Hideaki neatly dodged the first strike, parrying the second with his pen. He struck out with it, but Cyrus flipped over him, striking down with his dagger. Another blade of silver lightning struck downward, and somehow Cyrus contorted himself out of reach as he struck, dagger sparking against the tip of the pen. The dagger began to glow, and both of their eyes went wide.

Cyrus: Patazo a Locura!

Blue energy engulfed Hideaki as Cyrus leapt away. Ogodei lay close by, just out of harm’s way and looking on in stunned silence.

The energy dissipated and Hideaki stood in the aftermath, breathing heavily with a number of burn wounds across his body. His clothes were a ragged mess. All semblance of calm was gone from him, replaced with hot fury.

Hideaki: A FOOL WILL NOT BE THE END OF ME! Bankai, Nagai Toshitsuki no Taiyō!

Green energy erupted around him, and when he emerged the book emanated that same green light from a series of symbols on its cover. He wore glasses with dark green lenses that perched precariously on his nose with no legs to attach it to his face.

Cyrus screeched with laughter: This fool!? All this fool wants is a show! And you are going to give it to me!
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[A Flash of Green/The Battle Against the Primera]

(Toshiro hovered, determining the strength of his opponent. Ulquiorra seemed almost nonchalant, his eyes emotionless and empty. Toshiro closed his eyes.)

Toshiro: It is time, Espada. Bring all you have at me.

[Start Music]

Ulquiorra: (Staring fixatedly at Toshiro) If that is what you wish, Head Captain. Enclose, Murcielago.

(A green spark flared and burst into being, around the body of the Espada. Presently, it began to resemble green fire and the streets of the Seiretei, and some of the buildings, began to crumble at the feel of the insane magnitude of Ulquiorra's reiatsu. Energy shot off of him and up to into the air, bursting through the clouds above them and then dissipating into a torrent of energy droplets. Toshiro dodged the fallout instantly, instantly picking on the speed of his opponent, dodging the sudden attack and then brought up a massive berg of ice. Ulquiorra pressed his hands together and a fragment of energy was born from the collision/separation of his digits. Seconds later and the berg was in two pieces and falling to the ground. Toshiro smiled.)

Toshiro: A true challenge. I like your style. Alright, I'll use all of my energy, as long as we fight outside of the Seireitei.

Ulquiorra: If that is your wish, then I have no reason to deny you. Lead on, Shinigami. It will the last place you ever visit.

(Toshiro narrowed his eyes and shunpoed, heading towards the West Gate. He could see Shinigami fighting Hollows and Arrancar. He then realised that he had suddenly found Momo's reiatsu, who was fighting an Espada. Luckily, she seemed alright. Toshiro frowned and rose higher into the air, then shunpoed through the gate, stepping lightly on a roof in the Rukongai and then swiftly sped towards the forest. It seemed that Ulquiorra had no trouble keeping up with him. Finally, Toshiro halted at the edge of the forest.)

Toshiro: This is where the fight truely begins, Espada. So... Are you going to tell me who you are, or do I have to force it out of you?

Ulquiorra: I have no problem telling my name to an insolent Shinigami... After all, we Espada tell our name to the opponent right they die. Since you will die, nonetheless, I shall willingly oblige you. My name is Ulquiorra Schiffer, Espada No.1.

Toshiro: Don't get cocky, fool. Just show me what you have.

(Ulquiorra obliged again, swooping in for an immediate attack. His wings aided him and allowed him to gain on Toshiro. The Captain-Commander dodged the energy lance and smashed into it with Hyorinmaru. Ice struggled to grow around the energy bolt and suddenly it cracked and disappeared. Toshiro's energy seemed to have hit a standstill. Then it rose angrily. Spiking, it flared coldly and brightly and the lance suddenly froze and shattered, in the ice, to the ground. Ulquiorra merely fixed his strange-looking, green eyes on Toshiro and almost seemed to smile, that is, if his face made any true expressions whatsoever. Another bolt of energy appeared in his hands and he picked it up, slinging it directly at Toshiro. The Shinigami brought up his Zanpakuto, cutting straight through the energy.)

Ulquiorra: You are not affected by my energy at all. Is it because you have spent many years in training, Head Captain?

Toshiro: Obviously. I am the Commander of the Gotei 13, after all. Did you really think it would be that easy?

Ulquiorra: No. I was simply analysing your behaviour and tactics. Tell me, Shinigami, would you be able to withstand a blast that could potentially destroy most of your Seireitei?

Toshiro: I don't know. It sounds like I'll find out, sooner or later.

Ulquiorra: Indeed. (Throws another attack at Toshiro)

Toshiro: (Parrying and freezing the energy bolt) I told you that this attack would not work on me. Try something else, Espada! (Ulquiorra didn't stop, instead allowing the lance to explode upon Toshiro, letting out a large, green blast, which devoured a massive row of trees. Toshiro emerges, his robes smoking and his haori tied around his chest, like a sash. He is burned on his arms and face, but not especially badly) I handle more energy than that, evidently. Try again, Ulquiorra Schiffer!

Ulquiorra: This is growing tedious. I will have to test your true power, then, Head Captain. Cero Oscuras (Ulquiorra lifts his finger, a black spark issuing. It grows into the size of an orange, the negative energy crackling and sparking against the oxygen in the air. Suddenly, it leaves his finger, faster than any Cero Toshiro had ever seen and smashed into his reiatsu shields. His energy stands against the dark Cero for a moment, then finally Toshiro is pushed backwards, his face frowned in determination. The blast explodes around him, in an insane eruption, likened to no other that the Head Captain had ever seen in his life)

Toshiro: (Hidden in amongst the explosion and smoke) Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru... (His reiatsu bursts out of the residue, scattering the energy remainder all through the grove. The trees sway and bend from the shockwave his Bankai produced, almost seeming to crack under its harshness. Ulquiorra shudders, feeling the power that Toshiro is wielding)

Ulquiorra: Truely impressive, Captain. Now, let me show you someth- ooooofff! (Ulquiorra sailed backwards, struck by a massive flow of ice, larger than whole area they were fighting in. Ulquiorra crashes through several trees, before flaring his reiatsu, raising it slightly. The ice began to crack in places, but only superficial ones. It was a moment before it finally let out a loud, snapping sound and cracked in the middle and near its edges. Ulquiorra raised his reiatsu even higher and produced another energy lance. This one was similar, in theory, to his previous ones, but much longer and more robust near the centre. This was instantly smashed into Toshiro's arm, bludgeoning it backwards and sending him flying into the ground. Then Ulquiorra is sent flying again, Toshiro having thrust a swift Ryusenka at him, before crash-landing below him. Ulquiorra's Hierro resists the ice, but Ulquiorra is still unbalanced by the power behind Toshiro's strikes and loses his footing. He rights himself and attacks again, this time at close range with a Cero Oscuras, which explodes upon contact. Toshiro is upon him again, sending expert strikes at him, with his blade. Ulquiorra avoids them and tries to press another attack, but is almost instantly overpowered once more and flips backwards. Toshiro breathes, halting for an instant)

Toshiro: What's wrong, Espada?

Ulquiorra: Nothing at all. Ready to experience a whole, new sensation?

Toshiro: Sure, if it means you'll fight.

Ulquiorra: It will. Yes, it certainly will. Resurreccion, Segunda Etapa! (From the robed Espada he once resembled, Ulquiorra has changed much. His hair is longer and the black tears running from his eyes are longer and more pronounced. He no longer has any robes. He has no need of them. His lower body is covered with thick, black hair and his body is more muscular. Even his horns seem to have grown longer. But the most frightening change, was that of his reiatsu. It had become almost god-like, more powerful than anything Toshiro had ever experienced) Feel my power, Shinigami.

[End Music]

-West Gate-

Momo: Toshiro...

Nero: Concentrate, girl. You won't be able to defeat me, if you keep staring off into space like that.

Momo: (Growling) Shut up! Tobiume! (Fire engulfs Nero) Hado No.88, Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho! (An electrical blast pushes into Nero, sparking and threatening to explode, then does vehemently)

-To Be Continued-
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Idoya stood with one foot on the chest of Sajin, who could hardly move. Blood covered much of his torso, and he scowled with indignation and fury at the Espada. No, not at the Espada. And the blade she wielded.

The gigantic blade of Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō was held in her hand, hefted as easily as she would have a normal-sized blade. It had been modified to have a special grip within the handle of the blade, one which rotated at her command to allow her expert wielding of a blade at that size. The whole thing was covered in a sheen of metallic blue that shimmered in the light.

Idoya: A pathetic excuse for a captain. That you should have access to such a blade as this and yet be so incapable of wielding it is insulting.

Sajin only responding by spitting blood on her. Idoya allowed it to hit her on the cheek.

Idoya: How Aguantar had so many issues against you, I’ll never know. But don’t worry, I will make good use of this blade where you could not.

The she stepped off his chest, choosing not to end his life in favor of keeping the blade she held, which would disappear as soon as he did. The scene pans out to the ruins that surround them. The giant, Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō, lay unmoving several dozen meters away, a huge slash having cut through the thick padding and armor across its chest. The cut was not so deep, but the breadth and length of it were more than enough to incapacitate the captain who took the same injury.

Idoya leaned the large blade against her shoulder, sighing. It was a nice blade to be sure, but she had hoped the opponent would be as well honed as the blade. The fox-like man had proven himself incapable of facing someone like her, so focused was he on fighting strength with size. He should have realized, size wasn’t important. This blade wasn’t impressive because of its size, though that was a bonus. It was a blade created by the second release of a zanpakuto, the sole one created through his bankai release, a rare opportunity.

Of course, he wasn’t the only person here who could create such blades, and if she found a better one, she would gladly take it over this. Well, as gladly as she normally got anyway. Each weapon she chose was just something to make her service more worthwhile. She didn’t cherish them.

Idoya: Another Bankai weapon would be nice to have. Would you oblige me, captain?

She stopped in place. Turning her gaze towards a trio on top of a nearby building. Tsubaki stood at the fore with Kazuma on her right. Whoever it was that stood behind them had courage enough to stand his ground, but not enough to stop the trembling in his legs.

Tsubaki: Not today, Hollow. Consider me a substitute for the man you just left bleeding on the ground.

Idoya raised an eyebrow: Substitute? Do you have such respect for a warrior like him? A weakling?

Tsubaki: Sajin is no weakling.

Idoya: Failure is weakness. Anyone who cannot achieve their goals is weak. You shinigami are so fond of defending your values and allies when in reality the strength it provides you is meaningless. You know nothing of loyalty.

Tsubaki: You say that, yet every time you and your leader have sought to inflict damage, you have always come away the worse for the wear. Soul Society stands firm against you.

Idoya: The power of that unity has given you nothing. You think yourselves to be so high and mighty, and yet look at you. You’re a militaristic society that claims morality, and yet you enforce a practical dictatorship over the passage between life and death. How many times have you destroyed others who sought a different path over some foolish concept of balance?

Tsubaki: Balance? Powers above us control that. No matter how we view ourselves, we will always be mortal beings, flawed and deficient. But we are all such mortal creatures, you and your fellows included. Even Aizen will remain a mortal being in mentality, no matter how long his life may last. If you are so certain his path is the correct one, then you can prove it with your blade.

Idoya: My blade ? You don’t understand, do you? I am a tool, and so is the weapon I wield. There will be no understanding by crossing blades; nothing will be proved but our respective resolves. And yours will be found wanting.

Tsubaki: In that case…

She loosened two blades from their sheaths, grabbing each with the opposite hand. A dark look overcame her face.

Tsubaki: I will show you the true meaning of strength!

Idoya shook her head: Again, you don’t understand. We all derive our strength from the need to protect something, whether it’s our mentality or others around us. The difference between us is what we’re protecting. You are forced to protect those two you have brought with you, as well as this whole place, an impossible task for one alone. Your Sajin fell from the effort. I don’t need to protect my “loyalty” or “honor” as you do; simply engaging in this battle accomplishes that. I’m protecting something much simpler than that-

Idoya disappeared, reappearing behind Tsubaki with her blade already in mid-swing.

Idoya: My right to exist!

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The two clashed again and again. Aguantar’s club and Mishiranu’s blade slammed into each other with the force to blast Hageshii back. He stared in what he could only be describe as awe. He had been demolished by the Espada, but the shinigami fighting now was having no trouble with him. She even had the clear upper hand. To someone who had never fought Aguantar before, it would seem even, but the look on their faces gave it away. Aguantar had a small sheen of sweat, whereas the girl, Mishiranu, was meeting every single strike and responding instantly with her own. The two clashed again and Hageshii covered his head from the blast of reiatsu, then he felt something. It was a reiatsu that was so incredibly strong that he choked a bit from the force, but it also seemed faded, as if it were far away. Mishiranu seemed to notice it as well. She slammed her blade into Aguantar’s, sending him crashing through buildings and flash stepped over to Hageshii.

Mishiranu: “Go. You need to get further away.”

Hageshii: “That spiritual pressure.”

Mishiranu: “That would be the head captain. He seems to be fighting one of the stronger Espada. Now go.”

Hageshii: “No. I can’t. I refuse to run while a lady does all the work.”

Mishiranu: “Leave the gallantry for someone else. I can handle myself.”

Hageshii: “But-”

Mishiranu: “If you want to worry about someone, worry about those who can’t defend themselves. You were helping with the hollows before you fought this guy right? Well get back to work.”

Hageshii had to admit she had a point. He slowly nodded. “Fine.” He turned and flash stepped away. He hoped she would be fine.

Mishiranu nodded as he left, then turned to Aguantar, who had finally picked himself up. Aguantar growled and sent the rubble from the buildings he had destroyed at her. Mishiranu was prepared and sliced through each rock. Then they attacked again. She leaped away. She attacked Aguantar, ignoring the rocks. It was obvious that no matter how much she destroyed them, his powers would let him just attack with more. She slashed down on his club and Aguantar dug his heels into the ground, trying to push back, but the force was too much and he was sent crashing through the ground. Mishiranu leaped high into the air and looked down. If he had the power to control earth, the best plan would be to spend as little time on the ground as possible. An explosion erupted beneath her and Aguantar came shooting towards her, roaring. She turned her attention to him and parried the blow. She grunted and pushed hard, knocking his club away from her, then slashing his chest. He seemed to not feel it and she growled, parrying blow after blow and inflicting several serious injuries on the Espada. She blocked another attack and noticed that something like dirt was leaking from him. “Shit!” She cursed and tried to jump back, but the fake Aguantar exploded into hundreds of knife shaped rocks and all of them stabbed at her, engulfing her.

The real Aguantar sonido’d above, a Cero already charged. He smiled. “Goodbye shinigami. It was fun.” A small opening appeared in the mass of rock, and he fired the Cero through it, which exploded violently. He landed on the ground and looked. Did he get her? She was certaintly a tough opponent. She had him outmatched and overpowered at every turn. How was it possible for one person to have gotten that much skill. He was reminded a bit of Harribel, or Ulquiorra. Speaking of Ulquiorra, he sensed the overpowering presence which was Ulquiorra’s second release. He smirked. The head Captain was gonna die, just like the girl. As he thought that, a knee slammed into him, sending him crashing through ten buildings.

Mishiranu: “Oh I’m sorry, were you busy thinking? It’s just you had that really stupid look like plastered on your face.”

Aguantar stumbled up. “You bitch!” He froze at what he saw. She was unharmed. Not a scratch on her.

Mishiranu: “Ya, pretty disappointing isn’t it. Turns out your Cero has absolutely no comparison to one of Shiva’s punches. I can take those all day long and still be able to dish them out at twice the strength.” She was putting on a front. It was true she could take several of his hits and be fine, but she no longer had her manifestation and he just kept getting back up, not to mention her time limit was over, she wasn’t in Bankai anymore. Aguantar noticed it to. He smiled.

Aguantar: “You’re defenseless. I was wondering why your last kick didn’t have as much force. You can’t use Bankai anymore.” It was her Bankai that was the problem. Hers was the first Bankai that he had seen that had that raised her strength by so much. He charged, appearing behind her in a flash, he blade met his, but this time she was the one over powered and was forced back. She managed to stay standing, but was immediately forced back into a clash with Aguantar, who kept up his constant attacks. Each strike jarred her arm until he managed to slam his club into her side. Ribs broke and she was sent flying through the ground, she landed hard and coughed blood. Aguantar glared at her limp form. Was she dead? No…she was still breathing. Several of her bones were shattered from the force of the blow. She grunted in pain and staggered up to her feet.

Mishiranu looked at her hand. “Damn…still not enough time. I can’t believe it’s taking so much to beat this guy.” It was strange to be using so little spiritual pressure. She wasn’t quite used to it. She felt her ribs. “Hmm…4 of them. All right. I can work with this.” She needed to stall for three minutes. Seeing as he did this in 40 seconds, she might have a bit of a tough time.
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[Fierce Clash of Ideals]

The explosion that ensued shook the earth between the feet of the two fighters. It had happened so quickly that the two watching nearly missed it. The massive sword of Sajin’s bankai swung through the air like a missile, carrying more than enough force to split several buildings in two. Tsubaki reflexively brought both of her swords up to block while bending her stance back, forcing her body to become horizontally flat, like an ironing board. The movement put her in a position to evade the blade, but it was too late. If she didn’t bring her swords up to block, she would have been cleaved in two. As it was, her pure skill managed to prevent her from being cut as the massive sword passed overhead, chopping a few strands of her strawberry blonde hair in the process. Tsubaki spun on the lone foot she used to keep herself from falling to the ground, using the momentum gained from blocking the strike to spin like a top, sticking both of her swords out in a dangerous arc. Idoya vanished and reappeared a few steps back to avoid the attack and put Tsubaki back into her line of sight as the woman stood straight once more. Tsubaki frowned for a moment as she flexed her fingers on her swords’ hilts.

“You are the number sixth espada, are you not?” Tsubaki asked after a moment of consideration. Idoya’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“For having only defended against a single strike, that is an impressive guess. Yes, I am Idoya Onda, the sexta espada. From the looks of it, your level must at least be captain’s class. Or else you would not have survived that strike.”

Tsubaki sheathed one of her katanas and tuggled a portion of her haori out from underneath her armor so that Idoya could see the white piece of cloth, then shifted her body to show Idoya the kanji number inscribed in the armor’s back. While turning, Tsubaki didn’t take her eyes off of Idoya for a second. Idoya did not miss this.

“9th squad captain, recently appointed.” Tsubaki replied smoothly. “Tsubaki Tokugawa. Sixth Espada, I wish for you to retract an earlier comment before we continue.”

“Retract? Which comment exactly do you want me to retract?”

“Each and every one of them. You mocked the name of honor and loyalty to my face, belittle a fellow captain, and accused my subordinates of weakness. Before you die, I will force you to retract each and every one of your baseless claims. I had come here to duel with an Espada, but now I only wish to fight you for the sake of honor and pride!”

Tsubaki shifted her weight as she held the lone katana in her hand up with the hilt clenched in both of her hands. “Come, Espada! Allow me to shatter your foolish ideals!”

“Captain Komamura, are you alright?” Kazuma asked as he knelt beside the crippled wolf-man. Komamura coughed up blood from his muzzle as he groaned.

“…Iba.” The captain murmured his words through gritted teeth. “How is Iba?”

“He is alright. Probably.” Kazuma glanced over at the fifth seat who was tending to the vice-captain. “His life might be in peril.”

“…And the Arrancar?”

“Captain Tokugawa is fighting her.”

“Tell…Tokugawa to…be careful. That Arrancar…she can use…whatever weapon she…grabs!”

“What?!” Kazuma blinked in surprise. He turned his attention to the fierce fighting immediately. If that Komamura said was true, then that Arrancar was the worst enemy to face against Tsubaki. Her bankai’s initial ability would likely prove ineffective. But Kazuma could not tell his captain. The fight was on a level beyond his own, so getting involved would be difficult. And even if he could tell her, it was unlikely that it would change Tsubaki’s strategy in the slightest. That was just the type of person she was.

The two high leveled opponents fighting required a wide radius for the fighting. Komamura’s sword in Idoya’s hand was a devastating weapon. The mere back swing threatened to split through the surrounding terrain with its size and length. The pure strength behind it was further augmented by Odoya’s skillful handling, using it in way Komamura himself had never thought to. With both her hands constantly shifting positions along the wide hilt, the 360 degree reach practically eliminated many of the probable weaknesses of a weapon that size.

Tsubaki, meanwhile, combated this with the Hasso stance. It was unknown for what reason that Tsubaki chose to only use a single katana when she had access to four different swords, but her movement speed was superior to Idoya, allowing her to weave through the holes of the massive sword with her relatively smaller body. Her strikes came out like a rapid fire gun, smashing into the blade of the massive weapon Idoya was swinging, knocking it every which way by using its own momentum, protecting Tsubaki from the full brunt of the damage. At least, that’s what it seemed like. With a reach as far as Idoya’s, no one nearby should have been safe. Even if the sword itself did not make contact, the debris alone with batter the surroundings to death like bullets. However, thanks to Tsubaki’s seemingly errant strikes deflecting the massive blade’s path, this did not happen. The two injured shinigami and the two tending to them remained relatively unharmed as they retreated from the battlefield, putting as much distance between them and the combatants as they could.

“You’re pushing yourself.” Idoya commented as she smashed the massive sword into the earth between them. Massive slabs of rock flew into the air and served as rockets as Idoya smashed her foot against them, sending them flying forward with unreal velocity. These slabs of rock were nearly cut to pieces by Tsubaki and her katana as she murmured, “Terra vice grip”. Shards of rock rained down on the two as they drew back from a moment in order to catch their breath. “By staying on the defensive, you’re only wasting your energy. This is what happens when you burden yourself with too many tasks.”

“Perhaps,” Tsubaki said between intervals of regulating her breathing to regain her strength as quickly as she could. “Between protecting them and protecting myself, I would be hard pressed to manage. But I have long since abandoned my immediate interest in protecting my physical body.”

“Is that so? Your armor says different. You are forced to use such a static one-handed sword technique such as Hasso in order to deal with the lack of freedom you have with all of that bulk. You are fooling no one when you say you have abandoned your interest in protecting your body.”

“I do not wear this armor to protect my body.” Tsubaki touched one hand to the Tokugawa clan crest emblazoned on the chest of the armor. “I wear it because it is my pride. I am a Tokugawa before a captain.”

“So much for a sense of unity.”

“However,” Tsubaki went on. “I am a shinigami before a Tokugawa. In that sense, title and rank means nothing. I regret asking about you rank before. I had merely wished to acknowledge the one who I would fight.”

Tsubaki sheathed her katana and placed both of her hands on her samurai helmet. She took the weighted object off of her head with practiced ease and cast it aside, placing it safely atop a large flat piece of debris. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on Idoya, flaming spiritual pressure radiating from her body. Her reiatsu was manifesting itself in the form of heat. Like Toshiro, who’s reiatsu took the form of ice and mist, and the former head-captain Yamamoto, who’s reiatsu took the form of flames, this was a display of how concentrated the spiritual energy was as it pervaded the air.

“Bring glory to those who hold the blade of faith, Nichirin.”

Tsubaki drew a katana and a wakizashi as she vanished from sight for a moment. For a moment, Idoya assumed that her speed had increased. Then she realized that the heat had made Idoya’s senses relax by mistake. She quickly noticed Tsubaki reappeared beside her, jabbing the wakizashi forward quickly to insert it in Idoya’s side. Idoya turned her body quickly to evade, but still sustained a cut over her stomach, although shallow. Her heirro had prevented the majority of the damage.

“Double tiger claws!” Tsubaki called as she drew the second wakizashi with the same hand she held the wakizashi in, holding both weapons between her fingers like knuckles. She lashed out and nearly slashed through Idoya’s face as the Arrancar retreated once more, swinging the massive sword up. Tsubaki ducked beneath the strike, ignoring it as the wind from the attack sent her hair wildly through the air like a lion’s mane.

“Vertical step!”

Tsubaki stood up from her crouching position and her katana came flying up with a swing of her arm. Idoya was forced to step back once more to prevent her arm from being severed. She attempted to swing the massive bankai leveled sword around, but Tsubaki was already moving, tossing the two wakizashi down at Idoya’s feet. Idoya shifted her feet to avoid them being pierced, and the moment’s hesitation gave Tsubaki the chance to close in. Tsubaki’s eyes were blazing with clarity as she approached, thanks to her shikai’s primary ability—Hiatari. It was the most subtle, yet one of the most devastating techniques for a person of her skill. All the fatigue and pain she had sustained earlier had conveniently evaporated, leaving Tsubaki to move freely.

Idoya had reduced the enormous lag time of swinging the massive sword of Komamura’s bankai from several seconds to barely two seconds, despite its size, while retaining its destructive power. The two seconds that was originally negligible suddenly became a delay.


Idoya stumbled back as the downward cut from Tsubaki’s katana left a gash across the front of her chest. Tsubaki did not press Idoya as she picked up her two wakizashi and sheathed them, holding the lone katana once more in a hasso stance with the tip facing the sky.

“I do not like this.” Tsubaki spoke openly as her brows furrowed. “I may have sworn to slay you, but I cannot stand a fight without honor. Cast aside Sajin’s sword and draw your true weapon so we may fight properly. You can only go so far by using a weapon you are not familiar with, and I refuse to do you the shame of cutting you down with someone else’s sword.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint,” Idoya grimaced as she wiped away a stream of blood oozing toward her eyes with the back of her hand. “But I do not wield my own sword when I release. Any weapon I touch is my weapon.”

“Ridiculous. That is nothing more than thievery.”

“A weapon is merely a tool. Who it is used by has no direct relation to the user. It all depends on how it is used. To view them as more is simply an attempted to personify them.”

Tsubaki’s grip tightened on her sword’s hilt more tightly as she glared at Idoya. “It truly seems that we shall not come to an agreement. All that is left is to speak with our blades.”

Tsubaki prepared to start forward, but paused as she noticed the massive weapon in Idoya’s hands beginning to fade from existence. Idoya barely glanced at it as it dissipated quickly.

“It seems the captain has either passed on or lost consciousness.”

“What will you do? Without a sword of your own, will you seek to steal from another?”

“Have you no intention to strike me unarmed?”

“I do not.” Tsubaki glared ferociously at Idoya with a look of pure warning. “But if you dare draw a bystander into our fight, I will not hesitate to cleave through your wrists and leave you without hands, Arrancar.”