Блич аниме Избранное Soul Reaper Captain: Round 1, Match 11

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Tessai Tsukabishi
Kenpachi Kiganjō
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 PYGMSfan5 posted Больше года
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blackpanther666 picked Tessai Tsukabishi:
Considering that we don't get to ever meet Kiganjo, there's no way he is gonna win this.
posted Больше года.
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silverexorcist picked Tessai Tsukabishi:
Hmm... First off, Kido Corps Commander =/= captain. I don't mind him being in the polls, cause I'll vote for him, but he's not technically a 'captain'. He wasn't technically one of the 13 during the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, anyways. He may have been a captain before that, who knows? (doubt it) He might even have doubled as the tenth squad captain, but HIGHLY doubt that.
All that aside, despite the fact that Tessai is often nondescript, my love for the kido corps has placed him up there in one of the most interesting characters in Bleach (in my head XD)
posted Больше года.
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Okami46 picked Tessai Tsukabishi:
Tessai is okay, I guess...
posted Больше года.