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blackpanther666 posted on Jan 18, 2012 at 12:28AM
Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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Больше года frosttakahashi said…
gaia, i'll make something happen during the training in the light kingdom involving the shadow beasts, to make this a real clan war im gonna make them into a clan which will reappear throughout the rp
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Ok sounds good. 4 clans goin at it but there needs to be some kind of motivation for us all to fight.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
its basically the shadow beasts as a clan, but they have taken humanoid form and want to dethrone the scola
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Sounds like some pretty interesting ideas going on here guys XD
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
i was gonna call them Tenibris.(darkness in latin)
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Frost, its your turn, I believe.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
~Episode: Retaking the Throne~

the scola clan had reached the kingdom of light after two weeks of traveling, tired and fatigued they stopped to make camp

Kenshi: *staring at the kingdom from the nearby woods they were in* This is our Kingdom Lord Aion? How could you have lost this place to the shadow beasts?

Aion: I don't want to talk about it....

Mil: Like we said, they are nearly invulnerable when near shadows, where light is created a shadow always lays behind it. The only reason they succeeded was because they launched an assault right after lord Aion stole the throne from his father, since we were weak from the fight we had no choice but to retreat.

Kenshi: I wanna see one of these beasts,see ya! *he runs off towards the castle
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Fraccion: Luka Nova

Zanpakuto: Avivar Mortalidad ('Quickened death-rate')

Special ability: Luka's reiatsu quickens the heart rate of the opponent, when he gets closer to the opponent.
100 meters away is where it begins to affect the opponent, at 90 meters away, this quickens the opponent's heart-rate by 8 percent. At fifty meters away, this quickens the heart-rate by 30 percent and when Luka is within five meters of the opponent, the heart-rate is quickened by 60 percent. It will not increase when Luka is closer than five meters away from the opponent. This ability does not kill the opponent directly, but places a huge amount of strain on the body of the opponent and they use more reiatsu in general, in order to withstand Nero's reiatsu and fight back.

Abilities: Immense Cero, Low-level speed/Sonido, average Bala and Hierro is reasonably strong, but average for an Arrancar of his level.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Fraccion: Golga Bron

Zanpakuto: Figura Desviador ('Shape-shifter')

Special Ability: Can change form into anything, including mythical creatures and animals in the World of the Living. Every five mins, when Golga changes form, it heals any major injuries he has. Every-time he uses this, it heals less and less damage, and it also only heals the major wounds, not the insignificant ones.

Abilities: High-level speed/Sonido, average level Cero, average Hierro, low-level strength and low-level Bala (never really uses Bala).

Golga is a hot-tempered, skinny whip of a man, with gnarled muscles, that stretch out like whip-cords. Surprisingly opponents of his tend to think that he is weak, due to his slight appearance, but he defies such slander by defeating opponents ferociously and with deadly speed and concentration.

Personality: He has an attitude, that much is true, though not much else known about him, other than his hatred of people looking down on him because of his size. He is also violent and capable of quick mood-swings, though tends to stay quiet in the presence of any Espada of higher rank than Grimmjow, his superior officer.
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Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Fraccion: Jiroga Namis

Zanpakuto: Maleficio (‘Devilry’)

Special ability: He grows two horns and a long, pointed tail, and his weapon changes into a flaming pitchfork. This adds a heavy burn effect to every attack, both physical and energy-based. Depending on the opponent’s energy level, the burn extends deeper below the skin, allowing for ease of internal damage.

Abilities: Small but fast cero, mid-level speed/Sonido, low level Bala and a Hierro that is strong against energy-based strikes, but weak against physical attacks.

Fraccion: Kadyn Wrench

Zanpakuto: Metalico Pegote ('Metal Appendage')

Special ability: Upon release, the weapon forms into an arm 10 times the normal size of his own and surrounds his left arm completely, ending in a jagged claw. Metal plates cover the body thinly, but dramatically enhance his Hierro. Any of the panels on the arm can open at any time and unleash a cero or bala of equal strength to normal. Shots fired directly out of the end of the arm are increased in power by double.

Abilities: Mid-large cero, Low speed/Sonido, high level Bala and Hierro stronger than his fellow arrancar.

Fraccion: Sogor Mith

Zanpakuto: Andador ('Summoner')

Special ability: A cloak forms around him covered in runes with a cowl obscuring his face. At any point, he can remove any number of runes covering the cloak and place them on the battlefield in a given orientation. At any point, he can choose to do one of two things with these runes. First, they can unleash a cero of equal power to his own. Second, they can generate a high gravitational field, holding an opponent in place. The runes automatically restore 10 seconds after usage. The runes cannot be destroyed upon placement, though damage to the cloak at the site of the rune can prevent restoration of the rune after use or deplete the location of the rune if it is still there.

Abilities: Large, powerful cero, high-level speed/Sonido, low level Bala and a weak Hierro.

Fraccion: Leelee Averil

Zanpakuto: Felino Furia ('Feline fury')

Special ability: Cat ears and a tail sprout out of the wielder’s body. While in action, she is capable of much quicker reaction speeds. While in this form, she is also capable of forming mats of fur at any point (even all over) her body, and releasing it at high velocity directly off of that point. These function like a swarm of needles, moving at high velocity and striking any target in their path. If the fur is kept in place, physical strikes at that site are dramatically reduced in power, essentially functioning as high level Hierro. The fur can be regrown and fired immediately.

Abilities: Small, weak cero, high-level speed/Sonido, mid-level Bala and a weak Hierro, except at points protected by fur.
Больше года Kevy1 said…
Terrorista (translated as Terrorist) - Espada No.8, represents cognitive destruction as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Caracol Bombardero (translated as 'Snail bomber'), known as a drag to other Espada He takes his time to do everything. His power level is the same as the former espada Devak. He may do every thing slow but the energy stored makes his shunpo the fastest out of all the espada. He has no name for most of his moves only on which is the strongest one of all.
In regular form he is able to shoot out black balls out of his mouth the size of a gum ball. These black balls blow up when it makes contact or by the command of the user. It is half the speed of a bala but twice the amount of damage is done and can be shoot out every 2 minutes. And he has all regular abilities of and espada.
In resurreccion form he turns to a big ten feet tall man snail and forsake speed so much so that move as fast as a snail. In this form he can shoot the black balls as fast as the bala one right after the other but it has the same power in his regular form. Also he is able to shoot a sticky substance that have one black ball in it, the sticky substance sucks the spiritual pressure of the target and pours it into the ball. The black ball can be used instantly or until any amount of spiritual pressure is absorbed which increases the damage of the explosion. Spiritual pressure is absorbed half of 1% per minute. The sticky substance once attach to the target can only be removed by the element of ice and fire and cutting off the skin that the sticky substance is on. The sticky substance can be use to trap people also. This next move happens when he is dead or close to death, name of move Destructor Explosión (translated as destroyer blast), when this move is used the user body disintegrates into nothing and releases millions of microscopic black balls that has all the energy store form the lack of movement, reaches the radius of 300 feet, has twice the power or the black balls in regular form and explode in it make contact. This technique can be stopped by the ice element.
For defense he can withdraw into his shell. The shell is invincible but someone can attack him in the space of the shell.
Age: look like 30

Height: 5.9 feet

Weight: like Oomaeda

Eye: Light blue

Hair: Grey, Short

Appearance: He has no mask but a small snail shell shape bone like material that is on his back. He wears the same clothing as Yammy.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Sounds interesting Kevy and a very strong mofo in many ways, we'll have to watch out for him...
Больше года Kevy1 said…
Final Announcement

An order is given by Aizen through some sort of P.A. system:

Aizen: All numbered espada and their subordinates are to engage the enemy immediately, this order does not apply to Grimmjow. Grimmjow your order remains the same.
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Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Immediately following the announcement, a tremendous explosion rang out over Hueco Mundo, debris flying every which way, along with the body parts of the forward squad of lesser hollows.

Aguantar: What the hell is going on?

Sogor: A mine was set on the perimeter of Las Noches, much more powerful than anything we’ve encountered before. It appears that some of the Soul Reapers managed to set them in place. It appears to be a pair of captains traveling together.

Aguantar eyed his fraccion: Show me where they went.

The P.A. system came to life once again, Aizen’s voice ricocheting off the walls of Las Noches.

Aizen: Ulquiorra and Starkk are both ordered to remove those explosives – your level will make you immune to their effects. All other Espada are to proceed as ordered.

Renee was way out ahead of Acelin at this point, her speed carrying her faster and farther than her vice captain. She had already planted over a dozen of the things and still managed to stay far ahead of her vice captain; his earlier enervation had proven short term, and he was panting with the exertion. An explosion from behind them caused her to glance around – the balloon of a fiery explosion visible out of the corner of her eye. She chanced a smile, thinking on the-

Acelin: LOOK OUT!

A massive cero lanced down to her right, carving a path through the sand. A shell from Acelin’s cloak intercepted it, colliding in an explosion that still sent her reeling.

Luka: Damnit, that little bastard got in my way.

Renee’s sharp eyes made out two shapes in the smoke. Luka was far out ahead of his Espada, frowning down at Acelin as the vice captain slid up beside Renee. Pantos stood behind him, arms folded, a sword with a black hilt with white lace in the grip at his side.

Acelin stepped in front of her, a smile returning to his face.

Acelin: Allow me, madame. Neither of these curs shall stand a chance against my-

Renee: Don’t be a fool. You can take the one up front, but the one behind him is mine.

Acelin tsked, but tacitly accepted it. He seemed happy enough with his allotment, charging in to clash with his new opponent. Pantos, on the other hand, only had eyes for her. He tilted his head to the side.

Pantos: Little captain, you don’t seem the type to know fear.

Renee: Everyone has known fear, I am no different.

Pantos: You speak in the past tense, your fear is all a memory.

Pantos reached for his hilt with his right hand, sliding it across his body in a slow stroke. He placed the blade in front of his face, the blade covering his vision of her completely below her eyes. Suddenly, reiatsu exploded out of his body, starting as blue, but changing colors quickly. Renee held her ground, digging her feet into the sand beneath her as she awaited his assault.

Pantos: Memories must needs be refreshed.

Kirodzuki still refused to slow down, but at this point, Takuma couldn’t care less. He kept pace. They were told to circle Las Noches from a large distance and intercept any targets that moved towards them, and both of them had become impatient with waiting.

As they pressed onward, Kirodzuki kept his eyes forward, looking for opponents ahead of them. That would prove pointless, though so would looking around. His vice captain had always proven an ineffective scout. Takuma, on the other hand-

Wa…was that a ball?

Something huge was flying towards them. Whatever it was, it was slow, slow enough for Kirodzuki to notice it. The younger man immediately drew his blade, and was gone before Takuma could restrain him.

Well shit. Takuma took off after him, and was just in time to see the ball resolve slowly into a fat arrancar. What the hell was this thing?

Kirodzuki wasted no time, bringing his blade around in a vicious strike. The arrancar made a slow block, and the vice captain took immediate advantage, swinging around it in a deadly arc. A black ball was suddenly in the path of his swing and he had no time to move away.

Takuma let his vice captain loose his arm from his grip. Shunpo had allowed him to get the younger man out of there unscathed, and that had proven necessary. The explosion was powerful, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at the arrancar, who barely seemed injured.

Takuma: Who are you?

The arrancar looked at him quizzically, opened his mouth, and shut it. How could he be this slow and that quick to react?

Kirodzuki: It doesn’t matter, he’s dead meat.

This time, he grabbed hold of his vice captain, who tried to slash him. Takuma dodged the slash lazily, pinning the younger man’s arms to his body by crossing his arm in front of him. Kirodzuki still flailed, though to no effect.

Takuma: Don’t be stupid, this isn’t someone to take light-

The arrancar vanished, and a shadow appeared the two soul reapers.

Demandred and Sajin were taking turns planting the mines across the outside of Las Noches. They had taken more than Renee, and it was proving effective despite her speed. They had planted 20 of the things thusfar, and neither looked back to see the effects of their very first.

They were ready when the five arrancar descended upon them. Most of their strikes were simply parried without issue, though one punctured deep into Demandred’s blade before giving him a swift kick to the chest, sending him reeling to the sands below with tremendous impact. He stood up in an instant, giving his blade a look over and a grimace. Sajin rallied to him.

Jiroga: Now, what would two pests be doing all the way out here?

Leelee: Let’s play with them!

Kadyn: We don’t play with bugs, Leelee.

Sogor: No, we squash them.

Sajin smirked: This is how you invite us into your lands? How kind.

Aguantar frowned at him: You’ll find no invitation from us, only death.

Demandred: You’re a fool to think you can do that alone.

Aguantar turned his gaze to Demandred, fire in his eyes.

Aguantar: Do you mean to demean my fraccion?

Demandred: They do that themselves.

Jiroga rushed forward, but a raised hand from Aguantar put a stop to him. Fury painted his face.

Aguantar: I suppose you won’t mind facing all 4 then?

Demandred scowled: You mean to give me the dregs? How about you face me yourself?

Aguantar shook his head: As if you could be a challenge. *he points to Sajin* The dog would make a better opponent for me.

Demandred glanced over at Sajin, and the elder captain nodded to him. Much as he hated it, it seemed he would have to face fraccion while others fought Espada. Wonderful.

The four fraccion surrounded him, equally spaced apart from each other. They all glared at him, raring for a fight.

Jiroga: Still think you’ll be so capable against all of us?

Demandred: Think? I know.

Sogor: Don’t feign disinterest. We’re Master Aguantar’s fraccion, and powerful enough to fight you.

Demandred raised his eyebrow. He held his blade in front of him, releasing it wordlessly. Metal sheathed his body and hair, and both Kadyn and Leelee took a half step back as energy surged out of him.

Demandred: You want to kill me? Come and get me.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Yo Gaia, your turn now XD
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
K ill post something later today.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Alrighty, sounds good. Cheers XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
By the way, I think the order of posting has changed slightly, so, just to keep it is... we are in this order:

Me (BP)
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Name of Espada: Nero Lanca

Zanpakuto: El Segador

Special ability: Soul sucking aura, has a range of twenty meters. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to completely degrade a Captain's reiatsu and about five minutes for a Vice-Captain. Once the reiatsu is degraded, it takes about five minutes to suck away the opponent's soul and this iron-clad, no matter what the rank, this will always take about the same amount of time to achieve.

Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Name of Espada: Sky Ritz

Zanpakuto: Estupido ('Braindead')

Special ability: Sky is a genious, though, his Zanpakuto is very controversial, and this causes his reiatsu to be somewhat unstable and can spike from being as strong as Pantos reiatsu to being as weak as a normal Fraccion. Sky can use almost anything around him as a weapon, while in his released state, for example, a metal pole or a wooden rod. He also owns one Seele Schneider and takes very good care of it, only ever using it when he is in danger. He also carries several bombs made similar to Mayuri's Arrancar landmines, however these are designed to work on Shinigami, not Arrancars. He releases his Zanpakuto by stabbing himself in the stomach, which is then healed when he goes into his released state.

Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Grimmjow: Speed and Hierro are enhanced by about ten percent in both forms. In unreleased form, his Gran Rey Cero is light blue and as powerful as in current Bleach. In his released state, his Gran Rey Cero is light-blue with a black outline and is much more powerful than in unreleased state. This Cero is called Cero Jaguas ('Jaguar hollow blast'). His reiatsu is also upgraded by about fifteen percent, compared to in current bleach, which is the same in both states.

Starrk: His reiatsu is magnified by two times and he can also use a released form Cero, which is dark blue, with white outline, which is much more powerful than his Cero gun, or his unreleased form. This is basically his released form Cero. Cero Metralleta is faster by five percent and his agility is much better than in current Bleach, by about fifty percent.

Ulquiorra: Is essentially the same, as in current Bleach, however Lanza Del Relampago is much more accurate and his regeneration is about twenty percent better than in current Bleach.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I forgot to add, Grimmjow's ultimate attack, Desagarrion, is more powerful and the reiatsu used in this attack is much harder to break, unlike in the Grimm-Ichi fight, where Ichigo cuts through his attack.
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Ok first I have to explain a few things.

Miasma: A fog like substance that normally bings out the deep seated negative emotions in humans. But for the scola it serves as a dangerous poison that mutates the body slowly turning them into shadow beasts. Only those in possesion of a very high spiritual pressure or possesing a soul stone are immune to the effects.

Cecillia Bastille
Status: Queen of the Shadow beast & Medium for the shadow god Zed.
Race: Tenebris/Scola
Appearance: posting tomorrow
Personality: Cecillia lives up to her reputation as the dark queen being as manipulative and malevolent as humanly possible. She is cruel and merciless even sacrificing her followers to further her own ends. As Cecillia posseses the soul of Zed within her body he will rarely surface noticeable by the sudden rise of spiritual pressure.

History: During the fight between Aion and his father Zed noticed the sudden tilt in the balance of light and darkness towards his favor. Instantly Zed summoned an army of shadow beasts on the unsuspecting kingdom. The sudden rise in miasma poisoned many of the unprotected. Cecillia Kanna's maid and best friend at the time was fatally struck protecting her master. Kanna was ripped away from her dying maid. Cecillia somehow survived the transformation keeping her human form in the process. Zed chose her body to become his vessel and possesed her waiting for his return to power. Cecillia herself became warped and twisted hating the kingdom that abandoned her.
Miasma control: Cecillia can directly control the flow of Miasma and amplify its power, being able to completely control those affected by manipulating their negative emotions.

Dimensional travel: Cecillia once freed from the seal trapping her in the kingdom can easily open holes in space and time.

Miasmic augmentation: She also has the power to amplify an individuals power by infusing them with large amounts of Miasma.

Immortality: Under Zeds blessing Cecillia can instantly regenerate unless hit with exceptional powers over light, or if she begins to feel her positive emotions again. During this time Cecillia goes into shock and is incapable of any other powers.

Cecillia is also able to control the Shadow beasts. Her word is literally law to them.

Zed: The supposed god of darkness whose been unseen. He lives in an outside realm where he has no direct control over this one. The only sign of his influence are the shadow beasts and their Miasma.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Interesting stuff XD, these Shadow Beasts seem pretty epic. You did an awesome explanation, Gaia.
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Aguantar Espina – Espada No.5, represents strength as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Bruto Fuerza (translated as 'brute strength') In his released form, Aguantar resembles a bear and he is another Espada who retains a weapon in his released form. He can manipulate any earth around him, including metal, utilizing the movement of his large metal club though not any metal or earth that contains reiatsu. While his control over these elements is rudimentary, the power with which he wields them is incredible. He can utilize amounts of earth and metal up to 30 times his own weight, and control several separate amounts of either. No matter the size, he can make it move as fast as he does. He also has the greatest brute strength out of all of the Espada. His main attack is Tierra el Perdición (translated roughly as 'earth, the destroyer') This attack is not his ultimate technique, but it is probably his most powerful. He can warp the earth in a 25 meter radius around a chosen target. He can control this earth much more extensively than normal, though it is heavily taxing to do so for more than a few seconds. His ultimate attack combines his Reiatsu and everything around him, which is swept up into what resembles a sand-storm. The force of the impact of this is five times as powerful as his cero, and is also five times the size. This attack is called Tormenta de Arena (translated as fierce sandstorm).

Pantòs Condos – Espada No.6, represents pity as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Verguënza (translated as 'shame') In his released form, Pantòs grows a set of thin, feathery wings, like an Arch-Angel, and has a bone headpiece, resembling a halo. When Pantòs releases his sword, his reiatsu is released like a bomb, engulfing those around him within a five hundred metre square radius. His special ability allows him to see into the heart of his opponent that was caught within that initial release explosion and touch their reiatsu itself. This allows them to know what their current emotional state is, as well as to change their feelings to a certain degree; this means that if an opponent is fighting to protect, Pantos can manipulate this feeling into one of pure rage, or revenge, or sadness, depending on what emotion it is that can be manipulated best. Those who have strong control of their emotions will be less affected by this to start, though the longer the battle continues, the quicker and more powerful his influence. His strength is against these opponents, since they tend to depend on having a tight rein on their emotions. Meanwhile, with opponents who fight by instinct and put less reasoning into their fighting styles, he has tremendous influence, but less effect in the long term. His Zanpakuto does not disappear in his released form, but retains its guard, which resembles a Vector Cross, a religious symbol, and also a Chopper symbol. The hilt is black, with white in between the grip of the tsuba, which is the same as in its katana form, however, the blade changes to a glowing blue aura when released. Unlike other Espada, his reiatsu is white or arguably silver, which is a change to the normal green, red, blue, yellow and purple. His Gran Rey Cero is one of the most powerful of all the Espada, and also the largest, seeming to blot out the sky if fired from above.
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Epic! I like the sound of that, Whiteflame. Thanks for doing those XD
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Thanks Bp and yea they really are cool whiteflame
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Awesome... Please post soon lol, my post is sitting open in another tab and I don't want to accidentally lose it lol.
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Obviously can't take all the credit on these two, blackpanther wrote out the majority of it, I just expanded on the ideas, glad to see they turned out so well.
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Guys, I want everyone to try and come on at the same time at any point when you can... I have had a brilliant idea, involving the next Arc for this RP. I need to you all to listen to my idea, as it involves Raijin and the power to directly communicate and wield the power of a God. Pretty please? XD
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I'll be on a great deal of the day.
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Ok, Whiteflame, cool XD. Its cool, Gaia, I just can't wait to tell you guys my fantastic idea ;P. Please try and post at some pont, though. I can't wait to put mine up XD
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----------Shortly after Kenshi leaves------------------

Mira: Where the hell did they all come from!

A shadow beast lungs at Mira from out of nowhere which she easily blasts away with a light wave. But the amount seems endless as the camp is torn down from wave after wave of the beasts. Only an hour after Kenshi left did a large array of a goats skull with a rose between clenched teeth appear over the camp.

Mil: I have no idea but they are more organized than I remember. I think it has something to do with that humanoid- *interrupted mid-sentence by a shadow charging at him only to be intercepted by one of the summoners knights*

Aion: Rose.

Rose: *looks to Aion* yea?

Aion: look for Kenshi.

Val: Master Aion let me its getting closer to sundown.

Rose: No I'm faster. I would get to him quicker.

Val: Please just don't let him fight for your safety and his.

Rose: Ok. *then dissapears instantly*

Aion: enough of this!

Aion rises about 20 feet into the air, and small lights resembling stars fly across the battle field. I summon you Heaven's Mirror!. Each of the lights begin to shine brighter until they become blinding to look at. Each of the shadow beasts melt away and flit towards the array.

Aion: Kanna!

Kanna: On it! * a trident materializesout of a black mist into her outstretched hand, she grows a single black wing and flies towards the top of the array. She pierces the arrays top and flies downwards effectivelt tearing the array in half. Once she reaches the bottom the array is nothing more than a cloud of Miasma, which instantly is absorbed into her black wing.*

Mil Ciel, and Mira gaze at the seen as the flowing Miasma behind the star like lights mirror the night that fastly approaches them.

In a nearby tree a figure is perched analyzing the camp.

???: So this is the power of the Royal family.

------------Outside the Castle-------------

Kenshi: what the hell l?! I haven't seen a single shadow beast all today and its almost nightfall.

A young girl walks from around a corner holding something that looks like a doll. Her appearance is accompanied by a strong spiritual pressure.

???: A test...

Kenshi: what?

???: A test... to see... if you can wield my gods power... *The girl spins around with the doll.*

Kenshi: what the?...

A large hand appears out of nowhere grabbing towards Kenshi.
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Bp its your turn.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Awesome, thanks, Gaia. I'll post it now XD. By the way, your post was very good. Things are coming together quite nicely. Check the characters for the Clan War when you come on next. Just think of two Gods from one of the following mythologies and make Zanpakutos for both both of them, including a Manifestation Ability as well, which is a link between your character, Zanpakuto and the corresponding God. Its for when we finish this Arc XD. And you should do the same, Frost. This Arc will be epic when we come to it. I'll post the storyline at a later date k.
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Renji growls at the former Shinigami, but half-heartedly. The Squad Six Captain is beginning to look worn down and tired from the battle against Ichigo.

Renji: I will defeat you!

The Vasto Lorde snarls at him and goes to continue his attack. Renji dodges barely and brings Hihio Zabimaru around in a strike, using his speed technique to try and get the jump on Ichigo.

This time the Bankai manages to smash into the Vasto Lorde and knocks him down, sending him careening into the sand and trees around.

Renji: Hikotsu Taiho! *The Bankai stretches out and sends a large ball of reiatsu, similar to a Cero into the ground where Ichigo lay. There is a large explosion and Raijin shunpos over to Renji*

Raijin: How long do you think this fight will go on for? I can feel a huge reiatsu getting closer... If this fight goes on, we'll be outpowered.

Renji: I can defeat him now! I know his weaknesses, I just had never fought him as an Arrancar before.

Suddenly, a large outburst of red/reiatsu occurs, sending a fierce wind at the two of them. They both hold hands over their faces, as the wind stirs up a heap of sand.

Ichigo Sonidos, striking Renji a glancing blow into the sand. Raijin growls at the Vasto Lorde.

Raijin: This'll distract you. Bankai!

An explosion of grey, with blue and yellow tendrils blows everything around them up and Raijin appears in grey robes, over his Shinigami kimono.

Raijin: Hageshii Raikouarashi.

Then the Shinigami disappears, outstripping Ichigo's inferior speed and striking viciously: Haretsu! *A grey/blue explosion results, blowing the Vasto Lorde back and leaving a large slash on the Hollow's chest. Ichigo falls to the ground panting*

Raijin: Oy, Renji. I'll go fight that Espada, you defeat your opponent!

Renji stands, looking less beaten down now: Yeah, okay then. Take that Devak Arrancar with you too. I'll catch up with you after...

Raijin: Right. Devak?! Follow me.

Raijin speeds off, followed slowly by Devak: Hey, wait up, Shinigami-san.

Raijin continues until the reiatsu is almost upon them, then he stops and looks ahead. An Espada is waiting for them a little way back.

Raijin: You stay here, I'll go fight him.

Devak: Are you crazy?!!! That's the Number Two Espada. He'll chew you up and spit you out.

Raijin: Shut up and stay back!

Then Raijin shunpos and appears right in front of the Espada: Its your unlucky day, Espada. I am Raijin Masamune and I'll leave you broken in the sand.

Raiden: I am Espada No.2, Raiden Anteras, and I represent self-righteousness as a truth. Damn Shinigami, think you are so superior, I'll wipe that grin off your face!

Raijin: We'll just see about that. Let's go. *Both draw their Zanpakutos and clash together brutally*

Meanwhile, Momo Hinamori and Shiatake Midoriba are heading the direction of the Menos Forest, when suddenly a large reiatsu, familiar reiatsu at that, appears in front of them.

Momo: You!

Further away, Kogase and his Vice-Captain are confronted by a strange-looking Arrancar, who has the reiatsu of an Espada.

Kogase: Who are you? Answer me!

Sky: Prepare to feel a world of pain. Fraccion, hinder the Vice-Captain. I have plans for the Shinigami Captain!

Kogase turns back: Be careful, Nami. We don't know what those Fraccion can do, be on your guard. *Turns back to Sky and then shunpos, smashing Uindo Sonoshi Soryuushi into the Espada's Zanpakuto*
Больше года Kevy1 said…
Motion the Plan

Scene 1

Aizen: How nice, they all seem to have reached, how easily the bee is lured out of its nest. Hehehaha, entertain them my espada.

Aizen rises out of his thrown and espada appears in front of him.

Aizen: Ready for your mission, Buro-kun.

Buro-kun: Yes lord Aizen.

Aizen and Buro-kun walk to a specific room in Las Noches.

Aizen open a garganta in to the soul society and Buro-kun step through with her appear shifted to look like May.

Aizen: Waiting is now the game I must play.

Buro-kun lands in the middle of the Seireitei.

Alert, some strong spiritual pressure was felt in the central part of the Seireitei. All seat offices are to go to that location immediately, announcement over.

Buro-kun: That was fast, the spiritual pressure release form the garganta must have alerted them. I should change this form they would know that she is missing.

The form was used to hide Buro-kun Spiritual pressure; she did want them to know that she was an espada.

Two shinigami investigate area where Buro-kun landed.

Shingami 1: It seem to have no trace of the what ever landed here.

Shingami 2: There is a trace of a familiar spiritual pressure that lingers in the air.

Buro-kun stepped out of the darkness and spoke.

Buro-kun: Hello there Huru-san

Because she had also stolen some of May’s memory, she had recognized on of the second shingami.

Huru: May… how could you be there when Aizen espada kidnapped you.

All captains are in Hueco Mundo trying to rescue you.

Buro-kun walks toward Huru.

Buro-kun: Well as you can see I am safe.

Buro-kun dashes and hits both shinigami a blow to the stomach knocking both of them out. After she search their minds to see if she could find any clue to what she was looking for she had to dispose of the bodies.

Buro-kun: I should change my form in to one of these shinigami.

She changed to Huru.

Buro-kun: Hado number 54 Haien.

A blast of purple spiritual energy incinerates their bodies.
Buro-kun: That’s a cool technique Huru, thanks it was fun and convenient.

Other shingami(s)appeared.

Shinigami: What happened here Huru

Buro-kun: Kogai and I found the in intruder. We tried to stop him and … the intruder killed him.

Shinigami: Did you see his face?

Buro-kun: No, the intruder attack from the dark.

Shinigami: By the looks of it, the intruder is skilled in using shinigami abilities, so be cautious. Now move out and find the intruder.

Buro-kun smile as she leaves the scene.

Buro-kun: Time to proceed with the mission.


Aizen sit in wait for Buro-kun return and suddenly and Arrancar appeared to him.

Aizen: What is the meaning of this?

Arrancer: Sorry Lord Aizen for the intrusion but there is something that I need to tell you.

Azien Puts his right to is head: What is it?

Arrancer: There is a Visto Lordes that possesses great strength. I have both them to you to see if you’re interested in using Lord Aizen.

Azien: Where is this Vasto Lordes?

Arrancar: Bring him in.

Two other Arrancar appears dragging the weak and battered Vasto Lordes into the room. The Vasto Lordes mustered up some strength, breaking free form the grip of the Arrancar and launch himself at Aizen. The Arrancar watched in amazement as the Vasto Lordes tried to attack Aizen.

Vasto Lordes running: Grrrrrrrrraaaah!

Aizen stopped him by placing a finger on his forehead.

Aizen: Bakudo number 61 Rikujōkōrō.

Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into the Vasto Lordes midsection, holding them in place. The Vasto Lordes is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams.

Aizen: So this is what you have become Ichigo Kurosaki, how pathetic but they might be some use for you yet.
Aizen takes out the Hogyoku and uses it to turn Ichigo in to an Arrancer.

Arrancar Ichigo: I must kill those shinigami.

Aizen: Glad to here that. Now all you get back to the fight and Ichigo do as you please.

Aizen turn away from them: Things are about to get interesting.
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Kenshi feeling the presence of the being behind him jumped away drawing his sword pointing it at them

Kenshi: Who are you?!

shadow: Come with me child... I have something you may want to see...

Kenshi: You're lying!! *kenshi without hesitation ran and slashed at the shadow resulting with it just phasing through it* What the hell?!

Shadow: *the shadow closed its eyes losing interest in talking with the boy who slashed first talked later* Sleep now...*the shadow raised a hand and a large cloud of miasma swirled around Kenshi causing him to lose consciousness*

About an hour later Kenshi awoke to find himself chained to a machine in what looked to be a laboratory

Kenshi: What? Where am i?

he looked around and saw a series of screens that were placed in front of him.

???: Oh so you're awake?

Kenshi:Huh?! Who's there?!

a woman with long black hair wearing a lab coat stepped out of the shadows writing something on a clipboard

woman: Hello. Kenshi Madarame. I have come to help you.

Kenshi: Help me?! Wait... How do you know my name?! You're probably the one who captured me!

Woman: No... That was my pet Taltax.*she keeps her gaze on her clip board* Those Scola you associate yourself with Kenshi.. They are bad people... They're trying to use you.. to wipe out my people Kenshi..*she looks up from her clip board and appears to be crying*

Kenshi: You're lying! They saved me when i was an orphan! You're the ones trying to wipe us out!

Woman: So that is what they told you? Do you not remember anything?

Kenshi: Wha-...What are you talking about...?

Woman: I'm talking about your days in the soul society. You used to work for the Soul society.

Kenshi: No i didn't! They-...they tried to kill me!

Woman: Maybe this will refresh your maybe. *she walks over to the screens and flips a switch powering them all with a low hum*

Kenshi stared at the screen as each one played scenes from his childhood when he trained on the soul society. They flashed to scenes of him with a girl.

Kenshi: Who is that?

Woman: You don't remember you're best friend?

Kenshi:best...friend... *suddenly his eyes opened wide as memories rushed back into his conscious mind of him and the girl, from his days of missions to confronting an old captain

Kenshi: Kaiya...Kaiya...*tears streamed down his cheeks as he stared at the screens

the screens now showed of him as a toddler with Soi-fon, she was holding him and caring for him throughout his toddlerhood

Kenshi: M-mother....?

the screens flash to him trying to attack Toshiro after finding the frozen body of Kaiya, it then goes to where a squad of soul reapers took him to the world of the living to execute him.

the screens shut off

Kenshi: *he is seen staring at the ceiling with tears streaming down his face* They... they said... they said...

Woman: They lied to you, to gain your trust. After that the one named "Val" placed a seal on your power. And to keep you from remembering who you really were.... Do you hate them?

Kenshi: Release me...

Woman: I can make you stronger.

Kenshi: Release me!!!!!!!!!

the laboratory began to shake as Kenshi's spiritual pressure rose breaking the chains causing him to fall to the floor

Woman: *she is shielding her face with her hands* Such blood lust! *she falls backwards*

Kenshi:*he rose from the ground and walked to her* Make me stronger...

Woman: Follow me. *she walked to a door and opened it leading him down a long hallway to a large vault* We tenebris have developed something to combat the power of the Crown of the Scola.

Kenshi: I don't care. Open the vault.

Woman: *she opens the vault revealing what looks like a replica of the scola clan crown but it is black and silver with several spikes on the top* It creates miasma, perfect for fighting the Scola.

Kenshi: Thanks. *he raises his hand and points it at her. Holy Star Cannon.

Woman: What?! *she is blasted in the head killing her instantly*

Kenshi: I'll make them pay...

~the sun has now set outside and it is night~

Gatsumen No karasu through Kenshi: All of them... pay.. *psychotic smile* *he grabs the crown and places it on his head, then a golden Scola insignia glows on his chest then is shattered* The seal is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Epic posts guys... things certainly are starting to stir up XD
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Ikr it's getting exciting
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Whatever this thing was, its speed was all across the board. He had been incredibly slow only moments before, but after that…

Takuma’s detection had failed him in that instant, and the deep gouge in his right shoulder was a testament to that. His reaction speed might have been better if he hadn’t been struggling with Kirodzuki at the time, but that was a thing of the past. The pain and bleeding were of the present.

Kirodzuki: Captain, let me fight him.

His vice captain had escaped unscathed, and was itching to battle. Takuma thought to deny him again, though his lack of certainty with their opponent was reason enough to want to test him first. Besides, the wound he’d received was too deep, and needed time to repair.

Takuma: You have my blessing, just don’t get yourself killed.

Kirodzuki looked happier than he’d ever seen him as he unsheathed his sword.

Kirodzuki: Maul, Gunryuhanma!

The great war hammer of his zanpakuto appeared, and he raced up to the arrancar. He raced up to him, bringing the hammer down on his opponent’s right side. He moved to block with a lazy hand.

Kirodzuki: Otakebi!

The maul began to vibrate, and when it hit, the weak guard proved ineffective. The arrancar plummeted to earth, raising a fount of sand on impact. Kirodzuki followed close behind, landing and slamming his hammer to earth.

Kirodzuki: Kikenchitai!

He whirled in place, bringing his hammer around in a powerful swing. A black orb hit the strike, but the hammer even passed through that, ramming him in the gut and sending him tumbling backward.

Takuma had to wonder whether he had been “seeing” things. Had the speed from earlier been a feint? He was proving massively ineffective against Kirodzuki’s assault, and the vice captain was pressing his assault. It was easy for Takuma to see that his opponent was heavily bruised. Kirodzuki raised his hammer once again, aiming for a blow to the head-

And he was gone. Takuma only had an instant, but his instincts saved him. A blade slashed from the figure behind him, leaving a light cut along his back when it should have cleaved through his neck completely. Takuma’s blade was out of it’s sheath and aimed in a counterblow that would have cleaved through his abdomen, but once again, he vanished.

Before he knew what was happening, Kirodzuki was yelling in pain. A slash had nearly cleaved through his left arm, which now hung limply at his side, the war hammer lightly held in the right. Another orb was bearing down upon him.

Takuma managed to flash step in before it could hit him, the ensuing explosion blinding them in a haze of sand. With all that sand in the air, no one could see the mist mixed in with the grains of sand, nor the sparks that seemed to appear everywhere at once. Nor could the arrancar see his sword carving a path deep through his side.

Terrorista: Wh…what?

Takuma: I won’t let you perform that sonido again, and soon, I’ll make you as blind as I am.

There would be a black slash across the arrancar’s eye that would cover a portion of the right side, and Takuma would exploit it. Kirodzuki made to rise to attack as well, but Takuma motioned him down. This was serious.

Terrorista frowned: Caracol Bombardero…

Reiatsu echoed out of his body in massive waves, scattering the sand around them. He became larger, a giant snail’s shell hoisted on his back. Black balls fired out of his mouth at an impressive rate. Some he sliced, and some he dodged. Suddenly one of those he sliced splattered over his blade and arm, carrying a black orb with it. He pulled at the substance, trying to remove it, but just before he got it off, the whole thing exploded.

He appeared a few feet away, burns covering his upper right arm, Terrorista staring him down. Takuma smiled.

Takuma: It seems I don’t have the luxury of treating you lightly. Bankai, Eien no Nisshoku.

His blade extended into a long pole with 4 thick blades attached, 2 on either side. Blue sparks eddied off of them, mingling with the sparks already floating in the air. Erratic winds controlled the flow of air in the area as he faced down Terrorista.

Takuma: You’ve been focused on me since the start. You think you might have bit off a bit more than you can chew?

Terrorista’s eyes widened as he let loose another stream of black orbs.

Takuma chuckled: Guess not.
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Great use of espada 8 whiteflame.
Больше года whiteflame55 said…
Glad I did him justice.
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
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Raijin leaps back, avoiding the other's Zanpakuto. Raiden is swift and deadly, already Raijin feels overwhelmed. 'Dammit, I can't do this without using my Shikai at the very least. Strike from the thunderous realms above, Ajisukita!'

A grey aura surrounds Raijin. The sky darkens slightly and lightning bolts begin to strike at Raiden, who evades all of them and continues to do so.

'Hiraishin!' Raijin holds his Zanpakuto into the air. The blade lights up with a blue aura around it, sparks crackle along the surface as large amounts of energy are absorbed.

Raijin pulls away, extending his Zanpakuto behind him. 'Hiraishin: Kamikaze' the grey/blue blast of energy speeds toward the Espada, who doesn't even bother to dodge it. It explodes violently around him,covering everything with smoke and fumes.

Raijin shields his face from the wind and debris. Then suddenly Raiden appears, a look of rage on his face. 'You bastard! You keep thinking you are better than Hollows, you Shinigami scum. I'll kill you!' the Espada snarls at him, smashing his blade into Raijin's.

Raijin pulls back. Then, thinking quickly, resolves to use his Bankai before he is killed. 'I won't lose to the likes of you... Bankai!'

Grey/blue reiatsu surrounds Raijin and then swallows him up whole. When he emerges, he has a grey robe/cloak, which trails down to his shins, with ragged edges.

'Hageshii Raikouarashi' Raijin disappears, slamming his blade into Raiden's, parries another fierce strike, then cuts through the Espada's robe. 'I will get you yet...'

Raiden smiles. 'We'll see about that. If that's the way you want to play it, then fine. Rush forward, Extensiõblas'.

Momo slams into the stone pillar behind her. 'Captain!' Shiatake calls, trying to reassure her.

Momo stands up. 'Snap, Tobiume.' A fireball explodes with contact of the Espada. 'Hado 31, Shakkaho!' Then the explosion is added to by the Kido.

Momo looks more determined now. 'Bakudo 63, Rikorojoro' a Binding spell extends into the smoke, wrapping itself around Nero.

Finally purple/red reiatsu explodes, sending the smoke spiralling amongst the air. Momo sends another fireball at her opponent, then links it to a Kido trap. The Kido trap grows larger around the Espada, covering him in a sphere of fire.

Kogase smiles at the Espada. 'Pretty useless, aren't you? So what can you really do? Don't think I'm fooled by your appearance. I know you are hiding some of your real power.

Sky grins back. 'You'll find out soon enough.' In the background, Nami is fighting the Fraccion, who seem to be unable to block his power. Though, Nami didn't have any abilities to copy.

Sky swipes forward with his Zanpakuto, intending to slash Kogase. The other man evades it nimbly at strikes back, forcing the other back, until he is almsot at a wall. Sky careens off, slightly, into the wall, breaking most of it.

'Are you really an Espada?' Kogase growls at the man.

Shunsui Kyoraku looks down at his glass of sake, there's something floating in it, which he soon realises is a bug. He flicks it away and finishes his sake.

Another man, sits down. 'Hey, there, Huru-san' Kyoraku greets him. Huru stares back, his eyes narrowed, before he nods and takes a small sip of the alcohol. 'Captain Kyoraku. How is everything going?'

Shunsui grins back. 'Fine, fine. Hey, what happened to your robes, it looks like you've been cut.' Huru looks down and then speaks. 'I was having a training match with Fifth Seat Reigen.'

Kyoraku nods, then picks up on it, avoiding looking at the other man, Kyoraku raises his glass to the man, speaks a quick goodbye, then heads back to his barracks. There is something suspicious going on with Huru, Fourth Seat of Squad Three.
Больше года Kevy1 said…
Information Acquired

Shunsui leaves the room.

Buro-kun’s mind: That was a bit too close for comfort. I will have to make my move. Let’s see what this boy has in his memories. It would seem that he has heard rumors about the artifact. Sometime rumors can hold truth.

With the information she gathers she quickly makes hear way to the front of the gate of the Soul Societies Royal family at the sight of the sun descending, two guards stood in front. Buro-kun walks close to the guards and when the look her in the eyes she use a form kido to put them to sleep. She takes the key from one the guards then opens the gate and then she drags their body in the compound, hiding them behind a wide tree.

A shadow moves behind her.

Once inside the compound she looked around.

Buro-kun’s mind: Huh, that a very large building. Their must be some very important people their.

Buro-kun senses someone and releases a bakudo.

Buro-kun: Bakudo number 22 Sekienton

A red blast of red smoke is released obscuring the view of her and she was able to eluding her pursuer. She flashed stepped her way to the large building. Before she had reach, she notices that it was heavily guarded.

Buro-kun looks at a large tree and smiled and then aims at it.

Kuro-kun: Hado number 33 Sokatsui

The tree falls straight to the ground in flames

All guard quickly ran to that area where the tree had fallen and left the tall building that look so grand and massive up close.

Buro-kun makes her way to the top of the tall building.

Buro-kun’s mind: This must be a palace and therefore royalty must live here.

A smile comes over Buro-kun’s face.

Buru-kun enters the top room of the building. An old man stood in front of a large expensive looking bed.

Old man: What is your name Officer?

Buru-kun: …

Old man: You do not answer. This incursion will be reported to your superiors.

Buro-kun reverted back to here true form.

Old man: What… what in the name are you?

The Old man raises his arm in an effort to launch an attack but before he can do so Buro-kun use bakudo number 1 Sai making his hand clinch behind his back. Buro-kun walk and and stood in front of the man placing her hand on his bald head taking his memories.

Buro-kun: I have gotten what I want there is no need for you anymore, hado number 54 Haien.

A purple blast of spiritual pressure is release at the old man completely incinerating him.

Buro-kun stood above the tall palace and jump 20 feet in the air and aims at the roof of the palace.

Buro-kun: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" Hado number 63 Raikoho.

The force of the hado completely destroyed the palace. When the dusts cleared there beneath the rubble a seal marked the ground. Buro-kun lands in the center of it. A blade suddenly pierces through her chest.

Blood flowed down her lips.

Buro-kun: Wh… who… are you?

The man replies: The name is Shunsui.

Shunsui pulls his blade out of her and moves form her shadow.

Buro-kun looks at him in rage as she pulls out her zanpakuto.

Buro-kun: Open your Wings Omoimeoni.

To be continued…