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Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Yippee this is my first rp
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Since you guys haven't posted yet, I'll put up a bios sheet for the Espada and Shinigami I made a while back.

Character and Zanpakuto List

Soul Reapers

Shiatake Midoriba. Lieutenant of Squad Five and brother to Tsuchimi Midoriba, Fourth Seat of Squad Nine. His Zanpakuto is Kagetsu which translates into 'bright moon' and has a white guard, with a round, moon shaped hilt. Its Shikai allows it to absorb huge amounts of energy from the moon and store it for long periods of time; Kagetsu can store this energy for weeks, but if the Zanpakuto exhausts this energy, then it cannot be used during daytime. The command for the Shikai is: Wane and flail, Kagetsu. Shiatake is a very serious man, who hates to joke around and is very much a loner. When others are drinking sake and having a good time, Shiatake is usually practising hand to hand combat, or Kido, or watching the sky with a thoughtful look on his face. Shiatake gets along well with his Captain, Momo Hinamori, who is also thoughtful and rather serious, and this makes him a very respectful Lieutenant. During the fight against Aizen, he was a Fifth Seat of Squad Five and hated Aizen for ditching Squad Five.

Tsuchimi Midoriba. Fourth Seat of Squad Nine and brother to Shiatake Midoriba, Lieutenant of Squad Five. His Zanpakuto is dispose

Nane Sukatso. Lieutenant of Squad Three.

Isosen Reigen. Fifth Seat of Squad Ten. After graduating from the Academy, Isosen joined Squad Eleven and learned the ways of combat and one on one fighting. After a few years, Isosen was transferred to Squad Ten and eventually became Fifth Seat.
His Zanpakuto is Kinzokudzu, which is roughly translated as 'metal vine' and its command is: Entangle. When released, Kinzokudzu surrounds the opponent (s) and attempts to strangle the life out of the opponent.

Masabei Ikarase. Lieutenant of Squad Ten.

Akira Reijisu – Lieutenant of the 14th Division, the Rogue Squad. His Zanpakuto is Jikokuhensen (translated as time changer)

Raijin Masamune – Captain of the 14th Division, the Rogue Squad. His Zanpakuto is Ajisukita (translated roughly as the thunder god's power) which has a guard with lightning-bolts joining the edge of the guard to the sword, and the hilt is black with sky-blue triangles through the grip of the tsuba. Ajisukita's Shikai draws darkened storm clouds above where the battle is taking place and the lightning from these clouds strikes in less than a second at each location the opponent is in. The command for Shikai is: Strike from the thunderous realms above. The first technique for Shikai is: Hiraishîn, which absorbs the lightning energy from the clouds and stores it in the blade. The second command is Hiraishîn Kamikaze, which uses a gust of 'divine wind' to push the lightning energy at the opponent. The divine wind disappears and tracks the opponent if he moves during the attack. The attack misses if the opponent moves, which acts as a limitation to the awesome powers of Ajisukita. The last technique is Hiraishîn Haretsu, which explodes upon contact of another sword or the opponents body (initially reiatsu). Raijin is very battle orientated, hates talking during fights and becomes frustrated easily. He is strong, but he also is intelligent. His Bankai is Inabikariabarema (translated roughly as fierce lightning storm)

Arrancars and Espada

The Ten Espada

Ulquiorra Schiffer – Espada No.1, represents emptiness as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Murcièlago (translated as 'bat' or 'bat-winged demon') Ulquiorra is the most powerful of the Espada, although his brute strength is less than that of many of the other Espada, however the magnitude and density of his Reiatsu is amazing. Ulquiorra was Espada No.4 during the first attack on the Soul Society by Sosuke Aizen, and his Spiritual Pressure, described by Uryü Ishida, was 'so intense that at first I thought it was something else entirely; it feels like an ocean above the sky.' Ulquiorra also has a second transformation, which is Resurrecciõn, Segunda Etapa (translated to 'second stage') and greatly increases his speed, as well as giving him the more advanced technique called Lanza del Rampalago (translated to 'lance of lightning') which creates a huge explosion, dwarfing the massive dome of Los Noches. Ulquiorra also uses Cero Oscuras in his released form, which is his personal Cero and the most powerful out of the Espada. In both forms Ulquiorra's speed is greater than any of the Espada, and even Hollowfied Ichigo, during their fight many years ago, couldn't see any of Ulquiorra's moves clearly enough to counter them.

Raiden Anteras – Espada No.2, represents self-righteousness as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Ampliado Cortè (translated roughly as 'extended blades') Raiden was originally designed as the Espada who could defeat the Captain-Commander in battle, but was redesigned to be able to defeat Raijin Masamune instead. His Spiritual Pressure is one of the most powerful out of the Espada, outclassed only by the Primera Espada and the Cero Espada. He can use a technique called Cero Staticio (translated as 'static Hollow blast'), which is almost as powerful as Cero Oscuras, Ulquiorra's personal Cero in his released form. In his released form, Raiden stays visibly and physically similar, but his attack speed, Spiritual Pressure and Sonido are greatly increased and he has extendible blades coming out of his arms, which can strike almost instantly and can extend over a large distance, cutting through almost anything. His power over his blades is much more advanced than the power of Redd Krossbone, who can strike with his sword eight times faster than a normal, but the damage he does is not increased greatly.

Coyote Starrk – Espada No.3, represents solitude or loneliness as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Los Lobos (translated as 'the wolves') Stark was Primera Espada during the first attack by Aizen and owed Aizen a debt of gratitude for saving his soul from loneliness. In his released form, Stark has a fur-lined coat and a bone socket where his eye should be, just like Lilinette, his Fraccione. He has two guns, one of which is Lilinette and he can talk to her while fighting, both of which shoot Cero. One technique he uses is Cero Metralleta, which shoots Cero at an incredible rate, faster than any Bala. He can also split his soul into wolves, which resemble Cero, but are far more deadly. In Stark's words, while fighting Love and Rose, the two Visoreds, he explains: 'they are not Cero. I can split my soul into pieces and make them obey my command. Cero cannot mortally wound strong guys like you.' When a wolf bites their target, they drag whatever is caught in their bite and automatically explode. Stark can also make swords out of the same material, which he used as his last resort fighting against Captain Kyoraku. Starrk is a very skilled fighter and his analytical skills and his resolve are highly developed. Starrk can read any move and he can figure out the power behind almost any attack, including techniques of most Zanpakutos'. He has also been redesigned slightly by Aizen, so that his ultimate attack no longer requires the wolves to bite whatever they drag into the explosion, they simply explode upon contact of the opponent's reiatsu.

Grimmjow Daggerjack – Espada No.4, represents destruction as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Pantera (translated as 'panther', or 'panther king') Grimmjow was Septo Espada during Aizen's first attack on the Soul Society. In his released form he resembles a feline, and can cause a shock-wave simply by screaming or roaring. He can also use another technique which is similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho, but it is fired from his claws, as though he was attempting to scratch his opponent. Grimmjow had a personal interest in defeating Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Soul Reaper; they met in the World of the Living, where Grimmjow had taken his Fraccione to try and defeat any enemies with spiritual awareness. Grimmjow almost succeeded in killing Ichigo, but was recalled back to Hueco Mundo by Tousen, Aizen's general and a former Captain. His ultimate attack is known as Desagarrion, which are beams of light which are created by his Spiritual Pressure and come from his claws. They resemble his claw blasts and are the same colour as his Gran Rey Cero, but are more powerful and piercing.

Aguantar Espina – Espada No.5, represents strength as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Bruto Fuerza (translated as 'brute strength') In his released form, Aguantar resembles a bear and he is another Espada who retains a weapon in his released form. His metal club can manipulate any earth around him, including metal, to fire at his opponent, and he also has the greatest brute strength out of all of the Espada. His main attack is Tierra el Perdición (translated roughly as 'earth, the destroyer') This attack is not his ultimate technique, but it is probably his most powerful. His ultimate attack combines his Reiatsu and everything around him, which is swept up into what resembles a sand-storm. This attack is called Tormenta de Arena (translated as fierce sandstorm)

Pantòs Condos – Espada No.6, represents pity as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Verguënza (translated as 'shame') In his released form, Pantòs grows a set of thin, feathery wings, like an Arch-Angel, and has a bone headpiece, resembling a halo. When Pantòs releases his sword, his reiatsu is released like a bomb, engulfing those around him within a five hundred metre square radius. His special ability allows him to see into the heart of his opponent and touch their reiatsu itself to change their feelings to a certain degree; this means that if an opponent is fighting to protect, Pantos can manipulate this feeling into one of pure rage, or revenge, or sadness, depending on what emotion it is that can be manipulated best. His Zanpakuto does not disappear in his released form, but retains its guard, which resembles a Vector Cross, a religious symbol, and also a Chopper symbol. The hilt is black, with white in between the grip of the tsuba, which is the same as in its katana form, however, the blade changes to a glowing blue aura when released. Unlike other Espada, his reiatsu is white or arguably silver, which is a change to the normal green, red, blue, yellow and purple. His Gran Rey Cero is one of the most powerful of all the Espada.

Nero Lancâ - Espada No.7, represents sadness as a truth. His Zanpakuto is El Segador (translated as 'The Reaper') In his released form, the typical Aizen garb disappears and his robes become black, like the kimono of a Soul Reaper, however there is no white lining and the black robes also have a hood, which conceals part of his head. Most of his face is covered by bone: his jaw, teeth, one eye socket and a little more than half of his forehead and face, which would make him resemble a walking skeleton, if it weren't for the remaining eye and small of amount of skin left. His Zanpakuto transforms from a katana into a typical reaper scythe, with the power to suck the living soul out of his opponent (this is dependant on his level of reiatsu at the time). This ability, Espîritu recental aureola ('soul-sucking aura'), degrades reiatsu until it is fully depleted, then it proceeds to suck small pieces of the soul from the body.

Redd Krossbone – Espada No.8, represents powerlessness as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Aceleradör (translated as 'accelerator', or 'The Accelerator').

Sky Ritz - Espada No.9, represents cognitive superiority as a truth. His Zanpakuto is Estúpido (translated as 'Braindead', known as a running gag to other Espada and as a contradicting Zanpakuto) his power can range from useful knowledge to hopeless ideologies. In his released form, Sky has a long, flowing Espada robe and, often, useful battle tactics and analytical analogies, but when he experiences the contradicting factors of Estúpido, his reiatsu can fluctuate from weak to immensely powerful. One ability allows his released Zanpakuto to secrete a powerful enzyme; this enzyme is specially designed to react with the salt in the body to catalyse a chemical reaction powerful enough to dissolve skin. However, this ability only works when the blade of the Zanpakuto physically touches the reiatsu of an enemy. His one distinctive feature is the hardened Hiêrro pads covering his arms from his wrists to his elbows; these are extra resistant to reiatsu. Another feature is bone ring-pieces around each of his eyes, unlike Szayelaporro Granz, a former scientist Espada, these are not glasses, but resemble monocles.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Damn, you posted just before me lol and here I was saying 'since you guys haven't posted yet'. LMAO!
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Sorry lol I like the characters though n I can't wait to see the story behind the espadas revival.
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
I can automatically tell which arrancar ill be able to take down the fastest. Il start on my chars. Now
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I'll get that story started then. I'll have to cut and paste from the other forum. So I won't be too long.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
A young man strolls through the busy market in Rukon District, avoiding bumping into other people, he ducks down an alleyway.

Tough: Well, now, what have we here?

Raijin: Who are you? And what do you want with me?

Tough: I think I'll take that sword on your back. And any coin you have, I'll have that too.

Raijin: I see. In that case, I think a fight is what you are looking for, and I think I'll oblige most willingly.

Tough: Huh? Don't be a fool.

Raijin draws his sword.

Tough: Hold on, is that a-a Zanpakuto???

Raijin: At least you aren't as stupid as you look, Ajisukita!

The Zanpakuto slices through the man's chest, then suddenly explodes in a blue/grey flash of light, blowing a hole in the side of the slum-house behind them.

Raijin emerges from the smoke and rubble.

A hooded man appears.

Hooded man: Your reiatsu has been leaking out, boy. You better come with me.

Raijin: Get out of my way, or the same will happen to you. *draws Ajisukita once more*

Hooded man: I'm afraid I can't do that. If you don't come with me, then you will be executed in the name of the Gotei 13 Squads.

Raijin: Then you'll die! *Raijin attacks the man with the hood, slashing at the man's chest*
The man draws his sword (a Zanpakuto) and parries Raijin's attack before it even got close to cutting him.

Raijin: Your pretty quick *Raijin blocks an attack from the man, sending backwards slightly.

Hooded man: This is pointless. Entangle, Kinzokudzu ('Metal vine')

Metal vines spring out from the man's Zanpakuto. Raijin freezes, as the vines begin to entangle him, crushing his chest and limbs.

Raijin: Ugh. Damn you! Ajisukita!

His Zanpakuto exploded breaking the metal vines for a second, so Raijin jumps out of the bind and when the hooded man sent more vines at him, Raijin hits them with Ajisukita, knocking them back, while he dodges and moves back some distance.

'What will happen now? Will the hooded man defeat Raijin, or will Raijin kill the man and avoid detection from the Seireitei?'

Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Raijin Masamune and the hooded man continue to press their Zanpakuto's together, sparks flying off the straining metal.

Raijin: I warned you, just leave me alone. I don't want to be taken into the Seireitei and made into some joke that you Soul Reapers can laugh at. I hate you Soul Reapers! Think you are so damned superior!

Hooded man: It isn't like that at all. Your reiatsu is leaking and you will injure an innocent person eventually. Our idea is that you enroll in the Shino Academy, to learn to become a Soul Reaper. Not all of us are bad, you know.

Raijin: Huh? You mean, you don't want to take me away to study me and experiment on me?

Hooded man: No. I'll introduce myself. Isosen Reigen, 5th Seat of Squad Ten.

Raijin: An officer of the Court Guard Squads? This is intense, why are you even here?

Isosen: Because my Captain could feel your reiatsu leaking slightly, then she felt that outburst when you fought that tough. She was interested in you, said that your reiatsu was quite dense and powerful, though untrained.

Raijin: So I could become a Soul Reaper? But, I hate Soul Reapers! Why should I become one?

Isosen: Because the poeple who reside in the Seireitei are interested in you. Not only that, but they will always try to find you and train you so you don't hurt any innocents.

Raijin: I don't like this. But, I don't want to hurt anyone either. Fine, I'll come with you to Seireitei.

Isosen: Good. That makes my mission easier. If I didn't find you, my Captain was going to beat the crap outta me. *laughs*

Raijin: Yeah. Can we go then? I just wanna get this over with now, before I become motivated to decide differently.

Isosen: Let's go

Isosen and Raijin sprint through Rukon District. Finally they come to a gate, which is being guarded by a huge man, with an axe-like Zanpakuto.

Raijin: Is this the gate to Seireitei?

Isosen: Yeah. I'll just talk to the gate-keeper.

Isosen approaches the gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper: Aye, sir. Did you find the source of the reiatsu you were searching for?

Isosen: Yeah. It was coming from the boy over there.

Gatekeeper: Hmmm, he's got a strong reiatsu that one. Strong, especially for a young one.

Isosen gasps, sensing a Hollow. The gate-keeper began to glare.

Isosen: *flash-stepping over to Raijin* Stay here with the gate-keeper, I'll be back! *disappears*

Raijin: Hey! Where'd you go, you bastard?!

Gate-keeper: Shut up. He's gone to take care of a Hollow. He'll be back. He isn't 5th Seat of Squad Ten for nothing.

Raijin: He better be back!

A few minutes passed, Raijin and the gate-keeper awaiting Isosen's return. Suddenly, Raijin felt something funny. Like Isosen had vanished or something similar. The gate-keeper suddenly stopped leering at him, a stricken look on his face.

Raijin: What is it? What's wrong?

Gate-keeper: It's Isosen. His reiatsu has vanished.

Raijin: So that was what i felt before... I think I can sense something over where Isosen was. I'll be back with him. *Raijin speeds off, leaving a cloud of dust hanging around the gate-keeper*.

Raijin finally pinpoints the location and arrives. A large Hollow, with a sword strapped to its back, is standing over Isosen, about to strike the final blow.

Raijin: I won't let that beast do that! *Raijin draws Ajisukita, running at the Hollow recklessly, then jumps and cuts through its right arm. Blood spurts and drips onto the ground*

Hollow: Who is that? Another delicious Soul Reaper? Grrrrrr! You cut off my arm.

Raijin: Leave him alone, or I'll kill you.

Hollow: Brave words for such a tasty morsel.

Raijin: Shut up! *He attacks the Hollow once more, pressing his attack desperately. The Hollow parries effortlessly, swiping Raijin and sending him flying back, crashing to the ground.*

Raijin: Damn you! *attacks again and is parried once more, then the Hollow uses his Sonido, appearing behind Raijin and cutting through his shoulder*

Hollow: You are weak, Soul Reaper. Time for you to die.

Raijin stands up, the veins in his neck straining with effort, as he pushes his broken body harder than before. The young man attacks again and is parried and shoved back into a tree. Blood dribbles from his mouth.

Raijin: Ugh, you bastard! I won't give up!

Hollow: I'm surprised that you can still talk. But, this is the end. You are at your limit, Soul Reaper.

Raijin: I'm... not a... Soul Reaper.

The Hollow punches him into the tree, breaking his ribs and crushing his arms. Everything goes black, then changes into a world above the skies.

Creature: Raijin!

The creature looks similar to the Hollow, but a lot smaller and he is holding Ajisukita in his hand. The creature also is wearing a mask with fangs curving toward his mouth and once side is blue, while the other is white.

Creature: Raijin. Get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have the power to defeat the Hollow, but you have to believe in yourself first. You can't win a battle by only believing in saving someone. You have to believe in your own abilities first and I can show you how to use one. Rise!

Raijin: Who are you?

Creature: I am someone close to you. I hold your power in my hands. You know who I am, so I won't tell you. Do this when you wake. *The creature lifts Ajisukita up and shouts 'Haretsu!' and an explosion of blue/grey occurs right in front of him. Raijin looks up and everything grows black once more. Finally the Soul Society and the Hollow begins to come into focus. Raijin blinks his eyes.

Raijin: What-what just happened? *Thinks to himself, was that? Ajisukita? He told me to attack the Hollow with my Zanpakuto and cry 'Haretsu'. Raijin jumps painfully to his feet, then charges at the Hollow.*

Hollow: Are you crazy? *Raijin slashes at the Hollow and cries 'Haretsu!' and the Hollow explodes and then turns to dust.*

Raijin blacks out.

'What will happen next? Will Raijin end up in Seireitei, or will another disaster occur?'
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Scola clan

Aion Kasagumi. Heir to the Scola clan awakens with no memories of his past self, other than his name and fighting style. When he awakes to find his clanbegging him to take revenge against the soul society he shows his laid back nature by saying "handle it yourself," and walks off. Aion employs abilities that debilitate and weaken his opponents in battle, by using a combination of sealing and draining attacks. Aions fame came from his signature ability to drain all the reiatsu from his opponents on the battlefield. Aion lives a carefree life trying to avoid fighting even in the middle of enemy territory.

Rose Miamoto. Aions destined lover, protector, and right hand woman. Rose has a hot temper especially when it involves her precious Aion. Rose was the scariest to see on the battlefield, being named the amputator because in her wake she leaves body-parts littered all across the battlefield.

Ciel Midorino. The second commander of the Scola clan. Ciel is the wisest of all the members with a thirst to know even more. Ciel despite his age taks the form of a level-headed 8 year old. Ciel has the ability to increase the intensity of the light around him burning almost anything to a crisp.

Kanna Kasagumi. Ciels right hand woman works according to her own agenda. Despite her kinship to Aion they are at a war trying to decide who is to rule the clan. Originally kicked out of the clan for crossing a line with Aion she was recruited by Ciel who "admired" her ambitions. Kannas abilities are similar to hr brothers for the fact that she can easily extract life force from her opponents.

Mira Fenrir. The spearhead of the attacks on the soul society. Mirais a no holds barred woman when it comes to war. Mira is known as titania on the battlefield as she can charge right through a captain and remain unscathed. Mira has the ability to mold armor and weapons out of light. Her signature weapon is the spear. When talking to Mira its always about business.

Mil Fenrir. The main strategist in the war against the soul society. Mil is the leader of the holy knight brigade which he crafts from a fusion of light and his reiatsu. Mil and his sister are always sparring to become stronger. Mils ability is to craft and control warriors for the knight brigde which can only be destroyed by shattering the crystals on their chests.

Val Kimgane. A mass murderer who sees deqth by his hands as a gift. Val has the ability to create piercing rays of light from his hands easily dwarfing the power of a standard cero.

May Miamoto. Roses little sister and main healer of the clan. May was never truly picked as a partner for Val but always followed him around healing his wounds from always picking reckless battles. Val however only keeps May around because of a supposed hidden power that she posseses that no one not even she herself knows about.

Shell kimigane. A woman shrouded in mystery. Shell is so secretive that no one has even seen her on the battlefield let alone her powers.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…

Lastly an apprentice to Val Kimgane who is looked down upon by the others because his zanpakuto is stictly light based.

Kenshi Madarame. A silent black haired boy who is usually quiet yet never stops talking on the battlefield. He utilizes the light and uses it to enhance his own abilities and to stall the enemy by creating mirror images of them using his own special ability.
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Cool new char. How o you lk your teammates so far.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
dey soundz kolz! :D btw kenshi is looked down upon cuz his zanpakuto is half darkness :P
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Ok but no mater what Aion is always welcoming as long a you don't bug hims about a fight :)
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Well ill get started on my part of he story sometime 2moro u can get started on yours I've exhausted myself researching kido.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
Hado is all i memorize. Bakudo is boring
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Awesome, you did quite a lot of work on those characters. They are pretty awesome. Good work!
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I'll post the Shinigami for my last three Zanpakuto I created on the other forum.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Name: Shiatake Midoriba

Rank: Squad Five Vice-Captain

Appearance: Long, dark hair, with a short beard growth.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 72 kgs

Zanpakuto: Kagetsu.

Mannerisms: Very serious and dedicated to his Captain and Captain-Commander. He hates Aizen, as he was a Unseated Squad member during Aizen's betrayal. He will do anything for Captain Hinamori, even if he loses his life in the process. When the others are drinking sake and making jokes, Shiatake prefers to sit somewhere quiet and enjoy the sunset.

Shikai: Kagetsu ('Bright moon')

Release Command: Wane and flail (Wei sorede furimidasu)

Bankai: Shikameru Getsurei ('Age of the scowling Moon')

Shikai abilities:

Gesshoku ('Lunar eclipse'), in the presence of the moon (during the day the moon is still there, it just can't be seen) the wielder can absorb spirit energy, when it becomes low, through the blade of Kagetsu. When the moon is out during night-time, this ability can absorb large amounts of spirit energy and this spirit energy can also be redirected from the blade to the opponent, causing varing amounts of damage, depending on the enrgy absorbed. During the day, the energy absorbed from the moon, is much less than during night-time and can only be used to replenish the wielder's spirit energy. Also, during the day, Gesshoku can manipulate the lunar energy into a large ball of light and cover the sun, causing a lunar eclipse above the opponent, who is then swallowed up by the 'bright moon' causing the eclipse and trapped for about a minute, while the eclipse breaks down their reiatsu, causing it to become unstable and hard to use in battle.

Eiki ('Phases of the Moon') The wielder will absorb more spirit energy from the moonlight, depending on what phase the moon is going through. For example, if the moon is full, then that will give the wielder the most power. During a cresent moon, or smaller (new moon, for instance) the wielder will be able to absorb less spirit energy. This ability is passive and depends only on the phase of the moon. It also 'brightens' the reiatsu of the wielder, making it slightly stronger and resilient to attacks.

Juugoya ('Night of the full moon') During full moon, the wielder's reiatsu, attack speed, evasion, and sharpness of blade (reiatsu is sharpened, causing the blade to become sharper) is multiplied by two.

Just to define, as I know Whiteflame will probably touch on this, but when I say these abilities absorb spirit energy, this does not mean that the wielder's reiatsu gets stronger, it means that if the wielder has used a lot of reiatsu, then absorbing spirit energy will replenish this. When Eiki 'brightens' reiatsu, it means that the reiatsu becomes somewhat stronger, depending on the phase of the moon.

Bankai abilities:

Tsukishikon ('Moon fang') Energy is absorbed from the moon and then is fired in an arching wave, that looks like two fangs biting the opponent. This attack causes large amounts of damage during full moon and small amounts during new moon and cresent moon. Gesshoku cannot be used to in Bankai, so Tsukishikon has a similar effect on reiatsu, breaking it down somewhat and causing it to become very unstable.

In Bankai, both Eiki and Juugoya can be used in conjunction with one another and Tsukishikon. The same rules apply for these abilities, though Juugoya multiplies the following by three:
Reiatsu, attack speed, evasive tactics, sharpness of Zanpakuto, as well as regenerative abilities (these are miniscule at best, even during full moon)

All of the abilities of Kagetsu depend on Eiki, and to a lesser degree, Juugoya. In other words, any ability's strength depends on the phase of the moon, or whether it is full moon.

Sealed form: Kagetsu has a black/white tsuba, while the guard is circular, with four evenly spaced, symmetrical holes in it. The blade is half-silver, half-black. Instead of a regular katana, the Zanpakuto is a nodachi.

Shikai: Shikai and Bankai look the same. The Zanpakuto is slightly longer than in its sealed form. The guard is the same, as well as the tsuba, but the end of the tsuba has a long, white chain, with a large ring attached.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Name: Raijin Masamune

Rank: Unseated, Squad Thirteen/Squad Ten

Appearance: Dark hair, medium length, looking somewhat like Ichigo's hair after he trained in the Precipice World for two monthes.

Height: 6'0

Weight: 67 kgs

Zanpakuto: Ajisukita

Mannerisms: Serious when it involves fighting, but Raijin will only fight for a purpose he deems worthy. He will fight Aizen to revenge Gin's death many years ago, for Matsumoto. He trained in the Precipice World for several years, with Captain Matsumoto, in order to learn his Shikai, become stronger and learn how to wield a sword properly. He also enjoys fighting when it is for fun, especially when fighting Shuuhei or training with him.

My Zanpakuto is called Ajisukita 'manifestation of the thunder god'

Shikai is Strike from the thunderous realms above, Ajisukita. This is similar to Senbonzakura, except that instead of blades, Ajisukita is constantly sending lightning strikes at the opponent.

1st ability is Hiraishin (lightning rod) which absorbs the energy from the lightning above.
2nd ability is Hiraishin, Kamikaze (lightning rod, divine wind) this pushes the lightning energy out similar to a getsuga tensho, but instead tracks the opponent if they move even one step after this is fired.
Ajisukita Jinkourai Shi-Rudo, which is lightning shield. This simply forms a shield made from lightning energy and shields the wielder.

Bankai: Inabikariabarema (raging lightning storm)
This is a further extension on the Shikai, however, like Hyorinmaru, this release affects the weather, giving the wielder the power to manipulate wind/lightning.
1st ability: Inazuma Keigos (lightning cage) this one is pretty obvious, forms a cage from lightning energy around the opponent.
2nd ability: Inazuma Raito (Lightning bonds) forms a rope like energy bond around opponent, similar to Sajo Sabaku.
3rd ability: Inazuma, Hanashima joshi kosen (disconnecting lightning particle ray) this creates a huge explosion of lightning energy and the user's reiatsu, can also cause disconnection issues between Zanpakuto and wielder (Shinigami and Arrancar)

In sealed form it looks like a regular katana, with a black and white hilt and a guard with a cross.

In Shikai the sword changes drastically, the blade becomes blue, with a black edge below the blue and a pointed end like Urahara's Benihime. The Zanpakuto resembles a japanese short sword, similar to Tensa Zangetsu, but instead of the chain, it has a ribbon, with a lightning bolt attached to the end. (Zanpakato is approx 1.25 meters in Shikai)

In Bankai the Zanpakuto stays essentially the same, except the guard's cross changes to lightning bolts connecting to each other and the Zanpakuto becomes somewhat longer (1.35 Meters, Hyorinmaru is 1.3 Meters in Bankai) and also slightly slimmer.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
New Kido I made earlier today :)

Incantation: Follow the light of dawn, to the dark of twilight. Revel in her beauty, but beware of fallen stars, dark becomes light and light becomes dark.

Kido Number: 199

Name of Kido: Makurahi Nami ('Total darkness light wave')

Non-elemental, but dark/light.

Kido appearance and description: Raises both arms, and light shoots from one arm and darkness shoots from the other. Both meet at the point of the target and clash together, totally surrounding the target and collide with one another, releasing an absolutely huge amount of energy (something similar to what would happen if matter and anti-matter clashed).
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
Hado 145

Incantation: All who lay in gods wake, give notice to the searing waves of flame who envelop the beings of evil. Rejoice at the sight of this light.

Name of Hado:Seinaru hoshi no taiho (holy star cannon)


A small orb comes from the users hand and floats in there palm, with the other hand the user shoots a sparkling blue flame propelling the orb forward at the enemy. Upon impact the orb explodes with strength of a super nova
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
That's cool, I like it, so that's what you were doing since earlier today lol. Do you think we should make some rules and stuff?
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
yes, people who join can you please ask them to refrain from vizards? everyone wants to be a vizard. Why??? @.@ XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…

1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. My RP, my rules; if you argue with me, or my collaborators (Frost and Gaia) then you can fuck off.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
i approve these rules XD
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Awesome, because I had a feeling that yoy guys might like it. Do you think we should name the start for each part as an episode, like the two I did before would be Episode One: A New Beginning, Raijin Meets the Shinigami Officer and Episode Two: The Devastating Hollow, Raijin Vacates the Seireitei Gate. ???
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
i will destroy Pantos >:D
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
you could if you want but eventually it would get difficult to name all the episodes :P
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
I dunno, I'm pretty good at naming episodes for what appears in the episode, so I should be sweet. Ha! Pantos is pretty strong, but at this point I don't care, cos he's my enemy, though I may destroy him before you! Mwahahaha.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Episode Three: The Seireitei, the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13

After what seems like an age, Raijin awakes, forgetting everything in a sense of amnesia. Then in a flood, everything comes back to him; the Soul Reaper, the Hollow and Ajisukita, at least he thought it was Ajisukita that helped him before.

Raijin: But... Where am I now and how did I get here?

A young man appears, shutting the door behind him and sets down a bunch of bandages and other medicinals.

Young man: Captain Matsumoto brought you here. She said that you had been injured fighting a Hollow and saved Isosen's life. By the way, I am Squad Four Lieutenant, Hanataro Yamada.

Raijin: You talk too much. Now what?

Hanataro: You should stay for a while longer and rest. You sustained serious injuries in your fight. Oh, I'm curious, but how did you get sword wounds?

Raijin: The Hollow, of course, how else?

Hanataro: You mean, the Hollow had a Zanpakuto?

Raijin: That's better. I don't think so, why would a Hollow have a Zanpakuto anyway?

Hanataro: This could be bad. How large was the Hollow and how large was the sword?

Raijin: Real big, I mean both of them.

Hanataro: Okay. I'll be back soon, but there's someone I need to talk to and then I'll check on you.

Raijin nods, then closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Hanataro leaves Squad Four and runs all the way to Squad One barracks and the Captain-Commander's office. At the door to the building, he knocks and then waits for someone to open it.

After a moment, Lieutenant Buigetsu opens it and steps towards him.

Vasare: Hanataro, hey, what's up? You look shocked.

Hanataro: This is important, lieutenant Buigetsu. I need to speak with the Captain-Commander right now! It is extremely urgent.

Vasare: He's busy. Why don't you come back later?

Hanataro: No! You don't understand, I have to speak to him now, so he can call a Captains' Meeting. This can't wait, Vasare, please!

Vasare was shocked to hear Hanataro call him by his first name, the Squad Four normally referred to any officer formally, so the nature of the urgent message started to unsettle him.

Vasare: What is this about?

Hanataro: Arrancars.

Vasare: Okay, come with me. *resigned sigh*

They continue down the hallway, before coming to the office of the Captain-Commander. Vasare knocks and then enters.

Vasare: Sorry, sir, but he insisted; he said it was an urgent matter and then mentioned a word that I had though forgotten over the years.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: Stop babbling and tell me already. Even better, since you interrupted, you can tell me, Hanataro Yamada.

Hanataro: H-how did you know I was here?

Toshiro: Your reiatsu. Now tell me why you are here, Lieutenant Yamada.

Hanataro: I think the Soul Society may have a huge problem. The guy who was injured in saving Isosen woke earlier. He says that the Hollow he was fighting had a Zanpakuto. It was consistent with the wounds he sustained too. I think Arrancars are being made again and that means Aizen must have escaped.

Toshiro: Wouldn't we know about it if Sosuke escaped? I should have sensed his reiatsu at least disappearing.

Hanataro: I'm just telling you what the Ryoka said.

Toshiro: Ryoka? He saved a Seated Officer's life; he is no Ryoka, but a damn hero.

Hanataro: Sorry, anyway, that's what he said. He didn't tell me his name, and Isosen is too injured to tell anyone right now. Captain Kotetsu is still trying to heal some of his wounds.

Toshiro: You may be right about the Arrancars problem. A Fifth Seat should be able to handle a mere Hollow. Though what puzzles me is that the boy saved Isosen from this Arrancar, but how? He shouldn't be more powerful than a Fifth Seat. I'm going to call a Captains' Meeting; Hanataro, you go back to Squad Four and help Isosen while your Captain attends. You may go now.

Больше года gaiaking235 said…
big smile
Aye aye ill have some stuff down later
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Awesome, I have some things to do, maybe invent the characters for Sekishoamatsu, Zensokuryoku and Hyoujinn Tanjuu. I already have Shiatake and Raijin done. Btw, I won't have much time for this until tomorrow evening, as I have an assignment to finish, but I'll come on after I've finished it off and we can collaborate. Hopefully I can catch both of you guys at the same time.
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Aion Kasagumi
Age: 20

Bio: The sole heir to the Scola clan, and monarch to the Oukoku no Tomoshibi. At an early age Aion was shown to have an extreme level of control over his reiatsu. At the age of 12 Aion singlehandedly defeated his father and took the crown of the scola clan. During the war with the soul society it took 4 captains to take him down.
Its said that in the war was a ruthless beast who had no mercy.

In Battle:Aion today uses a combination of swordplay, and spells. Fighting with his claymore Tento Kagami(Heavens Mirror) in one hand and a spellslinging gun in the other. Aion is by far not the fastest of the group but makes up for that with the ability to always take control of any battle.

Kido: Aion is well versed in kido being able to cast the highest level of hado and a few selective bakudo. Aion adds different effects to his kido by cloaking them in an aura of black sakura petals.

Illusions: Aion lacks speed but can feign it by bending light and creating high speed clones of himself.

True Power

Tento Kagami
"Reflect the heavens and place your own judgement."

Tento Kagami is the name of the claymore that is always at Aion's Back. In its normal formal is has the ability to turn invisible for long periods of time and extend itself by solidifying light.
When Unleashed: Tento Kagami explodes into a shimmering light. In truth the blade has shattered into a thousand small mirrors. These mirrors absorb the reiatsu of anyone within an inch of them by sticking to their clothing. Then they realease the reiatsu as light causing them to shine. However Tento Kagami's true powers lie in its ability of construction. By mentally changing the positions of the mirrors in the air Aion can construct objects of his choosing. The positioning of the mirrors takes about 6 secs. while the construction process takes about 3 secs. per 5 ft.
last edited Больше года
 Aion Kasagumi Age: 20 Male Bio: The sole heir to the Scola clan, and monarch to the Oukoku no To
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Tonight ill get started on the story from the scola point of view XD.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Yo, Gaia, nice bio. It'd be good to see what you are going to write. I'll post two more characters when I have time today.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
He's a better bio for scola version of Kenshi

Name: Kenshi Madarame

Bio: Abandoned by his squad at a young age, Kenshi was forced to roam the dongai precifes world for several years eventually losing his mind and going insane. During which in his travels he was confronted by a large squad of soul reapers who were on patrol. This squad being the one that left him years before, fearing for their reputation they attempted to kill him then and there. But as they drew their Zanpakutos to kill him the janitor had began to come threw forcing them all out into the world of the living in the middle of the day. Kenshi who had finally recognized them drew his sword and released his shikai in a fit of rage, massacring the squad in a bright light. Kenshi would have gone on a rampage if it hadn't been for Val Kimgane stopping him in and offering to take him under his wing to hone his skills of kiling. Kenshi feeling the difference in their powers agreed in fear of his life.

In battle: Kenshi is like his sensei and enjoys blood shed. However Val forbids him to fight at night because of what his zanpakuto does to him. Val had seen it only once in a night time sparring and he realized it was very dangerous even for him. For Kenshi becomes possessed by his Zanpakuto spirit and will attack anything that breathes in his state of insanity from his days in the dongai.

Abiliteis: Kenshi can create mirror images of his enemies and make them fight so that he himself doesn't have to. He can also absorb his teams light and use it to enhance his own fighting abilities. However during either dawn or twilight his zanpakuto seals itself becoming useless.

He is a master of Hado but can't perform Bakudo because he thinks that it is boring. His favorite is Hado 145 Holy star cannon

Normally Kenshi won't speak but when fighting the problem is getting him to shut up.

He acts like he doesn't like aion but secretly he has a deep respect for him and his abilities, mainly because Aion is the only one who has beaten him when it came to Hado.

Больше года blackpanther666 said…
So he's a Soul Reaper that was basically adopted by the Scola Clan? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm just interested.
Больше года kenesha13 said…
I don't agree to dat<3
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Kenesha13, who are you talking to?
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
pretty much. But now he despises soul reapers because they deserted him. :p further into the story i'll reveal more to his back story
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Okay, sounds good. I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, I'm going to be away for the next ten hours or so, but if that person comments on here again, tell her to fuck off, because I can't be fucked with shitheads making stupid comments on here.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
This is my character for Sekishoamatsu.

Name: Kokusike Sagura

Rank: Unseated, Squad 1

Appearance: Short, blond hair, with grey eyes.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 63 kgs

Zanpakuto: Sekishoamatsu

Mannerisms: A very intelleigent and gifted Soul Reaper, who has only just graduated from Shino Academy, but has already learned his Shikai. He learns very quickly and graduated from the Academy in two years. He loves to joke around when there is nothing to do, and he also loves drinking sake with his Squad. He is very respectful of Captain-Commander Hitsugaya, who he always refers to as Master Hitsugaya, since Toshiro decided to give him extra training, as well as assigning Shusui to teach him swordsmanship. Kokusike is also very respectful of Captatin Kyoraku.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Cool kenshi seems super interesting. I can't wait to see his side of the story and at the beginning of mine I'm doing some kido training which is goin to be so cool!
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
gaia is Aion your main character??
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
Rule No.7: No trolls (like Kenesha13)
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
Lol bp and frost yea he is I had todecide between him and Val and I picked Aion because he super well rounded oh and I call fighting ulquiorra.
Больше года frosttakahashi said…
k k i call pantos >:D
Больше года gaiaking235 said…
@frost bp might get mad at you but I don have any probs with it.
Больше года blackpanther666 said…
What do you mean, I'll get mad? I don't care. The while point is to have fun and RP, so call whoever you want. By the way, I won't be acting out the Espada and Aizen, unless I don't find someone else to do it. I was kinda planning to be the Soul Society and hoping to find two more people. One to help me run Seireitei and someone to be Aizen and his army. Know anyone, guys?